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              /         Einhander secrets          \
              |     by Somsak Sriprayoonsakul      |
              |       (        |
              |       and Ignacio de Lucas         |
              \       (        /

    We've been able to compile this little sheet of cheats for Einhander.
 The objective of this file is, for the most part, to point out
 the location of the four secret weapons, and some other stuff.
 It may become a full secrets guide, if time allows :)

    Ignacio's note : Most of the info comes from Somsak, but (for
 reasons that would be too long to explain), I'll do the typing.
 Remember also that I'm Spanish and my English is not too good...
 The Action Replay codes are from me, though...

    Secret Weapons:

    Juno: In the fourth stage, when you fight against the submarine
 before the mid-boss, destroy the large part (not the turret) before
 it even has a chance of shooting anything (a Hedgehog would help
 here). The turret will then detach from the main body and start
 shooting. Destroy that too as soon as possible (again, use a
 Hedgehog) and it will release a Juno.

    Another Juno: In the seventh stage, destroy all three red
 fighters that appear before they leave the screen. Besides
 awarding you all three secrets of this stage, if you destroy
 the first two, the third one will carry a Juno. Just make sure
 you don't destroy the Juno before the Fighter!

    Python: In the first part of stage five, after you get across a
 huge wall through a hangar-like conduct, you will emerge to the
 daylight again. Well, just before you rise above the ground level
 you'll see a huge APC-like vehicle in the background, that just
 enters the screen and stops before a wall. Well, you can destroy
 it with homing WASPs, and it contains a Python. You have to time
 the missiles so you'll destroy it while it's fully on-screen,
 or else the Python will leave the screen. Also, it will move
 to the foreground and dissapear, so catch it before it does so.

    Flash: In the third stage, just after beating the mid-boss,
 he'll fall through a well. Then you'll follow that well down,
 while a hexagonal prism-like ceiling above you produces fighters
 that shoot blue flare-like things. If you destroy the ceiling,
 a lot of destroyed ships will start to rain down from it.
 Well, if you manage to destroy every single of these ships
 (I'd reccomend two Junos, or at least two vulcans), a Flash
 will appear after them.

    Another Flash: This is during the confrontation against the
 fifth stage's mid-boss. Sometimes, the box falling down for him
 to throw at you will be red, and there will be a Flash inside.
 I'm not sure about the conditions, but it appears almost every
 time I shoot at his legs and arms.

    There's an additional secret weapon called Mosquito. I (Ignacio)
 have obtained it thanks to an Action Replay code, but I don't have a
 clue about where it is in the game.
 It shoots missiles that can be guided with the Joypad. Of course,
 you'll still be controlling your ship too.

    Secret Ships:

    Unknown Fighter Mk. I : This can be obtained via the Action
 Replay too, but as with the Mosquito, I don't know how to obtain
 it normally. It's exactly like the police hovercars that attack
 you in swarms in the first stage (the first enemy that appears
 in the game). Your firepower will upgrade each time you get a
 gunpod (don't expect anything spectacular, though), until
 level 20. The X button activates the police lights :)

    Unknown Fighter Mk. II : Finish the game on Hard to get this.
 It's just a red version of the Astraea Mk. II, except that it
 starts with 9999 ammo on each equipped pod, and obtains 9999 ammo
 from each pod it gets.

    Special Gallery

    There is an option in the configuration menu called special
 gallery that shows around five rendered images of the ships that
 can be zoomed (not that much, anyway). I've been able to do this
 only with an Action Replay, so...

    Stage secrets:

    Each time you get a secret, a marker with three spaces will appear
 at the bottom of the screen. The spaces will be filled in green
 according to the secrets you have collected in that stage.

Stage 1

1 : Destroy all neon lights. A hovercar carring a Riot will appear.
2 : Destroy that hovercar as soon as possible, then the very first
      ship after the neon lights as soon as it enters the screen.
3 : When fighting the mid-boss, destroy only his hovercraft-like foot.
      An alternate route will be followed after him.

Stage 2

1 : At the very beginning of the stage, destroy the first two 
      UFO-like weapon carriers as soon as possible, then destroy
      the red weapon carrier that will appear.
2 : Not sure of this (I'm tired of trying), but I think it's
      awarded when you destroy a given number of those "pop-up"
      weapon turrets before the structure with the radar on it at
      the begining of the train. It's awarded just after destroying
      that structure, anyway.
3 : ???

Stage 3

1 : Shoot down the spinning disc-like weapon carriers that appear in
      the first part of the stage as soon as you can, then the red
      one that will appear.
2 : ???
3 : Destroy all the ships that fall from the hexagonal ceiling-tube
      after you destroy it. A Flash will fall from it if you do it right.

Stage 4

1 : Destroy the submarine's "body", then its turret. See how to get
      the first Juno for details.
2 : In the labyrinth after the mid-boss, choose the lowest route
      every time. Destroy the android lying on his back in the
3 : Destroy the floor in the blue room just before the red upward
      tunnel that leads to the boss. You will notice if you did
      it right...

Stage 5

1 : ??? (Oddly enough, getting the Python awards no secrets).
2 : Destroy one of the mid-boss' legs and a red box will fall from the
      ceiling for him to throw at you. There's a Flash inside.
3 : Shoot downy the red central ship of the three that overtake you
      on the foreground before the boss. However, they don't always
      actually attack after they overtake you. Does anybody know the
      conditions for their appearance?

Stage 6

1 : If you shoot down enough fighters, a red coored one will appear.
      Shoot this one too for the first secret.
2 : Destroy the tube-like things that appear above the second reactor.
3 : Shoot the boss' probe-like tiny bit that is on top of him and that
    pops out from time to time. After destroying the boss itself,
    another medusa-like boss will appear. Defeat this one for the
    third secret.

Stage 7

1 : Destroy the first red fighter before it leaves the screen.
2 : Destroy the second red fighter before it leaves the screen.
3 : Destroy the third red fighter before it leaves the screen.
      It will have a Juno if you destroyed the other two.

Action Replay/Game Shark codes

Infinite Lives

8008109C  00XX

Replace the last two digits with the amount of lives you want,
PLUS one (instead of the usual minus). Remember each live awards
one million points when you finish the game.

Infinite Ammo

8008450A  0258
8008465A  0258

Discover all three secrets on each stage

8008182C  0007

Have All Ships

801FBAFE  0003
801FBB00  0004
801FBB04  0005

Have All Weapons

801FDF86  FFFF  

Have All Gallery Images

801FEC9E  FFFF  

Have 999999999 Score

80080FE0  C9FF
80080FE2  3B9A

Select Special Gallery in Options Menu

800AC57C  0005

The Special gallery option will be selected in the configuration menu.
If you don't have this option yet (as in my case :) ), the cursor
will be nowhere to be seen, but you can still select it.

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