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Evil Zone FAQ v. 0.1

Disclaimer: This FAQ is (C) 2001 by Zhihd Amigh. This FAQ can be used (WITH PERMISSION
AND DUE CREDIT) as long as I am acknowledged as its author, and is not sold for personal
profit. If you want to use this FAQ on your own site, email me at zedomega@hotmail.com
and get my permission beforehand. I'm not saying that Kao Megura's a friend of mine
(hell, I hardly know the guy!), but I'm sure he'd back me up if I emailed him about
plagiarism. All characters, places, and ideas are (C) 1999 Atlus Software and Yuke's,
and are used without permission.

Author's Note: I might have gotten some of the moves' names wrong or switched them around.
Quite possible with first drafts, wouldn't you say? Anyway, email me at the address in
the Disclaimer if you've got any corrections.


1) Story
2) Controls
3) Characters
   - Danzaiver
   - Alty Al Lazel
   - Keiya Tenpouin
   - Erel Plowse
   - Midori Himeno
   - Setsuna Saizuki
   - Gally 'Vanish' Gregman
   - Linedwell Rainrix
   - Kakurine
   - Ihadurca
4) Secrets
5) Credits


(From the manual)

	Ihadurca, a being capable of existing in multiple dimensions at
one time, threatens the world of I-Praseru (Happy Island).  Though the
cost was heavy, the inhabitants of I-Praseru were able to temporarily
confine Ihadurca in Evil Zone.
	However, the danger is not over.  Ihadurca must be destroyed
before she emerges from Evil Zone.  To do this, I-Praseru called
upon mighty warriors from other worlds.
	A tournament is held to select the strongest warrior to
face Ihadurca.  These warriors have many reasons for wanting
to fight Ihadurca, but right now, they are warriors.
	Let the battle begin!


	The controls for Evil Zone are fairly simple to get used to.
It's just two buttons: Square for defense, and Triangle for attacking.
(These can be changed in the Button Config menu on the Options screen.

Close-range attacks
	Pressing Triangle once will do two melee strikes. From here...
Triangle: Third attack.
Up, Up: Flip over opponent and attack from behind.
Forward, Forward: Dash attack into opponent.
Back, Back: Retreating attack.
Down, Down: Pop-up attack.

Down, Down, Attack: Pop-up attack. Follow this up with a Charge Attack
(see below) at the right time for an extra few hits.
Forward, Forward, Attack: Charge Attack.

Distance Attacks:
Each fighter has three Special Attacks and one Finisher, as well as three
Captures (described below).

Special One: Forward+Attack
Special Two: Back+Attack
Special Three: Up+Attack
Finisher: Back, Back, Attack


Each character has a total of four different Captures. Do these by pressing

Close Capture: This can be done from either the front or back of the opponent.
Mid-Range Capture: Do this from roughly one to three character widths away.
Far Capture: This one is done from outside four character widths away, and
these HURT in most cases!


Forward: Step forward. Hold Forward to dash towards opponent.
Back: Step backward. Hold to keep retreating backwards, and press Attack after
the second step for a Retreating Attack.
Up: Move into the background. Hold to close in on the opponent in a circle.
Down: Move into the foreground. Hold to close in on the opponent in a circle.
Up, Up, Attack: Jumping Attack. Use when next to opponent to jump over them
and attack their back.
Up, Up, Defend: Jump towards opponent.
Forward+Defend (when close): Move behind opponent.

There are special instances in the game; these can be learned about by going
into the Practice Menu and looking in the Tutorials.



His real name is Sho Mikagami. He hopes to destroy Ihadurca in order to rescue
his partner Yuri, who's being used as a medium to keep Ihadurca imprisoned.

Sex: Male
Age: 21
Birthday: August 9th
Place of Birth: Planet Izanda (Earth's residents are rumored to be descendants
of Izanda's people.)
Height: 182cm
Weight: 68kg
Measurements: B91cm/W78cm/H84cm
Blood Type: B
Hobby: Polishing Tactical Frame
Favorite Food: Pork cutlet over rice
Likes: Video game from Earth
Dislikes: Hyphae (No clue what these are...)


Close (front): Danzai-capture. Picture a fisherman's suplex, only Danzaiver
flips backwards with the opponent and slams the opponent into the ground
Close (back): Danzai-suplex. Just a back suplex toss.
Mid-Range: Houndbreak. Sho dashes into the opponent palm-first, pops the
blade of his sword out into the opponent's abdomen, the pulls it out through
their SIDE.
Far: Seingbraze. Using his comm unit, Danzaiver calls upon Geiborg, a
satellite he uses for defense, and targets his opponent for one helluva
plasma bolt.

Special Attacks
Forward: Vicetriver. Danzaiver draws his gun and fires a single bolt at the
opponent. Knockback maneuver. (Can be charged.)
Back: Lightning Drive. Danzaiver shoots a bolt of black lightning at the
opponent. Stun maneuver. (Can be charged.)
Up: Spiral Bomber. Danzaiver torpedos himself at the opponent in a spinning
sword attack.

Finisher: Danzai-burst. This is really cheesy, kids. Sho twirls his sword once
in one hand, while pulling out an extra battery with the other. Hilt and battery
come together, and Sho takes one single slash, knocking the opponent down for
a nice amount of damage.

Alty Al Lazel

He was one of the people responsible for summoning the other warriors. After
realizing that he really didn't need their help after all (ungrateful bastard!),
he decides to take on Ihadurca himself.

Sex: Male
Age: 21
Birthday: April 5
Place of Birth: Finistere Kingdom, I-Praseru
Height: 157km
Weight: 48kg
Measurements: B75cm/W65cm/H72cm
Blood Type: O
Hobby: Fishing
Favorite Food: Salad, yogurt
Likes: Rare grimoire (books of magic), Erel
Dislikes: Rain


Close (front): Art of Court Fighting #21. Al grabs the opponent's arm, and uses
it as an axis to do a back flip, dropping the opponent to the ground.
Close (back): Art of Court Fighting #34. Al jumps up onto the opponent's shoulders
and spins around for a nice-looking hurricanrana variant.
Mid-Range: Neza Juleido. Al draws his hands back, then thrusts them forward to
spear the opponent with a line of fire.
Far: (I have no idea what this move's name is..) Al draws some arcane symbols
in the air, which creates a black sphere in the air. When he points at the
opponent, the sphere bombards the opponent with meteors. VERY nice.

Special Moves:
Forward: Ramild Zahm. Al sends a fireball at the opponent. Stun maneuver.
Back: Dizam Low. Al summons a fire dragon to knock the opponent over. Knockdown.
(Can be charged.)
Up: Zaffa Vaal. Al thrusts his hands forward, creating a ball of flame in front
of him which cancels out any missile attack OR hits the opponent four times if
they're close.

Finisher: Gesh Sieode. Al traps his opponent in a sphere made of glowing
mandalas. He traces a pentacle in the air in front of him, as the mandalas
form fireballs. The final line commands each fireball (six in all) to strike
the opponent from all sides. Ouch.

Keiya Tenpouin

One of the three Earth warriors summoned to battle Ihadurca. His close friend,
Himika, was rendered comatose when 'Sakagobou no Otoko' (Inverted Pentacle Man)
attacked her. To revive her, he needs Ihadurca's power.

Sex: Male
Age: 24
Birthday: February 5
Place of Birth: Japan
Height: 178cm
Weight: 60kg
Measurements: 87cm/78cm/80cm
Blood Type: AB
Hobby: Brewing Japanese tea
Favorite Food: Japanese green tea
Likes: Himika, dolls
Dislikes: Lie, pigeons, sake


Close (front): Tenpouin Three Kicks. Keiya grabs his opponent's arm and delivers
snap kicks to their ribs, then head. He finishes up with an axe-kick, which floors
the victim.
Close (back): Tenpouin Shadow Dance. Leaping up and over the opponent's head, Keiya
grabs their head, using his momentum to fling them up and over him in turn.
Mid-range: The Black Capture. Using his power to draw his now-helpless opponent
towards him, Keiya taunts his victim before the screen goes black. Each hit makes
the screen flash, and against Setsuna, there's even a small chance of getting a
'no panties' polyglitch on the third hit! H.H
Far: Kamitsuzumi. Keiya scales a charm at his opponent. Upon contact, the charm
turns into a small demon which eats away at the opponent's insides. Not very
damaging as far as far-captures go, but it's just cool to see the enemy writhe...


Forward: Kageyajiri. Keiya sends a raven spirit to attack his opponent. Stun.
(Can be charged.)
Back: The Pentacle Capture. If the pentacle that Keiya slides towards his opponent
hits, the enemy will be captured for small damage. Using the red version (F+AA),
Keiya gains a Crystal if it hits as an added bonus!
Up: Akekazari. Keiya sends a stream of lights at his opponent. Grount-hit maneuver
as well!

Finisher: Mizukazuro. Keiya's left hand finally makes an appearance! He moves them in
a circle in front of him, charms appearing at the five points of a pentacle. Lights link
the charms together in the symbol of a pentacle, Keiya charges up, and hits his opponent
with a rather painful-looking laser attack. Ouch.

Erel Plowse

The armor-clad teenager from I-Praseru is concerned about Al's well-being and
his decision to take on Ihadurca himself. She hopes to first stop him from
fighting out of her love for him, then kill Ihadurca herself.

Sex: Female
Age: 21 (for the record, folks, she doesn't LOOK 21 to me!)
Birthday: January 12
Place of Birth: True Republic of Mag Mel
Height: 163cm
Weight: 45kg
Measurements: 98cm (!)/56cm (!)/87cm (!)
Blood Type: A
Hobby: Touring historic hotels
Favorite Food: Raw eggs, rice
Likes: Faily and Alty
Dislikes: Rikanslope (werewolf), part-time jobs


Close (front): Erel's Throw. Erel jumps up onto the opponent's hips, wrapping
her legs around their waist (woohoo!), then somersaults backwards. Sort of a
hurricanrana variant.
Close (back): Erel's Throw 'Tout Printemps'. Erel splits into two girls.
The one behind her opponent gets tapped on the shoulder, and when (s)he turns,
one Erel pushes down on the opponent's shoulders as the other trips them up.
Mid-range: Barkillassal. Erel charges at her opponent, sword swinging. The opponent
gets knocked into the ground, straddled by Erel (woohoo!) as she charges up,
and gets hit with an explosion as she leaps off of them.
Far: Chromferade. Erel leaps up, surrounding herself in an energy globe, then
divebombs into her enemy.


Forward: Kareabara. Erel launches the two claws on the back of her gauntlet at
her opponent. Stun maneuver.
Back: Nodislern. Depending on how many times you push Attack, Erel will either
sweep the opponent's feet out with a laser beam, or knock them out of the air.
Up: Remivaloona. Erel spins, Sonic-like, towards her opponent with her energy
sword extended. Multi-hit is possible. (Can be charged.)

Finisher: Eldibirus. Erel traps her opponent in an energy globe, then gestures
to her other self. The opponent gets PITCHED between one Erel to the other
for a homerun! The opponent drops onto one Erel. Well, at least they get their
fall cushioned. By a babe, no less...

Midori Himeno

Midori has been training since childhood in the Fuin school of martial arts.
To her, Ihadurca is more of a test of her skills than anything else. With
luck, her original techinque will earn her a place in the school's history!

Sex: Female
Age: 21
Birthday: May 3
Place of Birth: Japan
Height: 170cm
Weight: 59kg
Measurements: 90cm/64cm/76cm
Blood Type: B
Hobby: Jogging
Favorite Food: Rice, natto
Likes: Fighting
Dislikes: Cowards

Close (front): Fuin Lion's Roar. Midori-chan wraps an arm around her opponent's chest,
then slams them full-force into the ground. Think 'Rock Bottom'.
Close (back): Fuin Asura. Midori-chan kicks her opponent into the air, then creates
two more sets of arms to grab the opponent's arms, knees and ankles. She uses
gravity to drive the opponent into her own shoulders, damaging their joints. Ow.
Mid-range: Vanishing Flowers. Midori-chan surrounds her opponent with three
other chi-clones, then proceeds to knock the crap out of the unfortunate. All
four Midori-chans end with a simultaneous flash-kick. VERY cool!
Far: Vanishing Snow. Dashing right into the opponent, Midori-chan lifts them up
with a flurry of body jabs, then spikes them back into the ground.


Forward: (don't know the name of this). Midori sends a blue sphere of chi
at the opponent. Knockback. (Can be charged.)
Back: Fuin Gensui. Midori sends a green beam of light at her opponent,
stunning them. Stun maneuver. (Can be charged.)
Up: (This is in two parts.)
1) Fuin Straight. Midori-chan drives her palm into the opponent's gut, then
blasts them back with her own chi. (F+A)
2) Junka & Senka. Midori-chan leaps up, then drives a foot into her opponent's
chest, using her momentum to send them gliding backwards until she kicks them
away with a spinning back kick. My girl! *.*

Finisher: Midori Mix "Togetsu". Lifting the opponent into the air with chi,
Midori-chan charges up, then BLASTS the opponent with energy she stored in her
right hand.

Setsuna Saizuki

She is known in Japan as the Guardian Angel. With her spirit-friend Karin,
they must find out who summoned them to I-Praseru and why. And what Karin's
secret is...

Sex: Female
Age: 21
Birthday: November 1
Place of Birth: Japan
Height: 155cm
Weight: 41kg
Measurements: 75cm/60cm/70cm
Blood Type: A
Hobby: Admiring paintings
Favorite Food: Chocolate parfait
Likes: Karin, Midori
Dislikes: Stale crackers (?)


Close (front): Fuin Waves. Thanks to Midori-chan's teaching, Setsuna flips her opponent
over onto their back. Lame.
Close (back): Fuin Naghi. Another move Setsuna learned from Midori-chan. The opponent
is flipped over Setsuna's head in a more elegant throw.
Mid-range: Abdomen Thrust. Setsuna runs the opponent through with her sword,
then hits them with a blast of energy. Worth it just to see her leg go
THROUGH her skirt. o.o
Far: Youshouken. Setsuna summons three faeries, then points towards her opponent
with her sword. The faeries spear her opponent, knocking them back for good damage.


Foward: Firebird Attack. This move is similar to Keiya's Kageyagiri, except the
firebird that Setsuna summons travels upward in a slight curve. (Can be charged.)
Back: Zankouran. Pressing Attack once will send one image of Setsuna's sword at
 the opponent. Pressing it twice will send a flurry of them up and towards him/her.
Up: Revolving Attack. Setsuna spins around, swinging her sword and hitting
the opponent multiple times. F+AA may hit a grounded opponent on the third hit.

Finisher: Ultra Death Attack. (How lame.) Setsuna slashes her opponent into
the air, then splits into three people. Each one slashes across the opponent's
chest in mid-air, while the third knocks them back down to earth. The only
cool-looking move she has.

Gally "Vanish" Gregman

He's not only a bounty hunter, he's THE best in the business. Upon being summoned
to I-Praseru, he was hired by Evna Abraku (The Divine Land) to kill Ihadurca.
For a large sum of money and passage back home, of course.

Sex: Male
Age: 36
Birthday: February 5
Place of Birth: Planet Aradia
Height: 203cm
Weight: 115kg
Measurements: 114cm/85cm/89cm
Blood Type: B
Hobby: Playing piano
Favorite Food: Lobster
Likes: Sayaka, trouble
Dislikes: Absurdity


Close (front): Pommel Shock. Gally grabs his opponent's arm, spinning them off-balance,
then knocks them in the back of the head with the hilt of his sword.
Close (back): Banishing Bomb. Using one hand to lift the opponent up, inverted, Gally
grabs them on the way down, head-first, with a pile driver.
Mid-range: Hardy Gardy. Gally impales his opponent on his sword, then lifts them up
and slams them into the ground.
Far: Leichenberger. Gally stabs his sword into the ground, charges up, then drives
his palm into the ground, sending his opponent into the air with a large blast.


Forward: Geigenberg. Gally sends a ground wave at his opponent. Stun maneuver.
(Can be charged.)
Back: Kriegelstein. Gally sends eight micromissiles at his opponent. Juuuuust
in case they get the stupid idea of backing away from him! Knockdown.
Up: Beesendolfer. (Two-parter again.)
1) F+A. Gally rushes towards the opponent. If he grabs them, he lifts them up by the head
sending a wave of laser blasts into their chest.
2) F+AA. Gally sends a long-range laser at the opponent. Knockback.

Finisher: Braunsvike. Locking onto the opponent, Gally prepares one helluva massive
attack. Once he's ready, he sends a total of THIRTY-SIX micromissiles at his opponent,
the combined blasts lifting the victim into the air!

Lineduell Rainrix

Lie always had an interest in two things: heavy metal, and the occult. He stole
the cursed sword Shahal from an antique shop, and the sword has been controlling
him ever since.

Sex: Male
Age: 22
Birthday: March 5
Place of Birth: England
Height: 185cm
Weight: 65kg
Measurements: 78cm/58cm/68cm
Blood Type: A
Hobby: Playing guitar
Favorite Food: Escargot
Likes: The moment he kills, heavy metal, the occult
Dislikes: Restriction

Close (front): Heaven-Fall. Lie grabs his opponent by the neck, then slams them
face-first into the ground. Facecrusher!
Close (back): Lunatic Fang. Lie jumps onto the opponent's shoulders, using his
momentum to drive them face-first into the ground.
Mid-range: Albatel. Lie grabs the opponent's ankle, then slams them once ("You..."),
twice ("...can't...."), then tosses them into the air, spiking into the ground
with Shahal. ("...face me like THAT!")
Far: Welm. Lie rips open a space-time portal with Shahal, then sends his hand through
to nail the opponent with a blast of energy.

Forward: Rajiel. Lie sends a blast of evil energy at the opponent in the form
of a pentagram. F+A stuns, while F+AA knocks down.
Back: Remegheton. Lie sends a wave of hellfire at the opponent. Pop-up, and
can hit fallen opponents.
Up: Albertus. Lie stabs the opponent repeatedly, the final hit knocking the opponent
down. U+A does a quick thrust, while U+AA does a horizontal slash. Both have the
same result. (Can be charged)

Finisher: Lido Gade. The screen goes black as Lie slashes the opponent seven
times in a heptogram fashion. As the opponent falls, Lie impales HIMSELF with
Shahal to deliver a massive blast of hellflame into the opponent from the ground.


While Ihadurca can exist in multiple dimensions at once, Kakurine can only
travel between them. She hopes to kill Ihadurca and all of her other
incarnations so that she and her childhood friend, Lea, can be reunited.

Sex: Female
Age: 10,010
Birthday: July 23
Place of Birth: unknown
Height: 145cm
Weight: 35kg
Measurements: 68cm/54cm/61cm
Blood Type: AB
Hobby: none
Favorite Food: none
Likes: Lea, the Void
Dislikes: Lea Incarnate (Ihadurca, Gillaclva, et al), humans, Armor Void (Nephilm,
Erel's armor)

Close (front): (Nameless 1). Kakurine confuses her opponent by teleporting to various
spots, then shoving them from behind while they look around for her. Bad girl.
Close (back): (Nameless 2). Kakurine wraps her arms around her opponent's waist
(Awwwww...), then teleports them high off the ground. The sheer fall itself does
the damage for her.
Mid-range: Effigy Attack. Kakurine brings a paper doll out, then blows on it. As it
spins and falls, so does the opponent.
Far: Red Magic Wave. Kakurine wipes rouge from her lips, then sends it in a red
cresent at her opponent. When it hits, they fall slooooowly towards the ground.

Forward: Fire Attack. Kakurine sends two fireballs, swirling around each other,
at the opponent. Stun maneuver.
Back: Isuhimo. B+A sends a shorter-radius ring around Kakurine to capture the opponent
while B+AA just knocks them back. Knockback.
Up: Ring Magic. U+A will make Kakurine roll an energy ring towards her opponent, while
U+AA will make her spin around, sending smaller rings in various directions as she
spins towards her opponent. U+AA will hit multiple times on grounded opponents. (Can
be charged.)

Finisher: Devitalizing Attack. Kakurine teleports towards her opponent, then bites into
their neck (!), sucking their blood out. She giggles as she wipes her mouth clean.


Born as Ihadurca il Imella, Court Magician of Evna Abraku, she accepted Lea as
a source of her power. Her magic power alone makes her a threat to I-Praseru,
but part of her actually wonders about these humans and their emotions...

Sex: Female
Age: 23
Birthday: (Lea) September 25, (Ihadurca) February 9
Place of Birth: (Lea) I-Praseru, (Ihadurca) Evna Abraku
Height: 175cm
Weight: 52kg
Measurements: 102cm/58cm/87cm
Blood Type: B
Hobby: (Lea) none, (Ihadurca) Study of prehistory
Favorite Food: (Lea) none, (Ihadurca) plain pasta
Likes: (Lea) Destruction, Kakurine, (Ihadurca) Brain zar Deline
Dislikes: (Lea) Orsa ('The Beginning of Everything'), humans, (Ihadurca) dreaming

Close (front): (Nameless 1). Ihadurca picks her opponent up with one hand, then
slams them into the ground.
Close (back): (Nameless 2). Ihadurca tosses her opponent over her shoulder, sending her
orbs (NOT THOSE ORBS, YOU PERV!!!) at him/her. The orbs assault the victim with
repeated short energy blasts.
Mid-range: Red Energy Attack. Ihadurca tosses her opponent into the air, then
teleports above them, sending them to the ground with a blast from Vanalgando,
her staff. Two more teleports, two more blasts while the opponent tries to recover,
then she returns to the ground, at the opponent's head.
Far: Constrained Abuse. Catching her opponent in force rings, Ihadurca steers them
around in the air with Vanalgando, then slams them HARD to the ground.

Forward: Spear-Beam Attack. Ihadurca fires two beams from Vanalgando at her
opponent. One hit will stun them, the other will knock them back if it hits.
Back: Hex Attack. Ihadurca fires two waves of fire at her opponent. Not only
knockback, but will cancel ANY projectile move.
Up: Flame Techinque. U+A will surround Ihadurca with four spheres of light for
defense, and U+AA will send them out in an increasing diameter for offense.
(Can be charged.)

Finisher: Ihadurca's Mighty Bisection. Ihadurca sends her orbs at the opponent,
trapping them in an energy sphere. She lifts Vanalgando up, a blade of red
energy glowing fiercely, then slashes downward with it. The resulting
explosion can kill...


1) Unlock each character's Encyclopedia entry by beating the game with them in Easy mode.
2) Unlock Ihadurca and the 'D-Space' stage by beating the game in any mode with any two
characters, then Setsuna.
3) Unlock each character's Voice Collection by beating the game with them in Hard Mode
4) Unlock the ability to make a character an announcer by beating the game with them
in Normal Mode.
5) Beat the game once in any mode with any character to unlock the Gallery extra.
6) Unlock Choose-Pose Select by beating the game with a character in 1P Battle mode.
7) If you unlock everything, you've unlocked the 'Congratulations' extra and a special
picture, complete with speeches from all the characters in the game! It's worth it
to hear Al say 'Is anyone still out there?...' then the sound of howling wind!


Yuke's -- Underappreciated. This is one of a few games that this company's developed,
and so few people realize just how much @$$ they really kick...

Two-Mix -- Somehow, their music fits this game better than even its own music does!
Don't know who they are? Look for songs called 'Just Communication', 'Rhythm Emotion'
or 'White Reflection'; these are all themes used in Gundam Wing.

K-sama -- Always loved you, and always will. There's lots of reasons for this, but
understanding why I wrote this FAQ in the first place is definitely high on that
list. :)

That guy who ALWAYS delivered pizza whenever I ordered it about 5 minutes before
the Pizza Hut closes for the night -- You fscking ROCK!! We'd starve without you!

ManOwaR -- TRUE metalheads. Don't fsck with the Kings of Metal.

And of course, anyone I may have missed in these credits -- Sometimes, my favorite
roles are those that people don't remember.


History is like an endless waltz: the three beats of war, peace and revolution
continue on forever. -- Mariemeia Kushrenada, Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz

"You broke THAT jaw?"
"He deserved it."
"Why did you do that?!"
"Yeah, why?!"
"I was having a bad day!"
"Like now?!"
"Like NOW!"
*sound of two fists striking a rather large jaw!*

(c) 2001 Zhihd Amigh