Mr. Karate by KEav

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                         Fatal Fury:Wild Ambition

                    FAQ/Movelist for Mr. Karate, v.0.2

                               by Kevin Eav

Disclaimer: This document and contents, including wording, grammar, and
punctuation are copyright Kevin Eav.  Mr. Karate, Fatal Fury:Wild
Ambition, and any other names or unique identifiers used within this
document are copyright SNK.  This document is free for distribution
provided that it is unaltered in any form--in name, author identification,
or actual document content.

     This is primarily to be a movelist for Mr. Karate, the first
available hidden character (of two) in the game Fatal Fury:Wild Ambition.
I will discuss the properties of his attacks, and perhaps some general
strategy; I will not provide any sort of character information initially.
It is to be a relatively short document, however, I may expand it in
further versions.  I will also not be including the common moves--dashing,
counterattacking, and the like, because those may be found in Andrew
Seyoon Park's excellent general FAQ for this game, found at

Version History
0.2 6/27/99 -- Added combos, corrected some info, changed some layout.
0.1 6/26/99 -- Put down beginning information, basic information.

ub  u  uf      ub--Up-back       u--Up       uf--Up-forward
 b  n  f        b--Back          n--Neutral   f--Forward
db  d  df      db--Down-back     d--Down     df--Down-forward

qcf -- Quarter-Circle Forward (d, df, f)
qcb -- Quarter-Circle Back (d, db, b)
hcf -- Half-Circle Forward (b, db, d, df, f)
hcb -- Half-Circle Back (f, df, d, db, b)
dp  -- 'Dragon Punch' (f, d, df)
rdp -- Reverse 'Dragon Punch' (b, d, db)

'Back' and 'Forward' are relative to the direction your fighter is facing.

P refers to the Punch button, K to the Kick button, and S to the Special

Counterattack: A rising elbow uppercut, similar to Tsugumi's d, df, f+P.
Front Throw: Takuma grabs the opponent, flips them over and lands with his
shoulder in their sternum, then flips away.
Back Throw: Mr. Karate pushes the opponent forward then punches them in
the kidney, knocking them down.

Command Attacks
Axe Kick

Takuma brings his foot up, then slams it downward.  The axe kick is a
two-hit attack, and the second attack is an overhead.

Roundhouse Kick
After Axe Kick, C

Takuma follows up the axe kick with a hard roundhouse kick.

Step-in Shin Smash

Takuma takes a quick step then smashes his foot down on the opponent's


As in KoF'98, Takuma lunges forward with a hard punch. Unlike KoF, Takuma
does not knock down and he performs two hits.

Back Spin Kick

Takuma suddenly spins, lunging forward with a high back spinning kick.
Similar to his close standing D, but not angled as high.


Takuma strikes with a hard standing uppercut. This attack will launch the

Special Attacks

qcf+P or S
Hits: 1/1
Damage: 20 (or 30)
Takuma's favorite fireball.  The P version travels slowly and reaches
half-screen; the S version is faster and travels 2/3rds of the screen.
If the opponent is hit by the 'explosion' of the Ko-oh-ken, they get
knocked down and take an additional 10 damage points for a total of 30.

Dragon Punch(No, not really)
dp+P or S
Hits: 2/3
Damage: 50/70
This is probably the strangest that SNK could have done--giving Mr.
'Kyokugenryu Needs No Uppercut' an... you guessed it, uppercut.  It seems
to be a pretty standard uppercut, good for air-defense.

qcf+K, repeat
Hits: 2 (max)
Damage: 39 (one hit)/50 (both hits)
SNK retuned the Hienshippukyaku pretty heavily in this game.  No longer
does it fly straight and fast like the Hienshippukyaku of yore; now it's a
rising kick that can be followed up with a second kick after the first.
It isn't a combo tool any longer.

f, b, f+P
Hits: 21
Damage: 55
Another old standby, SNK decided to take the KoF'98 command for this
attack.  As before, Takuma launches a series of fast fists; an opponent
caught in this will be subjected to a series of punches, then will be
uppercutted and then punched away.

Mouko Burai Gan
Hits: 1
Damage: 30 (31 as counter)
Takuma pauses, then throws a hard straight punch that will knock the
opponent down.  If, however, they attack while Takuma is in his
reared-back pose, he'll hit them with the punch (which will be surrounded
with a blue glow), then turn away, crossing his arms as they're blown
backwards by an explosion.

Kyokugenryuu Punch Dance
Hits: 5
Damage: 58
Unlike the usual punch dance attacks, this one starts with an overhead
elbow, then goes into a series of attacks ending in an uppercut that
knocks down.  Good damage, and must be blocked high.

Air Ko-oh-Ken
in air, qcf+S
Hits: 1
Damage: 20
Borrowing from Ryo's old bag, Takuma sends a fireball down at a 45-degree
angle.  Somewhat slow, and of limited use IMO, but still handy to have.

Haohshokoken (Super Power)
f, hcf+K+S (air)
db+K+S (fake)
Hits: 1
Damage: 122
The old standby. It moves fairly quickly and hits hard.  And, now, it can
be done in midair.

Ryuko Ranbu (Overdrive Power)
qcf, hcb+S
Hits: 22
Damage: 180
Takuma pauses as the Overdrive lightning flash shows, then lunges forward
(a considerably smaller distance than ever before) and, if he hits his
opponent, goes into a long rush-combo, ending with the usual Haohshokoken.


All of these combos can be preceded with a jump-in attack for an extra hit
on the meter/extra damage.

P ->P ->P ->P ->P          (Rush: 5)

    P ->*K ->S              (Rush: 3)
           ->d+S            (Rush: 3)
           ->df+S           (Rush: 3)
           ->dp+P/S       (Rush: 4/5)
           ->qcf+K x2       (Rush: 4)
           ->f, b, f+P     (Rush: 23)

d+P ->*d+K ->qcf+K x2       (Rush: 4)
           ->dp+P/S       (Rush: 4/5)

   *S ->*S ->S           (Rush: 3/4)
           ->qcf+P/S      (Rush: 2/3)
           ->dp+P/S      (Rush:3/4/5)
           ->qcf+K x2     (Rush: 3/4)
           ->f, b, f+P  (Rush: 22/23)
           ->qcf, hcb+S (Rush: 23/24)

*--These are the 'interruptible' attacks; follow the arrows underneath for
the appropriate commands.  In the case of the S->S->S chain, the slashes
indicate interruption on the first or second hit, and/or strength of the
move involved (i.e. dp+P/S, Rush: 3/4/5; 3 hits interrupted at the first
S, with dp+P, 4 hits with dp+S, 4 hits, interrupted on the second S with
dp+P, 5 hits interrupted at the second S with dp+S.)