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Geese Howard

A Word Before We Get Down To The Real Talk:
What you will read down is my strategy, which means..
it might not be workable with you as it is with me and
may be yes. I really do not need any E-Mail(s) asking:
"What is good or bad" since I will fully talk about
everything about him (including combination attacks).
Hope it will somehow be useful to you and lead your
play or skills to a higher level.

Why Geese?
He was (and still) my favorite since his first
appearance in SNK. The ruthless boss has come back and
boy he is so cool this time. Great stance, cool
appearance, sweet moves, crazy BGM, neat background,
very wonderful outfits and new must see super (I am
not crazy)

Name: Geese Howard
Wife's Name: Maire R.
Son's Name: Rock Howard
Brother-In-Law's Name: Kain R.
Half Brother's Name: Wolfgang Krauser
Most Trustworthy Bodyguards: Billy Kane, Hopper and
Also Known As: "Ruler of Southtown", The Conqueror of
the Underworld, "Don of the Dark Organization", "The
Ultimate Self-Made Badguy" and "Lone Wolf Killer
He Is: The Main Villain in SNK 
Weapon: Bare Hands
Style: He trained under every Martial Arts master, so
he is pretty damn expert with everything
Age: Above 45
Birth Date: 1953.1.21 
Birthplace: America
Height: 183cm
Weight: 82kg
Blood Type: B
Hates Most: Those who get in his way.
Likes Most: To be on top of everybody.
Favorite Sport: None
Japanese Voice Actor: Kong Kuwata
English Voice Actor: Ward P. (only in the English

As usual. A very cool background... with three
bad@$$e$ looking demon statues. You could see the roof
of the buildings from the windows around the stage.
And the stage is kind of dark. It gives you the
feeling that you will be fighting pure evil and you
must be aware. Hands down, the background is the best
in the game.

Background Music:
He has got two. I tell you... they rock so much. They
are so evilish and crazy. Yup, that is why Geese
rules. Everything is so great about him. The first one
(when you fight him as Terry) is sooo smooth and
cool... it is a Geese N. remix, but it is so damn
evil. The second one which is so damn crazy and great
is (I call it) "Wild Ambition". This is the BGM we
want to hear, this is the BGM that says: "YOU'RE
THROUGH"! It is so loud and makes you feel hot all

Tease Quotes:

Moves Quotes:
3)Reppu Ken (Wind Slice)
4)Shippu Ken (Gale Slash)
5)Jaeiken (Evil Shadow Smasher)
6)Reppu Gorenha (Waving Storm)
7)Raising Storm
8)Deadly Rave

Never Give Up Quote:

Winning Quotes:
11)Hm, ha, ha, haa
12)Too bad, ha?

Heat Blow Quote:
13)You die!

Special Intro Quotes:
Yoji: Blah blah blah (he points his fan at Geese and
then says crap)
Geese: Ha, ha, haaa
Terry: Gee... GEEEEEEEESE!
Geese: C'mon, baby!

Terry: Ah, huh... GEEEEEESEEE! 
Geese: ...
(Terry calls Geese's name with anger and trys to fight
but then dies while Geese shamelessly is looking at
him and then goes off with a devilish smile) 

Terry: Ah, huh... GEEEEEESEEE!
Geese: ....
(Terry calls Geese's name with anger and trys to fight
but then dies while Geese carelessly is smiling and
tighting his tie then goes off with an evil look) 

A - Punch = P
B - Kick = K
C - Special = S
D - Shift = L

Command List:
Special Moves:
1)Reppu Ken: Down, down/backward, backward + A
2)Shippu Ken: During jump high, down, down/forward,
backward + A or C
3)Evil Shadow Smasher: Down, down/backward, backward +
4)Upper Body Slam: Half circle forward + B
5)Knockdown Blow: Half circle forward + C
6)Below-The-Belt Blast: Half circle forward + A

Super Moves:
7)Raising Storm: Down/backward, half circle back,
down/forward + BC
8)Reppu Gorenha: Down/backward briefly, then backward,
forward + BC

Overdrive Power:
9)Raising Dead End: Forward, half circle forward + C
(then when you do any Counter Soecial Move, it will
become a Super Move, Raising Dead End)
10)Deadly Rave: Half circle back, forward + A, A, A,
B, B, B, C, C, C, and then down, down/backward,
backward + C

Special Attacks:
11)Get Lost: ABC (Heat Blow)
12)Raising Punch: Down/forward + C
13)Sweep: Down, forward + B
14)Spinning Kick: Backward + B (can be cancelled to a
Special Move, Super move or Overdrive Power)
15)Hard Straight Punch: Forward + C
16)Double Hard Kicks: Down/forward + BC
17)Rapid Punches: During jump C, C, C
18)Lighting Flash Punch: Forward, forward + A or B or
19)Back Punch (back): A or B or C

20)Push of the Tiger: Forward + D
21)Knockdown Toss (front): Forward + C
22)Fatal Blow Bopper (back): Forward + C

Special Throws:
23)Kosatsu Sho: Forward, backward + C
24)Anvil Bash: Backward, forward + C
25)Divine Punishment: While opponent is down,
down/forward + C

Tricky Special Move:
26)Reppu K: Down + AC

Tricky Super Move:
27)Raising: Down + BC

Chain Attacks:
1)Standing C, C, C
2)Crouching A, B, C
3)Croucing A, B, standing C
4)Standing A, B, C
5)Standing A, B, down/forward C, A, B 
6)Standing A, B, down/forward C, A, down/forward C
7)Standing A, B, down/backward C
8)Standing A, A, A, A, A

Normal or Special Attacks that can connected to
Special Moves:
1)Standing A
2)Crouching A
3)Standing B
4)Crouching B
5)Standing C
6)Crouching C
7)Raising Punch
8)Back Punch
9)Get Lost

Normal or Special Attacks that cannot be connected to
Special Moves:
2)Spinning Kick
3)Hard Straight Punch
4)Double Hard Kicks
5)Lighting Flash Punch

Normal Air Attacks that can be connected to Shippu
4)Up B

Normal Attacks that cannot be connected to Shippu Ken:
Low jump C

Geese here is over powered, so even those who were not
interested in him because he was hard to use. Now they
will surely use him. Anyway, to the real talk...

His standing and crouching punches are so fast and
they can be connected to other Normal Attacks as well.
Good thing to use them whenever you want to play fast
and leave your opponent confused. Try to use them
whenever you are near your opponent because they are
good for a start. Really. 

His standing B is very good to play from a distance
and do a Reppu Ken after it. But always do something
after it, whatever that thing is... it is way better
than do nothing because there is a pretty bad lag if
you do nothing. And his crouching B is the same but it
does not have long range. You must be near your
opponent a bit so that you could hit him with.
Whenever the opponent is attacking or falling... do
it. It is good and it can cancel many other attacks.
It is like it was in King of Fighters'96. Be sure to
sometime connect it with another good attacks.

The standing C and crouching C are not that fast. They
come out kind of slow. A fast attacker will always
beat you if you are going to depend on them. But use
them from a distance. His crouching C is strong if you
use it from a distance and if the opponent does not
have a super then you do not really have to connect it
to anything. You could be tricky and run then throw
your opponent. Same thing goes to his standing C. Use
them a lot against Yamazaki and Raiden, because they
really have troubles with these Normal Atttacks. And
if you want to go for something save, then keep it
with the four good Normal Attacks, standing A,
standing B, crouching A and crouching A. They will be
so helpful in many times. You have to either attacks
endlessly or focus and play a mind game so that your
opponent will have nothing but to do the same. This is
the best method I have so far and it works on many

His get lost is good when you are facing a turtle. You
can go for it but be aware that you need the super bar
a lot. And I think you have many other options that
are better than this. But since you can do a painful
combination attack after Get Lost, then why not do it?
See what fits you and the decide. But I say if you
really need to do it then do so... but it must reallly
HIT, otherwise your hard work will easily good in
vain. Also, his Raising Punch is great as an anti-air.
It is kind of decent. But if you do a Chain Attack and
then Raising Punch, A, B... it will take some good
damage. Some air attacks can break it easily. So you
have to focus on which jump the opponent is jumping
and then think of the attack that he or she might
perform. The Spinning Kick is really painful and it
can be cancelled to anything. That is pretty damn
good. Do it from a distance so that you could take
some advantage and rule the match. But it comes out
kind of slow, not as it was in Real Bout Fatal Fury 2:
New Comers, at least. 

The Hard Straight Punch is also there for the long
range fights. It is damaging also, it takes 40 damage.
But the Spinning Kick takes 50. The Hard Straight
Punch is fast and has some good invincblity. So it
will be helpful to you to use it. If the opponent is
out of the reach, use it. The Sweep is good, do it
from a distance and see who could touch you! But you
cannot connect it after any Normal Attack... may be
only after Get Lost. And that is its only weak point.
Other than that... it is great. The Double Hard Kicks
are damaging but not good to use that much because it
has some lag. You could good for other Normal Attacks
than this. But you could use it on Raiden, Billy and

His Lighting Flash Punch is fast but it has some
lag... and you cannot connect it to anything. If you
have no option go for it but just to change your ways
in gameplay. Not that much of good use. Also, his Back
Punch is good but you cannot always be at the back of
your opponent. So, that is why it is not that much of
a use. Use it when you can do it and then connect it
to a Reppu Ken. Good. 

As for his Air Attacks. His Rapid punches are so good
for the combination attacks. The same thing goes for
his low C and B. These are good for air attacks. You
can cancel any opponent's attacks with them. His air A
is good because you can connect it to a Shippu Ken.
and it comes out pretty fast. Well, all the air
attacks can be connected to Shippu Ken except low C.
His Up B is fast and has some range. Make good use of
it. Do not waste your time on attacking mindlessly.
Just see the best thing to do and then do it. If you
have to use the Rapid Punches over and over again...
then do so. As long as you know when to do it then you
do not have to worry about a thing. It all depends on
you, not the attacks actually. It is how you use them
perfectly good and in time, not how they are

As for his moves... his Reppu Ken is fast and always
good to play keep away. It is good to do after the
normal attacks. Also when the opponent is playing from
a long range... then use the Special Move to force him
or her to play close. Middle Body Blow is good when
someone like Billy playing from a distance and mashing
the buttons endlessly. Same case goes for his
Below-The-Belt Blast. But the Upper Body Blow is very
great because it can counter all Air Attacks, Special
Moves and Super Moves... but there is some exception
for others of course, it depends on what move or super
you want to counter. So, go home and try to counter
everything to see what does Geese capable of
countering and not. 

His Shippu Ken is slow and every moron can Shift with
the D button when you perform it and even run forward.
Be fully careful. Do it from a long range... and do
not do it endlessly. Just do it when you have to. His
Evil Shadow Smasher is fast and great and you can do
after it the Divine Punishment. It is also so
damaging. Always go for the Evil Shadow Smasher after
every attack. Or the Deadly Rave. 

As for his Super Moves... his Raising Storm is still
great and has good invinciblity. But it just comes it
a little slow. And his Reppu Gorenha is great to
connect after the C jump and then standing C. They are
both great... his Raising Storm is good as a very good
anti-air attack and it takes some good damage if it
counters anything. his Reppu Gorenha is good for
combos and even if the opponent does the Shift, he
cannot escape it, but there is a good escape if he
does the Shift twice or in some hopeless cases. 

His Overdrive Powers are great too. The Deadly Rave
has always been one of his great supers. It is
completely invincible and powerful. Also you can do a
combo after the ninth hit of the Overdrive Power. And
his Raising Dead End is great, just whenever he or she
hits... do the counter and then he or she will be in
great pain. So they will most of the time turtle and
do some tricky things. So, you still can do either the
Deadly Rave or any counter, they will be very focued
not to get cought. So, now is your time to attack and
be very harsh on your opponent. 

His throws and Special Throws are useful to you. Push
of the Tiger is not that of a good use except it makes
you back of your opponent. But use the knockdown Toss
because it is damaging and you can do the Divine
Punishment after it. Also, Fatal Blow Bopper is good
because it makes the opponent near you. His Kosatsu
Sho is so fun to see but the Anvil Bash is good if you
want to play from a distance. He throws his opponent
so far. 

And his Tricky Special Moves are good so that if you
want your opponent to jump you could use the Reppu K,
or to scare him when you do the Raising. Also to
conncet them after some Normal Attacks. 

So that now you know every single thing about him, use
them wisely. Do not forget the Chain Attacks because
they are good for Geese. Always play a mind game and
focus. Try to let your opponent attack and do whatever
he likes to make him know how strong you really are
and then attack him with a death hard combination
attack. Good luck, stud.

I will only write the names' moves (not the commands),
I have always been so... so if anybody is not good
with it, you can see the command list above and then
check here again. I will list every good, bad, short,
long, easy and hard combos. I really will not bother
to look for sites to put any of their combos in here.
I like to see my work completely original, but you
might know all the combos... I will put it just for
Geese's fans' sake.

1)Jump C, standing A, B, C
2)Jump B, standing A, A, A, A, A (works Raiden the
3)Knockdown Toss, Divine Punishment
4)Jump C, crouching A, B, Evil Shadow Smasher, Divine
5)Rapid Punches, standing C, C, C
6)Rapid Punches, standing C, C, Reppu Ken
7)Rapid Punches, standing C, C, Evil Shadow Smasher,
Divine Punishment
8)Get Lost, jump C, standing C, C, Evil Shadow
Smasher, Divine Punishment
9)Back Punch, Evil Shadow Smasher, Divine Punishment
10)Jump C, standing C, Reppu Gorenha
11)Get Lost, jump C, standing C, C, Reppu Ken
12)Get Lost, jump C, standing C, C, C
13)Get Lost, jump C, standing A, B, C
14)Get Lost, standing A, A, A, A, A
15)Get Lost, Knockdown Toss, Divine Punishment
16)Get Lost, Anvil Toss
17)Rapid Punches, standing C, C, Deadly Rave
18)Jump C, standing A, B, Deadly Rave
19)Jump C, crouching A, B, Deadly Rave
20)Rapid Punches, standing C, C, Deadly Rave (until
the ninth hit), standing C, C, Reppu Ken
21)Rapid Punches, standing C, C, Deadly Rave (until
the ninth hit), standing C, C, Evil Shadow Smasher,
Divine Punishment
22)Rapid Punches, standing C, C, Deadly Rave (until
the ninth hit), standing C, C, C
23)Rapid Punches, standing C, C, Deadly Rave (until
the ninth hit), standing A, B, C
24)Rapid Punches, standing C, C, Deadly Rave (until
the ninth hit), run forward, standing A, A, A, A, A
25)Get Lost, jump cross, Back Punch, Evil Shadow

Last Word:
Okay, Finally... it is finished. Hope I was helpful
and useful to you. If anybody wants to use anything,
by all means do so, but tell me so first before you do
that. And if anybody have any doubts about any
combination attack or cannot perform any, kindly,
E-Mail me and I will explain it more clearly to you.
Remember, do not stick with the rules a lot... Screw
The Rules.

Special Thanks:
1)To SNK for this great game.
2)To Gamefaqs.
3)To all Geese's fans. 
4)To all my friends for the encouragement. 

Fatal Fury: Wild Ambition is Copyright SNK Corporation
and. This document Copyright 2003 Basel

If you need to contact me to add or ask me about
anything, E-Mail me at or

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