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Date: Thu, 31 Dec 1998 23:48:28 -0800 
Developer: Naughty Dog 
Produced: Universal Interactive Studios 
Released: November '98 
Rating: E for EVERYONE 
Status 1: 1 Player 
Status 2: Supports Dual Shock Analog Controller 
FAQ Written by: Zack Thiesen 
1. Intro. 
2. Foreward 
3. Boss Guide 
4. Special Stuff 
5. Speed Guide 
6. Colored Gem locations and MORE!!! 
7. Easy Gold and Platinum Relic locations and how to get `em!!!! 
8. Thanks and the legal stuff 
This is the game called `CRASH 3:WARPED' that is for the Playstation. This is 
a hard game compared to the other installments before it. Although basically 
hard, it has it's easy parts.I was just browsing Gamefaqs.com when I went into 
the Requested FAQs section and saw this game. I sat down for hours and days 
beating the game, and when it was all over, I wrote this.  On page 98 of PSM 
Magazine,  the January issue with RE2, SF, FFVIII, and Legacy of Kain: SR on 
it, you will find all of the tips on finding the gems, and so will I along 
with overviews and tips on the levels and what items and how you can get them. 
This is as said a great game. It's fun as well as easy but halfways long. The 
kind that I like. It's fun writing these for Gamefaqs.com and I like doing it. 
It's well worth your time to play this game. 
----BOSS GUIDE---- 
BOSS #1= Tiny the Tiger 
This is the first and easiest boss. All that you have to do is dodge his giant 
stomps and watch out for his tigers that are released after his pitch fork 
gets stuck into the ground and you hit him with your spin attack. 
Repeat this tactic to complete this boss. Tiny is gone but more difficult 
bosses lay ahead. 
BOSS #2= Dingo-Dile 
He is also easy. Just run around him, keeping ahead of his fireball hails, and 
when they come near you, quickly run the other way. Then, stand still and 
he'll turn around and blow fire at you, so dodge him quickly! Next boss, N. 
BOSS #3= N. Tropy 
N. Tropy is the first hard boss, sort of. When the fireballs are close to you 
(within 1 foot) jump off to the side and dodge them. After that, he'll shoot 
this bar of red light at you, but it will stop short of hitting you right off. 
Just dodge those bars. Then run up to hit him after he clears the path. The 
second time, he'll throw a few more fire balls and bars. Just repeat the 
tactics over and cross the path to hit him. The third time is no different 
except the bars are a bit more difficult. 
----BOSS #4= N. Gin---- 
Don't be fooled. This busted bolt is BY FAR the hardest boss yet. You must 
beat him in two forms. The first, a giant robot- easy, the 2nd a small ship- 
HARD!!!! The first, just shoot the rockets and blow them up that he shoots off 
of his shoulder. When it opens on his shoulder or after he's done with the 
machine gun, shoot the yellow areas. The 2nd form, shoot the four guns on top 
of his back. Then, hit the small steel area on the bottom of the ship. He's 
now dead when that explodes. 
----BOSS #5= Dr. Neo Cortex---- 
This is the BIG boss. Actually, I think that N. Gin was harder. WAY harder. 
For the first time that you hit him (you have to hit him 3 times) the two face 
masks, Aku-Aku and Uka-Uka , will spin around each other and create a beam 
between them  and no matter what, don't hit that beam. Run around it with it, 
and dodge the gun fire from Dr. Neo Cortex. When Dr. Cortex breaks out the 
mines, dodge them and at about the third one that he throws, he'll put his 
shit down. Now, hit him and watch him fall to the ground. Then when he's on 
the ground, spin attack him into the hole in the center of the room. The 
second time, avoid the tornado that the two masks make and avoid his mines 
once more. 
LEVEL 31 & 32 FOUND!!! 
 LEVEL 31- On the level ROAD CRASH on the third WARP room, slam into the sign 
on the side of the road that has an alien face on it and enter the Secret 
Level- HOT COCO, starring your little sister of course. CLUE= There IS a gem 
in here.. 
LEVEL 32- WARNING!- If you have an Aku-Aku mask, then get rid of it before 
doing this trick! If you have the yellow gem then you can get here. Jump on 
the gem in level  #11. When the dinosaur starts chasing you, run into the 
second pterodactyl and she'll take you to her nest.  Crack the egg and ride 
the baby dinosaur to the to the end of that level and pick up the gem. Then 
after that, re-enter the level the very same way that you did before and this 
time do the time trial to get the relic. HINT: This is the EASIEST level to 
get a platinum relic on.. 
----SPEED GUIDE---- 
Level #1-Toad Village 
   This is a very easy level. All that you have to do is run through. Right 
after the bridge is the bonus entrance. The enemies are easy. But those 
knights with the swinging swords are a pain in the Time Trials. My advice, Run 
off to the side of them. 
Level #2- Under Pressure 
   This is a pretty easy level, except for those puffer fishes. When you come 
to the things that are swirlin' around and have electricity on them, you can 
swim right through the middle of them if you time it right. There is no bonus 
level on this level. 
Level #3- Orient Express 
  If you're looking for a fun time trial level, this one's it. Press R2 to go 
VERY fast, fast enough to get in front of the dragons before they even get you 
and to jump on the roofs of the buildings. Beware of the Carts with the wooden 
drums on them. 
Level #4- Bone Yard 
   This level is pesky, but not hard. Just spin through the grass because it 
slows you down (the grass). It is especially easy if you have the tornado spin 
and the running shoes from Neo Cortex to help you out with speed. These are 
VERY useful tools after you beat the game and go back for the Time Trials. 
You'll see these little blue heads, when you do, be ready to jump! 
Level #5- Makin' Waves 
    Watch out for those bombs and beware of sharks, anchors, cannon balls, and 
boats. In the later levels that are like this, watch out for the Nitro boxes. 
Level 31 (secret level) is a jet ski level too. 
Level #6- Gee Wiz 
    Properly named for the pesky wizards that are all over the level. It's 
just like the first level in the game except for it's longer and a small bit 
more challenging. 
Level #7- Hang `em High 
    This is an easy level and there are 3 parts to it I think. One in the 
relic warp room, this level, and another one later in the game I think. This 
is the level in which you can pick up the yellow gem. That is, after you jump, 
twist, and run past some nitro boxes. 
Level #8-  Hog Ride 
     This is the first in a series of about 4 motorcycle levels. It's also the 
easiest level to get your first silver gem on. There are only 13 boxes that 
are really easy to get. Just go really slow and it's a piece of cake. 
Level #9- Tomb Time 
     This is a relatively easy level, but enjoy it, Tomb Wader is much more 
difficult. This is a good and easy first start off to the desert type levels 
such as Sphynxinater, and Hang `em High part on e and two. 
Level #10- Midnight Run 
     This is like Orient Express, except at night and a bit tougher. This time 
there are people pushing barrels and they are not moving for you. 
Level #11- Dino Might 
   This is where you run into the little green T-Rex and get to actually ride 
him. This is also where the secret level can be found, called Eggipus Rex 
according to P.S.M magazine, January issue. 
Level #12- Deep Trouble 
   I think that the title says it all. It's kind of hard. The puffer fishes 
are a real pain. The nitro boxes also pose a threat to you. The little tornado 
spinners are terrible as well. The boat helps to shoot enemies and the nitro 
Level #13- High Time 
Level #14- Road Crash 
   This is where you can find a secret level by slamming into the sign with an 
alien head on it. This is slightly hard. It's getting dark and Crash isn't 
done. He loves that motorcycle. It's basically the same as all of the other 
ones. No difference except longer and more obstacles. 
Level #15- Double Header 
    This is exactly like Gee Wiz and Toad Village. It rains and there are 
frogs as usual, but no wizards. But, there are some huge giants with two heads 
and that swing giant clubs at you. Just run around them. Humph...wonder why 
It's called Double Header... 
Level #16- Sphynxinator 
    Moderately hard, but not too difficult. This is probably the funnest of 
all of the Egyptian type levels. No big tips here. Just plain 3d pleasure. 
Level #17- Bye Bye Blimps 
    Coco is piloting this time, but you'll have your chance in Mad Bombers 
later on. Just watch out for the guys who circle around and shoot at you. 
Shoot the red balloon to start the time trials and the white ones with the red 
cross on it to get a health gain big-time. Press the Circle button to shoot. 
Level #18- Tell no Tales 
   A weird name for a jet ski level. But, none the less, another in the line 
of jet skiing levels. Very fun like the others to mess around in. Just beware 
of the sharks, cannon balls, boats, and flying anchors that come your way. 
Level #19- Future Frenzy 
   This is a level like all of the other futuristic type ones. Take no 
exceptions as to how the others were done compared to this level's completion. 
It's like the others. 
Level #20- Tomb Wader 
  This is the hardest of all of the Egyptian type levels. It's tough because 
of the water and the speed that it goes up without warning, or mercy. Beware 
of guys with bouncy bug shields and mummies in half-cut coffins with spikes on 
Level #21- Gone Tomorrow 
 This is a futuristic level like Future Frenzy. It's not much harder but 
always challenging after a second. Just watch out for those guys in the donut 
shaped ships and the spinning tops, and last but not least, the electrical 
fence to hop over. 
Level # 22- Orange Asphalt 
 Another one of those motorcycle levels to fool with, only this time it's at 
sunset. Once more, no difference in the stayle that you play it. 
Level #23- Flaming Passion 
  This is a good level. It's moderate in difficulty. When you see a set of 
boards on the ground in front of you that has a red burn mark on it, stand 
back and wait a second. Crash is cool but he'd be burned out after that. 
Anyone would. 
Level #24- Mad Bombers 
  This where Crash takes the plane for a spin. This is much like the first 
with the blimps. Hit both of the engines on the wings to take it down. 
Level #25- Bug Lite 
   This is a hard level. No exceptions. The first time. Once you get the hang 
of it, it's a breeze. But, if you don't hustle, you'll be left in the dark, 
even in the Bonus area. Cheap fireflies, huh? 
RELIC WARP ROOM- (Gotten by obtaining 5 relics) 
Level #26- Ski Crazed - 5 relics 
    Another jet ski level. With the secret level Hot Coco, that makes 4. This 
is no different than all of the others except Hot Coco. Basically the same 
strategy, but the track is different and the setting is at sunset. A fun 
level, but LOOK OUT for those pesky nitro boxes. They're all over the place. 
Level #27- Hang `em High (PART 2)- 10 relics 
    You can get the yellow gem here...oops. You should look to the gem 
locations at the top of this FAQ for that info and more on the locations of 
those gems. This level is exactly like the first one. 
Level #28- Area 51? - 15 relics 
    This is much harder than all of the previous motorcycle levels. It's in 
pitch black dark and all that you have is your headlight on your motorcycle to 
see. Just steer clear of the road blocks and the police cars that are now 
moving towards you. It's also pretty hard to get the clear gem and the Time 
Trial relic. 
Level #29- Future Frenzy- 20 relics 
    This is exactly like all of those types of levels such as the previous 
parts of that and Gone Tomorrow. Although, another one with the same enemies 
Level #30 - Rings of Power- 25 relics 
    This is a level that is like Night Flight on Spyro the Dragon. It's a 
flight training level in the airplane. Do a barrel roll through the rings to 
get an extra speed boost. It helps quite a bit. This is a pretty easy level 
for time trials as well. It's also a fun one. 
----Colored Gem Locations and Tips on How to Get Them---- 
Red Gem:       Located at Level- #11, Deep Trouble 
                       Difficulty to get-  Moderate 
Blue Gem:      Located at Level- #20, Tomb Wader 
                       Difficulty to get- Easy-Moderate 
Yellow Gem: Located at Level- #7, Hang `em High 
                       Difficulty to get- Easy 
Purple Gem:   Located at Level- #13, High Time 
                       Difficulty to get: Easy-Moderate 
Green Gem:    Located at Level- #23, Flaming Passion 
                       Difficulty to get- Moderate 
Red Gem- This is easy. Just swim through level #11 and at the end of it, hit 
the box with an `!' on it that's green and then swim back to the place where 
you go up for the first time. And go right to find an area that's got TNT 
filled in now. Get over there and tap it once. When it blows up after three 
seconds, you'll find the path to the Red Gem. 
Blue Gem- This is tougher. Get to the area in the level without dying where 
there is a small platform on the right with a pharoah's head on it and it's 
blue. Jump on that to get on the Blue Gem path. 
Yellow Gem- This is an easy one to get. Just get up to that point without 
dying and avoid being blown to smithereens by a stockade of nitro boxes and 
you got yourself a Yellow Gem. 
Purple Gem- This is a bit harder. The platform is near two jump boxes and has 
a yellow skull on it. It's location is about midway through the level. You 
must navigate your way through a scorpion on a net, and dodge the exploding 
home-made fire bombs thrown. No nitro's here. YAAHH!!!! 
Green Gem- This is much like all of the others that are just go through an 
area without dying and the wire platform will be filled in so that you can 
ride it all of the way to the top! 
----Easy Gold and Platinum Relic Locations and How to Get `Em!!!!---- 
They are as follows. Hold down R2 when you run, after you beat Neo Cortex, to 
give you a major speed boost. Does not work on Eggipus Rex, but does on the 
Coco and the cat levels such as #2 on this list. 
1. Toad Village- Gold 
2. Orient Express- Gold 
3. Bone Yard- Gold 
4. Gee Wiz- Gold 
5. Dino Might- Gold 
6. Double Header- Gold 
7. Orange Asphalt-Gold 
8. Bug Lite- Gold 
9. (Secret Level) Eggipus Rex-Platinum 
----Thanks and the Legal Stuff---- 
 Thank you once again for reading this FAQ and I hope that it has helped you 
out. This 
 FAQ is Copyrighted 1998 by Zack Thiesen. Thanks. Bye and have fun with Crash