FAQ/Walkthrough by Gilgarash

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+//FAQ INFO-------------------------------------//+
|||GAME TITLE:   Threads of Fate (demo)         |||
|||PLATFORM:     PSX                            ||| 
|||GENRE:        RPG                            |||
|||RELEASED:     5/00                           |||
|||PUBLISHER:    Square/EA                      |||        
|||DEVELOPER:    Squaresoft                     |||
|||FAQ VERSION:  v.1.0 (5/24/00)                |||
|||AUTHOR:       Gilgarash                      |||
|||E-MAIL:       gilgarash@hotmail.com          |||






    -AREA 1 - AREA 7


+//COPYRIGHT INFO---------------------------------------------------//+
Threads of Fate/Dew Prism is copyright (c) 1999, 2000 Squaresoft co., 

This walkthrough is based on a Threads of Fate demo that was released 
with Vagrant Story.  There may be future demos released of this game, 
but I _highly_ doubt it.

This Walkthrough/FAQ is copyright (c) 2000 Tyler Rash (a.k.a. Gilgarash 
/ gilgarash@hotmail.com). This FAQ can be found at www.gamefaqs.com.

+//VERSION INFO-----------------------------------------------------//+
v.1.0 - 5/29/00: First (and final) version. Added everything that you   

+//GAME CONTROLS----------------------------------------------------//+
D-Pad: Move / Select
Start: Menu
Select: -
Circle Button: Jump / Cancel
Square Button: Transform
X Button: Attack / Confirm
Triangle Button: Attack 2
L1 Button: -
L2 Button: -
R1 Button: -
R2 Button: -

+//MONSTER GUIDE----------------------------------------------------//+
MONSTER:       ATTACK 1:   ATTACK 2:    
Pollywog       bite        tail slap     
Mandola        seed        bloom
Saber Tiger    bite        thrust
Stinger        spike       rolling spike 
Gargoyle       kick        sonic wave

After selecting Rue, a short piece plays 
explaining Rue's mission: he has to find the 
[Relic] to save Claire, a woman who was taken 
away from him.

[[AREA 1]]>>  
Make your way through the area, killing the first two pollywogs you 
encounter. You will collect a Pollywog monster coin from the first one.  
With this monster coin, you can transform into a Pollywog.  When you 
reach the swamp, transform into a Pollywog by holding the [square] 
button and selecting Pollywog.  Attack and kill the Mandola in the 
center of the swamp, allowing you to collect a Mandola moster coin.  
Transform back into Rue after reaching the other side of the swamp.  
Collect the three bronze coins in the treasure chest and continue to the 
next area.

[[AREA 2]]>>
In the next are you will encounter an infinite number of Pollywogs that 
come in paires, as well as a saber tiger.  Be sure to pick up the saber 
tiger's monster coin after killing it.  After hopping the log and 
reaching the swamp, kill the Mandola perched on the bank.  You may want 
to transform into a Pollywog to make it easier to cross the swamp.  Kill 
the last Mandola and enter the next area.

[[AREA 3]]>>Bandits: Blood and Smokey
Here you will enter a short piece that shows two bandits: Blood and 
Smokey, holding a little girl.  After regaining control of Rue, 
transform into a Pollywog and attack one of the bandits. Transform back 
into Rue and the bandits will run away.

[[AREA 4]]>>
After regaining control of Rue, follow Elena through the forest.  There 
are no monsters to encounter in this area.

[[AREA 5]]>>
After entering the cavern, just progressively make your way down.  This 
is rater straight-forward.  You will encounter Stingers and Mandolas on 
the way down.

[[AREA 6]]>>
In the next area, the first thing you need to do is go the far right and 
completly recover your HP.  After inspecting the large block, you will 
have to defeat two Gargoyles.  Just repeativly attack them with Rue's 
strike.  After defeating them, transform into a Gargoyle and jump on the 
block and face the other Gargoyle.  Climb up the stairs that appear.

[[AREA 7]]>>The Atelier
Here, you encounter a large blue unicorn boss.  To defeat it just keep 
hacking it with Rue's attackes. The unicorn boss has to attacks: a big 
stomp and an attack where he slings you across the screen. You shouldn't 
have too much trouble with this guy.

After this, you are treated to a little video that shows some of the 
characters of the game. This concludes the demo version.

+//WEB SITES--------------------------------------------------------//+
Squaresoft: www.squaresoft.com
Gamefaqs: www.gamefaqs.com