Question from iTz_Reaper227

Asked: 4 years ago

On Final Fantasy 6 how do I get Shadow?

I cant remember what it is exactly that you have to do to get him permanently. Help would be appreciated.

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From: KevinDLowe 4 years ago

Shadow is only permanently in ur group in the world of ruin.When u arrive on the Floating Continent which is the last area in the world of balance shadow will join u. After confronting and defeating all bosses on the island a timer starts for u to evacuate the island.When u get to ur airship ur asked if u want to jump or wait.If u jump right away shadow is lost forever but if u WAIT then shadow will show up before the timer ends after he shows up u can jump.Skip to the World of Ruin section of the game u will find shadow at the Cave in the Veldt after beating the Behemoths inside.

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