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Asked: 6 years ago

How do I get the Teratula contest to take place?

There's supposed to be a Tula contest in Madra using the Teratula, but everytime I go back the Queen says they're not ready yet? How do I get things going?

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From: distant_smoke 5 years ago

The Tula contest won't be held until after the boss battle with Orgodemir. This will finish disc one. When you start disc two there will be a party at the Sky Fane. During this portion of the game Aira will mention that you still need to find the legendary Tula player. Speak to the King and then go to Mardra.

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Continue finding shards. Some are very well-hidden.

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You have to wait until the second disc.

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I think this is also a story related least i believed it a certain extent..

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The contest takes place after defeating Orgodemir the first time. This means that you have to unlock the Labres and Coastal regions in the game.

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If you feel like you've done everything you can then you probably need to go have dinner with the king in the present time.

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