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******************Chrono Cross Programmers Door FAQ********************

			Version 1.0 created 02/4/01 updated 04/28/01
				Author: Zelda Dude
			Contact Information:
			        Copyrighted 2001 Zelda Dude

04/28/01- Corrected formatting errors, fixed mistakes, etc.
05/01/01- Updated feedback and credits.


Table of Contents:
1:- Legal Disclaimer
2:- Official Holders of this Guide
3:- Programmers Door Preliminary Run through(prologue)
4:- Walkthrough to the Programmers door and Development ending
5:- Theories regarding the Development ending
6:- The truth exposed regarding the Development ending
7:- Questions and answers section
8:- Feeback and Mail Responses
9:- Future guides and other FAQs by me


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				Official Holders of This Guide:

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1 Esper Online-

This section will be updated accordingly as new sites are added. If you find
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contact the author with information.

			Programmers Door Preliminary Run Through(Prologue)

	For those just starting the video game Chrono Cross, one of the multiple
endings you can obtain when in New Game + mode is
a developers ending of sorts. However the strange thing about this ending is
there are no actual programmers anywhere to be
seen, only developers and story writers who did things for the battle mechanics.
When you walk through, you basically have a
choice of talking to everyone in the ending, and doing various little funny
intricate sidequests. Many of these sidequests were
pointless little advents of wasting time, that is until recently when the truth
was discovered. As you enter the development ending
take two flights of stairs up to the top, there you will see a mysterious
"door". Yet if you attempt to check it with the cursor, it will
exclaim it is "Completely Locked". This door is known as the Locked Programmers
Door, the biggest secret and oddity in the
developers ending and now you have seen it with your own eyes, and most likely
have memorized how to get to it. This door has
been the main focus for over a period of many months, as no one, especially not
the developers of the game, would release any real
information regarding it. It was a secret that most likely was meant to remain
one. Only the help and info lines would regard the
developers ending and the programmers door, and even then they all said it was
"because they couldn't change the scenery" making
the entire reason the door was left. In this FAQ you will discover the truth,
what the programmers were intentionally hiding, and what
really was behind the Development Ending and mysterious Programmers Door which
sat with no place to go. In addition, this guide will
give all information and retrospect regarding the Programmers Door, and every
secret and chronological gimmick that comes with it.
One could say this is the definitive Chrono Cross Programmers door on the
internet, and in this respect, you'd be right. While it was never
really shown, the Programmers Door quest is an intricately woven pattern of
intrigue and mystery, tightly bound together in one single
package. Information in this FAQ comes from "The Locked Programmers Door(the
FINAL installment)" and other heralding topics which
have carried this infamous trilogy through, and are saved to the authors hard
drive on disk. If any data is damaged/altered by any other users
or hackers in any way which has been permanently ingrained to hard disk, there
will be legal and other wise harmful acts investigated accordingly
under state and federal law.  Mainly the contents and purpose of this FAQ is to:

- Provide a walk through of all the various insightful side quests which were
hidden in the Development ending, including all add ons and additions
pertaining to
- Provide sets of codes created by the gameshark which can be used by everyone,
to unlock and unfold the mysteries of the Developers ending right
before their very eyes
- To give insight into the minds of the programmers, who created this mysterious
ending and set it up the way they did on purpose with regard to keeping
of their secret
- Give a detailed on site map of the Development ending, including how to get
where you need to and where to go to accomplish which task or event in
any given order
- Show the truth once and for all behind the Chrono Cross Programmers door, and
why it was locked away for so long

After reading and understanding everything, continue on

************************Walkthrough to the Programmers Door and Development

	The hardest thing to understand about the CC Development ending is it is
totally sporadically random, and events you accomplish, never occur the same way
twice. And since every time you go through the game you take a different path or
branch, it can have strange and abnormal effects on the way the ending is setup
For instance once you get to the ending, the man in front of the door will say
something to the tune of: "There are many different people in the world. Find
yourself and then you may be able to discover whats inside. .......... is for
However, if you are to travel through the ending while completing certain parts
of the story which deal with Serges identity you advance the plot in a totally
different way.
If you decide to complete the game in such a way where Serge has issues ever
completely agreeing with people or discovering his dark side, it effects how
things go. The idea of
and purpose of the way this game is played in these circumstances, is to see
that Serge finds himself. For instance, using Harle to obtain the Black Relic
will skip an entire important
story segment. Now go back to the man who stands in front of the door. He will
be saying "........" with nothing else coming from his mouth. Thus since
"........." is for specification, what
you have done believe it or not, is changed the outcome of the game where Serge
has found himself and taken on a new "him". The strange thing is Serge is not
the only person it
applies to. When you go to the music room, you may recognize a mysterious
shadowy figure standing near the door. Approach it and it tells you to leave but
it is Kid. You learn in the game
that Kid is actually Schala, and she likes certain kind of music, the kind that
brings up the past for her. The analogy behind these avenues is simple:

Story A1: Serge treats others in a way which he himself usually lives as during
the game, Harle takes the black Relic, Serge recognizes his purpose before
entering the Sea of Eden.
Man in front of door changes his speech to "............". You may wonder what
or how it occurred.

Well in story A1, Serge acted differently between Story B where you actually
have to fight the time devourer to get to the developer ending(during new game
+)and meet the man at the door.
Therefore, the story which effected the change was not in the story leading up
to getting into the development ending, but the one from the preceding. Thus as
many different ways as it's
possible to complete Chrono Cross, as many different strange odd and
unexplainable events occur inside the development ending. This is the strange
thing about it.

Story C2: Kid takes on the role of Serge and throughout the game completely pays
attention to others, ignoring the duties of herself, Kid is saved by the Hydra
Humor from Norris, is rejected by Serge
when trying to join in Termina. Walking into the music room and playing her 3
favorite tracks, 21, 64, and 15, Kid suddenly does not appear in her shadow
form, but instead presents herself in a red thief
costume, you see first at Cape Howl. Again the way it happened is puzzling.

Well once again in story C2, Kid was primarily giving orders rather then taking
them, she was making the role of Serge be her domain, something that is not
normal to the CC flow. But particularly
when her thieves outfit came up, it represents her own pride and gleam as a
thief, giving out the orders rather then taking them. But according to the songs
she heard, it caused her to want to take
on this role so to speak. It's very interesting because almost all secrets the
programmers have left in the developers ending are like this.

After experimenting with the criss crossing of storylines, it's time to pay
visit to the main center: The music room. Here you can do a number of things but
they must be in order and in no way
should you not follow the instructions.

Enter with Serge's Spectra Swallow Equipped and enter in and out of your menu,
checking the Status. Once you get back out, Kid will be in her orphanage costume
wearing it from the top down.
The reason this occurs is Serge's identity is taking on a color or station of
passage which Kid remembers, causing her to immediately come out of the shadows
in that particular orphanage outfit.
It's very interesting how the programmers have outlined this and when looked at
closely you can only guess how well it was done:

Regular swallow: No effect, kid stays shadow
Mastermune: Same as previous
Copper swallow: Same as previous
Stone swallow: Same as previous
Silver swallow: Same as previous
Spectra swallow: Causes kid to appear in original Orphanage costume

After this event occurs, Kid will now appear off screen to be nodding her head
up and down to the music as if a beat was going on in the room. At this point
you should take the time to play the
musical tracks carefully:

21- Kid will usually like, nodding her head sporradically. Keep on it for as
long as possible when she's not nodding particularly if you have met the
requirements previously for her thieves outfit
15- This track Kid really likes, she will nod her head a lot and very often to
the beat of the music, but there is no way to tell when she'll stop or start
saying no again so carefully pay attention too
65- This track which is basically the fire burning theme of her Orphanage, will
get her very distraught. Do not play it unless neccesary
09- She seems to like this track regardless of what time you play it at

However it is important to note one thing: Regardless of your preset actions,
anytime Kid nods yes more times, the track is good, and must be kept for the
effect, any time she shakes her head no more times,
on any given musical piece it means the track is bad, and must be changed as
soon as possible. What the programmers were doing here is hard to follow, but
with the right details you can stay on track.

Most likely after the required have been completed, Kid will next change to her
Thieve's Outfit, which is red.

It's at this point you need to continually play the crystal theme(52) which
reminds herself of Schala and the entire fiasco with Lavos, in order to cause
her to sporadically change into her white gown.
This part gives you access to a new state of Kids character, and it's integral
for the planned patterns
If Kid has successfully turned into her white gown, you now have the chance to
give her leeway enough to pickpocket the guy next door.
You may have noticed how she constantly talks about nonchalantly, that she is
not trying to steal from the guy in the corner. In reality she
is, but without getting this far it is impossible to make her steal successful.
The point of continually playing the tracks, until you feel Kid has
found herself(her schala self that is) is because it makes it possible for Kid
to pickpocket the man in the corner, giving an item which does not
appear on any menu, just like the key of the ghost ship. The trade is obtained
in almost the same way, but without the exact timing, and knowledge
of preset events it can be extremely difficult triggering it. That is why this
FAQ is here to help in any way possible.

Remember that as you enter or exit the menu, Kid will have the chance to then
change her outfits and get closer to pickpocketing the man. Keep on
continually entering in and out of your menu, as it is one of the fastest ways
to speed along all changes.

If you exit the programmers music room, at any time, and do not take time to
equip that weopon you will be started over and Kid will have
reverted back to shadow next time you enter. This frustrating setback is what
sets apart it from the rest of the quest.

The key has no use, talking to various people they will not say anything about
it. We now believe the key to have some other form of a use, but that is in the
speculations in the next section. Read below now to get the barebones on the FAQ
surrounding the programmers door:

Using the Gameshark tool enhancer, we were able to create codes to open every
single door in Chrono Cross. These codes can be used on any gameshark as long
not 2.1 or below.

Open Programmers Door:
80106B5E 0000

Open Door Below Programmers Door:
80106FA2 0000

Open Door Second Time In Viper Manor:
80107562 0000

Open Right Gate Second Time In Viper Manor:
8010756E 0000

Open Main Door Second Time In Viper Manor:
80107572 0000

Open All Other Side Doors(second visit):
80106E82 0000

Open All Side Doors(first visit):
80107102 0000

Open Main Door First Time in Viper Manor:
80107222 0000

Open Right Gate Which Drops:
80107226 0000

Open Right Gate:
8010722E 0000

Open Left Gate(first visit):
80107232 0000

The following credits are strictly mentioned in the project:

			Founder/Author and Creator of the Chrono Cross Programmers
Door Project:
					Zelda Dude-

			Main Gameshark PRO and Game Hackers for the Project:
                        Sage Of Time-
				Ben Simmons-
				Lights Out-

					Honorable Mentions:
				M52- for keeping it real
		and all his support througout
				Chris Redfield
				Master X

This section of the FAQ will be the main part consistently updated, look for
more information in the not distant future.
*******UPDATE******** It seems hacking in the developers room using Gameshark
PROs has become more of a chore then we anticipated, with constant PSX freezing
up glitches which
make it impossible to consistently hack. Before the week is out, we will most
likely all be using PSX Mod chips just like me so that hacking in the
development ending is no longer a pain or struggle,
and everything can be done with much ease and restful breath.

*********************************Theories regarding the development

	In all accordances of what we found, it seems that the key was likely
going to be originally a part of a trading game, this as far as people could
speculate to its actual use or purpose,
after all a dummied out item like that found in the development ending made
little or no sense, even though all of the development ending made little to no
sense. Still though a key not on the
menu was the strangest thing so far, and if indeed meant to go somewhere, where
coult it actually go???? What speculation had run rampant for ages, for how the
key could be used or possibly
replaced. Maybe traded away??? It seems like a key never really in your
inventory would not go anywhere. But then again perhaps not???

	The "costumes kid wore" were actually based upon what equipment you had on
in every instance. Well after checking this several times we verified it is not
true. Specific equipment
limited to the "Spectra Swallow" is the only change that can be physically
effected. Otherwise, playing the music tracks, and how you play the games are
one hundred percent in back of the
effects and strange events that go in the development ending.

	Crono could be gotten by talking to certain characters in order in the
development ending. Though many suggestions illude to this, the corny and often
pointless discussions which changed the accent of characters,
lighting in the rooms, and speech patterns of the individuals had little or
nothing to do with anything else other then jest. One could speculate on forever
there was a connection, but as far as hackers have dug through
this CD it can't amount to more then that at this time.

	You could *never* open the Programmers door in Chrono Cross and nothing
was around that area, because Walk Through Walls regardless of how many times it
crashed/glitched up proved it.
This was proven not to be true, we hacked and completed all the codes including
the ones to open the programmers door. Granted the animation for any of the
doors is not in it, that's a graphic modification
we're still in beta stages of testing with.

	At one point in the game Marle was found here. This is definitely not
true, after scouring every inch of the second CD, no NPC data whatsoever could
be discovered on the infamous Marle.
While surely a great imagination and thought of glee to have this possible, it
most likely was not, with no mentions of it anywhere whatsoever.

	The programmers ending originally had programmers. Not true. No one in the
developers ending was ever a programmer, only a developer strangely. At one
point there was never any
sign of the programmers. For one reason or another they were never intended to
be a part of this game, or were they hiding out???

******************************The truth exposed regarding the Development

	The truth is aside from all the theories, the Development Ending was
originally the Debug room for Chrono Cross. This room was locked away and
dummied out on purpose, by and for the
programmers so they could run their pre beta testing systems, and debug the game
without any nosy gamers messing with their controls. They locked away the rest
of the Debug Room behind the
Programmers Door itself, making an insane twist of plots and sequences leading
up to it which no gamer could figure out, only a programmer. The inside of the
Programmers Room looks like this:

	Inside it is completely black, walls are front to back and you can walk
around the room just like any, the stairs will stop in that part of the room
however, not allowing you to continue. We found a way
finally around this however, with an existing Room Modifier code we hacked. With
it we were able to scour every Room ever in there of CC, including any removed
and otherwise still beta type rooms.
Unfortunately, none of Crono's NPCs were found inside, but many are still a
wonder to behold, and leave many intricate memories of what the Debug Room was
But just for the record, I am posting Divine Dragon Lloyd's rare Sprigg
Doppelgang NPC codes here anyway, along with his authorization on the project
which he made.
Even though Crono wasn't found, it doesn't mean it isn't possible we'll get him
in the future and update this FAQ, as well as the others with information and
all codes pertaining to it.

Codes work for all sharks, except 2.1 and below.

Room Location Modifier for Chrono Cross:
8007E6E8 ????
Room Location Quantity Digits:
CC90 Start to just before leave for VM w/Guile
CC89 Very bottom of ViperM bluffs to after raid w/Macha/Glenn/Greco/Luccia
recruited and ready to explore Shadow Forest
CC88 Done w/Shadow Forest and ready for Another's Hydra Marsh to first return to
CC87 Inside Hydra Marsh (home) to first 4 crystals in Fort Dragonia (another)
CC86 Defeated white crystal guardian to on SS Zelbess, having already talked to
the Sage (goto Nikki)
CC85 Ready to convince Fargo to help w/Marbule to just after home Marbule
cleaned out
CC84 In Another, outside Guldove (get Steena/Tear from Home) to end of Disk 1
(go into a fate gate to progress)
CC83* Disk 2 (Home World, outside Marbule, preparing to go back and enter
Chronopolis), Save 2 = Bend of Time after picking up Full Revival from Marbule
entrance; through=
*stopped on this save

258 Overworld map of Dead Sea, post time-crash (empty, w/Fate distortions)
250 Overworld map, large

531 Bend of Time

255 Overworld map of Chronopolis (center shielded by triangular water barrier)
476 "Past" isle (to open Chronopolis)
474 "Present" isle (to open Chronopolis)
475 "Future" isle (to open Chronopolis)
259 Overworld map of Chronopolis (access granted)

477 Chronopolis Entrance
479 Area2
478 Below area2
488 Bottom floor, elevator area
489 W of 488
480 Stairs
483 Floor 2 right door/stair access
487 Floor 2 main
486 F2 left
494 F3 main
482 F3 right
485 F3 left
495 F4 main
481 F4 right
484 F4 left
490 B1 entrance
491 B1 flame area
492 B1 flame area view 2
291 Blue dragon lair
308 Red
456 Green
418 Yellow
399 Black
438 White
274 Fargo's ship (Another), mess hall

251 Overworld map, large, w/tower

8 None (also the "room" used from new game until Serge and friends come up the

22 Fort Dragonia (new game, going up elevator)
23 Large room w/teleporter at center
24 Outer curving area
25 Black crystal room
26 Top of teleport

31 Serge's Bedroom
29 Serge's home
27 Arni village main
33 Arni village left area
35 Arni village chief's hut
37 Arni village docks
39 Arni bar
41 Arni bar back
43 Arni fisherman's home basement
45 Arni Leena's? house (overlooking docks)
47 Arni fisherman's home
252 Overworld w/Arni, Termina, etc.
256 Dragon falls inside
260 Dragon falls outside

58 Cape Howl start
60 Cape Howl ledge
63 Cape Howl ledge tip

66 Fossil valley main

230 Hydra Marshes first area

50 Lizard Rock N (includes upper area reached by third area [52])
52 Lizard Rock third area
54 Lizard Rock S
56 Opassa Beach

57 Opassa Beach (another, and home from now on [to end?])

253 OVerworld w/Arni, Termina, etc.

55 Lizard Rock S
53 Lizard Rock third area
51 Lizard Rock N (includes upper area reached by third area [53])

261 Divine Dragon Falls outside

231 Hydra Marshes Entrance
237 HM reached by exiting Entrance from top of screen (left side)
239 HM left of Entrance
241 HM left of 239
243 HM reached by upper-right exit of 239
245 Under 243

28 Arni village main
30 Arni village "Serge's" house
32 Arni village "Serge's" bedroom
34 Arni village left area w/chief hut entrance
36 Arni village Chief's hut
38 AV docks
40 AV resteraunt
42 AV resteraunt back
44 AV "fisherman's" basement
46 AV Leena's? house
48 AV "fisherman's" house
59 Cape Howl entrance
62 Cape Howl outcropping
65 Cape Howl outcropping tip
67 Fossil Valley main
69 Fossil Valley upper

142 Viper Manner Front Gate

123 Shadow Forest Entrance

72 Termina outside shrine w/Greco funeral
74 Termina east after Macha
76 Termina outside smithy (NE)
78 Termina Entrance
80 Termina West (docks)
82 Termina Lisa's
84 Termina Lisa's back
86 Termina Bar main
90 Termina top-left home
92 Termina top-right home (Skelly's grandma's house)
94 Termina smithy main
96 Termina smithy back room
98 Termina wooden building by smithy
100 Termina Shrine inside
102 Termina inn entrance
104 Termina inn back left
106 Termina inn back right
108 Termina Lord Van's home 2nd floor room
110 Termina Lord Van's home 1st floor room
111 Termina Lord Van's home entrance
112 Termina East
113 Termina Shrine area (SE)
114 Termina Docks (when arrive w/Macha?)
115 Termina Nikki's ship outside
117 Termina Nikki's ship inside lower
121 Termina outside smithy when leaving w/Korcha and Guile

144 Viper Manor bluffs very bottom
146 VM Bluffs middle
148 VM Bluffs very top

150 VM outside front
151 VM outside by stables
152 VM Stables
153 VM entrance
154 VM Karsh's room
155 VM Zoah's room
157 VM far left door in entrance
158 VM throne room
159 VM bridge to library day after
160 VM bridge to library night raid
161 VM library
162 VM balcony
163 VM hall reached from throne room elevator
164 VM balcony after raid
165 VM General Viper's office
166 VM Riddel's room
167 VM room fall into (area below main hall)
168 VM 3rd door on left from 167
169 VM 1st and 2nd doors on left from 167
170 VM treasure room w/flipping wall *and* Luccia's lab
171 VM treasure room w/traps
173 VM Stairs down from 167
185 VM when Prophet of Time starts explaining about multiple dimensions in
186 VM balcony tip cutscene (Kid falls, Lynx rants, Serge jumps)
194 VM front gate after intrusion over
199 VM Viper's office after raid
200 VM Epoch room
201 VM Kid walking out of Viper's office w/Riddel
183 Bridge to right of throne room
184 Room w/chest w/letter to Karsh

204 Guldove docks
206 G w/bar and shop
208 G outside Korcha's
210 Guldove outside chief's hut/shrine/whatever
212 G clinic entrance
214 Guldove clinic right
216 Guldone shop
218 Guldove bar
220 Guldove, Korcha's home middle/top, including "secret" room accessed from
behind the middle of the tower
222 G Korcha's home bottom
224 G Inside chief's hut/shrine/whatever
227 G, outside Korcha's, Kid falling down cutscene

251 Outer overworld map

123 Shadow Forest entrance
125 SF area 2
131 Shadow forest tree leading to cave leading to well
132 SF bushes and boss area
134 SF inside tree/cave leading to well
136 place w/unlimted supply of bug things
138 place w/well
231 HM entrance
233 HM lower E exit from 237 (w/Skelly's backbone)
235 HM NW exit from 233
237 HM N of entrance
247 HM W from 235
249 HM NW from 235

286 Water Dragon Isle entrance
288 Water Dragon Isle back
397 Marbule entrance
399 Marbule dragon's lair
401 Marbule Sage's hut
403 Marbule SW hut
408 Marbule SE hut

434 Sky Dragon Isle entrance
436 SDI stairs
438 SDI top

413 Earth Dragon Isle entrance
415 EDI inside
417 EDI S of 415

431 Forbidden Island outside
432 Forbidden Island inside hut

421 Isle of the Damned entrance
423 Isle of the Damned area 2
425 IotD area 3
427 IotD plateau
119 Termina outside smithy, cutscene only? (young)
120 Termina outside smithy, cutscene only? (adult)
428 IotD plateau, cutscene only?

280 Hermit's (Radius's) Island outside
283 Inside lower hut

444 El Nido Triangle surface

SS Invincible before and after ghost attack
269 Entering Fargo's ship (through fog at first)
262 Deck of Fargo's ship before and after ghost attack
273 Main hallway (upper)
266 1st/2nd door on right of ladder in 273
275 Lower door on left of ladder in 273
278 Fargo's quarters
264 Main hallway (lower)
276 Left AND 1st right of ladder in 264
270 2nd right of ladder in 264
277 3rd right of ladder in 264
268 Arsenal room (far right from 264, 3 ways in from 265 [lower openings])
265 Outside on side of ship
271 Closeup of deck near helm (Lynx after meeting Kid and Dark Serge at
Ghost Ship Attack Home 122
 Shadow Forest entrance 124
SF 2nd area 126
SF 3rd area 128
SF beneath waterfall in 3rd area 130
SF outside tree 141
VM front "gate" 149
VM outside main 137
Down the well 135 S of 137 133
Inside tree in Shadow Forest 139
N exit of 137 (top of waterfall)
181 First main basement area of VM
172 Outside jail area
175 Back room where first meet Norris
143 VM bluffs bottom 145 VM bluffs middle
147 VM bluffs top 177 Up stairs on W of
181 (also accessed from hole in rubble in 149)
179 E of 177 Neither/Both?
531 Bend of Time Home
297 Mount Prye E entrance
299 N of 297 303 E of 299 309 E of 299, frozen
301 N of 299 307 Mount Pyre W entrance Home
311 Fort Dragonia Entrance
313 Bridge to main
323 Main 315 Bridge to Yellow
341 Yellow crystal room main
347 Yellow head/body/tail scan room
343 Room where it shows dragons lighting up after crystals activated
321 Bridge to red 349 Outside red crystal building
351 Inside red crystal building, upper
353 Inside red crystal building, lower
317 Bridge to blue
333 Blue crystal room main
335 E room
337 W room
339 Blue crystal room w/crystal
319 Bridge to green
325 Green entrance
329 E of entrance
327 N of entrance
331 Green crystal room w/crystal
355 Inside elevator room
369 Elevator down
357 Up elevator
359 Teleporter Room
361 Outside on side
363 Black crystal room
365 Top of teleport
367 Version of 343 that you can actually enter Home
279 Hermits Hideaway outside
281 Hut entrance Home
396 Marbule main
398 Marbule "dragon's lair"
402 Marbule W hut Home
203 Termina entrance
211 Clinic entrance
205 Outside bar/shop
217 Bar 215 Shop
207 Outside residential tower
219 Inside residential: middle, top, and "hidden" back
221 Inside residential: bottom Home
433 Sky Dragon Isle entrance
435 SDI stairs
437 SDI top Home
443 El Nido Triangle surface
445 ELT below surface
447 ELT lower below Home
382 SS Zelbess entrance
375 SS Zelbess deck
376 Belowdecks (upper)
379 1st/2nd door on right of ladder in 376
386 Casino room, lower door on left of ladder in 376
385 Fargo's room 377 Belowdecks (lower) 378 Inn, door on left of ladder in
377 380 3rd door on right of ladder in 377
384 1st door on right of ladder in 377
283 2nd door on right of ladder in 377
388 Magical Dreamer's ship outside
389 MD ship upper room 390 MD ship lower room
395 Casino cheat room
381 Heading towards Grand Slam (formerly the armory)
391 Grand Slam Home
279 Hermit's Hut outside
284 Same, but cutscene w/Radius and Garai training
256 Radius and Garai in Divine Dragon Falls for the Masamune Home
420 Isle of the Damned entrance
422 W exit from entrance
424 3rd area 426 Plateau (sp?)
260	Water Dragon Falls outside, cutscene w/Radius and Garai w/Masamune
410	Dead Sea entrance (Death's Door)
470	Entered the Dead Sea (small cutscene where party members comment on the
254	Overworld map of dead sea
458	Highway Ruins S entrance
459	Highway Ruins N entrance
460	City Ruins
461	Building w/computer talking about Lavos
462	Tower of Geddon entrance (small cutscene where party members comment on
463	Tower of Geddon main
464	Station
465	Theatre area
466	W of theatre
467	NE exit from 466 (also NW from train station)
468	Other end of warp
469	Nadia's Bell
477	Cutscene w/Serge, his father (Wazuki), and Miguel
473	Cutscene w/Miguel dying
538	Serge (as Lynx) and friends running for their lives and being saved by a
472	After dead sea destruction movie; in area near Marbule w/Sky Dragon

Opassa Beach restored to 57 w/portal restored

261	Divine Dragon Falls outside
257	inside

70	Fossil Valley main
69	FV upper

118	Termina entrance
88	Secret room in Bar
346	Fort Dragonia very top room w/Karsh/Zoah/Marcy entering (cutscene only?)

195	In front of VM
202	Kitchen (1st/2nd doors on left of cage in 167) (starting w/cutscene where
soldier turns Orcha into hell cook)
188	Throne room
193	Treasury/Lab
178	Sewer area entrance (single valve area)
180	Sewer area secondary (w/ladders to jail cells)
182	Sewer area w/barrels
140	Corridor to 182
187	Middle cell
174	Right cell (Fargo's)
176	Area where Riddel is held
189	Main hall cutscene after Hell Cook defeated (cutscene only?)
196	Library when chased by duosword bot
190	Outside stables...dragon stampede

150	VM outside front
151	VM outside by stables
152	VM Stables
153	VM entrance
154	VM Karsh's room
155	VM Zoah's room
157	VM far left door in entrance
158	VM throne room
159	VM bridge to library day after
160	VM bridge to library night raid
161	VM library
162	VM balcony
163	VM hall reached from throne room elevator
164	VM balcony after raid
165	VM General Viper's office
166	VM Riddel's room
167	VM room fall into (area below main hall)
168	VM 3rd door on left from 167
169	VM 1st and 2nd doors on left from 167
170	VM treasure room w/flipping wall *and* Luccia's lab
171	VM treasure room w/traps
173	VM Stairs down from 167
185	VM when Prophet of Time starts explaining about multiple dimensions in
186	VM balcony tip cutscene (Kid falls, Lynx rants, Serge jumps)
194	VM front gate after intrusion over
199	VM Viper's office after raid
200	VM Epoch room
201	VM Kid walking out of Viper's office w/Riddel

411	Dead sea entrance

393	SS Zelbess setting sail!
388	Nikki's ship, outside, Sage (and demi-humans w/instruments)
394	deck of Zelbess
387	Concert starts
394	deck of Zelbess again
385	Fargo's cabin
382	Side of Zelbess/Invincible before going to Marbule
396	Marbule w/monster's physical
402	Lower left hut
398	Inside dragon cave (no dragon, of course; other world)

229	Guldove during Porre attack (w/Orlha defending)

223	Guldove chief's hut

429	Forbidden Isle outside
430	Forbidden Isle inside
428	Isle of the Damned plateu, cutscene

292	WDI outside entrance to dragon
293	WDI upper inside
294	WDI lower inside

305	Mount Pyre, leading to lower part of W entrance
307	Lower part of W entrance

306	Mount Pyre, leading to lower part of W entrance
308	Lower part of W entrance

197	Viper Manor being rebuilt by Dario; gate
198	Main

412	EarthDI upper
414	EDI lower 1st
416	EDI lower 2nd
418	Yellow Dragon's Lair

450	G's Navel entrance
454	Left of entrance
452	Right of entrance
456	To Green Dragon (w/ and w/out steam)
451	Entrance when Tyrano ready to attack

87	Secret room in Termina bar

409	Marbule entrance after repopulation
408	Lower middle hut
406	Lower right home
402	Lower left hut
404	Store
400	Sage's home
398	Dragon's former lair

213	Clinic side area, Orlha meets Tia

258	Overworld map of Sea of Eden, post time-crash (eg, empty, except for fate

471	Fate distortion

Beach Bum
Komodo Pup
Opah Fish
Tzetze Fly
Mama Dingo
Bubba Dingo

462	Programmers main room 1
463	Far left of room 1
464	Other door on left of room 1
465	Other door on right of room 1
466	Far right of room 1
467	Main room 2
468	Far left of room 2
469	Other door on left of room 2
470	Other door on right of room 2
471	Far right of room 2

472-473	None

left to right:

pip, cat, lady in green, lady in blue, man

fat guy in chair, two guys facing back wall, guy and gal at table

radius, two animals, lady in green, guy

when use A,B,C, that's left to right (A to left B to right, etc.)

449	inside Starky's ship (going to menu seems to crash?)
450	part of green dragon isle starting area w/out girl (land into area)
451	part of green dragon isle starting area w/the little girl (cannot talk to)
452	part of green dragon isle ?
453	part of green dragon isle A
454	part of green dragon isle ?
455	part of green dragon isle B
456	green dragon isle near dragon (steam gone)
457	green dragon isle near dragon (steam present)
458	None

459	Plateu w/dwarf, Sage, and combined "dragon god"
461	Harle in Arni
460	Next part (after above)
9	Fin

253	Another World overland map (arni village, termina, etc.)

8 None (also the "room" used from new game until Serge and friends come up the
AA00  Strange odd room
BBDD Another one
CCFF Yet another one
ADFD  A very odd room
A0F0  An extremely strange unknown room
				Owner/Author of the Control Cronos Character in Battle
					Divine Dragon Lloyd-
Ultimate Sprigg Doppelgang code:
800712B8 FFDF
800712BA FFFF
800712BC BFFF
800712BE FBFB
800712C0 FFFF
800712C2 F4E4
800712C4 FFBF
800712C6 77FF
800712C8 E734
800712CA 537A
800712CC F0F0
800712CE 01F7
800712D0 BCFE
800712D2 07C0

This part of the FAQ will be updated constantly, with add ins on Cronos, Darios,
Fleas, and any other once accessible NPC in the game Chrono Cross.

******************************Questions and Answers
How do you get into the development ending??
Complete the game once, then on the second time using new Game + beat the time
devourer with only Serge.
How do you get to the Programmers Door??
Walk straight up the stairs when you enter the room, and on the next floor lies
the door.
How do you get into the Programmers Door??
Input the gameshark code provided in this FAQ, and walk straight inside.
How do you use the Room Location modifier??
Input the gameshark code provided in this FAQ, and find Serge in any room.
How do you use the various character in battle codes??
Input the gameshark code for sprigg's doppelgangs or battle animation already
provided in either of these FAQs, put the relief charm
to active, and simply start the battle. You will see that character in fighting.
How come I can't activate the debug room and do whatever I want??
The debug room is deactivated, no longer working for the average gamers use.
It's desolate and abandoned, it was only
during the debugging of the game that the programmers had it in action. Further
updates and continuations of this FAQ or versions
will provide more information regarding our success in getting everything in
fully activated again.
How do I see the insides of these rooms??
Most of the rooms will be black or not active so that isn't really a question
that can be properly answered. But, regardless
walk around the area and see what you run into, it does have things. This main
part of the FAQ will be updated with many Gameshark PRO hacks,
and otherwise codes that are made as we continue to progress in the development
room. However, as stated above we will first need to have everyone
obtain modchips for their PSX, to eliminate all the crashing/freezing glitches
which occur in hacking without one.
Are there any other FAQs being done currently??
I'm working on several, currently almost complete and fully ready to send off my
Radical Dreamers FAQ and translation, and in pre beta development
of a lost Aeris Ressurection Subquest guide, but that is for the video game FF7,
and has nothing whatsoever to do with what we are doing here.
***********************************Feedback and Mail

From "Hello! hello what happend you doing for you help
my number for icq is 96680772 chrono cross of playstation what happened to new
ending cinema about serge with weapon in termina fight to monster ok please help
you ok you pages on of chrono cross is good pages have all
information ok you are number one of this pages for you ok I have tried to
contact you through ICQ but couldn't find you in the ICQ Community! If you are
using ICQ, please send me your ICQ number by ICQ Email Express to If you are not using ICQ, I would like to invite
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Seek you @ ICQ carlos manuel lugo ojeda ICQ #: 96680772 Here are the 4 ways you
can find me in the ICQ community: - My ICQ number is 96680772 - My Personal
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which will appear directly on my computer screen to - My ICQ Web Front is If
I am online and activated my ICQ Web Front, you will be able to have a 2 way
dialog with me from this page. "
Hmmm well I don't know if I can until I get my computer fixed, I don't have one
of my own yet. I may download ICQ then though, so you guys can ask me questions
VIA ICQ. Thank you for the compliments, really the 13th ending you speak of was
indeed a lie. He did finally admit to it, but it's not all bad, after all we did
discover removed scenes. And Japan did get differences we have now almost
completely corrected. Thanks for writing.
From "Hi Zelda, nice to meet you! ^_^ my name is Alex, i'm
also a gamer. today I download your Chrono Cross Programmers Door FAQ from
GameFaqs i just wanna ask you some question : 1) Are you know Chrono Cross Debug
Mode Codes for GameShark ? I have GameShark version 2.3 if you have it, can you
give that codes for me ? 2) Can I play all the music track and all FMV (Full
Motion Video) in Chrono Cross with that Debug Codes ? if the answer is yes, how
to do that ? thanks for your attention, i will be very happy if you can help me,
because i like all the music and all the movies in Chrono Cross ...i hope, i can
played it like in FF8 debug room ^_^ OK....thanks a lot for your help. ALEX."
Good questions, thank you for writing. The codes you see in this FAQ work for
ALL sharks, except 2.1 and below. If not I can get you a code porter which does
it automatically, just ask me anytime!! Yes, if you put in the quantity digits
for the FMV/scene for instance, the ones in this FAQ. It is not like the FF8
debug room.
From "Hello,
I was reading through your Programmers Door FAQ for Chrono Cross (which was
very, very well written) and I came across something interesting. When you
talked about different paths in the game for Serge and "finding himself", you
mentioned that you can use Harle to get the Black Relic, thus skipping a whole
story section. This confused me because I didn't know it was possible to skip
the black dragon fight. I've read through your FAQ for the game and haven't come
up with a solution. I know that you probably get a lot of e-mails but if you
could try and clear this up for me I would really appreciate it. Thanks for your
Wow great question!! First of all the requirements are you have to have a party
of all Demi Humans. You must not have visited Marbule in Another world before
hand, and you must be ready to visit the dragons. As long as Harle is in the
lead of the party, and the other characters are demi humans, and you did NOT go
to marbule before hand which is the most common mistake especially when getting
trap elements the demi humans will welcome you with open arms. They will not
turn you away and you can walk all around Marbule peacefully. When you go to the
cave of the Black Dragon, Harle will have a chat with the others, after which
Harle will say she will talk to the dragon. She talks to it while it's sleeping,
and calmly picks up the Black Relic. You can do this before beating all the
other dragons or after, however what makes the difference is whether you went to
Marbule before hand or not. It HAS to be done on the first visit to Another

*************************************Future guides and other FAQs by

Chrono Cross Walkthrough and FAQ- 100 percent complete
Radical Dreamers Storyline Guide- 100 percent complete
Missing Aeris Ressurection Subquest FAQ- 32 percent complete
Banjo-Tooie Unknown Secrets Guide- 4 percent complete
Zelda Majoras Mask Time Modifier Guide- 3 percent complete

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