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                      Story & Ending Script V 1.0 (17/11/2004)
                      by Ace Whatever (jj_alkaline@hotmail.com)
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-To be added
A few months after I bought my Playstation, I had heard quite a bit about the
Twisted Metal franchise and its deep sea counterpart Critical Depth. I was
better intrigued by the concept of exploring the depths of the ocean than car
combat, so I bought CD. I'm quite thankful I did. Critical Depth is an 
excellent game. Full of diverse characters, well balanced weapons, and harder
gameplay (since you can be attacked from any direction as opposed to Twisted
Metal's single axis). Too bad it didn't get the respect it deserves. Having
finished the game with all the characters, I thought it would be nice to show
what happens to all the characters in the end. If you recall SingleTrac's (the 
developer) excellent job with Twisted Metal 2's cool (or hilarious) endings,
you'll like Critical Depth's endings even more.

Intro script:
*We are shown the bottom of the sea. A shark and some fish swim by. In the 
distance, we see the lights of a small one-man submarine*
The Red Sea
Depth: 1100 feet
Submersible Research Vessel Medusa 7
*Radio crackles*
Female voice: "Anything yet?"
Submarine pilot: "Not sure. Looks like more debris ahead."
Female voice: "You should be within visual range now."
Submarine pilot: "Something on the scanner. It's big."
*Cut to a sonar showing a mass at the top. The sub gets closer and we see a 
recording camera view of statues of alien heads*
Submarine pilot: "Are you picking this up, Kinsmen?"
Kinsmen: "Yeah, I copy. Looks like some kind of *word made unclear by static* 
Submarine pilot: "Say again, Kinsmen. You're breaking up. Something must be...
*Large green orb appears (The pods). Pilot swerves right*
Kinsmen: "What the hell is that?"
Submarine pilot: "You tell me."
*Camera pans around the sub to show a giant arched structure in front of it 
(The threshold). Pods keep appearing*
Kinsmen: "Can you back up a little, McKragen? Let's get a better look."
McKragen: "Yeah, hold on...wait! Something..."
*The edges of the threshold light up.*
Kinsmen: "What's going on down there?!"
*The sub is shot by a green light. McKragen's skin and flesh dissolve off his 
skull as he screams in pain*
Kinsmen: "McKragen! McKragen!"
*A warp portal appears in the middle of the threshold and the sub is sucked in*

The basic story of the game revolves around the discovery of these mysterious
green pods. Twelve different factions, each with their own purpose, have set
out to claim these pods for their own. Unlike Twisted Metal, where you know
nothing about the character besides their basic intentions until you finish 
the game and view their ending, the factions in Critical Depth chronicle their
adventures after each level, reflecting their opinion on what happened and the
discoveries they've made. This makes for a more interseting build-up towards
the ending and helps flesh out the characters quite a bit.


[Character/faction name] ([Submarine name]):
[Exrept from the in-game info screen (found in the character select screen)]

CIA (The Manta):
It is speculated that the mysterious pods and thresholds signal an alien 
visitation. We must capture the pods and hide the truth from the world. If the 
alien beings return, we will deal with them, personally.

Soviet Die-hards (Stalingard):
The KGB say Americans discover powerful energy pods for new atomic weapon. We 
must capture energy pods and create super weapon to destroy west before they 
launch attack. A new Soviet Union will dominate the world.

French Oceanographers (Le Griffe):
Too long have lived, unappreciated, in the shadows of the world's great 
oceanographers! A mysterious creature known only as 'The Pod' has been sighted.
To our credit will be its discovery! No more will the scientific community 
laugh at us! Oui oui!

Dr. A. Pocalypse (Armageddon):
With the pods' power I'll loose the fury of my Strato-Kraker device upon the 
world. Finally cleansing it of human vermin. Evelyn and I will then beget a 
genetically superior race with my premium intellect and her physical 

The Order of Nishroch (Ohm):
The book of forbidden wisdom says a sign will herald Zornad's return. That sign
is the threshold. We will gather the sacred 'Pods', activate the thresholds, 
assemble the believers, and invoke a new age of Zornadian communion.

Team Earth Hope (Siren's Song):
Big business gets rich at nature's expense! Titan World Wide Inc.'s 
exploitation of the energy pods is evil! Mother Earth created the pods. They 
gotta stay in their natural habitat! We'll collect the pods to protect 'em and 
destroy the exploiters!

Captain Cutlass (The Sea Dog):
Aye matey. Landlubbers keelhauled me. I'll swab the deck with their blood! 
ARGHH! From the crow's nest they best be watchin'. I'm takin' me wrath to the 
world in ways that'll make the damsels sigh and grown men cry!

Mordrid Corporation (Bottom Liner):
An alternate energy source is rumored to have been discovered off Venganza's 
coast. The Mordrid Corp.'s profits cannot be jeopardized. We must learn this 
discovery's secrets and exploit them however possible.

The V.L.O (The Anarchy):
The industrialized world ravages our beloved Venganza! Plutonium pods pollute 
our waters! We, the Venganzan Liberation Organization, shall seize these pods, 
build a mighty weapon, liberate Venganza, and destroy our oppressors!

Joe Skullion (Death Sled):
Dude, I skanked a shark! Awesome place the ocean, the big blue. Trippin' stuff 
down there man, like those groovy pod things. They're the bomb! I gotta get me 
some of those. Yep, gonna dive deep. Gonna bag some pods, man.

Professor Armstrong (Archimedes):
Ancients erected the thresholds; its utility is unknown. The 'Pods' hold the 
secret. I must retrieve these artifacts, properly place them in a museum, and 
solve the puzzle. Other, more self-serving, parties cannot hide the truth.

Jack "Lock Jaw" Keon (Lock Jaw):
Bored with expensive toys and endless leisure, I search the world over for 
artifacts outshining the findings of my former mentor, Professor Armstrong. 
The threshold's the thing! I'll do to his reputation what he did to mine.

Secret Characters: Crirical Depth has four secret characters to unlock, each 
with his own story and even his own ending! Refer to the Notes section to find
out how to unlock them.

Agent 326 (The Barracuda):
Her Majesty's government asked me to stop Dr. A. Pocalypse from seizing the 
pods. Their energy will allow him to deploy the 'Strato-Kraker', a 
technological terror, against the world. I'll end his villainy and return in 
time for tea.

Mr. Phatt (The Kronos):
Kneel before Phatt! The energy pods I've discovered off Venganza's coast will 
make my dream of world domination a reality. I must have more pods! Those who 
stand in my way will pay their price for their lack of vision!

Abaddon (Razor Fin):
All humans must die. I am a drone. Programmed to aid my master, Dr. Adam 
Pocalypse, with pod retrieval. My assistance will insure that his plot to 
genetically cleanse the earth will be executed. I will complete my objectives 
at all costs.

Overseer (The Hydro-Spydor):
Thousands of years ago, my kind on this primitive planet left me. To oversee 
the rise of life my duty was. But now, the primates to sentience have risen! 
Even seeking the pods they are! Find them and call the masters first I must!


After finishing the final level (The Transmitter), you'll be treated with a CG
cut-scene before viewing your character's ending:

*The transmitters fire a green laser that pierces the dome and reaches far 
into outer space. An alien appears in a video transmission and speaks*
"People of Earth, you have summoned us from across space and time, and we have 
heard your call. By activating our threshold devices, you have demonstrated 
that you possess a reasonable degree of intelligence, and thus have proven 
yourselves worthy of our presence. We have perceived your intentions and 
desires from across the void, and we shall reward you accordingly. Prepare for 
our arrival."
*A fleet of saucers approaches the Earth* 

Throughout all the character endings, only the aliens do all the talking. The
words group or members refer to whoever was in the submarine:

*Camera pans from bottom to top showing the CIA agents*
"We understand that you have dealt with other space-faring races before us, 
you have traded some of the undesirables of your own race as objects of 
scientific scrutiny in exchange for certain knowledge and technologies. We 
perceive that you wish to do so again, with us."
*Agents are sucked into the saucer by a tractor beam*
"Hmmm...your suggestion intrigues us; we invite you aboard our vessel so that 
we may better understand your intentions."
*Cut to inside the ship where the agents are being viciously dissected*
"We find it incomprehensible that your race should betray its own members. We 
must study you more carefully to better understand this strange behavior."

Soviet Die-hards
*The three members are standing & facing the right*
"You are the last champions of a once powerful government which you wish to 
see restored. In your quest for world domination, you have sought to unite all 
the peoples of your planet together in total equality. In answer to your 
desires, we have unified your world. Now, each human is truly an equal part of 
a greater whole."
*Camera pans to the right showing a chain of people linked by hands leading to 
a mass of disfigured body parts stitched together*

French Oceanographers
*Camera starts on the member on the right then zooms out to show the other two.
All three are holding wine glasses*
"We congratulate you on your success in correctly solving our little puzzle. 
You have clearly demonstrated the level of your intelligence. We have watched 
with fascination as you activated our thresholds, and have found it to be 
modestly entertaining."
*Cut to a field view of what appears to be a stadium of sorts. The 
oceanographers are fleeing in terror from a group of large barbaric 
blue-skinned monkey-like creatures wielding axes and swords*
"We are so pleased with your capacities that we have chosen to take you with 
us, so that you may continue to amuse us with your hilarious antics."
*Creatures grunt while the death theme plays in the background* 

Dr. A. Pocalypse
*Camera starts on the doctor then zooms out showing Evelyn with him*
"We see that you believe yourself to be the only perfect human specimen. You 
wish to purge your planet of its loathsome human pestilence so that you may 
repopulate it with your own genetically superior offspring. In accordance with 
your desire, we will eliminate all humans from the earth so that you may renew 
it with your own children." 
*Camera zooms in on Evelyn*
"We note, however, that your choice of a mate is imperfect. May we suggest a 
new one?"
*Evelyn is zapped with a green beam and replaced with a seven-foot tall green 
skinned monster with large pointy teeth, four tentacles for arms (with which 
she holds the doctor) and six eyes* 

The Order of Nishroch
*Camera starts on four of the monks then pans to the right to show the fifth 
up close looking upwards*
"We know that you are the faithful worshippers of the great god known to you 
as Zornad."
*Rising bubbles in the sea are followed down to an underwater fortress. A 
large eye appears in the front archway*
"For centuries, you have awaited the opportunity to commune with him. Zornad 
has been with you all along, sleeping in the depths of your oceans."
*The monks are standing on their sub. Something rises from the sea in front of 
"We have awakened him so that you may be united with him at last."
*Zornad (a cycloptic octopus-like creature with a large toothy mouth), picks 
up the sub with one of his tentacles, flips it over his head and swallows the 

Team Earth Hope
*Camera starts on the members*
"What is this? We established the thresholds so that our chosen ones could 
summon us when they were ready. But you are not the chosen ones."
*Camera pans down, showing a city with skyscrapers submerged in water. Then it 
zooms in on some dolphins*
"When we left this planet millions of years ago, the apes were still on the 
trees. But now you have come down and spoiled the earth. This is not 
acceptable. We will wipe you from the face of the earth, and return possession 
of it to its rightful owners."
*Dolphins squeal. Camera pans down showing two skeletons on the floor*

Captain Cutlass
*Close up of Cutlass's face, then zooms out*
"You have shown your true colors, captain. And we find you to be one of our 
own kind. Someone with such a thirst for blood is a rare find indeed."
*Switch to shot of the Captain cackling. A strange creature replacing the tin 
parakeet on his shoulder*
"We extend to you an invitation to join our ranks in the plundering of the 
cosmos. We reward you with your own ship and crew."
*Switch to a shot in outer space where a battle is being fought between a 
fleet of spaceships and the aliens' saucers led by a ship that looks like 
Cutlass's sub but with a skull and crossbones symbol on its top*
"Join our fleet, and share in the great bounty that the galaxy has to offer."

Mordrid Corporation
*Camera starts on the members*
"We know the desires of your heart. You seek nothing less than supreme wealth. 
All the riches of the earth. You believe certain minerals to have great value, 
and dream of being showered with them. We will see that will get your wish."
*Cut to a scene of the saucers herding a shower of meteors made out of pure 
gold towards the earth, where they fall right on top of the members*

The V.L.O
*Camera starts on the members*
"We know that you are freedom fighters. Your people have been exploited for 
generations by the governments and corporations of your planet. They have 
plundered your tiny island of its precious resources, and you have been left 
with nothing. We will rectify the situation. No one will harm you or your 
homeland again."
*Camera continues to zoom out showing that Venganza is the only land mass left 
on earth, it continues until we reach space and the earth can longer be seen*

Joe Skullion
*Shot of Joe standing on the beach with a towel around his neck*
"You are our chosen one. Only you, who wear the sacred Tai-dai, have passed 
our test."
*Joe is sitting on a throne. The aliens are bowing to him. One of them has the 
same towel as Joe's wrapped around his body*
"We have found our king and leader at last."
*Cut to outer space where a giant water wave is raging across it. Joe and 
several aliens are surfing on the wave*
"The cosmos is yours to do with as you please."

Professor Armstrong
*Armstrong is sitting on a chair, his pick in his hand*
"We know that you are an archeologist, and a student of human history. We will 
satisfy your wildest dreams by using our technology to send you back into time,
where you can experience the events of past eons...personally."
*Cut to an Egyptian temple, then pan to the right to show a mummy wearing a 
hat, a red scarf, and holding a pick axe in its crossed hands (That's the 
professor, BTW :P)*

Jack "Lock Jaw" Keon
*Jack is sitting in the pilot seat of his sub*
"You are an ambitious one. A ferocious collector who thirsts for fame and 
*Cut to an alien museum, then pan to the right to show some aliens crowded 
around a display case with Jack's head in it*
"With our help, you will be known not only on this world, but throughout the 
galaxy. You will be the objects of admiration for millions."

Although the secret characters have their own endings as well, they aren't in
cut-scene form, they are just a picture of the character with text over them.
As of this writing, the excerpt wasn't available so I'm writing the endings out
of memory. The actual ending may differ a bit, if you have the excerpts or know
where to find them online, please inform me and you will be credited:

Agent 326
The agent decides to ignore his duties and wishes for what every Bond wannabe
dreams of: Living on a tropical island surrounded by beautiful women. The aliens
send him to one of their tropical resorts on some far off planet, but he never
survived because the atmosphere there caused his skin to change color and his
hair spontaneously combusted.

Mr. Phatt
Mr. Phatt wished for something (I forgot what it was) that would require his
head to become so large that his frail human neck could no longer support the 
weight and snapped.

All I remember is that the aliens took Abaddon with them or sumthin' 'cause he
might be useful.

Because he let the humans discover the pods and the thresholds, the Overseer 
was punished by being sent off to another planet for some watching duty.
To be added:

-Excerpts of the between-level logs for each character, including the hidden 
-Excerpts for the endings of the secret characters

Again, if you have any of the above or could show me where I might find them 
online, you'll be credited, save me a lot of typing, and have my long lasting


1. This FAQ was made possible with the help of PSX Multi-Converter, a great 
(and free) software that allows you to extract .str (video) and .xa (audio) 
files from your PSX disc onto your PC, even from encrypted ones like Squaresoft
games! Find it at www.ngemu.com

2. You could also view the movies if you have an old model PSX with a parallel 
I/O port and a Gameshark/Pro Action Replay with a 'View CD-Rom' option. Just 
select it and look for files ending with .STR. Sometimes you might find them in
folders marked <MOVIES> or <STR>. This won't work for all games, though.

3. To unlock the secret characters, do the following:

-Complete the game on the medium (Midshipman) difficulty setting, then defeat 
 Mr. Phatt with a combo attack of at least 48 points of damage to unlock 
 Mr. Phatt.
-Complete the game with each of the original characters on the hard (Captain)
 difficulty setting (save each game after it is completed) to unlock Overseer.
-Complete the game as Mr. Phatt on the Captain difficulty setting, then	defeat 
 the Cephalopods with a final score of at least 1,000,000 points to unlock 
 Agent 326.
-Complete the game as Agent 326 on the Captain difficulty setting to unlock

Note: You must fulfill these requirements without using button codes or the 
game will know that you cheated (and call you as such).

Alternatively, you could use a Gameshark to unlock them:

Agent 326: 801D0094-000C
Mr. Phatt: 801D0094-000D
Abaddon: 801D0094-000E
Overseer: 801D0094-000F

Keep in mind, though, that you can only have one character code active at any 
one time and I don't know if you can save them to your memory card once you've
unlocked them with this method. These codes were taken from the August 1998
issue of Tips & Tricks magazine. If these codes don't work, I can't help you
'cause they worked fine for me.

4. Comments, suggestions, and contributions can be sent to the address 
mentioned at the top as long as they follow these guidelines:

-Don't use the all caps/l33t language combo or you're just begging to be 
-Include "Critical Depth Ending FAQ" in the title or you will be ignored as 
-Never send me gameplay-related questions.
-I would really rather you send me the excerpt of the secret character endings
 instead of your own recalling of them.


-Sony: For creating the Playstation and generally restoring my social life.

-SingleTrac: For inventing the vehicular combat genre.

-You: For reading this FAQ.

-GameFAQs.com: For always being there when I needed it.

-CJayC: For having such a great site.

-Me: For taking the time to type up all this stuff as well as creating the 
 crappy ASCII art text title!

This guide is Copyright 2004 Ace Whatever
Critical Depth is Copyright GT Interactive
This guide was brought to you by the letters Sigma, Omega and the number 
infinity + 1.