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Version 1.2 on 7/5/99 Valsoft Studios
Created By: Valkryie_X<valkryie@ignmail.com>

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Table of Contents:
*......Whats New!
II.....Legal Items
IV.....Modes of Play
VI.....Basic Controls
VII....Basic Moves
IX.....Gameshark Codes
X......Character Poll
XI.....Whats next

* Whats New!
v1.1 to v1.2
1. Added the Gameshark codes section.
2. Votes added to the poll, will be updated weekly.
3. Added http://vgstrategies.about.com to the Exclusive list.

v1.0 to v1.1
1. Added the Character Poll. To Participate Email me at:    
valkryie@ignmail.com  SUBJECT: Character Poll
2. Added a few more Basic Moves. Defending Captures, and Regular    
3. More Detailed info on how to obtain the voice collections.
4. Added Move list for some of the characters. More will be added 

I. Introduction
This will be my 4th walkthrough/Faq that I have written. With each peice 
of work I complete I learn more on what and what not to do. And I know 
that I will work hard to make this your one stop resource for any 
information regarding Evil Zone[Eretzveju]. I would also like to thank 
Gamefaqs.com, Allanime.com and ConsoleGamer.com for allowing me to post 
my Faqs onto their sites. Without their hardwork and dedication gamers 
like us wouldn't have a place to go for help and information regarding 
games. Anyway now onto the Faq!.


II. Legal Items
Neither the author of this FAQ, nor any person who distributes it in any 
way, shall be responsible or liable for anything that results from using 
this FAQ for any purpose. This FAQ may be freely distributed provided 
that it is kept unmodified and in its entirity. Parts of the Faq/Walk- 
through were taken from the Evil Zone manual and were included in this 
Faq for those who own the import version and do not know how to read 
Japanese. Evil Zone was made by(c) Yuke Media Creators 1999 and 
Published by Titus. The use of any trademarks within this FAQ is not 
intended to represent a challenge to their validity.

III. Story
  a being capable of existing in
    multiple dimensions at one time,
  threatens the world of I-PRASERU(Happy Islan).
       Though the cost was heavy, the inhabitants
  of I-PRASERU were able to temporarily
    confine IHADURCA in EVIL ZONE.
       However, the danger is not over.
  IHADURCA must be destroyed before she emerges
    from EVIL ZONE. To do this, I-PRASERU
       called upon the mighty warriors from other worlds.
    A tournament is held to select the strongest warrior to face her.
       These warriors have many reasons for wanting to fight IHADRUCA;
    But right now, they are warriors.

NOTE:The reason its formatted like this is to replicate how it is in the 
games Manual.

IV. Modes of Play
Story Mode:
 Confront each one of the warriors. Learn why they enter the tournament 
and how they already met in the past.

One Player Battle Mode:
Confront each one ot the warriors randomly. Another Player can join in 
the game at anytime.

Vs Mode:
Battle it out with a friend, or someone you hate in 2Player game.

Survival Mode:
Defeat as many opponents as you can with only one life bar.

V. Characters
There are a total of 10 Characters, 9 of which are immediatly selectable 
while the other is a secret(check the secrets section for more info)

Name:SETSUNA SAIZUKI: She is a college girl with a special power-a 
coexisting conscious called Karin. Midori was her childhood friend. 
Setsuna seeks Ihadurca because she feels a strange power drawing both of 
them to Ihadurca.
Back, Triangle= Zankouren
Forward, Triangle= Firebird
Up, Triangle= Somersault Attack
Close Capture= Abdomen Slice
Far Capture= Fairy Attack(Please Everybody)

BIO: His dream is to become a metal rock musician. He fought Hamika who 
was sent on a mission from the Tenpouin Clan, a descendant of Onmyouji 
who used the principals of Chinese Yin-Yang philosophy, to destroy 
Linedwell's magic sword Shahal, which means"Lucifer standing for the god 
of the morning star."

BIO: Its about "invincible beauty," she says, As "the gods' helper," she 
has moral values. Her biggest fear is Rikanslope, a werewolf, who caused 
Faily, her best friend's death. She wants to destroy Ihadurca in order 
to impress the young magician she likes.

BIO: His accomplishments are sublime. He is a kindhearted person. He is 
fearless and tough but is known as a very nice guy. He loves his young 
wife Sayaka very much.

BIO: The head of the Tenpouin Clan for the next generation is extremely 
proud and believes on must use his power only for himself. He is 
summoned to destroy Ihadurca although he needs the power to revive 

BIO: She is currently 21 years old and a future alumni of the Fuin 
Martial Arts School. She loves to fight and is always seeking a strong 
opponent. Therefore, she will gladly accept the chance to destroy 

BIO: As a special inspector, he wants to protect the enviroment of the 
planet. He is part of the tactical arm of The All Galactic Frontier 
Civalization Defense System. He is a man of frank disposition and tends 
to lose his sense of judgement in a battle. He is presently at war with 
the planet-hunting brigade CRYOS under the command of Chief Gillaclva, 
who is trying to capture the Planet Earth. He uses "Zerochaku" as his 
command to cause tactical frame to morph. He is summoned to I-Praseru to 
destroy Ihadurca in order to defend the people of the planet.
Back, Triangle=Lightning Drive
Forward, Triangle=Vice Driver
Up, Triangle=Spiral Bomber
Close Capture= Houndbreak(Abdomen Slice)
Far Capture= Seingbraze(Sattelite Shot)

BIO: He has a gift-"The Lost Legacy"-and was invited into the court to 
become a court magician. He is very sensitive although he often tries to 
seem strong minded. He opposes the way of using someone summoned from 
another world as the medium for securing the divine wish. Therefore, he 
decides to destroy Ihadurca with his own hands.
Back, Triangle=Dizam Low
Forward, Triangle=Neza Juleido
Up, Triangle=Burning Storm
Close Capture= The Magic Sphere(2 Fireballs into one)
Far Capture= Summon Territories(A ball of light shoots out fire)

BIO: Although she is over 10,000 years old, she lives beyond time, 
looks, and acts like a little girl. She has super transcendental powers. 
Kakurine wants to destroy Ihadurca, Lea's incarnation, in order to bring 
her childhood friend Lea back to one existance.

BIO: "The Absolute Existence" must be destroyed...

VI. Basic Controls
Note: I will do my best to describe the controls for the game. They are 
rather simple, but explaining can be a bit confusing.

-Moves your character into battle
-Highlight Menu Selection
-When used in conjunction with Triangle does a special move.(depends on 
the direction pushed).

Start Button:
-Pauses the game, two options come up, Cancel or Exit. Cancel returns to 
the fighting, while exit will take you back to the start screen.

-Attack/Cancel Menu Selection

-Not Used

-confirm menu selection


-Arena Selection

-Handicap Buttons

VII. Basic Moves
Here is the Basic Moves or tactics that can be used.

If you are close to an opponent press Down and Triangle and you will get 
them in a grapple move which will toss them onto the floor.  If you are 
Middle to Far distance press Down, Triangle and a red circle will 
encompass the enemy, press Triangle again to broaden the Red Circle for 
more reach. If it succeeds it will Capture the enemy and allow your 
character to do a Medium damage move.

Defending against Capture:
Press the Square Button the moment you are encircled, and an atom type 
of mini explosion will occur, meaning the capture was defended.

Tap 2 Times in the Direction you want to go.

Tap 2 Times Up or Down depending on which way you want to go.

Charging Your Meter:
Press and hold Triangle, your meter can fill up 3 times, you can perform 
stronger versions of your regular attacks by Pressing the D_Pad 
direction and holding Triangle. Or you can Tap Back two times and 
triangle to unleash a Super Move. This will toss out a red mist towards 
the enemy, if it makes contact your character will attack for half the 
life bar damage. If the enemy is near death and you do this attack added 
animations are shown.

Note: The computer can block this.

Jumping Attacks:
There is a Jump attack. to execute this Tap anyone of the 3 Upward 
commands(Diagonal, UP etc) 2 times and the triangle button.

Regular Jumping:
Press up 2 times and Square. This will cause a regular jump towards your 

VIII. Secrets

1. How to obtain Ihadurca
First beat Story Mode with 3 different characters, she will then become 

2. The Extra Option Menu
Beating the game will open this option up. Beating it with different 
characters in different modes yields more extras. here is a list of what 
is in the Extra Option Menu.

Beat the game with anycharacter to recieve very deep personal 
information regarding them. Like why Danzeiver saves Yuri and why he is 
fighting against CRYOS. Also information regarding his moves and 
explanations on all the other characters.

B.Voice Collection
Continue to play through 1Player Battle Mode. Finish off the computer in 
different ways(such as Capture finishes, Super Moves when their life bar 
is almost depleted). This will result in the voice collection opening up 
for that character.

Beat 1Player Battle Mode to obtain this Extra. It allows you to play the 
game having one of the characters you choose for the part to narrate the 
story, and option commands, like when you save and load games. Pretty 
Cool eh?

Beat Story Mode and you gain access to this. Gives preliminary sketches 
of all the characters and weapons. Some nice artwork is here.

In order to have this option you must have all the Encyclopedia 
information for every character and same for the voice collection. And 
also you must possess all character poses as well. Then this will be 
presented to you by Erel.

IX. Gameshark Codes
Note:You will need the Gameshark Peripheral for these codes! Just making 
sure you understand this. Codes taken from the Gameshark Code Creators 
club: http://www.cmgsccc.com/

P1 Human/CPU Can't Fight                        300A8376 0000
                                                                                                300A8378 0000

P2 Human/CPU Can't Fight                        300A8377 0000
                                                300A8379 0000

Unlock all hidden items                         800A83DE FFFF
                                                800A83E0 FFFF
                                                800A83E2 FFFF
                                                800A83E4 FFFF

X. Character Poll
Wanting to make this Faq as interactive as possible I have decided to 
include a character Poll. Its interesting to recieve votes for some 
characters. To participate in the poll send an email to the following:
Valkryie@ignmail.com with the SUBJECT: Character Poll.

Character                             Votes
Gally "Vanish" Gregman................=00
Setsuna Saizuki.......................=01
Linedwell Rainrix.....................=00
Erel Plowse...........................=00
Keiya Tenpouin........................=00
Midori Hemino.........................=01
Alty Al Lazel.........................=00

XI. Whats next
I will be adding more info regarding the Extra option. Probably put all 
the information about the characters moves into the faq, also a 
Character move list, though Identical will give the names of the moves 
along with a description. Also expect capture moves names and 
descriptions shortly.

If you have any questions or comments regarding this FAQ, please feel 
free to email me at:    valkryie@ignmail.com