Additional Cinematics byEquinoxe
Additional VoicesGeoff Hoff
Additional VoicesPartricia Ayame Thomson
Animation DirectorTheodore Warnock
Art DirectorPakin Liptawat
Backgrounds DesignedPakin Liptawat
Characters DesignedJohn Paik
Cinematic ArtistAlvin Chung
Cinematic ArtistJoan Igawa
Cinematic ArtistJoseph Lampone Jr.
Cinematic ArtistMike Latschislaw
Cinematic ArtistStan Liu
Cinematic ArtistTakashi Morishima
Creative Director (Eidos)Sutton Trout
Design Consultant (Eidos)Phil Campbell
Effects SupervisorStan Liu
Executive ProducerSandy Abe
Game designerScott J. Compton
Game designerChristian Dailey
Game designerJohn Zuur Platten
Lead AnimatorFrancis Co
Lead Character ArtistJoan Igawa
Lead ProgrammerMichael Fernie
Lead QAScott Gottlieb
Music and Sound EffectsJason Agolia
Music and Sound EffectsMatt Furniss
Producer (Eidos)Tom Marx
ProductionAnthony Lagunzad
ProductionDana Taing
ProductionHorace Ting
Production DesignerJohn Paik
ProgrammerMohamed Asaduzzman
ProgrammerHiep Dam
ProgrammerFeng Hu
ProgrammerSteve Shimizu
Story byStan Liu
Story byJohn Zuur Platten
Voice of DekeAnthony Delongis
Voice of GlasMiguel Marcott
Voice of HanaElyse Dinh
Voice of JinRob Monroe
Voice of Madame ChenKathie Barnes
Voice of Wee MingJulie Schaller
Voice of Yim LauRob Monroe
World ArtistJose Aello
World ArtistAlessandra Spanu Cei
World ArtistKelvin Chan
World ArtistDavid Menkes
World ArtistJusuf Santoso
World ArtistYenson Soetanto
World ArtistAnthony G. Vasquez
Written and DirectedJohn Zuur Platten


Data and credits for this game contributed by odino, KFHEWUI, Shotgunnova, Ubersuntzu, Cosmic!, Blueberry Buttface, oliist, and Doumah.

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