FAQ/Walkthrough by krystalklyr

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Eternal Eyes
FAQ / Walkthrough
Version 0.02
May 23, 2001

Game:            Eternal Eyes
Genre:           Role-Playing / Strategy Game

Author:          krystalklyr
E-mail Address:  krystalklyr@gmail.com

// I. Table of Contents //

I.     Table of Contents
II.    Version History
III.   Author's Note
IV.    Introduction
V.     Basic Information
VI.    Game Play Tips
VII.   Lists
        A. Weapons
        B. Protective Gears
        C. Accessories
        D. Items
        E. Shops
        F. Enemies
        H. Magic
VIII.  Walkthrough
IX.    Frequently Asked Questions
X.     Credits
XI.    Legal Information

// II. Version History //

Version 0.01 [February 16, 2001]
  . I started making this document
     - Several sections added
     - Walkthrough up to Goonsdock
     - Lists are incomplete
     - A huge number of Game Play Tips
     - Made several subsections in Basic Information

Version 0.02 [May 23, 2001]
  . Ok, after a long period without any updates, here's another one.  I'm 
    still alive, so don't worry, here more progress.
     - Walkthrough up the beginning of the Hall of Dolls in chapter three.
     - More on the lists

// III. Author's Note //

  Hey there.  This is my fifth project associated to Game FAQ writing.

  Anyone may use and distribute this document freely as long as:
    - The author and the people who made this possible are credited.
    - The FAQ stays as it is (no sections removed, not even a single letter).
    - No one is to be profiting directly from it.

  To any webmaster that wishes this document onto their site must:
    - The above guidelines are followed (paragraph/outline before this)/
    - Inform and seek my permission before adding this to their site.
    - This document stays as text in format.

  If you wish to help, just send me an e-mail telling me something that I 
missed out or anything that will be for the better of this guide likes tips, 
suggestions or even criticisms.  Flames and death threats are also welcome.

  Please note that everything contained in this FAQ is based on my current 

// IV. Introduction //

  Eternal Eyes is both, somehow, a role-paying game and a strategy game.  
Somehow Eternal Eyes is not that good compared to the games that are being 
released but if you found turn based strategy games and anime, you might like 
to give Eternal Eyes a try.  It seemed like the game was rushed due to a 
number of typographical errors and the graphics are not that good (even though 
the anime characters were indeed nice).  Sound in this game is quite fine but 
I do not know really as I am not great in reviewing music.

  Eternal Eyes, basically, is a term used in the game that describes the 
people with purple eyes.  People with purple eyes have the power to control 
magical puppets through the use of orbs.  The eternal eyes sealed the Goddess 
of Destruction, Luna, who destroyed a huge part of the planet.  After that 
encounter, the eternal eyes was not very much active in the world and so there 
are no more people known as them.  But, a young boy, possessing purple eyes 
has a journey awaiting him ...

// V. Basic Information //

  / Start of Playing /

    Upon loading the game, after seeing the logos of the makers, a nice 
animation, you will be asked what language you prefer the game to be in.  You 
can select English, French, Italian, German or Spanish.  Do note that this FAQ 
/ Walkthrough will be based in the English terms.

    After that, on the Press Start Screen, if you do not press buttons, a 
prologue will be shown to you.  Basically about the "War of the Goddess," it 
is worth checking out as it is necessary for the story.

  / Saving and Loading /

    The game uses up one memory card block.  I have seen, through my current 
progress, only two Load points in the game.  One is after the Press Start 
Screen and another is at Luke's (the game's main character) House, in his 
bedroom, there are two beds, check out the one that is blinking blue.

    There are a variety of ways to save in this game.  The very first save 
point, if I am not mistaken is the one is at Luke's House, in his bedroom, the 
bed that is blinking red, the one farther the stairs.  Also, sometimes, a menu 
comes up in certain places containing Save as an option.  You can save your 
game there too.

  / Configuration Menu /

    . Cursor Mode
        - I do not understand what this means so just figure it out for 

    . Map Rotation
        - The way the camera rotates.

    . Ok & Cancel
        - The default option is (X) for Ok and (Triangle) for Cancel.  You can 
          switch the actions of the two buttons.

        - NOTE - This FAQ / Walkthrough is based on the default button 

    . Sound Output
        - Choose between Stereo and Monaural sound.

    . Language Select
        - Choose what language the game should be in.
        - NOTE - This FAQ / Walkthrough is based on the English language.
        - NOTE - This option is only present in the main screen configuration 
                 menu (after the Press Start Screen), so do not be surprised 
                 if you cannot find it while you are playing through the game.

    . >> Default Set
        - Set all options in their respective default options.

    . >> Set
        - Save all options changed or made.

  / Definition of Terms /

    Many terms in this game have been abbreviated, here are some of the 

    . HP
        - Health Points.  Common in role-paying games.  Decreases when taking 

    . MP
        - Magic Points.  Decreases when using magic.  (Also see, CS)

    . DF
        - Defense.  Your protection against physical attacks.

    . MD
        - Magic Defense.  Your protection against magical attacks.

    . HR
        - Hit Rate.  The higher the hit rate, the higher your chance of 
          hitting your target with physical attacks.

    . AV
        - Evasion.  The higher the evasion, the more likely for you to evade 
          enemies' physical attacks.

    . SP
        - Speed.  I don't seem to understand what this does.

    . LK
        - Luck.  I am not aware of the game factors that concerns luck.

    . MV
        - Move.  The number of blocks you can move per turn.

    . CS
        - Consumption.  Determines the MP used needed to cast the magic 

    . PW
        - Power?

    . RG
        - Range.  The range of your attacks.  The higher the range, the more 
          distant will you be able to attack or cast magic.

    . EF
        - Effect?

  / Weapons /

    . There are three types of weapons, they are swords, spears and bows.
        - Swords are weapons used for close combat.  It can only attack blocks  
          adjacent to your character.
        - Spears can reach one more block that is beyond the adjacent block to 
          your character.  It can attack enemies which are not directly 
        - Bows are indirect weapons.  They attack at a further range than both 
          the sword and the spear but they cannot attack enemies in close 

  / Buying and Selling /

     . You can buy or sell Weapons, Protective Gears, Accessories and Items in
       this game at General Stores located at towns.
     . If you enter the General Store, walk to the shopkeeper and talk to him 
       or her using the Ok button (default is (X)).
     . You will be given an option whether to Buy, Sell, Equipment and Exit.
     . Choosing buy will give you another option whether you will buy Weapons, 
       Protective Gears, Accessories or Items.
     . Choosing to sell will bring up your Weapons, Protective Gears, 
       Accessories and Items.
     . During buying or selling, move left or right to change the value of the 
       one you are buying or selling, press the Ok button to confirm.
     . The resale value for everything is 50%.
     . Choosing equipment will allow you to change your equipped weapons, 
       protective gears or accessories.
     . Exit leaves the menu you are in and back to the shop.

  / Weapons, Protective Gears, Accessories and Items /

     . Weapons and Protective Gears are equipment that can be equipped by 
         - Luke can only equip one weapon and one protective gear at a time.
     . Accessories can only be bought on Chapter 2 onwards.
         - Luke's magical puppets can equip two accessories at a time.
     . Items are things that can be used by Luke during battle.
         - Each item has different effects when used.
         - Items are expendable, meaning a single item can only be used once.

  / Battle /

// VI. Game Play Tips //

 NOTE - Some tips may not make sense if you have not played through the game 
for at the very least, a few minutes.

  / Save often /
    . Basic tip for all role-playing and strategy games.  You never know when 
      you can be defeated.  Better safe than sorry they say.

  / Battle often /
    . Another basic tip.  In most role-playing and some strategy games, your 
levels determine your edge against the enemy.  The stronger your characters 
are, the easier you can get through the game.  If you fight often, you can get 
more experience, in turn raising your levels.  The higher your levels are, the 
stronger your characters.
    . Also, this is needed to gain Mica (money in the game).  The more Mica 
you have, then the more Mica you can spare in buying Weapons, Protective 
Gears, Accessories and Items.

  / Think, choose and press buttons carefully /
    . Moves in battle cannot be undone.  As soon as you press them (acts in 
battle), they will be executed.  Try to be careful in choosing your moves.  Do 
note that some options will trigger another question to be asked whether you 
want to continue or not.

  / Fight enemies one at a time /
    . An enemy at full health deals the same damage as the same enemy having 
one HP.  It is important that you concentrate on beating one enemy at a time 
so enemies and their attacks would not overwhelm you.

  / Keep everyone close /
    . Do not let your character wander off too far as if enemies attack that 
character, that character might get beaten up badly.
  / Restore HP and MP /
    . A character that levels up automatically restore HP and MP.  Take 
advantage of that situation.

  / Elevation /
    . Attacks coming from above (greater height) deals more damage than 
attacks on the same height level or lower.  Likewise, if you are at a lower 
height and you attacked an enemy, your damage is lower.  Use this strategy to 
have a little boost in both physical attack power and physical defense.

  / Sell unneeded equipment /
    . This especially goes to the multiple Weapons and Protective Gears that 
Luke has in his inventory.  Luke only needs one of each so if you are in need 
of cash, its either you go to a battle or sell these things.  But if you like 
collecting every item in the game, then ignore this tip.

  / Bonus Experience /
    . No matter how high your levels are, the Bonus Experience (the one you 
get after battle) does not drop.  Take advantage of this by focusing on just 
beating your enemies in order to get the Bonus Experience [to come back to 
that area again and fight for more Bonus Experience.  Take note that the Bonus 
Experience is divided among all characters.

  / Attack the items /
    . In the battle, after killing an enemy, they leave behind a chest.  
Attack it and you can get the item in advance.  Also, sometimes an enemy 
attacks these chests and because of that, you lose the chance of obtaining it 
during or after the battle.

// VII. Lists //

  These list represent my current progress through the game which means that 
it is incomplete.  Also, since the game has several typographical errors, I 
will commit the same errors just for the sake of being the same.  

  A. Weapons

     Weapon              Price (Mica)     Effects
     Wooden Sword                 30      AT +  5
     Bronze Sword                 60      AT + 10
     Iron Sword                  120      AT + 20
     Flame Sword                 280      AT + 35 , HR + 10
     Frost Blade                 620      AT + 30 , SP + 10

     Bamboo Pole                   8      AT +  5
     Spear                        90      AT + 10 , SP -  5
     Javelin                     160      AT + 20 , SP -  5
     Flame Lance                 530      AT + 30 , LK + 20 , SP - 20
     Ice Javelin                1400      AT + 30 , MD + 10 , SP - 20
     Wind Spear                 2200      AT + 30 , HR + 20 , SP - 20
     Dragon Lance               3100      AT + 40 , HR - 20
     Short Bow                    90      AT +  8
     Longbow                     140      AT + 12
     Mythril Bow                 640      AT + 25

  B. Protective Gears

     Protective Gear     Price (Mica)     Effects
     Tunic                        80      DF +  5
     Leather Armour              300      DF + 10 , AV +  5
     Chain Mail                  480      DF + 15 , SP - 10
     Breast Plate                780      DF + 30 , SP - 10 , AV - 10
     Earth Mail                 1600      DF + 35 , MD + 20 , SP - 20
     Torned Vest                   -      DF +  1
     Damaged Armour                -      DF +  1
     Knight Mail                   -      DF + 35 , AV - 10 , SP - 20

  C. Accessories

     Accessory           Price (Mica)     Effects
     Cat Claws                   220      AT + 10 , SP +  5
     Wolf Claws                  270      AT + 15 , SP +  5
     Wooden Mallet               320      AT + 25 , SP - 10 , HR - 10
     Bigblow                     300      AT + 35 , SP - 20 , HR - 10
     Warhammer                     -      AT + 45 , SP - 30 , LK + 20
     Hat                         160      DF + 10
     Twisted Towel               250      DF + 20
     Glass Maskg                 240      MD + 20
     T-Shirt                      60      DF + 10 , HP + 5
     Wrestling Pants             240      DF + 10 , HR + 5
     Wrestler Pants              310      DF + 15 , HR + 10
     Collar of Power             390      MP + 30 , HP + 10
     Necktie                     400      AV +  8
     Tortoise Shell              260      DF + 20 , MD + 10 , AV + 5
     Bandana                       -      DF + 20 , SP + 10
     Bearings                      -      HR + 22
     Ruby Bracelet                 -      HP + 20 , MP - 10
     Wind Bracelet                 -      HP + 20 , AV + 10
     Charm                         -      MD + 10 , AV +  5 , LK + 23

  D. Items

     Item                Price (Mica)     Effects
     Riceball                     20      Recover a bit of HP
     Clover                      140      Recover a bit of MP
     Rice Sandwich                40      Recovers HP
     Mint                         80      Increases resistance
     Whistle                     170      Increases the hit rate
     Dad's Smack                 130      Increases the attack power
     Mocha Bean                  240      Increases the evasion rate
     Black Rose Thorn             60      Decreases the evasion rate
     Moth Wing                    70      [Induces poison]*
     Stern Look                  140      Decreases the magical force
     Maddening Wine              260      Decreases the hit rate

* Descriptions enclosed by [  ] are paraphrased descriptions.

  E. Shops

     Note - You can only buy accessories in Chapter 2 onwards.
          - The resale value for anything is 50% (half) the original price.
          - Also see, Buying and Selling at Basic Information.
          - [NEW!] means that it is new on both the shop and the game.
          - [NEW] means that it is new on the shop.
          - All typographical errors committed in the game are retained for 
            the sake of being the same.

     Gross Kingdom [Chapter 1, 2]

       Wooden Sword
       Bronze Sword
       Iron Sword
       Bamboo Pole
       Short Bow

     /Protective Gears/
       Leather Armour

       Cat Claws
       Wooden Mallet
       Glass Masks

       Dad's Smack
       Mocha Bean

     Goondocks [Chapter 1, 2]
       Bronze Sword
       Short Bow
     /Protective Gears/
       Leather Armor
       Cat Claws
       Wooden Mallet
       Glass Masks

       Rice Sandwich

     Gross Kingdom [Chapter 3]
       Wooden Sword
       Bronze Sword
       Iron Sword
       Flame Sword [NEW!]
       Frost Blade [NEW!]
       Bamboo Pole
       Javelin [NEW]
       Short Bow
       Longbow [NEW]

     /Protective Gears/
       Leather Armour
       Breast Plate [NEW!]

       Cat Claws
       Wolf Claws [NEW!]
       Wooden Mallet
       Twisted Towel [NEW!]
       Glass Maskg 
       Wrestling Pants [NEW!]
       Wrestler Pants [NEW!]

       Dad's Smack
       Mocha Bean
       Black Rose Thorn [NEW!]
       Moth Wing [NEW!]
       Stern Look [NEW!]
       Maddening Wine [NEW!]

     Goondocks [Chapter 3]
       Bronze Sword
       Flame Lance [NEW!]
       Short Bow
     /Protective Gears/
       Leather Armor
       Chainmail [NEW]
       Cat Claws
       Wolf Claws [NEW]
       Wooden Mallet
       Twisted Towel [NEW]
       Glass Masks
       Wrestling Pants
       Wrestler Pants

       Rice Sandwich
       Mint [NEW]
       Whistle [NEW]
       Dad's Smack [NEW]
       Mocha Bean [NEW]

     Gross Kingdom [Chapter 4]
     /The shop is closed/

     Goondocks [Chapter 4]
       Bronze Sword
       Iron Sword [NEW]
       Flame Sword [NEW]
       Frost Blade [NEW]
       Flame Lance
       Ice Javelin [NEW!]
       Wind Spear [NEW!]
       Dragon Lance [NEW!]
       Short Bow
       Mythril Bow [NEW!]
     /Protective Gears/
       Leather Armor
       Breast Plate [NEW]
       Earth Mail [NEW!]
       Cat Claws
       Wolf Claws
       Wooden Mallet
       Twisted Towel
       Glass Masks
       Wrestling Pants
       Wrestler Pants
       Collar of Power [NEW!]
       Necktie [NEW!]
       Tortoise Shell [NEW!]

       Rice Sandwich
       Dad's Smack
       Mocha Bean

  F. Enemies
     /Enemy/          /Level/      /HP/      /MP/
     Mooscue               1       ???       ???
       Move                2        20        22
       Drops:              3        24        22
                           4       ???       ???

     Dolos                 1        24        20
                           2        26        22
                           3        28        24
                           4       ???       ???
     Heyup                 1       ???       ???
                           2       ???       ???
                           3        26        22
                           4        28        23

     Calab                 1       ???       ???
                           2        24        20
                           3        26        22
                           4        28        24

     Cyboze                1       ???       ???
                           2        37        13
                           3       ???       ???
                           4        43        15

  H. Magic

// VIII. Walkthrough //

  I will try to minimize spoiler.

                           WARNING - SPOILER AHEAD


  Load up your game, after the logos of the makers and the nicely done 
animation, you will be in the Press Start Screen.  If you wait a little while, 
you will be taken to a prologue in which you can read about "The Goddess War" 
and the participation of the Eternal Eyes and what they actually mean.

 >>> Story line content >>>

  Upon starting a new game and after a plot being revealed, you will be turned 
to a scene with Luke and his friends who are apparently looking for rare 
mushrooms.  They come to a chest and found an orb.  They decided to take it 
home with them.


                            Chapter 1 - Setting Out

 / Gross Kingdom - Luke's House /

  Luke's friend has been checking the orb they found, afterwards, an explosion 
happens.  Luke and Nicol came to check it out and all of them found a hole 
which leads to a warehouse in Luke's House.

 / Gross Kingdom - Luke's House - Warehouse /

  Luke and his friends found several things that they have not seen before in 
their home.  They found puppets and a map that would lead them to a treasure 
hunt.  Finally, after inspecting the map, they realize an adventure ahead of 
them which leads them to Goondocks.

  >>> End of story line content >>>

 / Gross Kingdom /

  Now that you are given control of your character, guess what, you are in the 
town.  Based on the default option, the Ok button is (X), the Cancel button is 
(Triangle).  Also, note that the (O) button brings up the menu.

  Moving around town may be hard at first so just bring up the Menu and choose 
move.  In this town, you can consider going to:

  . Luke's House
  . General Store
  . Pub
  . Mayor's House
  . Private House
  . Exit to Town

  I suggest going to the Pub and talking to a man there to find information 
regarding weapons.  After doing that, you might want to visit several places.  
You can go to Luke's House and go up to the bedroom.  In the bedroom, there 
are two beds, one blinking red and one blinking blue.  The red one is a save 
point and the blue one is a load point.  If you choose to go to the General 
Store, I would not recommend buying anything at this point so just leave the 

 / World Map /

  Just move the cursor onto Goondocks (the other dot) and confirm using the Ok 

 / Goondocks - Port B /

  After some small talk, you are given a menu.  Check them out if you wish to 
and after that, choose End.  I suggest choosing "Go Outside" so that you can 
check what items Goondocks has to offer.

 / World Map /

  Re-enter Goondocks.

 / Goondocks /

  Bring up the menu (O) button, and choose to go to the General Store.

 / Goondocks - General Store /

  I suggest buying the Javelin.  (See Buying and Selling on Basic Information 
for more information regarding this.)  Equip the weapon you just bought using 
the Equipment option provided by the shopkeeper.

  Leave the store.

 / Goondocks /

   Explore if you want and when you are done, bring up the menu, choose move 
and go to the Ground Floor.

 / Goondocks - Port B /

   Equip your newly bought weapon if you have not done so.  If you want save 
your game then choose End and select the option Basement One.

 / Goondocks - Basement 1 /

   First set of battles (Three of them).
   Challenge: Easy

   Just attack and heal *if* necessary, you only have Luke for this battle.

   [NOTE] - I am not sure if the enemies present or the Bonus EXP or Bonus 
Maica will be the same for me but somehow, they will roughly be the same.

   After the battle, if you don't think you can survive the next one, which I 
doubt, you can always exit to the World Map.  If I remember clearly, there 
will be three battles in this area, more on that later as I have lost my data 
about this (all battles, Challenge: Easy).

 >>> Story line content >>>

   You will have a monster in this area, a Moosmoos.  You will learn that you 
are supposed to find the Ring of Destruction and use Magical Puppets to fight 

                            Chapter 2 - The Call of the Wind

   As the chapter starts out, you will be told that you have to make your way 
to the Lost Forest.  You're going to have to ask the Mayor's permission to go 
to the Lost Forest but he only allows you Luke so you will have to leave your 
sister behind.

 >>> End of story line content >>>

 / Gross Kingdom /

   Just go talk to the Mayor and exit to the world map.

 / World Map /

   Visit Goondocks.

 / Goondocks /
   Here in Goondocks, you may want to buy accessories for your Moosmoos.  I 
suggest you buy two Bigblows as defense isn't really necessary right now.  If 
you need to buy something but you don't have enough money, just go and fight 
some battles from the place where you first fought the set of battles.

   Once you have done everything you wanted to do, leave Goondocks and exit to 
the World Map, where else?

 / World Map /

   Enter the Lost Forest.

 / Lost Forest /

   Once there, save then choose End and select Near Entrance.

 / Lost Forest - Near Entrance /

   Fourth Battle
   Challenge: Easy
   Enemies:  Fuwawa  LV 4
             Pikuchi LV 3-5
   Items:    Yellow B. Jewel 
             Yellow P. Jewel
             Red A. Jewel

   Just follow my battle strategies, no trouble on this battle.  But if you're 
having trouble, just re-load your game and go fight and earn levels in 

 / Lost Forest /

   Save, choose End and move on, unless you want to leave.

 / Lost Forest - Part 1 /

   Challenge: Easy
   Enemies: Mantee LV 4-5
            Piyo   LV 4-5
   Items:   Red W. Jewel
            Red H. Jewel
            Red B. Jewel
            Blue W. Jewel
            Yellow B. Jewel
            Green H. Jewel
   Bonus EXP: 114
   Bonus Maica: 389

 / Lost Forest /

   Save.  You may want to use the Jewels you have picked up to let your 
Magical Puppet learn new magic or let them evolve.  Choose End and proceed.

 / Lost Forest - Part 2 /

   Challenge: Easy
   Enemies: Jackal   LV 5
            Moosmoos LV 5-6

 / Lost Forest /
   The next battle will have a boss in it.  Be sure to save!  Choose End, then 

 / Lost Forest - Part 3 /

 >>> Story line content >>>

   A messenger will test your powers if you are for real.  Note that the 
messenger is also a Magical Puppet.     

 >>> End of story line content >>>

   Challenge: Medium
   Enemies: Pumpkin Head LV 7
            Setapiyo     LV 6
   Items:   Glassmask
   Bonus EXP: 206
   Bonus Maica: 694

   Just attack the two Pumpkin Heads and once they're done for, concentrate on 
beating up the Setapiyo.  Heal if necessary, then whack the enemies to pieces.

 >>> Story line content >>>

   Setapiyo will tell you that Magical Puppets are created by Luke's 
ancestors, the Eternal Eyes.

   When the land became prosperous, one day, the King of Villee summoned Luna, 
Goddess of Destruction so he can gain powers.  Luna did not grant it and she 
first killed the King.  She then destroyed the island of Villee.  The Eternal 
Eyes attacked Luna and sealed her on the Island.

   Because the Eternal Eyes showed great power, the people got afraid of them 
so they prosecuted them.

   After that story, Setapiyo will tell Luke that Luke and his sister are part 
of the Eternal Eyes but not all Eternal Eyes have the power to control Magical 
Puppets so that explains why the Magical Puppet does not react with Luke's 

   Setapiyo will ask Luke if he wants to help mankind and Luke agrees to this 
so he is asked to journey to Vulado and another Magical Puppet will await him 
there.  After that, Setapiyo will lose his power and return to a puppet.

   Luke will go back to Gross Kingdom.

 >>> End of story line content >>>   

                            Chapter 3 - Baptism of Fire

 / Gross Kingdom - Luke's House /
   Go to the secret room in Luke's house and evolve your Magical Puppet.  Exit 
Luke's house.

 / --- /

   I suggest you visit the shop of Goondocks and the shop of Gross Kingdom.  
Choose wisely what to buy as I'll leave that to you.  If you don't have enough 
money, proceed to Goondocks or the Hall of Dolls to fight battles and gain 
Maica and EXP as well.

   After buying stuff, proceed to the World Map.

 / World Map /

   Enter the Hall of Dolls.

 / Hall of Dolls /

   Save, choose End and proceed to the first floor.

 / Hall of Dolls - 1F /

   Challenge: Medium
   Enemies: Sashtock  (x3) LV 10-11
            Death Bat (x2) LV  9-11
   Items:   Flame Lance
            Yellow W. Jewel
            Pink W. Jewel
            Red B. Jewel
            White H. Jewel
   Bonus EXP: 195
   Bonus Maica: 505
   Be careful of the Sashtocks as they can cast a sudden death move.  Just let 
your new magical puppet gain sufficient EXP points on this one while 
protecting it.

 / Hall of Dolls /

   You might want to let your new puppet gain new magic or evolve it.  Choose 
end and proceed to the second floor.

 / Hall of Dolls - 2F /

   Challenge: Medium
   Enemies: Spirit (x4)  LV 10-11
            Dreamer (x2) LV 10
   Items: Ruby Bracelet (x2)
          Wind Bracelet (x2)
          Hat           (x2)
   Bonus EXP: 245
   Bonus Maica: 454

   You're at a disadvantaged position here as you start low.  Just let the 
enemies come near you and attack them.  Heal as necessary.

 / Hall of Dolls /

   Save.  If you still have enough items to move on, choose End and go to the 
third floor, otherwise leave.  You might want to let your Magical Puppets 
learn magic or evolve them.

 / Hall of Dolls - 3F /

   Challenge: Easy
   Enemies: Dreamer LV 11
            Chuff   LV 11-13
   Items: Hat           (x2)
          Blue H. Jewel
          Red P. Jewel
          Pink H. Jewel
   Bonus EXP: 195
   Bonus Maica: 448

   Attack the enemies, simple battle.

  / Hall of Dolls /
    Save, choose End and proceed to the fourth floor.  I suggest you equip 
Defense increasing accessories as the next enemies tend to hit hard.

[Continued on next update]

// IX. Frequently Asked Questions //

  Q. Where can I find this game?

  A. I don't know as I have no idea of where you live so I suggest shopping 
     online and finding this game.  I do not suggest this game very well 
     though as it tends to get boring.

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