Window Frame Guide by webrunner

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What was the start of all this?
When did the cogs of fate begin to turn?
Perhaps it is impossible to grasp that answer now,
from deep within the flow of time.

But for a certianty, back then
we loved so many yet hated so much
we hurt others and were hurt ourselves.

Yet even then we ran like the wind
whilst our laughter echoed
under cerulean skies....

            CHRONO CROSS
			  (1.0) (Aug25,2000)
			    by webrunner.

(also known as "please, dear god, don't send in confirmations!" edition)

PART I: Table of Contents.
Although it isn't really tabular...

  I: Table of Contents
  II: What's New?
  III: Intro
  V: The Guide, Untested, rumors  
  VI: Legal Mumbo-Jumbo (Not the Banjo-Kazooie kind)
  VII: Wrap-Up

PART II: What's New
What's new with you?

August 25th, 2000: Got the other two frames.  I think that's it...
August 23rd, 2000: Added some FAQ stuff, and clarifications, and I got tea for
August 22nd, 2000: "Snakes and Orbs" exists!  And Valencian Cloth info.
August 21st, 2000 (2): Added a "Rumors" section, along with confirming some.
August 21st, 2000: Added several 'untested' frames, and one tested frame.
August 19th, 2000: First version of the Guide

PART III: Introduction and junk.
Not much Junk really.

  Welcome to the Window Frame Guide.  Sure, there are a lot of guides
  for CC out there, but none of them exist for the pure reason of one of
  the most unique options in Chrono Cross: The Custom Window Frames.  Wheras
  in most games you can use whatever frame you want whenever, the frames in
  CC have to be found... and that's what I'm here to help for.

What questions could you possibly have!?

  Q. What is a Window Frame?
  A. When you talk to someone or bring up the key items menu, notice that wood
     motif?  That's a Window Frame, particlarly "Arnian Wood".
  Q. How many frames are there?
  A. I'm not sure.  I've found 12, plus the ones you start with.  Apparently,
     that's all there is, so that's... 15 is it not?
  Q. Where can you find these frames?
  A. Everywhere!  You can find them in chests, by talking to people, or by
     searching an area!

  Q. Why did Square do this to us?!
  A. To add replay value to Chrono Cross?  Well, adding Replay Value to CC is 
     like adding water to the ocean, but what are you going to do?
  Q. How do I use a new frame?
  A. Under "Customize" move the "Window Frame" option to "Custom" and pick the 
     one you want.

  Q. Do you keep them in New Game +?
  A. You betCHA!

  Q. You have one in "Untested" Which I have, and I'd like to confirm it.
  A. Untested is ones I don't have yet, but i'll get those in New Game +, so
     do NOT send in any confirmations or descriptions of ones already listed

  Q. So, where are they?
  A. Glad you asked....

PART V: The Guide.
Here is the part you're probably interested in.  If not, you're strange.

* denotes semi transparent background

 Frame Name: "Arnian Wood"
 Frame Discription: Old wood, tied together at the corners.
 Background Discription: Dark wood panelling. *
 Next Screen Icon: Spinning leaf.
 Found: Start with it.  It's the default frame!
 Personal Rating: 8/10.  So far, it's the best looking one I've found.
 Comments: Arnian Wood, in Arni, makes sense.

 Frame Name: "Simple Line"
 Frame Discription: A curved white line
 Background Discription: Black *
 Next Screen Icon: White trinangle
 Found: Start with it.
 Personal Rating: 6/10.  It's too plain, but it's not tacky or annoying.
 Comments: You have to be able to start out with a normal one... But it's      
           a good frame for Old Schoolers... I don't see why anyone would take 
           this over Arnian Wood though

 Frame Name: "Iron Plate"
 Frame Discription: Metal edges, with rivets.
 Background Discription: Metallic grey
 Next Screen Icon: Embossed triangle.
 Found: Start with it.
 Personal Rating: 6/10.  Pretty neat, but it's too curvy for metal, and the
                  icon animates wierdly..
 Comments: Why is it CURVED?  Seesh.  I suppose it's one of the original ones 
           because it's so plain

 Frame Name: "Shellfish"
 Frame Discription: Fancy, umm, shell-like coral thingy.  Hard to explain.
 Background Discription: Overlapping dark brown things, very cool. *
 Next Screen Icon: Flashy coral thing.
 Found: Arni (Home) - Search the Element seller's cart.
 Personal Rating: 5/10.  The background is great, but the frame itself is too
 Location Sense: It's a fishing village, so it makes sense for this to exist in 

 Frame Name: "Porre's Furnace"
 Frame Discription: Reddish coper metal- it's industrial!
 Background Discription: Reddish rivits
 Next Screen Icon: Molten fire in a triangular opening.
 Found: Viper Manor (Another) - Search behind the Library's desk to find a 
        hidden ladder.  Descend.  Here you will find one of the coolest 
        revelations of the game, and a Beach Bum which will give you the frame 
        if you talk to him.
 Personal Rating: 7/10.  Pretty cool.  But it's too big.
 Comments: It would make more sense to get it from Zappa or Norris...  
 Frame Name: "Monster's Mouth"
 Frame Discription: Green mouth with teeth.
 Background Discription: Darkness
 Next Screen Icon: A uvula (hangy ball)
 Found: S.S. Zelbess (Home) - As a cat, go through the cat-door into the 
        kitchen, and talk to the cat there.
 Personal Rating: 6/10.  Well done, if you like the overall grosseness of it.
 Comments: Well, cats have teeth, I suppose...
 Frame Name: "Infared Vision"
 Frame Discription: Red 'LCD screen' border.
 Background Discription: LCD screen
 Next Screen Icon: Flashing dot matrix triangle
 Found: Fossil Valley (Home) - Behind the big skull.
 Personal Rating: 7/10.  Cool.  It'd be my favorite if it wasn't red.
 Comments: If the outside was grey, and the text became dot-matrixy, this would 
           rock much socks
 Frame Name: "Our Favorite Martian"
 Frame Discription: Red-trimmed 'space motif' in Starky-Style
 Background Discription: Black
 Next Screen Icon: Dancing Starky
 Found: Sky Dragon's Lair (Home) - After getting Starky, talk to the one who is
        always scared of the monster who patrolls the top.  He'll give you the 
 Personal Rating: 7/10.  Pretty cool, has a Dancing Starky and Everything!
 Comments: The only Character-Specific one in the game, perhaps?

 Frame Name: "Guldovian Stich"
 Frame Discription: A red, purple, and green rug.
 Background Description: Red and purple, and green stitching.
 Next Screen Icon: Spinning thingy
 Found: Guldove (Another) - Talk to Mel late in the game - not sure if getting 
        the grid early is required or not.
 Personal Rating: 4/10.  UGH.  I tell ya, red+purple like this doesn't show up 
                  well on a TV screen.
 Comments: Earth to Guldove: Get better tapestry, whydonCHA?

 Frame Name: "Quill and Papyrus"
 Frame Description: It's a scroll- curled on the sides and with glyphs on the 
                    top and bottom.
 Background Description: Yellowed-papery
 Next Screen icon: Quill
 Found: Marbule (Home) - Talk to Toma twice after Marbule is 'reopened'  
 Personal Rating: 7.9/10.  Wow, this is a neat frame.  If it was 
                  semitransparent like Arnian Wood, it'd be 9/10
 Comments: I wonder where Toma got this?  I assume he'd use it to write his    
           adventure logs.. but why would he write on something covered in     
           ancient glyphs? 
 Frame Name: "Skullduggery"
 Frame Description: Small skulls, with what seems to be chains.  The upper two 
                    corners are large skulls, and the bottom right is a metal 
 Background Description: Black pattern
 Next Screen icon: Laughing skull, with red eyes.
 Found: Shadow Forest (Another) - ALRIGHT!  You can stop emailing me now, you
        just have to feed the farthest (red) octopus to the plant monster, and
        talk to it.
 Personal Rating: 6/10 - Pretty neat... a bit big though, and the 
                  mini-skulls are a bit badly designed.
 Comments: Why not in Fossil Valley or the Isle of the Dammned?

 Frame Name: "Snakes & Orbs"
 Frame Description: A sort of green/orange snakey motif, with orbs in the 
                    corners and along the edges. 
 Background Description: A very neat tile design. *
 Next Screen icon: Spinning orb.
 Found: Gaia's Navel (Another) - Get another Ancient Fruit, call the Wingapede 
        in the same area as before, but in Another, and then look around the 
	Navel.  In one place there is a platform you can climb to, and the only
        thing there is a Prehisteric.  Beat it, and you'll get the frame.
 Personal Rating: 7/10.  Not bad.  Not my cup of tea, but it doesnt look bad.
 Comments: I'm surprised there wasn't a dinosaur-themed one...

 Frame Name: "Tea for Three"
 Frame Description: Red-blue egyptian-type lines
 Background Description: A Persian rug-type design (red and blue)
 Next Screen icon: Oil lamp
 Found: Termina (Another) - Behind the house with the girl and the hopscotch 
        person out front, talk to a hidden person and tell him you understand.
        However, it appears you cannot get it after returning to Another after 
        being stuck in Home.
Personal Rating: 6/10 - the colors on the edges bleed too much.

 Frame Name: "Tropical Paradise"
 Frame Description: Vines and Flowers
 Background Description: Red leaves *
 Next Screen icon: spinning flower
 Found: Guldove (Another) - Choose not to go on the mission to get the Hydra 
        Humour, and Macha gives it to you.
 Personal Rating: 6/10 - Kinda tacky, but it's good at being what it is.

 Frame Name: "Valencian Cloth"
 Frame Description: A sort of tapestry, red.
 Background Description: Blueish cloth
 Next Screen icon: An animated version of the thing that makes up the frame.
 Found: Go to Marbule (Another) with an all-demi-human party and talk to the one 
        who throws rocks at humans.   This means you can't get it during the
        second disk....
 Personal Rating: 5/10 - another overly tacky clashy frame.

 The following frames haven't been tested by me.  A new rating will be used for
 these: "Confirmation level" - if i get like a billion emails on a single frame
 then I can guess it's probably true.  But don't email me with confirmations, please.

[none right now]

  These ones have absoultely no proof for them...

"Rainbow Frame" - Same place you get the Shellfish frame, but in Another.
                  I got an email about it, and there is mention of a frame
                  In that exact part in Another Arni in a Japanese Faq- but
                  all that's there for me is a Rainbow Shell.

PART VI: Legal Mumbo-Jumbo
 You can't have something like this without Legal Mumbo Jumbo.

 Chrono Cross, it's characters, and it's frames are owned by Squaresoft and 
 Square and whatever.
 In other words.  Not me.  It's their Copyright.
 However, this guide is mine, so don't steal it, or I'll kick yer arse so hard 
 you'll kiss the moons!

 This guide is available at GameFAQs and at

 It is maintained by Mark Shallow, the guy who also does Adventurers! a 
 webcomic about console RPGs, at

PART V: Wrap-up
Only without Seran.

 Thanks to Squaresoft for such an amazing game.
 Thanks to YOU for reading my Guide.
 Thanks to the following people (in no particular order) for submitting frames:
    Tiamat-X - Skullduggery, Tea for Three - Tropical Paradise, Valencian Cloth, Quill and Papyrus,    
                     Guldovian Stitch
    Rachel Brown - Tropical Paradise
    Matthew Gradley - Tea for Three
    Emerelda Kasim/Some Guy - Tea for Three
    Jack Watts - Skullduggery
    Pip - Tea for Three, Skullduggery - Tea for Three, Guldovian Stitch
    Ketheriel Grandvelt - Tea for Three - Tea for Three, Valencian Cloth - Guldovian Stitch
    Raffaele Saccuci - Tea for Three
    Brent Jones - Tea for Three (Told you a lot of people submitted this)
    Reiginsei - Skullduggery
    David - Quill and Papyrus, Snakes and Orbs
    Ryan Kaulkins - Valencian Cloth
    Patrick Chalnick - Valencian Cloth
    Andy Harrington - Snakes & Orbs
    Ultimos somitlU - Suggesting that I put the Newgame+ info in the FAQ - Only one Octopi needed...
    Ronald Chan - Only one Octopi needed

 Thanks to, umm, the planet Earth, for existing all this time.

 Hope you enjoyed this guide...
 If there's a frame I missed or a mistake, don't hesitate to email me at - And please, put "CHRONO CROSS FRAME" in the
 subject line.  
 Do not (DO NOT) send in descriptions of the frames in the untested section
 I'll put those up when I reach them on New Game Plus.  However, if you know 
 how to get the frames that haven't been discovered how yet, I'd like to hear