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Jon Talbain

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First off,my thoughts on Talbain. He is without a doubt the coolest 
there is(second would come Demitri)!!! Enough said! I remember seeing
Talbain for the first time back in 1995,when NightWarriors:Darkstalkers' 
came out,and got to play him in the first Darkstalkers in 1996. He was
awesome,and right on from there,he was my favorite character,next to Cammy.

He's got tons of awesome attacks,and the coolest werewolf ever! He
even looks cool in human form. And a mysterious personality to go with it.
He's the man! He rules,enough said! I'd love to have a team-up with
him and Cammy in a versus game someday. In fact,I think Capcom's
ignored our lycanthropic friend,I say bring him in more games,if not,
in a NEW Darkstalkers. Viva La Jon Talbain and Cammy!

I haven't played DS3 for a while,but I still remember enough of playing
Talbain to write this FAQ on him.

So,moving onto the FAQ now.........

P-Any Punch
K-Any Kick



1.0-Jon Talbain's Bio/Info
2.0-Moves List
3.0-How to use Jon Talbain effectiveley
4.0-Jon Talbain's ending


1.0-Jon Talbain's Bio/Info

A noble man from England,Jon Talbain first found out that he had his
family's curse of the werewolf instilled in him when he was young,
undergoing his first transformation. He couldn't control his newfound
power then,and soon,soceity shunned him and hated him for it.

Jon Talbain was lonely and miserable. Things were bleak. However,Jon found
something to live for,improving his fighting skills. He trained day
and night,hidden deep in the woods to avoid contact with anyone should
he transform and something goes amiss. He got stronger,and found life
meaningful again. So,he'd thought he'd put his skills to the test,
he decided to leave the woods,and went on a journey.

Talbain remembered a lady who once told him that his curse might be
vanquished if he exceeded his limits,Jon soon figured out that this
must mean fighting and defeating warriors.

Soon,Jon ended up in the Darkstalkers tournament. Supernatural
monsters of every genre were here,the strongest in the world.

Jon won with ease. He thought his curse would be gone from him now,
and it was. He was human again. He was overjoyed! But soon,it came back.
Jon fought in the tournament a second time,again winning with ease.
He figured out a why to control his curse,but he still wanted to be
completley rid of it,and entered the third tournament. There, he found
another werewolf who was just like him,except he hated humanity and
Talbain. They fought,and Jon won.

Finally,after all the fighting was over,Jon Talbain finally accepted
his curse,seeing it as a kind of blessing. And has since been using
it to help soceity.


2.0-Moves List

Beast Cannon-D,F,DF + Punch
Channeling his aura,Jon Talbain rushes forward,while letting out a
shrill and intimdating howl,knocking his opponent good. You
can also redirect this move using any arrow on your control pad.
A very versatile move.

Diagonal Beast Cannon-D,F,DF + Punch
Just like the regular Beast Cannon,this one travels upward. This is
perfect for people who like to jump in a lot.

Air Beast Cannon-D,DF,F, +Punch
Same as the other Beast Cannons,except traveling down,you can also
redirect this one.

Climb Razor-Down+Up + Kick
Jon Talbain channels forth a fierce amount of energy in the form
of an upward kick,letting out a hue of flame as he does the move.
Yet another anti-air assist for our favorite werewolf.

Million Flicker-D,DB,B + Punch
Pulling forth his nunchakus,Jon Talbain flickers them violently
around while letting out a wolfish yell.

Ducking-Down + All three kicks
Jon quickly dashes in,then ducks. No damage,no significance whatsoever.
But Talbain looks cool doing it.


Wild Circular-HCB+Kick(Up Close)

Using his amazing strength,Talbain launches the opponent in the air,spins 
around,and slams them into the ground.


Dragon Cannon-Half Circle Forward + PP

Summoning a great amount of chi,Jon pulls forth his nunchakus
as a barrage of fiery wolves and dragons emerge at great speed
and engulf the opponent.

Moment Slice-Weak Punch,Medium Punch,Foward motion,Weak Kick,Medium Kick

Unleashing the voracious werewolf spirit inside of him,Talbain lets
forth his claws,and takes a powerful swipe at the opponent,pulling his
slash upward,cutting the opponent in half. Using this at the end of
an opponent's life bar will cause the opponent to be left cut in half.


Beast Cannon(when attacked while guarding)
D,F,DF + Punch

Mirage Body-Punch + Kick
Letting out a shrill howl,Talbain unleashes his inner energy
to create a shadow effect. When Talbain hits the opponent,
he addes more hits with the shadows. Use this right after you
knock down your opponent.


3.0-How to use Jon Talbain effectiveley

Jon Talbain is quite a versatile character to use in DS3.
He may not have the flashiest looking moves,but they're cool,
and when used properly,can deal a good amount of damage.

Try using Talbain's roundhouse for ground attacks. His
roundhouse deals out three kicks.

Talbain's jumping forward can easily take out someone airborne.
Just make sure you do it at the right time to knock the opponenet
out of the air and away from you.

As soon as you come in from landing a jumping attack,try and perform
the Wild Circular. This throw deals a lot of damage.

Talbain's jumping fierce is good for crossing-up,or even just coming in
from a jump. If done right,it can combo into a Beast Cannon.

Talbain's crouching roundhouse has suprisingly good range. And he looks
cool doing it,too!

Use the ES version of the Million Flicker up close to deliver good
hits and pain to your opponent.

Remember to use Jon Talbain's Climb Razor to your advantage,especially
the ES version,this will knock anyone airborne.

I wouldn't suggest using the Wild Circular too much,unless you know that 
going to pull it off successfully. It's a very satisfying move to
execute,though,as it deals good damage,ESPECIALLY the ES version.

Jon Talbain's Dragon Cannon super is recommended. If you have enough super
bars in your gauge,execute as many as you want to deliver good damage.

Talbain's Moment Slice super is recommended after jumping in from the
air,think of it like a really cool-looking combo,followed by a special
surprise,a cut-in-half opponent.


4.0-Jon Talbain's ending

Poor Jon,I feel so sorry for him in this ending. Decisions,decisions.
As if being a Darkstalker wasn't enough.

Talbain:"That guy....I've finally found him....."

Talbain:"He's the one I've searched for........"

Talbain:"He has the answers,but I can't return once I know the truth."

Talbain:"What should I do? Do I go back? Or do I stay?"

Kid:"I wonder what Jon is doing. He is late,isn't he?"

Kid:"Hey,but Jon is coming back right?"

Man:"Of course he is."

Kid:"Remember he promised....to teach us martial arts,Right?"

Man:"Jon never breaks his promise!"

Man:"That's right,I'm sure he'll be back soon."

I say let Jon find his inner peace. Forget whoever those losers are.


Well,that's it. Thanks for reading.

A quick list of thanks and credits:

Capcom,for creating such a wonderful character,as well
as creating such a good game!

All my friends at the following forums,for helping me with stuff:
The MadMan's Cafe,StreetFighter.org,shoryuken.com,Tagmonkey,Rival
Schools Network,CammyFan.com boards,and especially my boards!

Thanks to CammyFan.com,home of everything Cammy.

Thanks to Darkstalkers:Jedah's Damnation,the GameFan Books magazine
which supplied me with some info on moves.

Thanks to the FAQ writers at GameFaqs.com for inspiring me to write
this FAQ,as well as my Cammy SSF2TR FAQ!

Thanks to GameFaqs.com for putting forth the FAQ's.

Thanks to my computer,I love this thing! HA HA HA!

Thanks to my parents,for giving me money for the games.

Thanks all the people I've played in the arcades,I've
enjoyed whooping you and improving me game!


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