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Chrono Cross - Prism Equipment Guide
Author: Crono228
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AOL IM Crono229 [yes, 229, not 228]
Version  1.6

You may use this file for your own website without my permission as long 
as it is kept in it's original form and you notify me that your are doing 
so along with a link to your website. The contents of this document may 
*not* be used in any printed publication without my written consent.

This guide will show you how to be able to make "Prism" equipment and how to
get the necessary materials.
Warning!!!! This guide contains some SPOILERS. However, I STRONGLY suggest that
you try this only once you have completed the game and are in a New Game+, so
the spoilers shouldn't matter. But anyway, there's your warning.

--Table of Contents---------------------------------
0. What is Prism Equipment?
1. What do I need to make it?
2. Getting started (pre-requisites)
3. Collecting the Materials
4. FAQs
5. Un-answered Questions
6. Credits

--Update History-----------------------------------

11/22/2000 - v1.6 
Changed the notice at the top of the file about how it may be used.

08/24/2000 - v1.5
The exact time at which you can buy the Master Hammer in Marbule added.
Flea Vest found! YEA! (Has nothing to do with Prism weapons) 
Added a FAQ section.

08/20/2000 - v1.3 
Confirmed that there are NO "BlackField" or "WhiteField" elements.
Added a list of weapons that are better than Prism weapons.
I removed the side note about Sprigg, because it really doesn't belong here.

08/17/2000 - v1.1 Guide Started.

--0. What is Prism Equipment?--------------

"Prism" Equipment is the general term used for items made from, mainly, Rainbow
Shells and "Shiny" Materials. It includes weapons of every type for all
characters; the armors, "Prism Vest" & "Prism Mail", and the accessory, "Prism
Helm". As far as I know, the weapons are the BEST weapons in the game(with a 
few exceptions, see below), and Prism Mail is the BEST armor in the game. The 
Prism Helm increases Defense and Magic Defense.

There are a few cases where Prism equipment is NOT the best. These are:

Serge's Mastermune - Although the Spectra Swallow has a slightly higher attack
rating, the Mastermune has a much higher critical hit rating. This means it does 
more damage on average.

Glenn's Einlanzer - Although he can get 2 of these later in the game, even just one 
of them is better than the Spectral Sword.

--1. What do I need to make it?--------------

All Prism items require (1)  Rainbow Shell, and at *least* 1 of the following
"Shiny" materials (never more than 1 of each kind though) I have provided the
Element to which each one matches up, this will be important later.

Shiny Leaf - Green
Shiny Dew - Blue
Shiny Sand - Yellow
Shiny Ember - Red
Shiny Salt - White
Shiny Soot - Black

--2. Getting started (pre-requisites)-----------

I *very* strongly suggest that you not attempt this before completing the game
at least once and restart with a New Game+
Because it will take you MUCH longer to collect the materials, for the
following reasons:

a) New Game+ has the fast forward feature, you WILL be using a lot of summons, 
which are lengthy

b) The method uses the "Field" Elements, which turn the field a certain color,
without them, it will take much longer, if you can even pull it off. Currently,
the only place I am aware of for getting these elements is in the final area of
the game.

c)The method uses the "Dreamer's Sarong" Accessory, only available in NewGame+

If you still want to try this in a non-New Game+ file, go right ahead. But you
will have to make your own adjustments to the methods described. And also,
don't forget that there are SPOILERS in here!!! If you come up with something
that works well, let me know, I'll add it.

In order to forge Prism equipment at all, you need to have Zappa join your
party and give you the "Smith Spirit" Key item, which allows you to forge
weapons anywhere on the world map or at a save point.

To get him to join, simply speak to him at his shop in Termina in the Home

Now, to be able to forge Prism equipment is a little trickier. First, you must
do the side quest where Nikki puts on the concert at Marbule and you kill all
the monsters there. To start this quest you have to take the Fargo in your
party and have him speak to the Fargo of the Home World aboard the S.S.

Once you do this, you have to come back to Marbule, Home World, any time
after Serge gets his body back. Go to the cave all the way at the back, where
 you fought the black dragon. At the back and to the left is a man who will sell
 you the Master Hammer. (10,000 G ouch) Equip this on Zappa.

Now go with Zappa to Termina in Another World and talk to the Zappa there.
Zappa can now forge Prism equipment. (Note, I think you have to have at least 1
Rainbow Shell for this to work, which you should have many in NewGame+)

That does it for being able to make them. Now the things you need to collect
the materials. Note that these are the things I use in my method; nothing here
is "required" by the game.

-At least (1) "Summon" Element of each of the 6 colors (These elements have a
star in front of them)

-A character of each color that is able to equip these.

-At least 1 each of the elements RedField, BlueField, GreenField, and
YellowField. These can be obtained in the final dungeon, by defeating the
required mini-bosses scattered through out. (See unanswered questions below,

-Access to the "Bend of Time". It's a small unmarked island just southeast of
the main continent. I think you can only get into it for the first time from
either Home or Another, so if it doesn't work, try the other world.
(Afterwards, it's accessible from either world) Here you can face monsters from
all over the world by way of portals.

-Enough "Dreamer's Scarf"'s and/or "Dreamer's Sash"es So that you can have 1
character start each battle at level 2, and another at level 1. Dreamer's Scarf
starts them at 1, the Sash at 2. If you have 1 of each, you're ok, which you
should in New Game+

-At least (2) Stamina Rings and/or Stamina Belts.

-At least (1) "Dreamer's Sarong" This makes a character's element grid start at
level 8! To get it, you must start a New Game+. Go to the door at the back of
The Bend of Time. Open it. Talk to the goo thingy. You'll fight Ozzie, Slash
and Flea. You will get the "Dreamer's Sash" as one of the prizes for winning. 
(Note: You also get Ozzie Pants and Slasher. To get the Flea Vest, you have to 
steal it from Flea. However, it is a rare steal, so you may not get it everytime. 
Thanks to JohnMOG for this info)
Once that's done, you have to talk to the goo thingy again. Now he wants you 
to guess a number between 1 and 20. You answer by running laps around the room.
He'll let you know when you're close, but only 3 times. If you can win this
bizarre game, you get the Dreamer's Sarong.

--3. Collecting the Materials---------------------

Ok, got all the stuff? Great! Let's start collecting materials for Prism gear!

Rainbow Shells - I don't have a sure-fire method for getting these, YET. But, I
had about 20 when I started New Game+. I counted 3 in the Terra Tower.

"Shiny" Materials - The fun(?) part.

First you need to decide which of the "Shiny" materials you want to stock up
on, so see the chart above. The method varies slightly depending on whether you
want a material from the [Leaf, Dew, Ember, Sand] group OR  the [Soot, Salt]
group (Note that this is only because there are no WhiteField or Blackfield 
elements in the game, they just don't exist for whatever reason)

Let's start with the [Leaf, Dew, Ember, Sand] group, since they are easier.

Pick one of your characters; we'll call him/her the "Assistant". This should
NOT be one of the characters that you will be using to equip a summon spell
(you *should* have enough characters where it won't matter but...) Also, he/she
should have at least TWO level 1 slots, and at least FOUR Level 2 slots in
his/her grid. (Sorry Guile!)

Now, equip him/her with either a "Dreamer's Sash", or (2) "Dreamer's Scarf".
Dreamer's Sash is preferable here, you'll see why in a minute.

Now assign his/her elements. Place BlueField, RedField, GreenField and
YellowField in Level 2 slots.

The assistant is done. You can you him/her for any of the four shiny materials
in this group, and, with minor modification, you can use him/her for the [Soot,
Salt] group.

Now it's time to set up the "Summoner". This will always be the same, for both

Choose which of the six materials you want to stock up on. Refer to the
Material-Color table above.

Select a character of that color that can use Summon (Level 8) Elements.

Assign a summon element to him/her.

Equip him/her with the "Dreamer's Sarong"

Now you're ready to start killing some monsters!

Go the Bend of Time.

Enter one of the portals, preferably ones near the entrance. These tend to give
you battles with packs of weak monsters.

The first action you should take is to cast the Field element with the
Assistant for the color of the summon you are using.

Next, use the Summoner and cast the summon element.

Done! You'll get 1 "Shiny" material of the color you picked for each enemy
killed by the summon!

Repeat until satisfied.

Now, the method for the [Soot, Salt] group

The Summoner, as mentioned before, is the same; just choose the color you want
to stock up on.

However, now we need two Assistants. I'll call them Assistant and Assistant2

For the Assistant (the same one you used before) equip him/her with (2) Stamina
Ring and/or Belt. This is in addition to the Dreamer's Scarf's or Dreamer's
Sash. Note, that if you used (2) Dreamer's Scarf's, you can only equip 1
Stamina item. For this reason I highly recommend using the Sash if you have it.
In any case, having 2 levels at the start is more important than having more
stamina, so take care of that first.

Now, depending on whether you want Soot or Salt, assign at least TWO elements
of the corresponding color in level 1, preferably, non-attack (For black I
suggest TurnBlack or Genius, and for white, TurnWhite, StrongMinded,
WeakMinded, or Purify)

For Assistant2, equip him/her with the Dreamer's Scarf.

Assign at least ONE element of the corresponding color in level 1; follow the
same suggestions as before.

Once again go into battle as before.

With the Assistant, use one of the level 1 spells.

With Assistant2, use one of the level 1 spells.

The Assistant *should* have at least 1 stamina point after Assistant2's turn.
If not, try to arrange your items so that he/she can equip 2 Stamina items, or
chose a character with higher stamina recovery.

Use another level 1 element with the Assistant.

If all goes your way, the field should be ready for the summoner.

Have the Summoner use the Summon element.

Done! You'll get 1 "Shiny" material of the color you picked for each enemy
killed by the summon!

Repeat until satisfied.

Yes, this method is not as clean, and a little more risky, but without a  
WhiteField and BlackField, this is the best I can come up with.

--4. FAQs----------------------------------------------

Q: Can you replenish your stars?

A: Yes. Just sleep at an inn or your home.

--5. Un-answered Questions---------------------

Is there anywhere other than the mini-bosses in the final area for getting
Blue, Red, Green, and Yellow Field?

Is there a way to control Van's "Wet Paint" skill? It would be VERY useful for
this method.

--6. Credits---------------------------------------------

Polaris14 - Provided me with the fact that killing enemies with Summons gives
you Shiney materials. Without that, I wouldn't have even been able to start
this guide. Thanks!

ToastyFrog - His guide helped me get a lot of the secrets, and provides most of
the info on being able to forge prism weapons

GameShark Code Creator's Club - Confirmed that there are no WhiteField or 
BlackField elements in the game.

Garrett Butler & Tim Wong - Provived me with the exact point in the game when
you can buy the Master Hammer in Marbule.

JohnMOG - Information on the Flea Vest

Ozzie, Slash, and Flea - The greatest game villains ever. I love these guys.