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Fear Effect FAQ
by KogaNinja42

Update: 3/3/00
-I got a ton of emails asking me about the vase puzzle before you enter
Madam Chen’s room. Most of them concerning people not confirming
there entry after each selection. But never the less I have gone through
the guide separated stuff so it’s much easier to read, and as well
made some of the puzzles a little more detailed to help you guys out.

-I completed the game, so I have provided you all with a full walkthrough
of the game. All is there except the best ending, once I beat the game on
hard I will fill it in. But for now there is plenty to go on for you to get
4 out of the 5 endings.

This is a simple and basic walkthrough of Fear Effect, I m not going to
cover anything else but a quick step by step guide of the game....cut and
dry I got nothing else to say =)

(1) Disc 1 
(2) Disc 2
(3) Disc 3
(4) Disc 4
(5) Copyright
(6) Contact info

(1) DISC 1:

The Lam Building: Area 1:
Enemies: 3
Items: Fuse, handgun clips

Right as you begin your on the helipad as Hana hit the switch on wall, run
around the corner and follow the terrace’s winding path take out the
enemies. Make sure to position you handgun so you can see the green cross
hairs on your screen. Also make sure you press triangle to pick up the
dropped handgun clips. When you get to small little cabin type thing
examine the glass window and shoot it out. Climb inside, pick up the fuse
and press the switch. And then head back out. Climb the ladder move over
and release the gas crank  which will kill the enemies on the other side.
Go  back out climb down the ladder on the other side and pick up the gate
key. Move forward and use the key on the gate.  

The Lam Building: Area 2:
Enemies: 6-8
Items: Locker 67 key, handgun, uzi

Kill the guard pick up the red card key. Make sure to save using your
cellular phone, check the computer panel to see Jin getting pummeled and
drop the locker 67 key, you can not open those lockers yet so don’t
worry. Head through the door. Sneak and kill the back-turned guard and then
get ready  to take out the other in front of him, grab the ammo and the uzi
take the winding path, dont worry about the lift right now and keep going
around the terrace until you get to a group of enemies standing on blue
grid platforms, this is when things get tricky. Crouch and kill the guy
who’s 1st on locked target. Change to uzi and mow down the pack to
the best of your ability, it’s challenging so make sure to use the
strafe and back roll. Once that is done keep going and get the locker 67

The Lam Building: Area 3:
Items: 2nd handgun, blue card key

Head back to where you saw the footage of Jin getting beaten on and use the
locker 67 key to get the blue key card and the 2nd handgun. Then head back
to where you before going down the ramp, equip both handguns and fire away
at the 2 enemies at the end of the ramp. Go down and put fuse in the box
with green light. That will send a shock charge through that blue gridded
area. Make sure to kill the guy around the corner from the fuse box
blocking the door.

The Lam Building: Area 4:
Go back up to the blue gridded area and carefully go from the right square
to the next right square and then to the left. Keep going and take the lift
down. Pick up the wire cutters from the control panel. Keep moving
disposing of any guards and into the blue key carded door. (cut scene) Use
the wire cutters on Jin and diffuse the bomb by selecting the orange switch
and then cut the red and yellow wires. Then select the purple switch and
cut red and blue wires. The hit the green switch and cut the yellow and
blue wires. Whew....after that head out the door and backtrack to the door
which you couldn’t open and place Jin’s bomb on there and send
it off exploding. Go through the door and head all the way back to where
you first killed the guy whom you got the uzi from and go down the ladder.
Once down there save and take out the guards on the terrace keep going to
the little alcove room and onto a boss fight.

 Run around him as much as possible, make sure to stand out in the open
sometimes giving him the chance to get ready to fire, right before he
starts run out of the way and run behind him while he’s reloading and
shoot him. Repeat this pattern using the 2 sectors to your advantage.

Lam Building: Area 5:
Enemies: 0
Items: Sign key

Use the sign key dropped from the boss and use it on the panel he was
toying around w/ in the beginning of the fight. This puzzle is pretty
simple, go back out of the room and examine the Chinese character letters
on the neon sign. Remember them and put them in on the little panel and
starting from left to right hit x to light them up. Grab the disc and head
back to where you last saved by the ladder (cut scene)

Take Glas and investigate the switch (cut scene) after the explosion head
around the flames and towards the ladder and climb up, now you might think
your outta the clearing but there is one more obstactable. The helicopter
is still hovering around and is over that little hut. Climb the ladder but
don’t go all the way up wait till it stops shooting then quickly run
across and down the ladder. After another incident grab the pipe from the
wreckage and use it on the gas tank. Step back a little and take a shot at
it. Look down (cut scene)

Run from the guard and pick up the knife in the middle of the room run
around the guard get close to him, crouch and slice at him till he’s
done. Pick up his rifle and head out the room and kill the guard, and then
dispose of the other 2 on the terrace. And back out the way ya came in (cut

Take Glas to the center of the pipes, obviously wait ‘till there not
red. Get to the middle turn the valve and then head back out to the right
most pipe and then to the next pipe, keep an eye on the pattern of the
pipes as they heat up. Head to up and right until you get to a long
straight pipe head on to that and veer off to the right and save. Then back
on to the straight pipe and forward.

This guy is pretty easy run all the way forward and shoot at the hanging
Chinese paper for it to get stuck in the copter’s engine. Then head
all the way to the left and shoot the other hanging paper. (cut scene)

Keep moving on and head out the door and save. Equip your 2 handguns and
take out the 2 guards, keep going veer left don’t go through the fire
rimmed door yet. Shoot at another 2 guards and pick up the rifle. Now go
through the fire rimmed door and take out the huge pack of guards. Head up
the ramp save and keep going take out another guard. And then another 2
guards by the lift. Keep going and down the ladder (cut scene) 

While Glas takes out the guards have Hana shoot at the copter. When it
winds around to the left pick up the 2 ammo clips and keep firing till the
gunner dies. (cut scene)

Have Glas run down the terrace and he’ll automatically jump aboard.
NOTE: When you get to the end it will say “USE” in the lower
right hand corner. Press triangle.
-FMV footage, new character is added to your party - End Disc 1-

(2) Disc 2:

Right as disc 2 starts we are greeted with a shower scene complimentary
from Hana. Right when the action begins your given a save marker an 2
zombies. Take out the zombies and proceed forward. You’ll find
another batch just take em out or run around them. 

Equip Deke with 2 firearms and move ahead (cut scene) when the guy in the
hut is taken out, proceed to abolish the 2 zombies with some 2 pistol
action. (you can tell already Deke is going to be one of those cool
characters =) 

Save with Glas and then take the path forward. Watch the pattern of the
erupting flames (Glas seems to always get stuck in “hot”
situations.)  Pay close attention to the pattern move at your own pace but
not so much where your taking too much time because the flames are timed.
Continue to move forward.


Take Hana past the walkway and veer left until you get to a small hut, take
out the zombies and pick up the po mon key he dropped. Go back to the fork
and veer the other path. Make sure to take out some zombies so they
don’t interfere when your opening the door. The door of which is
further down the path requires the po mon key. Go in and talk to the old
woman. Pick up the 2nd handgun by the corpse on your way out the back door.
Sneak up on the 2 guards and use those 2 handguns on them. Pick up the ammo
and take a right on to the pier type boardwalk. Continue going and take out
the next few guards. When you get to a dead end and cut scene occurs and
the guard has you drop your guns..when it gets back to gameplay cycle
through your inventory and select wet towel..you can only guess what
happens from here. Deke comes up and snaps the guys neck...eh I don’t
think I’d mind seeing that as my last thing in the world =)

In the warehouse guards are swarming so keep a low profile and loop around
from where you stand. Take out the couple guards there is and go all the
way down to the save marker. After that head to the center of the warehouse
up the ramp and veer off the right and take out the guards, get the ammo.
Then head left. There is yet another pack of guards make sure to be precise
this can be a little tricky. Once that is done head all the way down and
into the open train car door. (cut scene) 
This guy is a piece of cake. He may not seem like it at first, but he has
an easy technique. Hide behind the boxes on the right. Crouch ready the
left roll and trigger button. Once he’s done with his little shooting
ram paid he’ll move behind the boxes and re-cooperate. Once he does
this make your move roll out and wait for him to come out take one small
rifle burst at his chest, then quickly move out of the way. Repeat this
pattern and he’s finished. 

Take the new weapon and head out with the red card key. Use it on the small
panel box in front of you. Turn off all 3 power switches, select a power
bar and place it on the power slot in the middle column, in that same
column place the other power bar on lock 3. This will unlock the ladder. To
bring the ladder down place a power bar on the power section on the first
column and the other power bar on the ladder section. When the ladder is
released climb it. Follow the path on the metal bars. Masked Chinese
assassin type guys show up, dispose of them as you move along they are not
to difficult. Make sure to keep moving in a straight path if you veer off a
little Deke will plummet to his death.


Glas has a nice little chit chat wit Wee Ming, once that is over head
forward and take out the zombies.

Equip your knife and go off to the right crouch and sneak up and kill the
guard. Don’t make any noise are the 2 other guards from the other
path will come after you. Take the ammo and proceed to the other path kill
the 2 guards take there ammo. And then move on heading back to the hut
where you first met the old woman, killing the 2 guards on  the way. Head
back out through the shack killing the zombies take the path to the small
burning hut , kill the Chinese masked assassins and get the ammo, kill the
zombie and get the xi mon key. Head back to the hut w/ the old lady and
proceed down the path you killed the guy with the knife with before. Keep
going down the walkway, don’t kill the zombie lying on the ground or
you’ll alarm the guard. Go forward and shoot the guard and the
zombies. Use the key on the cabin dead head. This is a bit of a buffet of
bullets here cause there is a ton of Chinese masked assassins and zombies
heading your way. Take them all out and collect the ammo and the train key.
Head out and use the xi mon key on the cabin forward and on Hana’s
left. Kill the guard and the Chinese masked assassin pick up the ammo head
all the way back tot he train. Use the train key and step in. There is a
small puzzle here on the wall to get the train started. Examine it and
punch in the following code.

Puzzle access code:
After you set up 4N2B on the first row remember to confirm it by pressing x.

1st set: 4N2B

2nd set: 422C

3rd set: 8000

(cut scene)

Take out the 2 guards (cut scene) Immediately start running or the fire
will catch up with you and then your a goner. Keep running (cut scene)

Take Glas into the train wreckage and take out the 2 guards, where they are
climb up the wreckage and move on picking up any ammo. Keep moving forward
until your to an area with sand and a jeep. A whole onslaught of guards
come running in mow them down with your rifle, pick up the ammo and the
truck key. Approach the truck and use the key

(End disc cut scene)
-End Disc 2-

(3) Disc 3:

This is a tad on the difficult side. Take Glas forward and over to the
cabinet and pick up the cooking oil. Then move over and select use,
don’t use the cooking oil, just smash the vase. That will alert the
guard, he doesn’t come yet but you gotta move fast. Go to the middle
of the room on to a square in between 2 sewer vents. Poor the cooking oil
on that square. The guard will come in and begin to aim and shoot. Keep
crouching and rolling all over the room out of his fire eventually
he’ll slip and fall on the cooking oil. Take the ammo and exit the
room. A guard is passing by take him out from behind and pick up the 2nd
handgun move forward to the door. (cut scene)

Deke’s got quite an obstacle to pass by, but it’s nothing too
big. The easiest way to maneuver around it is to step on the 3rd glass
plate closest to right wall (from his viewpoint.) and then take 2 glass
plate steps down, then over 2 from where your standing technically 3. Then
down 2, once again technically 3. And then over (technically 3 =) and then
from there move down one plate of glass...ahh home free save and continue
through the door right next to ya.

If Glas dies here it’s a rather humorous animation sequence give it a
try. You just saved before this anyway. Use the crouch method and sneak
past the cooks, wait until both pairs of cooks stop tossing the ball and
then roll really fast past them. On the 2nd cook obviously wait till his
back is fully turned after smashing a cockroach. Then roll and proceed.
I’d had to be rolling on the crap these cooks throw on the floor.
Same goes as the first set of cooks wait until they both have stopped their
little thing and the roll fast past them. Hit the switch and the ceiling
showers will go off. Prepare for a gunfight take out the 2 guard grab the
ammo and continue forward. If you hit this right you can hit the pan and
the hot oil will go in the guards face making this an easy fight, pick up
the shotgun and move to the left into the storage room and save, head back
out and into the dining room expose of the few guards there are with your
shiny new shotgun and then head straight for the main door to greet Hana
(cut scene)

Move Hana across the dining room taking out the couple guards and into the
storage room where you saved, slip into something a little more
comfortable. Ahh now isn’t that much better Hana. Save and then take
Hana across the hall to the door take out the guards first though. Once
inside make your way up the stairs and veer to Hana’s right down a
long stretched hallway don’t mind the guards. The first door you can
go in but there is nothing special for ya right yet. Keep going down the
hall into the 2nd door meet up with Deke. (cut scene)

Take Deke across the hall from the stairs where you came up from
eliminating any guards on the way. Go into the door across the stairs and
take the coin from the dresser. Now remember the room before I spoke of
that you didn’t need anything from before, now go there and go to the
little puppet stand in the back of the room and put the coin in. This
puzzle requires you to place the moves in a sequential dance order. 
Starting with 2nd column select the bottom move, then select the 2nd move
from the 1st column, and then the 1st move from the 2nd column, then the
middle move from the second column and then the bottom move from the 1st
column. Once this is done a trap door opens take Deke through and go
forward through the door, take out the guards and go through the unlocked
double doors and save. Then head out go the the singular brown door next to
the hallway and get the elevator key. Take that hallway down and shoot the
guard and use the elevator. Go across into the small room and pick up the
wrench head downstairs and into the room get as close as possible to the
steam pipes without getting hit and use the wrench. Once this is done pick
up madam  room key and head back to the elevator and take it. Once back get
ready for a huge onslaught of guards, take them all out and use the key on
the main door that was locked. (cut scene)

Prepare Glas for a full fledged attack from some punk ass guards. Clean
house and pick up the ammo. Head to the door and up the stairs from where
Hana and Deke were. Take a right and head for the purple door find the
guard lurking around, take him out and grab the ammo and the lounge key.
Now use the lounge key on the purple door. Take out the 2 guards and grab
the goodies dropped. Now enter through the singular door on the left of you
when you enter through the lounge. Talk to the girl (cut scene)

This guy is pure pain in the ass. crouch and dodge but not even that does
total justice considering he’s shooting from the floor. He will fire
continuously with his pistols in a certain pattern from one side of the bed
to the other, keep an eye on that pattern. He’ll peak out from the
bed at one side that’s when you gotta take your shot, use the shotgun
to make short work of him.

After that a rather shocking and disappointing cut scene occurs...poor Glas

Move into the room near Hana where you pick up the white vase. Now head
down he hall to the door across from the stairs in there kill the guard and
snag the lounge key. Now head for the lounge. Once there head into the
double doors opposite the room and kill the guards as you go through the
hallway. When you get to a water fountain exhibit, use the white vase and
get the flowers, now head back out killing the guards and getting the ammo
and the office key. Head back out in the lounge and use the office key on
the singular door. Take the elevator down in there head out into the main
hall and kill the guard. Move into the double brown doors and go over to
the cabinet and get the black vase, also save and then head out. Outside
the door to Madam Chen’s there is a small puzzle.

Vase puzzle:
Al right considering all you folk have been having some trouble on this
paticualr puzzle, I m gonna make sure you don’t leave without knowing
exactly what to do. Ok, lets start by placing the white vase on the left
and the black vase on the right.  Al right now if you look on the prints on
the door you’ll notice that there pictures of flowers on each door.
But considering I am going to give you the answer ya don’t have to
waste the time. Al right move over to the white vase and select fresh
sunflowers, make sure to confirm you entry by pressing x. Now move over to
the black vase and select wilted lilies and confirm. There you should now
be able to enter on in.

Once you enter in another cut scene occurs. (cut scene) Right about now the
sh*t has pretty much made impact on the fan =) this is not good and those
little zombies sluts are roaming everywhere. To the best of your ability
get your butt outta there and downstairs into the kitchen, it’s hard
running from these guys so just keep shooting. When down in the kitchen
head into the storage room and save your game and change. That is after you
take out another zombie chick. Get the meat locker key and head out and use
it on the double silver doors.

Meat Locker:
(cut scene) You’ll all of a sudden here a buzzing sound, like a buzz
saw!! oh no. Pick up the shotgun and wrap around the hanging meats until
you hear the saw getting louder and then enter through the door. (cut scene)

Boss ( Madam Chen)
She’s not nearly as tough as you might think she is. Fight off the
zombie chicks and pick up the small paper dolls they drop. This part is
kinda tricky flip through your inventory and use the paper doll he defense
will be down, when this happens hurry up and take out the shotgun and fire
off a few rounds at her. Keep moving around doing this and your all set.

(End cut scene)
-End disc 3-

(4) Disc 4:

Starting out on a small rock structure in the surrounded by a black type
ooze is no fun. This is one of those timed movements so watch the pattern
of the erupting rocks and make a dash for it when you feel comfortable. The
best route to take is go over to right side area and move on to rock when
it appears in front of you and move forward to the next rock that appears,
stay on it wait until the rock in front of you appears and disappears and
the reappears then hop on it and round the corner onto the next rock and
then ashore. Move forward with your guns equipped, it’s too quiet
ain’t it?...keep going until you get to a small village. 

A few floating ghost type things will come forward take them out and get
your first paper ammo clips. Go into the right most hut and save your game.
Then out go all the way to the left and watch the lighting hit the small
kennel and create a fire.After that head over to where you saved and take
that right path down a bridge and veer left off the bridge see the little
girl running into the room, you can go in but there’s no purpose
right now. It’s basically a really really creepy version of a
child’s playroom and frankly I soiled myself in fear when I saw it =)
Go to one of the long pipe type things sticking out of the ground with
smoke rimmed around a small lit fire. When you approach them it says use.
Here you can use the paper ammo and turn it into real ammo. Once you have
done that move forward on the path next to the bridge. Here there is a huge
group of those floating guys take them out and pick up the ammo and paper
gate. Head all the way back to where lightning struck and use the paper
gate on that, the red gate past the bridge has now burned away. Head that
way. However it won’t be easy there is an onslaught of Chinese masked
assassins. Take them out the best ya can unloading on their asses. I
suggest saving over by the child’s play room. Only cause I am an
impulsive saver =) 

Now head to that burned away gate and through it forward pick up the paper
assault rifle keep going  until you see Madam Chen against a tree like
structure. Be luck you don’t have to fight her, take the doll she
gives you and head back to the child’s room changing the paper ammo
and gun into real ammo on the way and taking out the floating guy and the

Give the doll to the young Hana and listen to her ending clue to solve the

Child room puzzle:
NOTE: The answer codes may be random, I m pretty sure they are not,  but if
they are can someone email me whoever got a different code for this puzzle.
This puzzle is pretty tough you have to line up the ages with the tally
marks according to the clues given from Hana at different ages and the
scriptures on the wall. The young Hana says “As a child we flowered
like a branch under the rain” starting on dial 5 move the 5 tally
mark under the five and then a 1 under the five make sure to press x to
confirm.  After that a 18 yr. old Hana appears saying “In youth, our
beauty attracted the desire of many men” now concentrating on the
dial labeled 18 put the 2 tally mark there, click confirm and then move the
5 tally mark under it and confirm it twice.  Then a middle aged Hana shows
up and says “In adulthood, we marry and give birth to many
children.” Now go to the 35 dial and punch in 1 and then the 5 tally
mark. And then finally a 88 yr. old Hana appears saying “In death,
our withered body crumbles into bone and dust. Now you must punch in the
tally 4, 4, 3 and then a 2.

If your still stuck, try these hints:
-Talk to whatever Hana is standing there, listen to what she says. When she
is a young 18 Hana saying “In youth, our beauty attracted the desire
of many men”  with that look on the wall for key words she says in
that sentence.

-Look at the wall with writing on it next to Hana. (like mentioned above.
It says the following.

(1)Merry, fear, branch, hate
(2)Tear, dust, story, youth
(3)Storm, consume, bone, blood
(4)Death, alone, body, distance
(5)Birth, beauty attracted, flowered

-Notice how under youth under 2, and then beauty, and attracted are under 5
all these words were contained in what Hana said. With that, you will
notice you have collected the numbers 2 and 5, now you move the 2 under the
18, and press x and then move the 5 under 18 and press x. 

Head back to Madam Chen and give her the stone scroll (cut scene) Fight off
the floating guys, and now take the tree branch she gave you all the way
past the villages and burn it where you burned the gate paper. Now you have
a lit branch head back past the fire to that back path where there is a
faint gold colored torch, lite that with the branch then head to the path
as if you were going back to the child’s room and lite the torch by
the right most hut, and then the third one at the bottom of the bridge. Now
head up the bridge to the gray double doors. (cut scene) take out the
assassins and then get out of there. Take the paper gate key he gave you
and burn it in the bonfire and go up the hill. When you reach the huts take
the first hut where the key appeared take out the floating guy and grab the
key and ammo. Now head all the way to the child’s room area past that
to the Chinese double doors and use the gate key. (cut scene)

What a trooper Glas is eh =) use the save marker and then continue
forward...oooh creepy. When you get to a fork head down the left path from
there go through the Chinese writing doors and take out the 2 floating guys
(come on that’s no fair the guy has only 1 arm for chripesakes!)
Continue forward until it’s a dead end there pick up the moon key.
Use the moon key on the right path at the fork and follow Deke. (watch a 
funny cut scene) and then fight off the floating demons. Now go back into
where Deke was again and once more fight off some floating demons and move
forward. Investigate the dragon of fire and then move forward save and go
down the vines. Kill the demon dogs then move on and investigate the dragon
of earth and heaven and then pick up the sun key in between them. Now head
back to where you came in from the moon door and use the sun key on the
other door which is up a small ramp next to the moon door.

Inside there are some floating demons take them out and investigate the
dragon statue. Now head in the direction of the earth and heaven dragon
statues and go up the vines, move on past the erupting rocks, just stay
close to the right hand side and it’s no problem,  use the save
marker at your will and then climb down the vines. Investigate the mirror
and then move on. 

Dragon puzzle:
This puzzle is pretty easy you have to walk on the tablets that represent
the order of the elemental dragons in the mirror. The order is Mountain,
Heave, Water, Water, Earth, Water, Fire, Heaven, and then Earth.

Once you know the order look at the symbols on the tablets and then take
that path.

Once across take the stone sword and then head all the way back to the fork
at the beginning of the area. Use the stone sword on the dragon that sits
in the middle. Use the save and then move on.

Boss (Deke)
I know I know Deke was a cool guy but for some reason he has that slight
touch of evil that would eventually make him turn against our good pal
Glas.  This fight can be pretty difficult, pay close attention to the
stones Deke consumes w/ water.  Do  a lot of rolling and dodging from left
to right.

Take out the assassins move forward and talk with the other brother and get
the other half of the willow tree, once he leaves pick up the
crank..cough..Resident Evil..cough =) Exit and take out the assassins and
move toward the childs room passed it fight off the floating demons now
head all the way to the bonfire and passed it a little and use the crank on
the well (cut scene)

You can’t do anything here so wait till the cut scene kicks in)

Continue down the path past all the way to the dead end and investigate the
map and place the items that you have where you got them from. Pretty
simple. (cut scene)

Disc 2:
DISC 2!!! yes..disc 2..it’s weird but put disc 2.

This puzzle is not as tough as it looks, take the paper doll and put it in
the furnace type thing and then get ready to take on some enemies. Now go
around standing on the blinking yellow Chinese letters  where it says use,
and basically do a process of elimination of the either, the stone scroll,
the eye, ect..

Once all this is done you will see a rather shocking cut scene and then are
given the choice of either Glas or Hana. (note: Each ending you will have
to fight a boss)

The Five Different Endings:
Choosing Hana:
If you choose Hana you will be put into a fight, take out demons that jump
around which will eventually drop paper money. Pick it up and put it in the
torch. You must do this about 3 times. So keep rolling out of the blue
beam’s way.

Hana Fails:
Hana doesn’t die, but this is the crappy ending

Choosing Glas:
This is kinda easy, but then again kinda tough while Wee Ming sit in the
center you got little demon flying everywhere take them out with the ammo
you go and then go for Wee Ming. If you run out of ammo, which will happen
mind you. Take the ammo they dropped and bring it over to the torches and
make real ammo but do it fast or the demons will come at you. Use the
remaining ammo to finish off the demons and Wee Ming.

Glas Fails:
Glas doesn’t die, but once again this is the crappy ending.

Everyone Succeeds:
Play the game on hard mode. This is obviously the best ending, however I
just beat the game on normal. I will update this FAQ when I complete the
game on hard to fill you in more.

This guide should in now way be reprinted in magazines, books or  posted on
web pages without my approval. You can use this guide. However once again,
you must notify me and ask my permission and give me full credit. Thanks
and enjoy.

Contact Info:
You can contact me through email at Jubei42@xfilesfan.com or
RExtreme42@the-lair.com. I have AIM so if you wanna catch me online reach
me @  Alucard2222 or my other screen name is stealthninjax42.

Ok, soon I will be getting a Fear Effect web site up and running. But for
now visit 2 other sites I work heavily on.

An excellent source for everything Playstation, I write reviews (I am head
reviewer) and my staff name is Nightstalker42

One of the best Resident Evil sites around, I am the chief editor and write
most of character, info , editorials and what not content. Check it out.