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`Einhander for playstation`
` Boss FAQ version 1.00 `
`    By Evil Guacamole    `
`     Copyright (c) 2002    `

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Ausf De Gestell

Ausf De Durer

Stratagem Spacecraft


Some freaky jellyfish thing...


Than Q's

Is that freakin' no good #@$#&%@$&# still kicking your
Einhander ass?! Is that guy too easy to beat, and you want 
a REAL challenge? Then you've come to the right place!
This FAQ is loaded with stratagies, Funny Facts, What they
do at TimeOut and secrets of the bosses. So get ready to kick some
huge freaky lookin' robot in it's... Um.. where do you kick
a robot???

The Greif
This is the first "giant" robot you face in the game. It carries 
a spread cannon, a machine gun and a laser cannon. These 
can be easily dodged, although the laser cannon is pretty 

Spread cannon- Turn down your speed (L2) and fly through
Vulcan cannon- Fly around fast and it will miss you.
Laser cannon- Wait about 2.5 seconds when it's charging,
                         then fly up
Funny Facts
In the openning FMV, you can see that The Greif has a 
number 20 on it's back. In the game, there is a 03.

It's guns actually run out of ammo

At timeout, it flies away.

If you don't do anything and dodge his bullets, when it
pulls out the laser cannon, it sounds like it's saying 
something. (Even though it's part of the music)

Blow up the bottom half of the greif to get the 3rd S. bonus


The Drache
The Drache is the only boss with 2 modes of attack. 1 When
it is walking and 2 when it's flipped around and walking.
It has Different gunpods, mines, energy ball, purple lasers
giant lasers, and spread cannons. (That was a lot!)

Gunpods- If it's a wasp, fly around slowly. If vulcan fly around
                 quickly. If Juno, destroy it quickly.
Mines- fly to the upper back corner
Energy ball- see above
Purple Lasers- Fly around fast (they're slow)
Giant [butt] laser- Fly up over the body
Spread cannon- Turn down speed, fly through. Or fly over the

If you got the 3rd level bonus, you go to the Blue Drache. If you
wait awhile, a Juno gunpod will come out of it's back. You know 
what to do.

If you have a really powerful weapon like a flash or Riot, you can 
kill this guy before he flips over. When he is recoilling, shoot the 
bottom of the head (or is it the body??) Soon a flame will fly off.
He will be dead by now.

Funny Facts
I think the people at Squaresoft got a little distracted and wasn't 
thinking clearly. Just how does a ROBOT make animal noises???
(The Drache kinda growls or roars when it dies)

The lights on the Drache turn red right before it dies.

Time out- Walking mode- falls forward, lights turn off
                 Assault mode- Lock down with a loud clank!

One of the fastest bosses in the game. This guy has 2 ramming
moves and 2 weapon moves. These include jumping, spin 
around, rockets and various shots.

Jumping- If you were above him before he prepares himself,
                he will jump vertically. If not, will jump forward.
Spinning around- He will get really (the only word that best
                            describes it is) "Itchy". Just go up.
Rockets- fly around, go near the ground, and they will blow up
Various Shots- Targeted shot- aims at you then fires. Just move 
                         Random Shots- Turn down speed, fly through 
                                                   them, or go above the body
                          Up to down shots- go above it's body

Funny facts
Exactly how does a "car" jump???

Where are the wheels? Or does it levitate?

When it is timeout it just speeds away

Blow up one arm to make it malfunction.

Blow up the arm thats farthest from the screen and it will 
malfunction closer to the screen.

Possibly the biggest boss in the game, but yet it isn't very 
powerful. The arms can be destroyed easily even with
your machine gun. The many of it's weapons include
Flame-thrower, vulcan, shots, blue rings, wasp launcher,
ship launcher, and special ship launcher (only on hard)

Flame-thrower- when you see the flame, run!...I mean
                          fly away! 
Vulcan- fly under the actual gun
Shots- fly around them
Blue rings- turn down speed, fly through them, or fly 
                   over/under them
Wasp launcher- Fly around, then shoot them.
Ship launcher-  Fly under them when shot, and shoot them
Special Ship Launcher- (only on hard mode) They fly back
                                       attack you. Lure them foward, fly
                                         behind them and kill!

Funny facts
Spinne is the only boss with a completely different name
or code. Compare PGZ/L-03 (spinne's) To SPK-04 or
SPKB-03 or SS-01.

You can say that spinne is thick headed. It's head armor
is even stronger than hyperion's!!! (Took over 10 shots
of flash on spinne and 8 on hyperion!!!)

Timeout- Arms go diangonal and stops

Looks like a spider to me. But yet spinne means spider.
Gecko has only one 2 moves that does not involve lasers.
They are ramming, and mines. The laser ones with 
2 turrets are Blue lasers, Twin Red lasers, 
Purple Charging lasers,  and Double Car lasers. The
ones with one turret are green lasers, homing lasers,
and the Giant blade.

Ramming- Stay in the bottom left corner, after it runs
                  up and down 3 or 4 times, go to the right 
                  corner. Then back.
Mines- Get away from the Gecko
Blue lasers- they do not aim at you, if it shoots at you,
                    move up or down
Twin Red lasers- Get away from the middle of the screen
Purple Charging Lasers- They go up and down, stay back
Double Car lasers- Destroy the car as fast as possible
Green lasers- fly around, but don't go back to the same 
Homing lasers- Fly around slowly
The Giant Blade- Destroy the red car real quick

Funny Facts
The Gecko has the biggest core compared to the body.
It takes up the whole bottom half! Take a look at the
Drache! It can hold it's core on that tiny arm.

The Gecko is the one boss to use another guy to create
a special attack.

Timeout-stops before it flies into the vertical tunnel

This guy's my favorite boss. It proves that cool (and
dangerous) things come in small packages! It has
Explosive Claws, Flaming Disks (or "yo-yo's")
Homing Bombs, Ramming, Blue shots, Red Shots.

Explosive claws- When the claws explode, go near the
                             bottom and dodge. Or better yet, go
                             away from where they hit.
Flaming Disks- They can oly go so far, Just get far away
                          from them.
Homing Bombs- Go behind him and the bombs will blow
                            up it's face!
Ramming- Go to the center of the room and go up.
Blue Shots- these are pulled down, so just move far away
Red Shots- these go straight, Turn down speed and dodge

Funny facts
After the hexagon thing comes down you can see the 
Gustav come out of another small room.

The room tills sometimes because the Gustav is so heavy

The Gustav uses the small room as an advantage. Since
most of the attacks have some spread fire, you don't
have a lot of room to move in.

Timeout- Locks down.

The Underwater boss. Only boss that swims. The 
Salamander has 2 modes of fire, but does not
really transform when changing from one mode to the
other. In mode one, the weapons are Mines, Shooting
Bombs, and Flames. In the second mode there are the
Blue plasma blasts, Homing missiles, "Lightsaber" tail,
Arm fling, and Grab.

Mines- fly to the top
Shooting Bombs- Dodge the bullets and turn down 
Flames- They go pretty slow, just get out of the way
Blue plasma blast- when it's charging, fly to the top,
                              when it fires, fly behind him and
Homing Missile- Fly around them and fire to blow 'em
"Lightsaber" Tail- Usually follows Homing missiles.
                              Go to the top left corner.
Arm fling- wait for the 3rd swing, then get out of the 
Grab- shoot the hand to keep it back.

Funny Facts
To make the Salamander do a flip, follow these 
#1 Wait for plasma blast
#2 When fires, fly around it slowly

Time out- Uses the pipes as monkey bars and climbs
Get a hedgehog and fire at it underwater. It will blow
up the outer shell of the head. Once it comes back up
it will grab on to the pipes.

The guy with the coolest sounding name. It was 
actually pretty cool to have armor fly in and land on
the boss. Without the armor it has the Grenades, 
Vulcan cannon, Missiles, Shrapnel Bombs.
With the armor it has..... nevermind, just look below.

Grenades-Fly above the grenades
Vulcan cannon- Either go between the 2 stream of 
                           shots, or away from them
Missiles- these are not aimed, just destroy the ones
                that are coming at you.
Shrapnel Bombs- OH..DEAR...GOD... You can
                             not possibly dodge these.
                             Theres one way though, go out,
                             buy a PAR or GS, look for codes
                             on the internet, type them in.
Arched Lasers- go to the left, after the first set,
                          fly forward to dodge the second
Aimed Arched Lasers- go to the left and move 
                                     forward slowly
Missiles-destroy them fast.
Big Missiles- see above only move around
Grenades- go to the very bottom left of the screen
Special Tri-polygon- (only if you have separated the
                                   armor) Go to the center of the 
                                   3 polygons. When you see the
                                   chance, fly through them.

Funny Facts
Is the Vulcan Cannon friction activated?! When it
touches the ground, it starts firing!

To make the Sturmvogel do a flip/backflip do this
#1 Wait for it's small missile attacks. 
#2 Fly around him. Slowly.

Timeout- armor detaches boss, armor flies away

(I don't know if this is possible without a PAR/GS)
When the boss (with armor) turns around to fire
grenades, fly to the core and blow him up 

Ausf De Gestell
This guy has the most number of attacks. They include
Disk bombs, missiles, Forward swatting, arm shots,
Forward slam, flipping, head shots and more!

Disk bombs- when these flash red, get away!
Missiles- try to lead them to the ground
Forward Swatting- Fly behind him
Arm shots-Turn down speed, dodge 'em
Forward slam- fly back or far forward
Flip- See where the shadow is, get away from the 
         landing area
Head Shots- Turn up speed, dodge
Background(BG) Swatting- Go to the right, when it tries
                                             to swat you, move left, shoot
                                              the hand.
BG Plasma Bombs-  Fly around at medium-fast speed
Spin Swat- (on hard only) Move up

Funny facts
Shoot it  until it falls down. If he flips to the right shoot
the head with a flash or something powerful. After it
throws the box, he should fall back again. It will then
flip on the same spot. Weird!

Timeout- you will fly up, the Mini-boss will do one 
               final flip.

Knock Ausf De Gestell down 4 times to get a flash.

Ausf De Durer
My second fav!  This guy also has lots of attacks.
Like it's Cannon, Foot Missile, Vulcan, Rocket 
launcher, Bouncy Bombs, Falling Missiles,
Shots, Spread Laser, and Telepathic Turrets.

Cannon- It takes awhile for him to aim. When he is
               going to use the cannon, fly up and down.
Foot missile- guide it to the ground.
Vulcan- When he is going to use the Vulcan, go 
              down. When he fires, move up at medium
Rocket launcher- Fly around, then guide them to the
Bouncy Bombs- Go above, Durer when they land
                           , move left.
Falling missiles- Turn down speed to slow/medium
                           , weave.
Shots-  Go to the head of the boss
Spread laser- Find a spot with no line in it. go there,
Telepathic Turrets- When you see blue triangles
                                surrounding your ship, move!

Funny Facts
When the boss dies, it looks like some guy falling on
his skis.

Timeout- He launches a green laser from his shoulder
                when it blows up, you see a flash. Next 
                thing you know, the guy flies of the ramp.

Get a grenade or something that fires backwards. 
When he turns around to fire missiles or bouncy bombs,
Shoot the core. He will blow up backwards!

Stratagem Spacecraft
It's not really a robot with guns, but is still a good mini-
boss. It has Rockets, Green Lasers, Mines, and Ships.

Rockets- Fly up, shoot or dodge them
Green lasers- dodge them
Mines- shoot them if they come too close
Ships- Shoot them down

Funny Facts
There was once a Ship, He tried to destroy the 
Einhander. He got too close and blew up on the 
Stratagem Spacecraft's Rocket booster...

Timeout-You will see the second ending where your
               ship powers down and falls to earth.

This guy is huge and is so @#$%&#$ hard!
Just see the list below to see the weapons.

Blue spread shot- fly away from them
Green shot- Fly away and dodge the other bullets
Giant Screen lasers- Fly to a spot with no line, or fly
                                  to the other side and the back.
Homing Rockets- Fly over the boss, if they follow you,
                              Fly around the boss
Laser Disks-  Shoot the center of the disks
Green Homing lasers- Fly around fast!
Yellow Laser disks- Shoot em

Funny Facts
If you fly above the boss when it uses the homing 
missiles, the missiles will blow up. It looks like the 
Schwarzitgiest is blowing up.

Um... Does anyone notice that the Schwarzitgiest
looks like it can shoot a GIANT laser beam to
a planet and blow it up??? Just thinking...

Timeout- It gets shot down by lasers.

Some Freaky Jellyfish thing...
This bonus boss is a bit hard. It's shots are unpredictable.
Shots like Spread shots, Large spread shots, vulcan shots
and others.

Spread shots (3 shots)- try to fly away from the shots.
Super Spread Shots (10+)- If it does not do anything in
                                            awhile, get away!!!
Vulcan shots- move up or down.
Ramming- try to predict where it will stop.

Funny Facts
Timeout- it tries to escape the lasers, but gets shot 

The Big Cheese, The Big Robot, The Big  you get
the idea.

Red Shots- these shoot out, and will flash and fly
                   at you
Cyan shots- these are homing, fly around
Giant laser- go up or down
BG laser- Go down, way down
Green Laser ships- Shoot them while going up and 
Leg Missile- Move out of the way.

Funny Facts
Timeout- it will blast you to bits with it's laser cannon

Than Q's
-To Soraya Recorio ( provider 
 of names
-Zache Keene's FAQ provided some info
-Squaresoft for great games like Einhander
  "keep making them games!"
    PS- Make Einhander 2

Zis iz Ze End!!!

Copyright (c) 2002 Calvin Lee
(Evil Guacamole)