Monster Park List by Fadi George Hatem

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*****Dragon Warrior VII Monster Park List***** 
by Fadi George Hatem (

Version 1.0 7/24/2002  Original Version
Version 1.1 24/3/2003  Changed list format

Monster name |Monster park location
Bludbeast     Park Graveyard
BoltDevil     Park Graveyard
BoneRider     Park Graveyard
DarkThief     Park Graveyard
DeathGron     Park Graveyard
Devilite      Park Graveyard
DumbiKing     Park Graveyard
EvilArmor     Park Graveyard
EvilWell      Park Graveyard
GigaMute      Park Graveyard
HellClown     Park Graveyard
Hork          Park Graveyard
Niterich      Park Graveyard
Poucher       Park Graveyard
Putrbeast     Park Graveyard
PutreMan      Park Graveyard
Stalker       Park Graveyard
Swordbane     Park Graveyard
ZombieEye     Park Graveyard
CurseLamp     Park Graveyard (First floor)
DarkSanta     Park Graveyard (First floor)
EvilBook      Park Graveyard (First floor)
EvilPot       Park Graveyard (First floor)
EvlVulgar     Park Graveyard (First floor)
ShadeNite     Park Graveyard (First floor)
WonderEgg     Park Graveyard (First floor)
Zombie        Park Graveyard (First floor)
DarkMage      Park Graveyard (Second floor)
Mimic         Park Graveyard (Second floor)
WoeBottle     Park Graveyard (Second floor)
Zombier       Park Graveyard (Second floor)
DeadNoble     Park Graveyard (Third floor)
DorasBox      Park Graveyard (Third floor)
General       Park Graveyard (Third floor)
NiteKing      Park Graveyard (Third floor)
BoneFish      Park Sea
DarkSnail     Park Sea
DeathCrab     Park Sea
EvilDiver     Park Sea
EvlAnchor     Park Sea
EvlTurtle     Park Sea
GreatMerm     Park Sea
Guartle       Park Sea
Octogon       Park Sea
Piranhan      Park Sea
Putrefish     Park Sea
RushFish      Park Sea
SeaDragon     Park Sea
Seahorser     Park Sea
SeaLipsy      Park Sea
Shelgator     Park Sea
Starfish      Park Sea
Varanus       Park Sea
Confupeng     Park Sea (On the Island)
FrogKing      Park Sea (On the Island)
Multieyes     Park Sea (On the Island)
Broadaxer     Park Cave
Demranger     Park Cave
Dragon        Park Cave
FoFighter     Park Cave
FooHero       Park Cave
FooMage       Park Cave
FooPriest     Park Cave
Gerion        Park Cave
HangedApe     Park Cave
HellGiant     Park Cave
HellGuard     Park Cave
Hunter        Park Cave
IronKid       Park Cave
Magestar      Park Cave
Savagemon     Park Cave
SlimeWing     Park Cave
TongueRat     Park Cave
WoodyEye      Park Cave
Babbleoon     Park Cave (First floor)
Behemoth      Park Cave (First floor)
BombCrag      Park Cave (First floor)
Curer         Park Cave (First floor)
Dragoner      Park Cave (First floor)
GigaDraco     Park Cave (First floor)
Gron          Park Cave (First floor)
Imp           Park Cave (First floor)
Moosedon      Park Cave (First floor)
NailMan       Park Cave (First floor)
RhinoKing     Park Cave (First floor)
RockGolem     Park Cave (First floor)
Smoocher      Park Cave (First floor)
Thornmole     Park Cave (First floor)
BoltRat       Park Cave (Basement)
DarkDwarf     Park Cave (Basement)
Drakorpse     Park Cave (Basement)
Goldman       Park Cave (Basement)
MageImp       Park Cave (Basement)
OgreKing      Park Cave (Basement)
SmileRock     Park Cave (Basement)
TreeGuard     Park Forest
Tyranodon     Park Forest
VenomBird     Park Forest
WarBoar       Park Forest
Squidgore     Park Forest
TailApe       Park Forest
SheepDuck     Park Forest
ShieldOgr     Park Forest
Meranza       Park Forest
RedSlime      Park Forest
MadPlant      Park Forest
Forester      Park Forest
HornBeast     Park Forest
DragonKid     Park Forest
DragonWoo     Park Forest
EvlMantis     Park Forest
FloatTree     Park Forest
CactiBall     Park Forest
Deathgon      Park Forest
Babble        Park Swamp
CancerMan     Park Swamp
DemonToad     Park Swamp
EvilViper     Park Swamp
Goopi         Park Swamp
HelKaiser     Park Swamp
HornSnail     Park Swamp
IronTort      Park Swamp
Lipsy         Park Swamp
MadFalcon     Park Swamp
MudDoll       Park Swamp
MuddyMan      Park Swamp
SkulBlade     Park Swamp
VenomHork     Park Swamp
Armorpion     Park Desert
Banegaroo     Park Desert
Blaster       Park Desert
BoltWorm      Park Desert
Budoo         Park Desert
BudooLamp     Park Desert
JunkMech      Park Desert
Lizardman     Park Desert
MagJaguar     Park Desert
Mantipion     Park Desert
Needlon       Park Desert
NumbSlime     Park Desert
OrcDevil      Park Desert
Pigmon        Park Desert
SheepBird     Park Desert
WhiteFuga     Park Desert
WormSpec      Park Desert
WreckMan      Park Desert
BeakRat       Park Tower
JellyMan      Park Tower
LizrdBird     Park Tower
Pigady        Park Tower
WellLure      Park Tower
WolfDevil     Park Tower
Berserker     Park Tower (first floor)
Boarenger     Park Tower (first floor)
CureSlime     Park Tower (first floor)
DarkArmor     Park Tower (first floor)
EvlStatue     Park Tower (first floor)
Horseman      Park Tower (first floor)
MageArmor     Park Tower (first floor)
Makainite     Park Tower (first floor)
MetlRider     Park Tower (first floor)
Runger        Park Tower (first floor)
TrickBag      Park Tower (first floor)
AnkHorn       Park Tower (Second floor)
Cannibox      Park Tower (Second floor)
Dumbira       Park Tower (Second floor)
EvilBeast     Park Tower (Second floor)
MadBook       Park Tower (Second floor)
MageLipsy     Park Tower (Second floor)
Necrobal      Park Tower (Second floor)
ProtoMech     Park Tower (Second floor)
TigerMage     Park Tower (Second floor)
Bugbear       Park Tower (Third floor)
CosmoBog      Park Tower (Third floor)
DragonMan     Park Tower (Third floor)
Druinlord     Park Tower (Third floor)
FoggyPot      Park Tower (Third floor)
JewelBag      Park Tower (Third floor)
MagicPost     Park Tower (Third floor)
MagWyvern     Park Tower (Third floor)
WingTiger     Park Tower (Third floor)
WoePriest     Park Tower (Third floor)
Disguiser     Park Tower (Fourth floor)
Enchanter     Park Tower (Fourth floor)
Esterk        Park Tower (Fourth floor)
Ogreling      Park Tower (Fourth floor)
PinkOrc       Park Tower (Fourth floor)
Satanmail     Park Tower (Fourth floor)
SnowBat       Park Tower (Fourth floor)
Thunderat     Park Tower (Fourth floor)
Vulgarian     Park Tower (Fourth floor)
WingDraco     Park Tower (Fourth floor)
BabyDevil     Park Tower (Fifth floor)
DemoKing      Park Tower (Fifth floor on throne)
Devilash      Park Tower (Fifth floor)
EvilClown     Park Tower (Fifth floor)
GoldKid       Park Tower (Fifth floor on balcony)
KilStar       Park Tower (Fifth floor)
MetalKing     Park Tower (Fifth floor)
Quixotron     Park Tower (Fifth floor)
RedGrunt      Park Tower (Fifth floor)
SkyDevil      Park Tower (Fifth floor on balcony)
SkyHunter     Park Tower (Fifth floor on balcony)
Slemperor     Park Tower (Fifth floor on throne)
BabyDrak      Park Plateau
ButchMan      Park Plateau
Crestpent     Park Plateau
FairyRat      Park Plateau
Hellbane      Park Plateau
Moai          Park Plateau
Panickle      Park Plateau
PuppetMan     Park Plateau
Swordaroo     Park Plateau
WarTiger      Park Plateau
WellGhost     Park Plateau
Andreal       Park Plateau (on the hill)
DrakMetal     Park Plateau (on the hill)
Earwinger     Park Plateau (on the hill)
Parasnail     Park Plateau (on the hill)
PlatKing      Park Plateau (on the hill)
PodFightr     Park Plateau (on the hill)
PodHero       Park Plateau (on the hill)
PodMage       Park Plateau (on the hill)
PodPriest     Park Plateau (on the hill)
ApeBat        Park Mountain
Armorgon      Park Mountain
BabyCloud     Park Mountain
Babygoyle     Park Mountain
Chargon       Park Mountain
ClawBeast     Park Mountain
CloudKing     Park Mountain
CragDevil     Park Mountain
Fuga          Park Mountain
Gigagoner     Park Mountain
Golemuga      Park Mountain
GuardDog      Park Mountain
HornRush      Park Mountain
LampGenie     Park Mountain
Metabble      Park Mountain
Metaly        Park Mountain
PigDemon      Park Mountain
StelDemon     Park Mountain
Wyvern        Park Mountain
Cerabus       Park Mountain (Inside Cave)
ClayNite      Park Mountain (Inside Cave)
DrakSlime     Park Mountain (Inside Cave)
Eggeron       Park Mountain (Inside Cave)
FireCloud     Park Mountain (Inside Cave)
FlameToad     Park Mountain (Inside Cave)
Flamzard      Park Mountain (Inside Cave)
Gragoopi      Park Mountain (Inside Cave)
HellHawk      Park Mountain (Inside Cave)
Lithohead     Park Mountain (Inside Cave)
Magmaron      Park Mountain (Inside Cave)
Plesiodon     Park Mountain (Inside Cave)
Pummeler      Park Mountain (Inside Cave)
Red Sting     Park Mountain (Inside Cave)
Revirock      Park Mountain (Inside Cave)
Barbarian     Park Meadow
Baskervil     Park Meadow
Centbeast     Park Meadow
Clawser       Park Meadow
Eggplaton     Park Meadow
Florajay      Park Meadow
GnuDevil      Park Meadow
Healer        Park Meadow
Hulkagon      Park Meadow
KingSlime     Park Meadow
Panther       Park Meadow
PomPomBom     Park Meadow
RainHawk      Park Meadow
Rosevine      Park Meadow
SkyFrog       Park Meadow
Slime         Park Meadow
SlimeNite     Park Meadow
Venomworm     Park Meadow
CatMage       Park Meadow (on small hill)
GoldSlime     Park Meadow (on big hill)

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