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Created: 11th July, 1997.
Runabout: Mission Descriptions
Written by: Vincent Liu(cl678@torfree.net)

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GAME:           RUNABOUT

Again I make no claims as to knowing everything.  If you think something
is wrong or have information to add let me know.


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        -Missions (Courses)
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Copyright and Disclaimer Notice
This is were I give out the "SHOUTS" to all the amazing guys and gals
at Climax & Yanoman Games for bring out this cool game.

Missions (Courses)

This is what I found so far. There are probably more short-cuts and
secrets but I haven't found them out yet.


Your mission is retrieve all the items in Chinatown first and make it to
the end before the time runs out. This course is tough at first, but once
you find the shortest paths to each item the rest is easy.

Chinatown -     This is were you will encounter all the items. The best
                way to retrieve all the items is to first start out
                travelling to the furtherest road were there are two police
                cruisers blocking the road. Avoid if you can cuz you'll save
                time instead of positioning your car after you hit the cop
                cars. Travel until you retrieve the first item and make a
                right turn.  You'll see the other item and travel back down
                to retrieve the other item.  Once you have picked up the
                third item make a left turn and run through the mall. Once
                you've passed through the mall make a right and retrieve
                the item on the left.  Make a dash afterwards to the north
                right corner of Chinatown to retrieve the last item. This is
                were you can save some time. IF you are driving any vechile
                besides the MOPED then you'll have to make a U-Turn back and
                travel out of Chinatown. IF you are driving the MOPED you
                will notice that there is a few metal rods sticking out of
                the floor. Pass through this since your MOPED is small enough
                to travel through and go through the small alley and you'll
                end up to the road to the mansion.

Mansion -       Once you have passed the gates go to the right of the
                mansion, since there is no road on the left of the mansion.

Tunnel -        You will encounter a split one that goes left and one that
                goes right.

                Left Tunnel - Is longer but faster with no traffic at all.

                Right Tunnel - Shorter distance but with traffice from
                               both sides.  If you can dodge through all the
                               cars then this is your path.

Hotel -         After the tunnel you are then led up to the hotel. There are
                3 possible ways to get throught this part.

                1) Left - If you make a left you will encounter a tour bus
                          and this will leave you little room to get through.
                          Not a good choice.

                2) Straight - Yup! That's right, Straight!! Bust through the
                              billboard and travel through the lobbies. This
                              is quick but your car will accumulate a lot of

                3) Right - The fastest and safest way.  No obstacles in your
                           way and just make a left at the end to get back
                           on the main road.

Broad Street -  Once you get to this street travel as fast as you can and
                reach the end.


Your mission is to retrieve ONE ITEM from a LIMO.  The LIMO can be seen
travelling the other direction around the GAS STATION.  Hit the LIMO
and you will retrieve the item.  Once you get the item press the pedal
to metal and dash for the finish line.

Route 39 -      This is easy until you hit the toll booths.  On the right
                side the booths are filled up but on the left they are

Split -         This is were you will see either a tanker infront of a small
                street or a path way to the left that leads to the billboard.

                1) The small street has many cars and trucks parked on both
                sides which makes it difficult to get through quickly.

                2) At the entrance of the small street you will notice a
                small wooden bridge like that leads to a billboard. Hit the
                wooden railing on the right and this will lead you down to
                the beach.

                Once you passed either way the street or the beach, you will
                see a bridge to the left.  The bridge may be halfway down or
                standing straight up.  If it's halfway then it is possible
                for a fast car (The RAM at least) to jump the ramp and pass
                the big ass curve.  If it's down then you'll have to take
                the long way around.  My THEORY so far on how to control the
                bridge either up or halfway is the money you accumalate. IF
                you have accumlated over a 1 or 1.5 million the bridge will
                be half down.  The reason is that there is an additional
                car you can get if this mission is passed within the time
                given with $2.5 million.

Gas Station -   This is what is next in line.  You will see that there again
                be two ways you can go, but if you are on pace to beat the
                game then most likely the LIMO will be travelling just by the
                gas station.  So, you will have to stick to the left. Hit
                the LIMO to retrieve the item. From here on you will have two
                choice again either stay to your left or to your right.

Route 24 -      This is were if you stay to your left you will travel a
                longer route. So what you need to do is get your car to
                the right. You will see an entrance with a toll both after
                you have passed an empty lot filled with gas tanks.

End     -       This is were you will have two options again.

                1) After you have made your way through Route 24 and you
                decide to stay to yourright and travel till the end you
                will encounter road blocks and cruisers blocking your way.
                This will slow you down and acculmate massive amounts of
                damage to your vechile.

                2) Once you make it through to the right curve, you will
                notice that there is an opening to your left. This will
                lead you to the an open sewer.  Once you are in you will
                see a metal gate that cannot be broken through it, so you
                must travel either the left or right concrete walls to pass
                it. Once you have passed it you will notice an opening to
                your right, you must exit the sewer in order to pass the

*Hint* If you are trying to get the secret cars by accumlating over
       WAGONS gives you the most cash. 


Mission 3 is only selectable once you have completed MISSIONS 1 & 2.

This mission is tough since there are many possibilities to reach the end.
You will reach a point were there will be three possible items you can
retrieve.  Get one and the others will disappear.  Once you get the item,
again dash for the finish line.

This is what I found to be the shortest way to this mission.

Montavo Street- This is were you will see the 3 flasing items on the bottom
                right of your screen.  Approach the first one and travel to
                the left road that will lead you down.  On the left hand
                side you will see two metal barracades in the middle of the
                brick wall, this is lead you to the SUBWAY!

Subway -        Not to tought, just travel in the tunnels and this will lead
                you to the ERASMUS PASS. If you hit the subway train you
                can get a COoL MILLION!!! Once you get and exit the subway
                there is two paths you can choose.

                1) Make a left on the exit and make another left turn on the
                road and this will lead to the next road.

                2) Make a left on the exit and go through the billboads. This
                will lead you to a jump.  IF you car is fast enough you will
                get a short-cut. IF you fail the jump then you'll end up on
                the same road you would if you choose the first option.

Erasmus Pass -  By this time you will see a split on the road. CHOOSE THE ONE
                ON THE LEFT!! LEFT!!!! Keep travelling left until you see
                the opening on your right to ANOTHER SUBWAY ENTRANCE!!! Again
                this is straight forward, go through it ASAP. Once you exit
                you will see a telephone booth, make the left turn through
                the doors and retrive the last item.  Make a left and travel
                through those doors.

Next Roads -    This is a bunch of turns and twists but there is a shortcut!
                When you get to a point where there is a sign that looks
                like this <<<<< in red meaning a sharp right turn, crash
                through the billboards and you'll end up on a road. Travel
                left and you'll see a brick wall on your left, don't go
                to fast cuz there is a VERY SMALL OPENING in the wall. IF
                your vechile permits it this alley way will lead to the road
                that travels around the lake, so be sure not to go too FAST
                or you'll end up in the lake.  If you do travel till the end
                of the lake and you'll see a road that will lead up to the
                main road.

Centre    -     This is the last part to this stage.  Once you have made
                it in to the entrace of the Centre you will have two options.

                1) Travel through the doors and bust your way through the
                displays and travel through the back doors.

                2) If you are driving the MOPED then go to the extreme right
                of the front of the CENTRE and you'll see this pathway. THis
                is small enough to travel into.  Keep going until there
                is no more and make your way to the end.

                If you choose the 1 option and you have accumlated a lot of
                damage and you don't want to bust through the baracades, then
                travel to the right and there will be a clear path.

*Hint* If you are trying to get the secret cars by accumlating over
       2.5 million the SUBWAY TRAINS gives you a cool million.


Well that's the end. IF you need more info on this game then see FAQ on this
game. It can be located at