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*Chrono Cross 	    *
*Secrets and Extras * 

by Efrain Gutierrez 


12/19 - updates here and there
12/27 - made a few things easier to understand
12/28 - Check out XI in the Misc. section

Disclaimer: Be warned that some major spoilers are contained within. 
            This guide was meant to help out those who are a bit 
            frustrated with not knowing how to get certain items and 

	    Also, some item and character names might differ from your
	    interpretation, but I have been studying Japanese for 
	    some time now and I do feel that I'm qualified enough to make 
	    an educated guess as to how to pronounce certain things. 

Contents            *

I.  Characters
II. Lv.7 special skills
III. New Windows
IV. Misc.

Characters	    *

1. Poshul(ポシュル) - Give him the bone(ヘケランの骨) you found in the bar.
2. Rena(レナ) - Refuse to let Kid join during the first Karsh(カーシュ) fight.
3. Lucky Dan(ラッキーダン) - Give the shark tooth talisman(サメの歯のお守り)
   to the kid in the basement where Lucky Dan is.
4. Glenn(グレン) - Opt not to save Kid and go to Termina with Mamacha.
5. Mamacha(ママチャ) - Same as Glenn.
6. Improved Seed Fio(改良種フィオ) - Seriously. Thats what it means. Anyway, go
   to the pond in the top most floor of Snake Bone Mansion(蛇骨館) and use the 
   Sparkle of Life(生命の輝き) (the pretty pink flower) you found in the Hidora swamp.
7. Luciana(ルチアナ) - After the event with Kid go back to Snake-Bone Mansion and
   talk to her once by the pond and again in her lab.
8. Tsumaru(ツマル) - Unlock the cage in Luciana's lab and then catch him on Farga's
9. Doc(ドク) - Opt not to save Kid and finish the pirate ship event. 
10.Mel (メル) - After the event with Kid and after you catch Mel for stealing Kid's 
   elements go back and talk to her with Kid in your party.
11.Kinoko(キノコ) - Go to Shadow-Cut Forest(影切りの森) in "Home" and in the
   water way leading to Snake-Bone Mansion scare a little monster into a hole in the wall 
   and get a mushroom item(、ュ、ホ、ウ) and take it back to the guy in the cave
   under the waterfall.
12.Star Child(星の子) - He's important because the game can't proceed unless he's
   acquired. Go to the Moon Sea(海月海) in "Home" and get the Star Fragment. Then go to
   Tenryu Island(天龍の島) and defeat a rather large Star Child.
13.Snef(スネフ) - talk to him after he reverts you back to your normal form. 
14.Janice(ジャネス) - beat her 3 times in the Zelbess Grand Slam (easier said than
15.Skull(スカール) - Collect all of his bone fragments and after he's complete go meet
   him at his home in Termina(Another). 
16.Orlha(オルハ) - defeat her in battle in Gardov(ガルドーブ) then go talk to her at the
   bar and you'll receive the Blue Stone Brooch(タト、、・ヨ・。シ・チ). When Serge is reverted
   back to human form go back to the bar and show her the brooch.
17.Gyadaran(ギャダラン) - Defeat him in Snake-Bone Mansion.
18.Husband Kabu(カブ夫) - once again I kid you not. This one is rather strange. I've
   heard that Kabu can be acquired earlier in the game but I havent been able to until
   after I've gotten Lucca's ice gun. In the burned down Solitary Hut(隠者小屋) there痴
   a bald patch of earth that reacts when you step on it. The thing is that you have to find
   a way to cool down the ground and the only way I've found is by using the ice gun
   there. So, anyway once you've done that go "Home" and use Poshul to pull out Kabu. 
19.Miki(ミキ) - damn she's cute. Talk to her on the Zelbess after Slash's concert. 
20.Dragon Child(龍の子) - Put the Big egg in the middle incubator.  

well that's it for hard to get characters. I know there's plenty more but i ain't gotten 
them yet! 

Lv.7 Special Skills *

A lot of characters learn their Level 7 special skills on their own and don't need to be acquired 
through other methods. But here are the ones that you do need to go out and look for. 

Note: for most of these events to take place the characters themselves must be in your
party unless otherwise stated. 

1. Kid - During the event in Lucca's house enter L2 + Triangle + L2 + Triangle on the machine to
   the right of the first door.
2. Kolcha - In Termina go to where you first saw Kolcha and try and check under the red 
   blanket a few times and talk to the woman in purple then go down to where you met Kolcha 
   by the river and talk to the mermaid.
3. Pushul - Talk to Rena at home. 
4. Rena - talk to Rena's aunt at home.
5. Jakotsu(蛇骨大佐) - talk to the woman in the bar in Termina(Home). 
6. Lidele(リデル) - Defeat Dario.
7. Karsh - defeat Sugar and Salton in Dead-Man's Island(亡者の島).
8. Zoa - the chest in Zoa's room. 
9. Lucky Dan - in Home talk to the boy in basement that gave you the Shark Tooth
   talisman. Then go to the same place in another and talk to the cat statues in this order:
   ニャロンピー, ゴンジッチ, and ホルベットス. 
10.Dragon Child - In "Another" go to Obore Valley(溺れ谷) and inspect the large Dragon
11.Gilbert(ジルベルト) - in Home go to his house in Termina and talk to the guy. 
12.Farga(ファルガ) - During the freeing of Mabure(マブーレ復興) (must do Slash's
   concert first). 
13.Slash - After his concert, take "Another" Slash to talk to him. 
14.Skull - talk to the woman in the bar in Termina(Home). 
15.Ishito(イシト) - bring "Home" Ishito to meet "Another" Ishito. 
16.Orlha - go to Gardov(Home) and talk to Doc. 
17.Irenes(イレーネス) - After Mabure(Home) has been liberated go see 呪医. (1st
   house on the right)
18.Steena(スティーナ) - Lv.5 special skill is acquired when you defeat the bone Hidora
   in Another and her Lv.7 is acquired when you examine Garai's grave in Dead-Man's
19.Luciana - In the underground sewer place(Another) examine the little Amoebae that
   looks like a regular enemy but doesn't attack.
20.Ocha(オーチャ) - in Aruni(Home) go to the restaurant and talk to the Chef. 
21.Gyadaran - in Chronopolis, go to the room with the safe puzzle and examine the empty
22.Janice - go to the Dimension of Contracted Space(次元の狭間) (the end of time
   looking thing) and talk to the purple thing. 
23.Star Child - the flying saucer in 海月海 after you've fitted the boat with the flying device 
   go back and examine the floor again. 
24.Kabu - take Fio and kabu and examine the pond where you got Fio.
25.Fio - in Tenryu Island(天龍の島) help that thing catch the butterfly (may take a few tries)
26.Kinoko - talk to little Kinoko in his cave(Home). 
27.Lazlie(ラズリー) - Home in Water Dragon Island(水龍の島) talk to the pink Fairy
   by the tree. 
28. Doc(ドク) - In Gardov(Another) show him the medicine book(絶版医学解体新書) you found in the 
   Dead Sea(死海).
29. Piere(ピエール) - In Termina(Another) show him the Sword(劇場の剣) you found in the Dead Sea.
note: to get 28 and 29 Doc and Piere cant be in your group when you show them the items.

Window Frames       *
I know they're pretty useless but's something to do. 

1. Shellfish - Aruni(Home) examine the saleslady痴 cart in front of the village.
2. Tea for three - in the top right corner of the left house in Termina(Another)
3. Momento of the Forest - Shadow-cut forest(Another) Guide the red thing. 
4. Balance Across - take an all non-human party to Mabure and talk to the blue guy.
5. ParePori Steam - Snake-Bone Mansion(Another) secret room behind the desk in room
   where you fought Marcella. (The Epoch is here too)
6. Red Vision - Home. Obore Valley,  in a chest. 
7. Gardovia Stitch - Get it when Mel joins.
8. Nankokuhiwa - Get it when Mamacha joins.
9. Monster Mouse - when you're transformed into a cat talk to the cat in the kitchen.
10.Hoshi no Omiyage - after you've gotten Star Child, go back to Tenryu Island and talk
   to the guy hanging around there.
11.Traveller Chance - after Mabure(Home) has been liberated go talk to Toma14 inside
   the Black Dragon's cave.
12.スネークオーブ - Same place as Shellfish, except in "Another" 

Misc.		   *

I. The Dario event

	You can do this little side quest as soon as you recruit Lidele and Karsh. If you
want to do the whole thing in order then Go to Snake-Bone Mansion and take the right
path(where the Golem used to be) and place all the statues in the slots. Take the Chest
from behind. The message inside is from Sugar and Salton to Karsh. Go to Dead-Man's
Island and fight sugar and salton. When its over you should have Dario's mother's pendant.
Go "Home" and to the tiny secluded Island at the top right corner of the main
continent(there should be yellow smoke coming from it) go inside and talk to Dario and
prepare for a pain in the ass fight. I'm sure y'all can take it from here.

II. Slash's Concert

	After you've recruited Farga, take him and go to the Zelbess(Home) and talk to
that Farga. Enjoy the show. 

III. "Liberating" Mabure
	After Slash's concert go to Mabure and kill all the ghost monsters. 

IV. The Water Breath(ソ螟ホツゥ)

	When you first get to the Fire Dragon's cave you notice that the magma lowers
your HP. To counter act that you need the Water Breath. To get it go to Aruni(Home) 
and talk to the old man on the pier. He'll take you to Water Dragon Island and from there 
simply proceed forward. Its nothing terribly hard. When you get to the Water Dragon he'll give
you the Water Breath as well as the G-Frog summon.
V. Prism Weapons

	After liberating Mabure go to the Black Dragon's cave and buy the master hammer
from the guy on the left. Take Zappa and go to Termina(Another) and talk to that Zappa(be
sure and equip the master hammer to Zappa before hand). Good luck finding the damn
items needed to make those friggin things. 

VI. Getting Janice made easy

	It is very tough winning 3 in a row with the selection you're given so heres the
lazy man's way: If you don't mind waiting a bit, wait until you get an item called 
(ウミ、ィ、・ト・ワ) I can't remember where I got it but I'm sure it's part of the main quest.
Equip it on Spriggan (スプリガン) and whenever you fight make sure that Spriggan
delivers the final blow and he will add that enemy's form to his Style Copy skill. A good
place to do this is the end of time lookin' place. Some really good ones to get are all the
robots from Chronopolis because of their high HP and kick ass moves. As soon as you
have enough strong monsters go and kick that little bunny's butt. 

VII. Spriggan's home dimension

	To get back to Spriggan's home dimension just go to the second screen in the
Hidora swamp(Home) and find the warp. To get back from there examine the Bird Bath
type thing in Spriggan's house. 

VIII. The Chrono Cross
	To get the Chrono Cross go to Dragon Falls(Another) and use the two blue
crystals pieces. Its only purpose is to get you the best ending. 

IX. Jinjiruks(・ク・・ク・・ッ・ケ) 

	It has a stupid name but there's no doubt about it...this bastard is hard. 
This thing is like the Omega Weapon of Chrono Cross. Well if you're feeling lucky he'll be
in Earth Dragon Island(士龍の島)(Another) as soon as you Defeat all 6 Dragons.If you hit him 
with any hard magic he'll counter with Earthquake +and+ Thunder Ballet, so be sure and bring 
plenty of heal winds and recovers and as many revives as you can. If you go to Mabure(Home)
after you liberate it and talk to the little blue guy in the front he'll give you an item called 
"Return" (it revives an ally with full HP and status) its very useful. Whatever you do DO NOT 
BRING A GREEN MAGIC USER. After much healing, and very little magic use it should give up and 
you'll get an item called Sun Glasses(ツタヘロ、ホ、皃ャ、ヘ). It's actually a cool little item. Equiping 
it to a character will raise your entire party's defense by a reasonable amount.  

X. Name Changing

	You can change you character's names by talking to the BeachBoy in the secret room 
where the Epoch is under the library in Snake-Bone Mansion.

XI. Getting ALL characters

	Once you've beaten the game use new game+ and play through til you get the Chrono Cross 
again. Next go to Spriggan's home dimesion via the portal in the Hidora Swamp and use the Chrono 
Cross as soon as you arrive. You will get all your characters back from your previous saved games. 

XII. Combos

Finding these things is no easy task.
Here are some I've found:

1.真龍剣 - Radius(Lv.7) + Jakotsu(Lv.5)
2.ミックスデルタ - Serge(Lv.5) + Rena(Lv.7) + Lazlie(Lv.7) (very cool)

1.ドラゴンブロー - Zoa(Lv.7) + Karsh(Lv.3)
2.カブファイナル - Kabu(Lv.7) + Fio(Lv.7)

1.エックス斬り - Serge(Lv.3) + Glenn(Lv.3)
2.フラメンコ - Miki(Lv.7) + Slash(Lv.7)
3.Wスティール - Mel(Lv.3) + Kid(Lv.3)

1.ドラゴンライド - Lia(Lv.7) + Dragon Child(Lv.7)

1.ゼット斬り - Serge(Lv.7) + Kid(Lv.5) + Soy Sauce(ダッシュ斬り)
note: This is a very powerful attack but you have to beat the game at least once to get it.
      With New Game+ go to the End of Time place and bring Spriggan (equiped with the
      ウミ、ィ、・ト・ワ). The back room will now be open. Go in and fight Soy Sauce, Vinegar
      and Mayonaise. You can add them to Spriggan's Style Copy if he delivers the final blow. 

1.ダークスパーク - Gyaradan(Lv.7) + Ishito(Lv.7)
2.ソードストーム - Alf(Lv.5) + Snef(Lv.7)

Well that's totally it for now...lemme know what you think...peace. 

Credits            *

-All names and all the other crap is all property of SquareSoft.
-Props to Ohshima-sama for help on combos and the Lv.7 skills.  

I personally don't care what you do with this thing but should you decide to reproduce 
this text in any manner I'd better see my name right along with it.