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Welcome to the Mr. Karate FAQ for the Playstation version of Fatal Fury: Wild 
Ambition. In this FAQ you will see why SNK made a great decision of adding this 
character in this game. Bottom line is... he kicks major ass!!!

The Story of Mr. Karate:-

First of all it must be made clear that this version of Mr. Karate is not Takuma 
Sakazaki (although I wish he was or he would kick even more ass)! It is actually 
Ryo Sakazaki (if you check the profile of Ryo and this profile it is the same). 
Ryo realizes that Geese Howard is really an evil man and should be get rid of. 
His mission in Wild Ambition is to simply kick Geese Howard's ass and anyone who 
gets in his way. Let the ass kicking begin!

Nationality:           Japanese
Fighting Style:        Kyokugen-ryuu Karate
Birthday:              8 / 2
Height:                179 cm
Weight:                68 kg
Blood Type:            O
Hobby:                 Doing carpentry on the weekend
Favorite Food:         Mochi rice cakes, nattou (fermented noodles)
Dislikes:              Bugs with multiple legs
Of Importance:         A motorcycle he found and restored
Best Sport:            None

Normal Ass Kicking:-

Standing P: A simple jab that can be repeated 5 times, at the last hit Mr. 
Karate executes a straight punch for the combo finisher. This comes out really 
quick so it is best used as a combo initiator. This attack can be cancelled into 
any special ass kicking (jabs only).
Damage: 11
Hits: 1

Standing K: A simple mid kick to the guts. Can also be cancelable into any 
special ass kicking.
Damage: 28
Hits: 1

Standing S: Mr. Karate does a semi-roundhouse kick to the opponent's face and 
can be repeated 3 times (different attacks). Great for starting huge ass kicking 
combos. The first 2 times are cancelable to any special ass kicking.
Damage: 39
Hits: 1

Jumping P: A chop to the head. Useful for a quick attack so that you will less 
likely be countered by your opponent.
Damage: 11
Hits: 1

Jumping K: A simple jumping mid-kick is executed if you simply press u+K. If uf 
(or ub)+K is pressed then Mr. Karate executes a normal jump kick.
Damage: 28
Hits: 1

Jumping S: If u+S is pressed Mr. Karate executes a jumping downward punch. If uf 
(or ub)+S is pressed then Mr. Karate executes a normal jump kick. Use this as a 
start for ass kicking combos.
Damage: 39
Hits: 1

Command Ass Kicking:-

Launcher/Pursuit Attack: By pressing df+S while the opponent is standing Mr. 
Karate will execute an uppercut to launch the opponent into the air. This can be 
cancelled into any special ass kicking (most preferably by Koho or Hien Shippu 
Kyaku), although the opponent has the ability to ground-recover automatically. 
During ground-recover you cannot hit the opponent. When the opponent is lying on 
the ground Mr. Karate executes a downward energy punch as a pursuit attack. This 
is best used after a sweep or any knockdown move provided that the opponent is 
in range.
Damage: 39/20
Hits: 1/1

Koshuu Senkyaku: By pressing db+S Mr. Karate will execute a spinning back kick. 
This move can hop over sweeps so use it to your advantage. Give those cheap 
sweepers the ass kicking they deserve!
Damage: 45
Hits: 1

Kakato Otoshi Geri: Press f+K and Mr. Karate will execute a 2-hit axe kick. The 
second hit is an overhead, go give those ducking turtles the ass kicking they 
Damage: 25+20=45 total
Hits: 2

Dai Gatana: Press S after the second hit of the previous move and Mr. Karate 
will do a strong middle kick. This attack can combo if you hit the opponent with 
the previous move as an overhead. More ass kicking for ducking turtles!
Damage: 33
Hits: 1

Oni Guruma: Press f+S and Mr. Karate will do a hard punch to the chest. Use it 
to test your opponents' guard once in a while.
Damage: 20+25=45 total
Hits: 2

Dashing Oni Guruma: Tap f twice and then press any attack button and Mr. Karate 
will do the Dashing Oni Guruma, this time it only hits once.
Damage: 39
Hits: 1

Sokusaki Goroshi: Press df+K and Mr. Karate will kick his opponent's shin. This 
attack must be blocked low.
Damage: 34
Hits: 1

Special Ass kicking:-

Ko Ou Ken
d,df,f+P or S
Damage: 20/30/45
Hits: 1
The P version travels a shorter distance than the S version.  If the projectile 
is at the end of its path then it explodes giving more damage. If you hold the 
button that you executed it with the projectile will explode in a larger 
diameter which means improved range and more ass kicking damage.  The explosion 
also knocks down!

Kuuchuu Ko Ou Ken
Jump then d,df,f+S
Damage: 20/30
Hits: 1
When the projectile is near the ground it explodes and when it hits the opponent 
it knocks down (usually you hit the opponent on the shin when standing). You can 
cancel into this move after any jumping attack.

f,d,df+P or S
Damage: 25, 25/30, 20, 20 (50/70)
Hits: 2/3
If Koho is done with P it gives 2 hits but doesn't knock down. If Koho is done 
with S it does 3 hits and knocks down. Perfect as an anti air!

Zan Retsu Ken
Damage: 55
Hits: 21
You can catch your opponent on the ground or in the air with this one. Use this 
move for major ass kicking! Mr. Karate, with his awesome speed and power, will 
do a barrage of jabs in hyperspeed which results in lifting the opponent off the 
ground. Afterwards he will do an uppercut and then hit the opponent with a 
strong punch straight to the guts which results into a quick roll across the 
screen. Looks painful and really kicks ass! Warning!!! Opponents' internal 
organs might be arranged and rearranged during this ass kicking!

Kyokugen Ryuu Renbu Ken
Damage: 55
Hits: 5
This starts out with an overhead, if it connects Mr. Karate will do a 5 hit 
combo ending in a launcher that knocks down giving an opportunity for more ass 

Shichou Ken
Damage: 30/68
Hits: 1
A kick ass counter for Mr. Karate. First off he will extend his palm forward and 
pulls his other hand back making a fist. If he is hit during this animation he 
will counter it with a straight punch to the guts. After the impact he will fold 
his arms and says "doujinsei" (or something that sounds like it). Next thing you 
know the opponent will suffer an exploded gut and will be knocked down! If Mr. 
Karate is left alone he will hit you in the guts anyway. When the counter hits a 
jumping opponent (example: if you counter a jumping attack) the opponent will 
only suffer the normal damage instead of the explosion. Either way it kicks ass!

Hien Shippu Kyaku
d,df,f+K (2x)
Damage: 30, 29
Hits: 1/2
You can repeat this move twice, also a perfect follow-up to launchers and the 
Renbu Ken.

Ass Kicking Extreme:-

Haoh Shou Kou Ken (flashing red life bar)
Damage: 100/122
Hits: 1
You can also do this in the air but it takes less damage than when you do it on 
the ground. Mr. Karate will suddenly charge up energy and release it in a large 
fiery ball. The opponent will suffer a quick trip across the screen. Warning! A 
burn unit will be necessary on the site of the fight.

You're Screwed!:-

Ryuuko Ranbu (Overdrive Ass-kicking)
Damage: 180
Hits: 22
Another name for this is "you're screwed ass-kicking." Mr. Karate will first 
cross his arms in front of his face to charge up the overdrive power then 
suddenly will dash towards the direction he is facing. If the opponent happens 
to be in that direction and is not blocking (and also standing, not jumping) 
then Mr. Karate will turn to phase 2: the "you're screwed mode!" Mr. Karate will 
execute a barrage of punches and kicks. Furthermore he will suddenly execute a 
punching bag style ass kicking resulting with the opponent being stunned and 
dizzy. The last phase of the ass kicking is the Haoh Shou Kou Ken, and finally 
he will either go back into his regular fighting stance or do his winning stance 
(the latter is more likely). Congratulations, you have just cruelly kicked your 
opponent's ass! Warning! This move will make your opponent wish there's an "I 
quit" button. Schweet!

Ass Kicking Combos:-

1. Jumping S, Standing S (2x), then do whatever the hell you want! (please see 
the letters for followup moves and total # of hits).
   a) Ko Ou Ken (4 hits)
   b) Zan Retsu Ken (24 hits)
   c) Shichou Ken (4 hits)
   d) Koho with P or S (5 or 6 hits)
   e) Hien Shippu Kyaku (5 hits)
   f) Ryuuko Ranbu (25 hits)
2. Kyokugen Ryu Renbu Ken, then do whatever the hell you want! (same concept as 
   a) Ko Ou Ken (6 hits)
   b) Zan Retsu Ken (26 hits)
   c) Shichou Ken (6 hits)
   d) Koho with P or S (7 or 8 hits)
   e) Hien Shippu Kyaku (7 hits)
3. Jumping S, Standing P, Standing K, then pick one of three below
   a) Koho with P or S (5 or 6 hits)
   b) Zan Retsu Ken (26 hits)
   c) Hien Shippu Kyaku (5 hits)
4. Jumping S, Haoh Shou Kou Ken (in air)

Combo Notes:-
-The Jumping S for combo 1 should be timed just right before Mr. Karate lands 
from a jump so that the standing S will be able to combo.
-The Jumping S for combo 4 should be timed also but differently. This combo is 
intended to be an air combo. If you land with the Jumping S you will cancel into 
Haoh Shou Kou Ken while still in the air. The opponent always tries to recover 
if hit by a normal move in the air. After the recover the fireball will be on 
its way and the opponent will land on it. Even though it doesn't register in the 
combo counter the opponent cannot block the Haoh Shou Kou Ken if it is timed 
right. This will take some practice. Who says Street Fighter characters are the 
only ones that can do air combos?! =)

The Colors of Mr. Karate:-

Pick Mr. Karate with K: Orange Gi with black shirt and blond hair.
Pick Mr. Karate with Plane shift button: Red gi with black shirt and grey hair.


Mr. Karate (like everyone) has 2 taunts. In the first taunt Mr. Karate stands up 
straight and then motions his hand towards his opponent to "come here" and says 
"Ora Ora!" ("Alright Alright!") In the second taunt Mr. Karate slams his foot 
down and motions his hand the same way as the first taunt and instead says 
"Doushita Doushita!" ("What's wrong, What's wrong!?). There is a condition to 
get the second taunt. To get the second taunt you must have more than 1/2 the 
energy your opponent has, and have won more rounds than that of your opponent. 
Another way of getting the second taunt is to do a devastating combo (like S,S, 
Ryuuko Ranbu). When you press P+K you will get the second taunt instead of the 
first one (this condition applies to all the characters in Wild Ambition).

Win Poses:-
Like in KOF '97 and KOF '98 characters in Wild Ambition can also pick their win 
poses by holding the button desired after defeating the opponent when the round 
is over.

With P: Like in the KOF and Art Of Fighting games Mr. Karate (Ryo) crosses his 
arms then spreads them saying (Oooah!)
With K: Crosses his arms, shakes his head then says something in Japanese.
With S: Does 2 punches then slams his fists together creating an energy burst.
With Plane Shift: He examines the opponent then nods his head in approval of 
kicking his opponents's ass.

Opening Poses:
Vs. everyone: Mr. Karate starts off facing away from his opponent then turns 
around, kicks off his getas then resumes in his normal fighting stance.

Vs. Geese: Mr. Karate motions his hand across his own face and then says 
something in Japanese. Basically he said he's gonna kick his ass!

How to get Mr. Karate:-
It's really simple to get this ass kicking machine. All you need to do is to 
beat the game with any character without losing a round. If you fulfill this you 
will encounter a new challenger message with kanji writing in the background 
after beating Geese Howard. Guess what, you're fighting the ass kicking machine 
himself. If you beat Mr. Karate he will be in the bottom right corner of the 
character select screen. If you want to get him in the shortes time just set the 
round options to 1 then set the difficulty to level 1.

Other fun stuff:-

Kiryoku Juujitsu
Hold P+K+S
Guess what. Like in KOF and AOF 1 Mr. Karate can charge his power meter! He is 
the only character that can do this! Although this doesn't charge your power 
meter fully. It only charges it 3/4 full. So if you're power meter says danger 
you'll have to charge it twice. Just remember, when you're power meter is full 
don't do this move or you'll do the Heat Blow instead.

Beat 'em up after the round is over:-
Yup you can do that too. All you have to do is finish the opponent with the 
first hit of the Ryuuko Ranbu. After the flash Mr. Karate will do the whole 

Mid Boss: Raiden
Mr. Karate looks at Raiden and says "Ora Ora!"
Boss: Geese Howard (naturally)
Ending: He looks at Geese Howard's body lying on the floor with a neutral face 
then looks up seeing Terry Bogard running. Terry Bogard apparently is too late 
for kicking Geese's ass but Mr. Karate smiles and challeges Terry. Terry and Mr. 
Karate both enter in their own fighting stances (unfortunately you cannot play 
this match).

Copyright Klenboy 1999

This FAQ is for personal use only. If you want to use part or all of this FAQ 
just please give credit where it's due. Thank you.

Author's Thanks:-

SNK for making kick ass games!

Kao Megura for the move names.