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Final Fantasy IV: FAQ / Walkthrough
From Final Fantasy Chronicles
v.1.35 by Sailor Bacon <sailor_bacon@hotmail.com>
22 July 2001



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Revision History

v.1.35  Reordered some info. Added more info to the PinkPuff section.
v.1.3   Walkthrough completed.
v.1.25  Walkthrough finished partially through Lunar Subterrane. Added a bestiary and
        updated the info on most bosses.
v.1.2   Walkthrough finished up through gaining Bahamut. Etc.
v.1.15  Walkthrough finished up through the Sealed Cave. All sections of the FAQ updated up
        to this point. Hacked the game with Gameshark to get a full list of weapons, armor,
        items, etc. Added the Random Stuff section.
v.1.1   Walkthrough finished up until the beginning of Cave Eblan. All sections of the
        FAQ updated up to this point.
v.1.05  Walkthrough finished up through right before the Underworld. All sections of the
        FAQ updated up to this point.
v.1.0   Um... everything.

Table of Contents

-Playable Characters
-NPCs and Other Things of Interest
-Main Menu
-Status Ailments
 -Chapter One: Delivery
 -Chapter Two: Search for the Sand Ruby
 -Chapter Three: Defiance and Betrayal
 -Chapter Four: Paladin
 -Chapter Five: Take to the Sky
 -Chapter Six: The Mysterious Crystals
 -Chapter Seven: The Underworld
 -Chapter Eight: The Final Crystal
 -Chapter Nine: The Power of the Moon
 -Chapter Ten: The Final Confrontation
 -Item Duplication
 -Skip the Sealed Cave event
 -PinkPuffs and the Adamant Armor
-Random Stuff
 -Loading Screens
-Final Words


One born of a dragon,
bearing darkness and light,
shall rise to the heavens
over the still land.
Bathing the moon in eternal
light, he brings a promise
to Mother Earth with
bounty and grace.

Well, even with a new translation the Mysidian legend still sounds freakin cool and sets
the stage for arguably the most groundbreaking RPG of all time, Final Fantasy IV. Previously
released in the US as Final Fantasy 2 for the SNES, this game was monumental to the FF
series for being the first to have real time battles. Also, the graphics at the time of its
release were quite breathtaking. But when it came down to it, the characters and the plot
are what made this game the collector item that it is today. With the rerelease, we get to
play Final Fantasy IV: "Hardtype". In Japan, two versions of the game were released. The US
got a version of the easier one released in Japan, with many items and other things missing.
Now we finally get the real deal, with harder enemies and more items to find and other fun
surprises. Not to mention the CG added to the Playstation rerelease. So relax and enjoy the
great Final Fantasy IV as it was truly meant to be played.

Playable Characters

The instruction manual did a great job describing the characters and their specialities, so
I'll just use its descriptions. And unlike other people, I don't plan to write countless
worthless paragraphs of drivel here.

---Cecil: Dark Knight / Paladin---

The main character, commander of Baron Kingdom's fleet of military airships, the Red Wings.
At the king's command, he masters the dark sword, which embodies the power of darkness. He
maintains his humanity, however, and as a dark knight will not allow himself to accept
Rosa's affection. But no one could ever understand the pain and suffering masked beneath
his helmet.

Dark (Dk. Knight) - Damages enemies by sacrificing Cecil's own HP.
Cover (Paladin) - Protects an ally from enemy attack.

---Kain: Dragoon---

Cecil's rival and best friend, who specializes in fighting from the air. Kain comes from a
long line of dragoons and is a master of the spear. In Baron, where most soldiers are
pressured to master the dark sword, he shuns the path of the dark knight and chooses instead
to live as a dragoon. Aloof but compassionate, Kain is a proud warrior who secretly has
feelings for Rosa.

Jump - Avoids attacks by jumping into the air. Upon landing, causes double damage to the

---Rosa: White Mage---

Childhood friend of Cecil and Kain, and the heroine of the story. She follows in the
footsteps of her mother, who once fought for Baron as a white mage. As her mother did for
her father, Rosa studies white magic largely to help Cecil. Although she can be reserved
at times, Rosa has a strong will and an adamant side to her that surprises even Cecil.

White - Casts white magic spells.
Pray - Prays to the heavens to cast Cure1 without consuming MP. (Not guaranteed)
Aim - Raises the accuracy of the bow and arrow.

---Rydia: Summoner---

A girl who once lived peacefully with her mother in the summoners' village, Mist. Like her
mother, she has the magical ability to summon beasts, and can cast black magic and white
magic spells. Her honest, cheerful, and courageous personality lifts the party's spirits
when the going gets rough. (SB: *coughcoughCHEESYcoughcough*)

White - Casts white magic spells.
Black - Casts black magic spells.
Call - Calls summon beasts.

---Cid: Engineer---

Baron's chief airship engineer, who loves the skies and being around young people. Since
he has just one daughter, he treats Cecil like a son.

Study - Scans for enemy weakness and status. (current and maximum HP)

---Edward: Bard---

The prince of the desert kingdom Damcyan. He despises his royal status and prefers to live
in freedom as a wandering bard. An attractive young man (SB: yeah, right) filled with
sadness, his appearance reflects his gentle personality. His soft-heartedness, which stems
from his benevolent nature, may be his downfall.

Sing - Causes various status effects by playing the harp. (Not guaranteed)
Hide - Allows him to escape temporarily from battle.
Heal - Restores HP of all allies by using Potions in the inventory.

---Tellah: Sage---

A powerful sage, renowned even among the highest mages. He controlled powerful magic when
he was younger, but his magic prowess has faded (SB: You know what that's REALLY talking
about, heehee). He seems unfriendly, but is a man of principle. Tellah has a mysterious
connection to the mage kingdom of Mysidia.

White - Casts white magic spells.
Black - Casts black magic spells.
Recal - Recalls a powerful magic. (Not guaranteed)

---Yang: Monk---

Leader of the monks of Fabul. Like many monks, he is polite and taciturn. Beneath his
serene exterior lies an invincible soul. He uses his trademark elemental claws to decimate
his opponents. Rumor has it that his skill is second to none.

Power - Uses "chi" to inflict double damage.
Kick - Damages all enemies.
Bear - Increases defense power. (Same effect as the white magic spell Armor)

---Palom: Black Mage / Porom: White Mage---

Apprentice mages who live in the mage kingdom of Mysidia. Palom studies to be a black mage,
while Porom aspires to be a white mage, both under the guidance of their town elder. They
are twins.

Black (Palom) - Casts black magic spells.
Bluff (Palom) - Temporarily raises the Wisdom stat.
White (Porom) - Casts white magic spells.
Cry (Porom) - Surprises enemies and makes it easier to escape.
Twin (Both) - Casts powerful magic as a team.

---Edge: Ninja---

A prince of the Eblan royal family, which has passed down the secrets and traditions of
ninjutsu for generations. A confident and often brash man, he acts recklessly at times, but
can also be affable and comedic.

Throw - Throws weapons such as shurikens with 100% accuracy.
Steal - Steals enemy items. (Not guaranteed)
Ninja - Uses ninja magic.

---FuSoYa: Magician---

A mysterious individual the characters encounter during their journey.

White - Casts white magic spells.
Black - Casts black magic spells.
Regen - Gradually restores the HP of all allies for a certain amount of time. FuSoYa cannot
        act while the HP of your party are being restored.

NPCs and Other Things of Interest

-Airships: Airships are the preferred mode of transportation from island to island on earth.
 At the beginning, Cecil is in charge of Baron's airship fleet known as the Red Wings. He
 is stripped of that duty early on, but you will still find airships of your own to use. In
 addition to airships, there is also the legendary Lunar Whale that can travel into space...

-Chocobos: Chocobos are birdlike creatures that live in circular shaped forest areas
 scattered in the overworld. There are several different types of chocobos in the game, each
 serving its own unique purpose.
 -Yellow Chocobos: These are the most common chocobo. You can hop onto one of these and
  ride it around. Once you get off of the chocobo, he'll return to where he came from. You
  can't get in a fight while on a chocobo's back.
 -White Chocobos: These are a little bit more rare than the common chocobo, but still are
  found wherever the common ones hang out. Talking to a white chocobo will cause all magic
  users to recover their MP. Use the magic to cure your party then talk to it again so you
  can recover HP and MP.
 -Fat Chocobos: These fat fellows are worshipped by the dwarves in the underworld. If you
  think you smell chocobos, use a Gysahl green to summon one of these guys. They can hold
  extra items that you don't currently need inside their stomachs so that you have more
  room in your small inventory. Later in the game, you'll find a Whistle that can summon
  a fat chocobo to wherever you are. Also, you'll have access to a fat chocobo inside of
  the Lunar Whale (see above).
 -Black Chocobos: A very rare chocobo found in only one region of the overworld. These
  chocobos can actually fly and carry passengers over seas. However, they can only land in
  a forested area. Once the passengers get back onboard the black chocobo, it will return
  to where it came from.

-Namingway: This guy dressed in all yellow is in almost every town. Talk to him to rename
 your characters. He travelled to the earth from the moon.


D-pad: Move character or cursor.
X Button: Accept / talk / choose / etc.
O Button, Select Button: Cancel choice / Dash while held down.
/\ Button: Open menu / Increase by increments of 10 (shops)
R1 Button: Switch party leader on the field.
L1 + R1 Buttons: Run from battle.

Main Menu

Pressing /\ button will bring up this menu. You'll see your characters on the left and a
bunch of options on the right as follows:

-Item: Use an item.
-Magic: Use / view magic of magic using characters.
-Equip: Change the equipment of your characters.
-Status: View pertinent info of your characters. Most are self explanatory, except...
 -Vit: How much your HP goes up when you gain levels.
 -Wis: Black magic power.
 -Will: White magic power.
-Order: Change the order of your characters. (Remember the top one gets attacked most)
-Row: Change row formation (3 back and 2 front / 2 back and 3 front)
-Config: Game options...
 -Mode: Wait (time stops when you choose magic or items) / Active
 -Bat Spd: How fast things happen in battle.
 -Bat Msg: How quickly messages scroll by in battle.
 -Sound: Stereo / Mono
 -Control: Normal / Custom / Single / Multi
 -Cursor: Default / Memory (cursor stays where it was when you reopen a menu)
 -Window: Change the colour of the window with RGB colour.
-Save: Save the game.


Battles are fought in real time using the ATB system. The enemies are on the left side and
you are on the right side (unless the enemy surprises you...). The enemies will be in a
formation with some in the front and some in the back. For both your team and the enemies,
being in the front means that your attacks do more, but you take more damage from enemy
attacks. Being in the back row has the opposite effect. However, with certain weapons (ie
bow and arrow), you can do the same damage from the front and back row.

There are certain choices that all characters have in battle aside from their unique
options, and those are:

-Fight: attack the enemy of your choice.
-Item: Use an item.
-Row (press left): Change from front to back row or vice versa.
-Parry (press right): Raise defense instead of attacking.

Unique options are described in the Playable Characters section. Magic is covered later in
the Magic section.

In addition to normal battles, there are certain events that can happen that can change the
way a battle goes about its course. Those are:

-First Strike: All your characters begin the battle ready to attack.
-Ambushed: All the enemies begin the battle ready to attack.
-Back Attack: Enemy attacks from behind, and your row formation is reversed. All the enemies
 begin the battle ready to attack.

Also during a battle, any number of status ailments may occur to members of your party. So
let's go over all of those now.

Status Ailments

(Note: All status ailments (except KO) can be cured by Esuna or Remedy. Sleeping at an inn
or using a Cabin cures all status ailments)

-Petrify: Turn to stone and can't do anything. Cure with Soft.
-Toad: Turns into a toad and can't cast magic. Power decreases. Cure with MaidKiss or Toad.
-Silence: Can't use magic. Cure with EchoNote.
-Mini: Turn small. Power decreases. Cure with Mallet or Mini.
-Pig: Turns into a pig and can't cast magic. Cure with DietFood or Piggy.
-Darkness: Accuracy decreases. Cure with Eyedrops.
-Poison: HP decreases (also while walking). Cure with Antidote.
-Paralyze: Cannot move for a while. Cure with Unihorn or wait until battle ends.
-Sleep: Cannot move for a while. Cure with Alarm, Unihorn, or wait until battle ends.
-Confuse: Randomly attacks anyone. Cure by attacking person or wait until battle ends.
-Curse: Power decreases by 1/2. Cure with Cross or wait until battle ends.
-KO: Person cannot do anything. Cure with Life, Life1, or Life2.


Here it is, the obligatory walkthrough of the game. I tried to divide it up into nice
chunks for easier use. Or something like that...

Chapter One: Delivery

The game begins with Cecil and the Red Wings returning to Baron. Cecil seems down, and his
flashback helps explain why. He was ordered to go to Mysidia and steal their Water Crystal,
having to murder innocents in the process. As the crew discusses the matter, Cecil demands
for silence and defends Baron and the king. As Cecil stops to think about it some more,
monsters approach the airship. Cecil takes them out quickly. Afterwards, Cecil wonders
why the monsters are suddenly appearing.

At Baron, Baigan greets Cecil and leads him to the king. Baigan privately tells the king
that he thinks Cecil cannot be trusted. When Cecil enters, the king gets the crystal and
dismisses Cecil. Instead of leaving, he tells the king that his men are displeased at the
taking of the crystal. The king strips him of command of the Red Wings and tells him to
slay the phantom beast in the Mist Valley. Furthermore, he is to deliver the Bomb Ring
to Mist village. Suddenly, Kain enters the room and begs the king to reconsider. The king
tells Kain to go with him and Kain is confident that Cecil will be back in charge in no
time. Now you gain control of Cecil.

-----Baron Castle-----

Ether1, Tent, 480 gil

Head down and on 1F, hit the switch and get the treasure chests. Head left and go up the
stairs. Keep going to have a run-in with Rosa, who says she'll visit you tonight (WOOHOO!)
then wanders off. Head towards the left tower for a run-in with Cid. He is displeased with
the news of your loss and gets angry at the King for working him so hard. Go up the tower
and to your bed. As you lie in bed thinking, Rosa walks in (WOOHOO!). You can't even look
at her because you're so upset. Rosa gets angry at your whining then worries about your
leaving so quickly. You reassure her then get to sleep. In the morning, you and Kain set
off for your journey.

"And so, the dark knight Cecil was stripped of his command as captain of the Red Wings.
He and the master dragoon Kain head toward the dark valley for the village Mist.

The advent of the airship marked the realization of Baron's dreams, but also the birth of
the militarism.

With its Royal Air Force "Red Wings," Baron soon reigned supreme. Now, as monsters
multiply and stir unrest, Baron only exploits its power to collect the world's Crystals.

The Crystals shed their light silently..."

-----Baron Village-----

Free Items:
Potion x3, Ether1, Soft x2, Life, MaidKiss, Tent x2, Eyedrops, HrGlass1, EagleEye

Inn: 50 gil

Item Shop:
Potion    30 gil
Life     100 gil
Soft     400 gil
MaidKiss  60 gil
Eyedrops  30 gil
Antidote  40 gil
Tent     100 gil
Gysahl    50 gil

Weapon/Armor Shop: Locked.

First off, do a quick run of the village for hidden items. The pot to the right of the Inn
has a Potion. Inside the Inn is another pot with a Potion and three treasure chests (click
on the swords to open the door). The bottom pot in the cross of pots by Rosa's house has a
Potion. In her house, the shelves have an Ether1 and a pot has a MaidKiss. Go to the area
in the far right of town by the old lady and walk through the trees to get to a hidden
area with two Softs and a Life. Finally, enter the water and go all the way down to the
pool area for a Tent and a HrGlass1.

Now then, let's explore the town. You'll notice that most people don't like you and are
afraid of you. Well, quite frankly I don't blame them. You're evil! Visit Cid's house and
Rosa's house to talk and there really isn't much else to do here. Buy stuff if you wanna
and let's move on.

Leave the town (now's a good time to save if you haven't yet, and head north and west until
you reach the Mist Cave.

Common enemies here are FloatEyes, Eagles, and Imps. Easy.

-----Mist Cave-----

Potion x2, Eyedrops, Tent


Make your way along the path and head up. After the warning, go up for the Potion then
head right. Go up for the Eyedrops then head down. Keep going down and then curl around
left for the Tent. Head to the right afterwards and grab the Potion as you head up towards
the exit. After a few more warnings you get to fight the boss.

BOSS FIGHT: Mist D. - HP 465, Atk 16, Def 5, Weak: None
Reward: 200 gil, 700 exp.

Not a very hard fight. Just have Cecil attack and Kain jump. You can probably get in three
or four attacks before it turns into Mist. During this time, don't attack or you will be
countered. Your attacks don't harm it anyways. Oddly enough, it won't counter Jumps.

After pounding this easy boss, head to the outside and the village of Mist.


Walk into the town and the ring begins to glow. Bombs release from the ring and burn the
whole city! Good job! You hear the cries of a little girl and head up to help her. She
tells you that someone killed her mother's dragon, so her mother died as well. When you
admit to killing her mother's dragon, the girl understandably is frightened. Kain realizes
that the king wanted the Summoners killed and says that the girl must die as well. You
and Kain decide to go against the king this time. You try to save the girl and she summons
Titan, who proceeds to destroy a good portion of the mountainside in the process.

When you awaken, Kain is gone but the girl is still at your side. You decide to take her
for help. Head north and east to Kaipo village.

Common enemies: SandMoth, Larva, Sand Man, SandWorm


Free items:

Inn: 50 gil

Item Shop:
Potion    30 gil
Life     100 gil
Soft     400 gil
MaidKiss  60 gil
Eyedrops  30 gil
Antidote  40 gil
Tent     100 gil
Gysahl    50 gil

Weapon Shop:
Rod       100 gil
Staff     160 gil
ShortBow  220 gil
Brass      10 gil

Armor Shop:
Leather Helmet 100 gil
Clothes         50 gil
Leather Armor  200 gil
IronRing       100 gil

As soon as you walk into town, you decide to find a place to let the girl rest. You take
her to Kaipo inn and the nice innkeeper lets you stay for free. After pleading with the
girl, you both go to sleep, only to be rudely awakened by a Baron General! He says that
all summoners must die, including the girl. You refuse and he orders for you to be killed.

BOSS: General, 3 Soldiers
Reward: 162 gil, 471 exp

Easy fight. The Soldiers should all die in one hit. Take them out and the General retreats.

After the fight, the girl asks if you are okay. After you promise to protect her, she tells
you that her name is Rydia.

In the morning, you gain control again. There is an Ether1 in the pot above the Weapon
store. Head into the top right building and you'll find a very sick Rosa. The man in the
room with her tells you that you need the Sand Ruby. Leave the town and prepare for the
journey to the Sand Ruby.

Chapter Two: Search for the Sand Ruby

Your first duty before anything is to raise Rydia's levels. Stay by the town and raise her
up to at least level 5 to get her Bolt1 attack. Put her in the back row and have her attack
by using the Rod as an item. After that, head up and to the right to the Water Cavern.

-----Water Cavern-----

Dark Sword, Hades Helmet, Hades Arm, Hades Armor, IceRod, IronRing, Potion x3, Ether1 x2,
Ether2, X-Potion, Life, MaidKiss, Tent, HrGlass1, Hermes, Bomb x2, 580 gil

Pike (Weak against Bolt)
CaveToad (Weak against Ice)
EvilShel (Weak against Bolt)
WaterBug (Magic makes it cure itself)
Zombie (Weak against Holy and Fire)
Gator (Attacks twice)
TinyMage (Don't fight them if you don't have to....)
WaterHag (Weak against Bolt)
Jelly (Weak against Fire)
Mad Toad (Weak against Ice)

Head north from the entrance to get a Potion and a MaidKiss. Head left then down for the
Tent. Go north to run into an old man who asks for your help to save his daughter from a
WICKED BARD!! Of course, you know his name is Tellah and he joins you. After he joins you,
go right for the Bomb. Keep going right and go into the water. Head up for an IronRing.
Keep going left and enter the waterfall for a secret room with some goodies in it. Now
backtrack and go up to the next floor.

Follow the path around, being sure to grab the Potion and Ether1 as you go. In the next
room, Tellah offers up a tent and some conversation. Afterwards, continue onward. Get
the IceRod and then go into the water and around to the door to the next floor.

Grab the chests and head left then up to the next room. Grab the Potion. Next, push
against the wall to the left of the stairway and follow the passage around to the Feather
Hat then take the stairway. Get all the treasure (make sure you equip the Dark Sword) then
leave to the overworld. I recommend using a Tent before moving onward.

Walk into the waterfall and fall down it. When you land, collect the Dark Knight equipment
as you head to the left. At the Lake, grab the armor then cure everyone and walk to the
center to fight Octomamm.

BOSS FIGHT: Octomamm - HP 2350, Atk 22, Def 0, Weak: Shadow, Bolt
Reward: 500 gil, 1200 exp

This isn't too tough. Tellah keeps HP up while casting Bolt1 when he can. Cecil attacks.
Rydia casts Chocb. Wipe the floor with this guy!

Leave this place and head to Damcyan. Before you get to the town, you'll see the Red Wings
bomb the place! Rush inside to survey the damage.

-----Damcyan Castle-----


First off, unequip Tellah. Now walk around. Most of the people here are dead. From the few
living ones you'll hear that their crystal was taken. Grab the Tent as you head to the top
of the castle. At the top, you'll see Anna lying on the ground. When Tellah sees the bard,
he goes crazy and attacks him. And yes, he still says "YOU SPOONY BARD!" for all you old
school players. The fight continues until Anna pleads for Tellah to stop. Edward explains
that the crystal was taken by Baron's troops led by newcomer Golbez and that Anna was the
one who protected him from enemy arrows. Tellah gets angry and swears to kill Golbez on
his own. Meanwhile, Edward keeps crying until Rydia punks him out and makes him look like
the pansy that he is. You bonk him on the head and admonish him. He agrees to help you
get the Sand Ruby with his hovercraft.

Outside, land the hovercraft and head back into Damcyan. Use the pots to get your HP and
MP back. Then head east over the rocky water to get to the Antlion den. Put Edward in the
back row and head inside.

-----Antlion Den-----

Lamia Harp, Potion x3, Ether1, Soft, Tent, Silk Web x2, Notus, HrGlass1, Life, Exit

Imp Cap.
Turtle (Weak against Ice)
Cream (Weak against Bolt)
Weeper (Weak against Holy)

Wander around the first room getting all the easy to see treasure. Make your way eventually
to the right for the stairway to the next area. The first room has the Lamia Harp. There is
a hidden passageway by this room that just leads to nowhere in particular. At any rate, at
the top of this area is a room with a saving point and some goodies. At the bottom is the
door to the Antlion himself.

BOSS FIGHT: Antlion - HP 1100, Atk 11, Def 3, Weak: None
Reward: 800 gil, 1500 exp

Another easy boss fight. Just have Rydia use Chocb and have Cecil and Edward Parry. If you
do any physical attacks, it will counterattack. So... don't.

After the battle, fight your way out of this place and head back to Kaipo.


Bask Rosa in the light of the SandRuby and she'll recover. She tells how she followed you
and explains that Golbez is the new captain of the Red Wings appointed by the king. She
then goes on to say that Golbez will go after the other three crystals next. Edward tells
her that the Fire Crystal of Damcyan is already his. Logically, Fabul must be the next
target. Edward points out that the path to Fabul is blocked by ice at Mt. Hobs. Rosa asks
Rydia if she can cast Fire and Rydia hesitantly says no. Rosa joins your party at this

During the night, Edward walks out and plays his harp by the water. Out of nowhere a
WaterHag approaches and attacks him! (Go WaterHag!). Just keep attacking as you see a ghost
of Anna cheer him on. After Edward wins (Boo!), the ghost of Anna tells him it's all a
dream and that he must move on.

Afterwards, switch to the 3 back formation and put Edward, Rydia, and Rosa all on the back
row (keep Edward by himself where he belongs). Rosa is well-equipped, but now's a good time
to sell all the extra junk that you currently have. Afterwards, hop in the hovercraft and
go past the Antlion Den to Mt. Hobs.

Chapter Three: Defiance and Betrayal

-----Mt. Hobs-----

Potion, Soft, Tent, Holy Arrows x10, 960 gil

Spirit (Healed by fire)
Skeleton (Weak against fire and holy)
Cocatris (Weak against projectiles)
Gargoyle (Weak against projectiles)

When you enter, Rosa asks Rydia to try casting Fire. Rydia hates fire since it burned her
village to ashes. Rosa tells her that she's the only one who can melt the ice and that if
she doesn't, more people will be hurt. Finally, she casts the spell and learns Fire1.
Afterwards, take the door on the left for some goodies and a saving point. Leave this
area and take the right door to reach the summit. Grab the pack of Holy Arrows and head
up to see a karate fighter named Yang taking on some enemies. Note that he yells "Kiai!"
now instead of "Achoo!". Heheh. After he wipes out three Imp Captains, you'll need to help
him out against Mom Bomb.

BOSS FIGHT: Mom Bomb - HP 11000, Atk 30, Def 1, Weak: None
Reward: 543 gil, 2415 exp

Have Rosa cast Slow first and then either Aim or cure the party. Cecil attacks. Rydia casts
Chocb. Yang attacks. Edward attacks and is useless. During the fight Mom Bomb will change
forms to a cloud of smoke. Eventually she'll explode into a bunch of little bombs. Have
Rosa cast Slow on all of them and just take it to them. Change Yang to use Kick and have
Cecil use Dark. Rosa should cure.

After the battle, your group warns Yang that Golbez is after the Wind Crystal. You all
hurry to reach Fabul Castle. Be sure to heal after talking then continue onward to reach
the other end of Mt. Hobs.

On the way to Fabul, you'll fight mainly the same enemies from Mt Hobs. Be careful cause
it's a long walk.

-----Fabul Castle-----

Free Items:
Demon Shield, Potion, Ether1, Tent, ThorRage, Bomb, Notus, Bacchus, Hermes, Silk Web

Inn: 100 gil

Item Shop:
Potion    30 gil
Life     100 gil
Soft     400 gil
MaidKiss  60 gil
Eyedrops  30 gil
Antidote  40 gil
Tent     100 gil
Gysahl    50 gil

Weapon/Armor Shop:
FireClaw      350 gil
IceClaw       450 gil
BoltClaw      550 gil
Demon Helmet  980 gil
Demon Armor  3000 gil
Demon Arm     800 gil

When you arrive, unequip Rosa. Go to the store and buy Yang a BoltClaw and get all of the
Demon equipment for Cecil. Put the BoltClaw in Yang's other empty hand so he can hit twice
in battle. Head up the left tower to get the ThorRage from a pot and some other goodies
in the treasure chests. Talk to Yang's wife if you wanna then climb back down. You can get
a Bacchus from a pot in the right tower and a Tent in the king's bedroom. After all this,
head to the king's throneroom. Yang reports the trouble and your crew backs him up. The
king orders for increased defense in the castle. Rydia and Rosa stay behind while you and
Yang and Edward help to defend the castle.

The fleet arrives...

The first group is a Captain and 2 Fighters. Kill the Fighters and the Captain retreats.

After you win, the Red Wings bomb the castle and you're forced to retreat back to inside
the castle. The next battle is against a Weeper, Imp Cap., and Waterhag. Have Edward attack
the Imp Cap, Yang on the Waterhag, and Cecil on the Weeper.

After winning, more baddies flood in and force you to retreat further into the castle. Next
up, a Captain and 2 Fighters again. Lalala...

Again you're forced back, into the throne room. The door is locked, but a Gargoyle in
disguise as a trooper unlocks the door for the enemies to get in! Just pound on it to win.
You'll immediately have to fight the Weeper team again. Take it out.

Again you're forced to withdraw, into the crystal room. But as you attempt to get there,
Edward's stupid ass trips and falls, giving the enemies time to catch up to you. It's yet
another group of Captain and 2 Fighters. Kill em!

In the crystal room, you're prepared to guard it with your life when suddenly Kain appears.
You ask him to fight with you, but he says that he'll fight against you! You can't win the
battle, so don't bother trying. Kain wipes the floor with you and is about to finish you
off when Rosa and Rydia enter the room. Kain seems weakened for a moment when Rosa is
around, until Golbez appears. Golbez wipes out Yang and Edward and Kain grabs the Wind
Crystal. Rosa pleads with him to stop, and when Golbez catches your interest in her, he
decides to kidnap her. Bastard! Kain mocks you then walks off. Rydia casts Cure on
everyone then all rush to check you out. All you worry about is Rosa. Leave the room and
gets the Hermes from the pot. Go to the door on the right for more goodies. Head to the
inn for a free rest where you discuss battle strategy. Sneak into Baron by boat is the best
you can come up with, so it'll have to do. Yang says the king should be able to provide a
boat. In the morning, you'll ask the king for a boat and he provides one. He also gives
you the Death Sword. Leave the town, unequip everyone except yourself, and head to the boat.

-----Sea Voyage to Baron-----

Yang's Wife encourages you as you set sail for the journey to Baron. Talk to the Cap'n and
the ship departs. As the ship sails, Yang ponders what to do when they arrive at Baron.
Your goal is to get an airship from Cid. Makes sense. Meanwhile, the boat takes the
longest possible route that it could to get to Baron... when suddenly, the boat starts
shaking. There's a whirlpool with a tentacle sticking out of it! As the sailors spout out
stereotypical sailor lines, the Cap'n informs you that it's Leviathan. As the boat keeps
shaking, the Cap'n tries to change course, but to no avail. Rydia is knocked out of the
boat and Yang jumps in after her. The next shake knocks Edward off his pansy feet. The boat
goes into a spin and sinks.

When you come to, you're on a beach... alone.

Chapter Four: Paladin

Walk to the nearby town of Mysidia... a town that really hates your ass.


Free Items:

Inn: 200 gil

Item Shop:
Potion     30 gil
HiPotion  150 gil
Life      100 gil
Soft      400 gil
EchoNote   50 gil
Antidote   40 gil
Tent      100 gil
Cabin     500 gil

Weapon Shop:
IceRod      220 gil
FlameRod    380 gil
Cure Staff  480 gil
Crossbow    700 gil
Holy Arrows  20 gil

Armor Shop:
Magus Hat        700 gil
GaiaGear         500 gil
Silver Arm       650 gil
Paladin Shield   700 gil
Paladin Helmet  4000 gil
Paladin Armor   8000 gil
Paladin Arm     3000 gil

First off, I highly advise you not to talk to anyone. Many people will do negative things
to you like turn you into a frog and stuff. Having said that, let's look around. As you can
tell, people don't like you much (the "Baron will burn in hell!" poster in the Inn is a
nice touch). Head to the far north building to meet with the elder. Yeah, the one you
robbed earlier. He tells you that you must overcome your dark self and be cleansed before
you can truly fight against Baron. He tells you to head to Mt. Ordeals and become a
paladin. You agree, and he offers you help in the form of twin wizards Palom and Porom, a
very goofy yet lovable lot.

First order of business is to get the twins properly equipped. Buy each of them a Magus
Hat, GaiaGear, and Silver Arm. Buy a FlameRod for Palom and a Cure Staff for Porom. Sell
all of the junk your teammates had previously equipped and buy all the Paladin stuff that
you can. In particular, the armor is a good buy.

Now leave the town and make your way to the east towards Mt. Ordeals. The enemies here
are Zuus (which Cecil KO's in one hit), Cocatris, Needler, SwordRat, Imps, and Imp Cap.
Below the Mt, you'll see a round forest. Walk into it to find a Chocobo Forest, where you
can encounter yellow chocobos for riding, white chocobos to recover MP, and Fat Chocobos
to store items for you. This is a good place to raise experience since you can cure
yourself with Porom's magic then get your magic back.

-----Mt. Ordeals-----

Potion x2, Ether1 x2

Spirit (Weak against Cure)
Soul (Weak against Cure)
Skeleton (Weak against Fire and Holy)
Red Bone (Weak against Fire and Holy)
Zombie (Weak against Fire and Holy, strong against Dark)
Ghoul (Weak against Fire and Holy, strong against Dark)
Revenant (Weak against Fire and Holy, strong against Dark)
Lilith (Weak against Fire)

When you first enter, Palom takes out the wall of flames with his Ice magic. Then there's
a "Meanwhile..." cutscene. Rosa is tied up underneath a blade (not a big stupid iron ball)
and Golbez summons forth Milon, one of the Four Fiends of Elements. Milon seems confident
that he can take you out. Kain isn't sure that Milon will be enough, and asks that he can
go after you instead. Golbez doesn't seem to like that idea much.

Okay, back to reality. Head up and get the Potions as you go. On the next screen you run
into the familiar old face of Tellah. He is seeking Meteo on this mountain. After getting
him up-to-date on the latest news, he'll join up with you. Dupe him a FlameRod if you're
into that kind of cheating thing (see Tricks section). Continue upward, getting the easy
to see treasure. At the summit, you'll start hearing weird noises. Save at the saving
point and proceed up to have an encounter with Milon.

BOSS FIGHT: Milon - HP 3500, Atk 19, Def 1, Weak: Fire
            and 4 Ghast (HP 200 weak against fire)
Reward: 2400 gil, 4250 exp

First off, have Palom cast Fire2 on everyone to pretty much kill off the Ghasts. Tellah
should cast Fire1 on Milon, Cecil should attack Milon, and Palom and Porom should use Twin
if everyone's HP is high, otherwise Palom does Fire2 and Porom heals. He counters almost
everything with Bolt1, so keep the HP up.

After the battle, go back to the saving point and rest up. Save again. Head back to the
bridge and about halfway across it, open up the main menu and change your row formation
to put all the weaklings in the front and Cecil in the back. Milon isn't done yet, and this
time he attacks you from behind.

BOSS FIGHT: Milon Z. - HP 3523, Atk 46, Def 1, Weak: Projectiles, Holy, Fire
Reward: 2500 gil, 4500 exp

Tellah is your main healer, Cecil attacks, and Palom and Porom cast twin. First time
though, have Porom cast Slow and Palom cast Fire2. He'll quickly cast Venom on you to eat
away at your HP. Ignore it. His attacks often poison you as well. Just let Tellah keep the
HP up and don't worry about the poison.

After the battle, revert back to the normal Row and unpoison any poisoned people. Talk to
the pillar. The pillar calls you son and inside it you are granted its power. Your old
dark reflection will come and attack you. To defeat it, do nothing but Parry and it will
kill itself. Congratulations, you are now a Paladin. Meanwhile, Tellah manages to remember
all of his old spells! He also learns the legendary Meteo in the process. Porom wants to
tell you something, but Tellah's ramblings interrupt. Proceed down the mountain, gaining
levels like crazy with Cecil. After leaving, grab a Chocobo and ride back to Mysidia to
share the great news.


If you didn't buy all the Paladin gear, go ahead and get the rest now. Head up and talk to
the Elder. He admits that Palom and Porom were just his spies sent to watch you. The
infamous Mysidian Legend is now recited for your viewing pleasure. He rambles on about how
he doesn't know what the legend means, then Tellah gets impatient and demands to get to
Golbez. The elder opens up Devil's Road for you to travel to Baron. Palom and Porom decide
to tag along. Whoopie! Devil's Road is inside Mysidia on the right side of the town. Take
it to get to Baron.

Chapter Five: Take to the Sky


Free Items:
ThorRage, 2000 gil

Inn: 50 gil

Item Shop:
Potion    30 gil
Life     100 gil
Soft     400 gil
MaidKiss  60 gil
Eyedrops  30 gil
Antidote  40 gil
Tent     100 gil
Gysahl    50 gil

Weapon Shop:
Thunder Rod  700 gil
Cure Staff   480 gil
FireClaw     350 gil
IceClaw      450 gil
BoltClaw     550 gil

Armor Shop:
Headband        450 gil
Kenpo Clothes  4000 gil
Silver Arm      650 gil

Head to the Inn for a fun surprise. Inside you'll see Yang sitting with some soldiers. Talk
to him and he orders his guards to get you! Each guard has 280 HP and loves to use status
effects on your group. Keep everyone normal and just pound of them. After them, you'll
fight Yang. Just pound on him with normal attacks until he comes to his senses. He'll kick
your group twice before that happens. Afterwards, you ask what happened to the others. He
explains that Rydia was swallowed by Leviathan and Edward was lost. He then joins your
party. Yay! The innkeeper gives you a free night. After introductions, Yang discovers his
Baron Key which will allow you to sneak into the castle.

When you awaken, use the BaronKey to open the Weapon / Armor Shops. There is a secret path
to the right of the table on the right side. Follow it around to get the treasure by the
two shopkeepers. Go ahead and get Yang two BoltClaws and all the armor. Before going on
in the game, let's make a sidetrack. Leave the town and take the Mist Cave all the way to
the town of Mist. Before doing so, you may want to grab the first treasure chest from the
Waterway for a quick 1000 gil.

-----Mist Village-----

Free Items:
Change Rod, Tiara, Clothes, RubyRing, Bomb x2

Inn: 50 gil

Weapon Shop:
Whip            3000 gil
Dancing Dagger  5000 gil

Armor Shop:
Bard Clothes  700 gil

First, head to the top building in the town. Walk through the fireplace and follow the
path to get some goodies. Walk between the chests for another secret path to a Change Rod.
Let Tellah have that bad boy and give the tiara to Porom. Outside the house, there's a Bomb
in the tall grass directly to the right of the house and another Bomb in the hidden tall
grass by the shops. Go to the Weapon Shop and buy a Dancing Dagger for Palom. When you use
this to attack, use it as an item to do more damage. Afterwards, journey back to Baron and
enter the Waterway.


Ancient Sword, HiPotion, Ether1 x2, HrGlass1, Silk Web, Hermes, ThorRage, 1000 gil

Piranha (Weak against Bolt)
ElecFish (Weak against Projectiles)
AquaWorm (Weak against Bolt)
Crocdile (Weak against Ice)
Gator (Weak against Ice)
FangShel (Weak against Bolt)
Hydra (Weak against Bolt)

In the beginning, go right before going down the stairs for a quick 1000 gil treasure. Now
go down the stairs to the next area. Head all the way down for three treasure chests in a
row. Follow the path up and around to the next floor. Head down from the entrance, taking
several hidden passages in a counterclockwise manner to get the three treasure chests. The
path to the next area is in the top-right portion of the screen. On the next screen, just
head up and be sure to take the hidden path next to the stairs to get the Ether1. There's
a saving point in the door on the left. Walk past it and take the hidden path to get to
the Ancient Sword. Save and then head right to exit this place.

-----Baron Castle-----

You'll end up in the moat behind Baron Castle. Walk around the left and use the convenient
doorway to get into the castle (don't ask). Head up to Cecil's bed to get your life back,
then head towards the throne room. On 1F, you'll bump into Baigan, who offers to join
your party. Palom and Porom smell a monster, and Baigan shows his true form.

BOSS FIGHT: Baigan - HP 4444, Atk 58, Def 1, Weak: None
            RightArm - HP 444, Atk 58, Def 2, Weak: None
            LeftArm - HP 444, Atk 58, Def 2, Weak: None
Reward: 3000 gil, 4820 exp

After you hit Baigan with a spell, he'll put a wall on his body. So, make your first spell
count and nail him with a good one. I recommend Bolt3. Don't use the Dancing Dagger attack
until after he uses his wall. It'll still hit him and he'll cast Wall, but it'll get
reflected onto one of your characters. Cast spells on that character to bounce them back
at Baigan. Don't kill both of his arms or else he'll regen them and they'll do more stuff
to annoy you. Just kill the body, then the arms. The fight isn't that tough.

Afterwards, go back to bed to recover, then head to the throne room again. Unequip Palom
and Porom. Talk to the king to find out that he isn't really who you thought he was...
he's really Cagnazzo, one of the Four Fiends of Elements.

BOSS FIGHT: Cagnazzo - HP 5312, Atk 44, Def 2, Weak: Bolt
Reward: 4000 gil, 5500 exp

Quickly go through the attacks, having everyone attack until you get to Tellah. Have him
use Bolt3. Repeat until boss is dead. If Cagnazzo doesn't bump off the Twins, go ahead and
do it for him. It may sound mean, but why waste the exp for people you won't ever use

When you win, Cid comes barging into the scene. The dialogue between him and Tellah is
much better with the accurate translation this time around. As you leave, Cagnazzo has a
surprise for you. In the next room, the walls begin to close in on you! Both doors are
locked as well. It looks like the end of your group, but Palom and Porom sacrifice
themselves and turn to stone in order to hold the walls in place. It almost brings a tear
to your eye. Tellah tries to Esuna them to no avail.


Golbez is angered by your growth in power. As for the last crystal, Kain suggests letting
you get it for them. Offer up Rosa for the crystal, then take you out in the process. Man,
what a bastard!

Back in real time, your group heads to the Enterprise, Cid's secret airship. As you lift
into the air, you see another airship approach waving a white flag. When it docks next to
yours, Kain approaches you. He tells you to give him the Earth Crystal if you ever want
your Rosa back. With that, he leaves. Afterwards, head north and west to visit Troia. You
can land your airship in the one plain space next to the city.

Chapter Six: The Mysterious Crystals


Free Items:
Ether1, Ether2, Illusion, 1000 gil

Inn: 400 gil

Item Shop:
Potion    30 gil
Life     100 gil
Soft     400 gil
MaidKiss  60 gil
Eyedrops  30 gil
Antidote  40 gil
Tent     100 gil
Gysahl    50 gil

Weapon Shop:
Wooden Hammer  80 gil
GreatBow     2000 gil
Fire Arrows    30 gil
Ice Arrows     30 gil
Bolt Arrows    30 gil

Armor Shop:
Leather Hat       100 gil
Feather Hat       330 gil
Clothes            50 gil
Leather Clothing  200 gil
RubyRing         1000 gil

Pub Lady:
Pass  10000 gil

First order of business as per usual is to collect free stuff. Sadly, there is little to
get here. Go into the water and make your way around to the top where the not-so-secret
forest area is to get everything. Next order of business is you buy yourself a Pass so you
can see the hot dancers!!!!!1111!!1!1 Okay, maybe you don't wanna do that. But do buy some
armor for Cid and make sure you have some non-metallic stuff to equip on Cecil in case you
may ever need to have non-metallic armor on him... (hint hint...) Don't worry about bow
and arrows cause they are annoying. Okay, head to the castle now.

-----Troia Castle-----

RubyRing x2, HiPotion x2, Ether1 x2, Tent x2, Bacchus

First, wander the castle for goodies. The Bacchus is in middle basement on the right side
of the castle. The right basement has a flood of goodies. The left side of the castle
only leads you to that loser Edward. Talk to him and after some sentimental stuff you'll
get the TwinHarp, Edward's much more useful "substitute". He seems to think it will help
you against the Dark Elf. You can talk to the clerics in the center of the castle if you
want to, but since you probably don't, go ahead and leave the castle.

Outside of the castle, make your way north until you find a chocobo forest. You'll have
to face some enemies on the way: StingRat, Treant, and Cannibal to name a few. Also be sure
to note that this is the absolute worst party you've had up to this point and it will be
the worst for the entire game. If you make it through this part, you're good to go.
Especially when you reach the Dark Elf's place... anyways. The Chocobo Village has wild
Black Chocobos. You can ride one of those over to the Dark Elf's cave just a little to
the east. Black Chocobos must land in forests, making them perfect for the trip. Before
entering the cave, reequip Cecil with that non-metallic stuff I was talking about earlier.
You did buy it, right?

-----Magnetic Cavern-----

Fairy Claw, HiPotion x2, Ether1, Exit, HrGlass1, Unihorn, Silk Web, 2000 gil

Ogre (Weak against holy)
Panther (Weak against holy)
CaveNaga (Weak against holy)
Cave Bat (Weak against projectiles and holy)
Python (Weak against ice and holy)
VampGirl (Weak against fire and holy)

Okay, as soon as you enter the "Magnetic" Cavern, you'll feel "magnetic" energy that will
prevent you from fighting while having metallic equipment on. Just keep Cecil weapon free
and equip a weapon for him whenever you get in battle. Let him get in one good attack and
then he can take hits for your weak people for the rest of the battle. First, head right
and get the HiPotion. Head down and follow the path. Grab the Unihorn then enter the door.
In the next room, go up and to the right to enter a door with stuff. Get it then leave
the room. Go left and down for an Ether1, then take the path to the next area. The first
door here offers you a saving point. You should probably use it.

Head down and enter the next door for some good treasure then continue to the left and
take the middle path up to the door. Grab the Fairy Claw and equip it. Move on to the next
area. The bridge leads you to around to another set of bridges leading to a room with a
saving point. Use it. Leave that room and go to the other room after nabbing the Exit

This is the Crystal Room, where Dark Elf awaits you. Go talk to him to engage in a
hopeless battle. After a minute of getting your butt kicked, you all fall into a little
heap on the floor. Edward senses what's happening and uses the last of his Wussy Strength
to crawl over to his harp. He plays it and the TwinHarp starts to echo his tune. I think
Dark Elf sums it up best when he says "DAH! What is this torturOUS sound!?" Even he cannot
withstand the power of Edward's terrible harp playing, and the magnetic field breaks. Time
to kick some ass! Reequip all your good stuff first, of course.

BOSS FIGHT: Dark Elf / Dark D. - HP 3927, Atk 94, Def 1, Weak: Holy
Reward: 5000 gil, 6000 exp

At the beginning, he'll just attack you with his same tactics, only the Fire/Ice/Lit2
attack does almost no damage. Wind is still a pain though, so let Tellah heal people.
After doing the damage, he changes form to Dark D. On this form, just have Tellah use the
Wind spell to knock it down to single digit life then kill it. You cheap bastard, you.

Good job. Now grab the crystal and leave the Crystal Room. Have Tellah cast Exit and get
the hell out of that place. Hop on the black chocobo who automatically goes right back to
the forest. Use the white chocobo to heal, then ride a yellow chocobo back down to Troia.

-----Troia Castle-----

Ag Apple, GreatBow, Fire Arrows x20, Ice Arrows x20, Bolt Arrows x10, Elixir, HiPotion x2,
Remedy x2, Ether1 x2, Ether2 x2, EchoNote x2

Go to the cleric room and watch them marvel at the return of their crystal. You hear the
voice of Kain telling you to board your ship. Sounds like a good plan to me. Go to the
right side of the castle and raid the treasury of all the item-y goodness. Leave the
castle (don't forget to thank Edward if you don't hate him like I do) and get on your
airship. Kain tells you to follow him to the Tower of Zot.

-----Tower of Zot-----

Flame Sword, Gaia Hammer, HellClaw, Flame Armor, Flame Shield

Carapace (Weak against Ice)
Ice Liz (Weak against Fire)
Gremlin (Weak against Fire)
IceBeast (Weak against Fire)
Puppet (Weak against Fire)
Slime (Weak against Fire)
FlameDog (Weak against Ice)
Swordman (Weak against Fire and Holy)

Yeah, you have to play through yet another place with this terrible party. Sorry. This is
a difficult place to play through so you may have to do strategic running from battles.
Otherwise, have lots of healing items on hand. You'll need them.

Go up and left to get the Flame Armor. Go all the way to the right and through the door.
On the next floor, head left and make your way over to the left side. The treasure chest
has a FlameDog in it. Blast it with Ice to kill it. Inside is the Flame Sword, very useful
for this place. Go through the door to the third floor. When the path splits, go down and
all the way around to the door to the next floor. Go around and then go up at the split
and take the left door. Get the HellClaw and the Flame Shield. Leave and then take the
center door. Get the Gaia Hammer in there and leave that room. The right room has Wizard
Clothes for Tellah. Leave there and finally take the path back down and to the right to go
to the next floor. This floor has a very much welcomed saving point on it. Use a tent and
get rested up for a good fight. Save, of course. Leave and head left, to face the Magus

BOSS FIGHT: Magus sisters. Sandy - HP 2591, Atk 30, Def 1, None
            Cindy - HP 4599, Atk 36, Def 2, None
            Mindy - HP 2590, Atk 30, Def 1, None
Reward: 9000 gil, 7500 exp

This isn't too hard. Have Cecil and Yang attack Cindy, Cid use the Gaia Hammer to hurt
all of them, and have Tellah cast spells on Mindy and then on whomever in your party has
the Wall put on them by the dumb sisters. I used Bio personally. Cindy can revive the
others, but not with full HP. They use the "Delta Attack" which will bounce a spell off
of the Wall cast on Cindy to hit you. If they aren't all alive they can't use the attack.

After the fight, go back and rest up and save. Unequip Tellah while you're thinking about
it as well. Go up to the 6th floor to face off with Golbez. You give him the Earth Crystal
and he doesn't give you your Rosa back. That "sick bastard"! And he dares to call you a
dotard. Tellah pushes you out of the way and fights Golbez. After going through Bio, Fire3,
Bolt3, and Ice3, Tellah calls out Meteo and does uber-damage to Golbez. Kain gets knocked
down and Golbez is seriously weakened. Golbez's spell over Kain is broken, but he still
has enough energy to knock you down. However, for some reason he can't finish you off.
Tellah passes on, unable to avenge Anna or Edward.

Afterwards, talk to Kain and he tells you that you must save Rosa immediately. You make it
to her just in time to keep her from being sliced in half (not crushed). After a good
make out session, Rosa and Kain join your party. Before moving, change your party order.
Put Kain, Cecil, and Yang in the front and Cid and Rosa in the back. Give Rosa the Wizard
clothes and Tiara you should have saved for her. She doesn't really need a weapon for the
time being. You're ready now. Step down and you'll be greeted by Valvalis. Kain tells her
that he's adept to fighting in the air as well.

BOSS FIGHT: Valvalis - HP 8636, Atk 88, Def 0, Weak: None
Reward: 5500 gil, 9000 exp

Kain should Jump every time he can. Whenever Valvalis starts spinning, Kain's Jump is the
only thing that can hit her and knock her out of the spin. Rosa should first cast Slow
then worry about keeping people alive. The other three should attack.

After the battle, Valvalis crumbles the tower but Rosa casts Exit and warps you all back
to Baron castle to Cecil's room.

-----Baron Castle-----

Elixir, HiPotion, x2, Ether1 x4, Unihorn x2, Life x2, Tent x2, Bacchus x2, Hermes x2

In your room, Kain explains that there are actually 8 Crystals, the four that Golbez has
and the 4 Dark Crystals under the surface of the earth. When all 8 Crystals gather, a
path to the Moon will appear. Kain gives you the Magma key. Cid informs you that the
Enterprise auto-piloted its way back to Baron.

Before leaving, head towards the right tower of the castle. You'll be able to get to the
treasure room on the way now. Grab everything there and go to the right tower. There are
some more treasure chests there as well. Go downstairs and get the Elixir from the pot.
Keep going down to run into the ghost of the King of Baron. He'll tell you to return
after visiting the Land of the Summoned Monsters. Okay, fair enough. Head up the tower
to get even more stuff. It's safe to leave now. Get in the Enterprise and head due south
to the town of Agart by the giant mountain.


Free Items:

Inn: 50 gil

Item Shop:
Potion    30 gil
Life     100 gil
Soft     400 gil
MaidKiss  60 gil
Eyedrops  30 gil
Antidote  40 gil
Tent     100 gil
Gysahl    50 gil

Weapon Shop:
Rod          100 gil
Staff        160 gil
Spear         60 gil
Boomrang    3000 gil
ShortBow     220 gil
CrossBow     700 gil
Brass Arrows  10 gil
Holy Arrows   20 gil

Armor Shop:
Iron Shield  100 gil
Iron Helmet  150 gil
Iron Armor   600 gil
Iron Arm     130 gil
IronRing     100 gil

Pretty dull town... the only hidden item is the Boreas hidden in the tall grass on the
left side of town. The shops suck, you can look at a telescope to see the moon, and there
is a big ass well. Boooooooring... but wait... if you drop the Magma Key into the well,
maybe something will happen. Do the aforementioned task and a huge hole opens up where
the mountain used to be beside the town. Neato. Get into the Enterprise and lower it into
the big hole to go to the Underworld.

Chapter Seven: The Underworld

Your airship goes into autopilot and heads south. You fly right into a battle between
the Red Wings and some tanks on the ground. The ship ends up taking a good amount of damage
and you lower it to the ground. Walk to the nearby castle. Oh yeah, unequip Cid.

-----Dwarven Castle-----

Free Items:
Smut, DwarfAxe, BlkBelt Clothes, Strength Arm, Elixir x2, Ether1 x2, HrGlass2, Bacchus x2,
Cabin x3, Gysahl x3, 5000 gil

Inn: 600 gil

Item Shop:
Soft      400 gil
MaidKiss   60 gil
Mallet     80 gil
DietFood   50 gil
Eyedrops   30 gil
Antidote   40 gil
Cross     100 gil

Weapon Shop:
Dwarf Axe     15000 gil
GreatBow       2000 gil
Darkness Arrows  40 gil
Flame Sword   14000 gil
FireSpr       11000 gil

Armor Shop:
Flame Shield    1250 gil
Flame Armor    30000 gil
Wizard Hat      2000 gil
Wizard Clothes  1200 gil
Rune Arm        2000 gil

When you first arrive here, there isn't much you can do. Head up then take the staircase
on the left to access the inn, item shop, and the pot with 5000 gil in it. All of the
other "important rooms" are blocked off. Head to the throne room and talk to King Giott.
You find out that two of the four dark crystals are gone already. Giott's crystal is
still safe. He asks you to help defend the castle with your airship, but Cid says that
it's too beat up and he needs to go repair it. He leaves the party. Giott says that the
crystal is hidden safely behind his throne, but Yang senses a disturbance in the force.
A little girl is jumping around in the background. Your group goes to check on the
crystal. Inside, you see dolls dancing around, and then they attack.

BOSS FIGHT: Cal x3 - HP 1369, Atk 54, Def 1, Weak: None
            Brena x3 - HP 369, Atk 54, Def 1, Weak: None
            Calbrena - HP 5315, Atk 106, Def 2, Weak: None
Reward: Varies

The easiest thing to do here is kill the dolls and not fight Calbrena. Have Rosa cast
Slow on them all, then keep her healing. Have Yang Kick and Cecil attack and Kain Jump the
same Cal (the blue one). Target one Cal at a time. Keep Cecil's HP as high as you can,
especially after the Cals die. If you have to fight Calbrena, just do quick attacks to
take it down.

After the battle, Golbez appears. He explains that the 8 crystals will activate the Tower
of Babil, and make a path to the moon, which supposedly holds power beyond comprehension.
He then attacks you!

BOSS FIGHT: Golbez - HP N/A, Atk 86, Def 0, Weak: Holy, Fire
Reward: 11000 gil, 15000 exp

Try to get Kain to Jump before Golbez paralyzes everyone. It really doesn't matter, but
it's nice to have someone else to take hits during the battle. He paralyzes everyone and
then summons a Shadow dragon to kill everyone except Cecil (and maybe Kain, heheh). But
before it kills Cecil, a Mist Dragon appears and kills the dragon. A voice tells you that
you can move again. It's Rydia, and she's grown up now! Now the match is a little more
fair. Have Cecil attack or cure as needed, and have Rydia cast Titan. The battle won't
last much longer before Golbez vanishes. If you're having problems, have Cecil first use
a Life potion to bring back Rosa and get her to quickly cure your group.

After winning, Rydia explains that Leviatan took her to the Land of Summons and they
became friends. She lost her white magic ability, but her summoning skills improved. Also,
the time flows differently there, explaining her age. Rydia joins your party officially!
YAY! But as you leave, Golbez's hand springs forward and grabs the crystal. Good job,
man. Giott explains that the last crystal is in the Sealed Cave. He requests that you go
to the Tower of Babil and get the crystals back. You agree. And now....

Don't say I didn't warn you... if you want to play the game the way it is meant to be
played, DON'T DO THIS. Before moving, have Rydia cast the Warp spell. You will be warped
back into the crystal room, and the final crystal will actually be in the room for you to
get. You can completely bypass the Sealed Cave event this way. Again, this spoils the
game so do it at your own risk.

The first order of business is to stay at the Inn. Afterwards, it's time to explore the
castle. From the inn, take the staircase on the bottom left of the screen. Climb the tower.
On the screen with the pots and the dwarf, sneak around the right side to get to the
Bacchus. On the top, walk straight left for the HiPotion. Walk down from the chest and
follow the path to the BlkBelt in the bottom chest (give it to Yang). Continue to the
right to get the Ether1. Finally, circle to the right of that chest and head up to get the
Elixir. Go back down and exit the tower to the outside area. Enter the East Tower. Get the
Dwarf Axe. Go up the stairs. In the pot room, sneak around to behind the pots on the left
to get a Bacchus. Go up the stairs. The north chest has a Strength Arm. I recommend you
give it to Yang. West chest is Ether1, south is Elixir, east is HrGlass2. Go down the
tower to get to the Armor and Weapon shops. From the weapon shop, buy the Darkness arrows
for Rosa and a FireSpr for Kain. Sell the DwarfAxe that you got earlier in the chest for
more cash. At the armor shop, buy a Wizard Hat, a Wizard Armor, and two Rune Arms (you
may want to get one for Yang also...). Take the Tiara from Rosa and give it to Rydia. Rosa
gets the Wizard Hat. Rydia gets the Wizard Armor and both get Rune Arms. Buy both Flame
items for Kain. Walk between the two shops to find the Rally-ho Pub. See the shadow on the
right wall near the entrance? Walk through that to find the Developers' Room, a fun place
completely missing in the SNES FF2. You can talk to all the various programmers of the
game here. There are even random battles against Matsui (1 HP and really funny Scan stats)
and Higuchi and more. If you search the bookshelf in the Nap Room, you'll find the Smut item!
Also, Higuchi will drop it in random battles. Leave there after you have fun and go down
the stairs to the basement. Grab the Gysahl in the pots then talk to the guard dwarf to go
through the door. Down here, get the cabins then leave. Note the HP and MP restoring pot
by the exit. You may need it.

Okay, now that you are outside, I recommend raising your levels up a little bit. The
enemies are: BlackLiz (Weak against Ice), Armadilo, Dark Imp, Tortoise (Ice). You really
don't need to, but it never hurts. Whenever you're ready, head west and a little north to
reach the tower.

-----Tower of Babil-----

IceSpear, IceBrand, CatClaw, Archer Bow, Ice Arrows x20, IceArmor, IceShld, HiPotion,
Ether1, Life, Notus, Boreas

Dark Imp
FlameMan (Weak against Ice)
FlameDog (Weak against Ice)
Tofu (Weak against Ice)
Stoneman (Weak against Ice)

From the entrance, head left for Ice Arrows and right for an Ether1. Go through the door
to the next floor. Grab the Bandanna and go down. Enter the first room you pass to get in
a fight with an Alert. It will summon an enemy when you attack it, and if you kill the
enemy it'll summon another one. Thus, kill the Alert first. Don't use magic on it. Your
reward is an IceSpear for Kain. Next, enter the door on the right. Another Alert. This time
you get an IceBrand for yourself. Now go through the third door. Grab the CatClaw (I don't
recommend equipping it...) and the HiPotion on the right side. Get the Life while going to
the door closest to the one you came from. Get the Archer Bow and Notus. Leave that room
and go around to the other door. The first door here has a saving point, so rest up and
save your game. After saving, head up and follow the path. Go to the bottom left room to
get an IceShld (gotta fight an Alert). The upper door has an Alert and IceArmor. Go across
the upper bridge to get to the next floor. Get the Boreas and keep heading to the right.
The big room in the middle is locked for now. Get the HiPotion and head to the next floor.
It's a short floor leading straight to the next one. The first door is another pretty
save point. Use it. Grab the Ether2 and head to the next floor. Head to the bridge and
prepare for a boss. Rubicant takes off and leaves Dr. Lugae alone to watch the place. After
taunting him, he'll fight you.

BOSS FIGHT: Dr. Lugae - HP 4936, Atk 18, Def 0, None
            Balnab - HP 4832, Atk 86, Def 0, None
            Balnab-Z - HP 4518, Atk 114, Def 1, None

Just stick it to the good doctor. Ignore Balnab. Have Cecil and Yang attack, Kain Jump,
Rydia cast Bio and Rosa use Slow and then cure. Easy enough. Balnab will explode and kill
one of your party members. If you kill Balnab, Lugae hops inand you'll fight Balnab-Z,
which will explode anyways.

You aren't done yet.

BOSS FIGHT: Lugaborg - HP 9321, Atk 86, Def 1, Weak: None
Reward: 4000 gil, 10100 exp

This should sound familar... have Cecil and Yang attack, Kain Jump, Rydia cast Bio, and
Rosa use Slow then heal. Don't worry about the status ailments because Lugaborg will
occasionally cast Esuna for you. His Laser will probably kill someone the first time so
have Life potions or Rosa revive them. This fight doesn't take long.

Your reward is the TowerKey, which will unlock that place you couldn't get to earlier.
So... go there. Save along the way if you wanna. Don't waste a Tent though. Oh, and be
sure to unequip Yang before entering the room. Inside, you'll see three imps preparing
to blast away the dwarves below. Kick their asses. Before they die, they fudge up the
controls so that you cannot stop the cannon. Yang approaches the cannon and tells you to
leave it to him. He pimpslaps you out of the room and locks the door, asking you to tell
his wife that he'll always be with her. The cannon explodes... go ahead and make your
way out of the castle. As you try to walk out of the tower, you'll be greeted by the voice
of Golbez. He destroys the bridge that you are standing on. As you fall to your death,
you're saved by Cid who swoops in on the Enterprise. The Red Wings chase after you. As
things begin to look bad for you, Cid asks you to take over the wheel and says that he is
going to seal the exit to the underground with a bomb. He also tells Rosa to "tie the knot
already! Have a whole mess of kids!" He leaps off of the Enterprise and sets himself up
the bomb (sorry...) to seal the exit. Okay, head to Baron as per the request of your

Chapter Eight: The Final Crystal

-----Baron Castle-----

Go to the right side of the castle where Cid's two helpers stand. Talk to either of them
and they will attach a sweet hook to the Enterprise.

Score! Back on the Enterprise, fly over to Mt Hobs and grab your hovercraft. Now before
you go to do what you're supposed to do, let's sidetrack for a moment to Mythril Village.
Follow the trail of islands south of Fabul Castle to get there. Set your hovercraft down
and then land and enter the town.

-----Mythril Village-----

Free Items:
Myhtril Staff, Mythril Dagger, 5000 gil

Inn: 500 gil

Item Shop:
MaidKiss   60 gil
Mallet     80 gil
DietFood  100 gil

Weapon Shop:
Mythril Staff   4000 gil
Mythril Dagger  3000 gil
Mythril Hammer  8000 gil
Mythril Sword   6000 gil

Armor Shop:
Mythril Shield  1000 gil
Mythril Helmet  3000 gil
Mythril Armor  17000 gil
Mythril Arm     2000 gil

Okay, so you're probably wondering why you should stop here.. well, get the free stuff
from the tall grass and sell it. Plus the 5000 gil. Easy quick money. Afterwards, get in
your hovercraft and visit the Adamant Grotto. You'll find that the little dude there is
looking for interesting tails... if you happen to find any, this would be a good place to
go to. Okay, go towards Eblan now. It's west of Agart. But before we hit the cave to get
back to Babil, let's explore Eblan Castle itself.

-----Eblan Castle-----

Ag Apple, BloodSpr, Sleep Sword, Mute Arrows x10, HiPotion, Ether1 x3, HrGlass2, Cabin x2,
Exit, Unihorn, Soft, MaidKiss, Coffin, Hermes, Bacchus x2, Kamikaze, Alarm, 10000 gil

Head straight up. The treasure chest that isn't empty has a HiPotion. Keep going up into
the Throne Room. At either end there is a secret path to a staircase. Take both to get all
the treasure. Go back to the first screen and take the right path to the east tower. Walk
behind the top left column to get to the Coffin. Go up the stairs. Press the button and
walk around to the right side. Fall down the hole to get the HrGlass2. From here, head to
the Basement. The right chest has monsters in it. Three Mad Orges. Just pound on these guys
to wear them down. Magic won't work well except for Rydia's Mist summon. The reward is an
Ag Apple. Follow the stairs to leave the castle.

Reenter the castle cause you sure aren't done yet! Save if you wanna then head back to the
east tower. Get the treasure chests at the top. You'll have to walk around the back (even
with the pots) to get to the chest behind the hole, which has monsters in it. 2 BlackCats
and a Lamia. Attack the Lamia, and let Rydia cast Bio on everything, which should kill the
BlackCats. You get the BloodSpr as a reward. Head down the tower and over to the west
tower. As soon as you walk in, push up once and start pushing right to find the secret
path to the right treasure chest, which is a monster chest. A Staleman and 4 Skulls. Have
everyone attack the Staleman and let Rydia cast Fire2 on all. Should be pretty easy. You
get the Sleep Sword as a prize. Head up the stairs. Walk to the left and you'll find the
hidden stairs to get the left chest on the first floor. It has a Kamikaze in it. Go back
up and search the pots for two Bacchus. Sneak behind the pots on the right to get the two

Okay, mission complete. Head over to Agart to sell all the worthless stuff you got and
to rest up at the cheap inn. Then head back to Eblan and hop into your hovercraft to enter
Cave Eblan.

-----Cave Eblan-----

Blood Sword, Elixir x2, Potion x2, HiPotion x3, Ether1, Ether2, Life x2, Tent, Cabin,
Shuriken x2, HrGlass2, Remedy, Vampire, Silk Web, Kamikaze

BlackLiz (Weak against ice)
Cave Bat
Skull (Weak against fire and holy)
Red Bone (Weak against fire and holy)

Head right from the entrance and aim for the treasure chest. Walk through the wall to get
it (Shuriken) and the one after it (Remedy). Walk down into the water and head right and
down. Get back on land and grab the Vampire item then head left all the way to the stairs
and take them.

On this floor you'll find civilization. Let's look around, shall we?

Inn: 700 gil

Item Shop:
Soft      400 gil
MaidKiss   60 gil
Mallet     80 gil
DietFood  100 gil
EchoNote   50 gil
Eyedrops   30 gil
Antidote   40 gil
Cross     100 gil

Weapon Shop:
Power Staff  2000 gil
IceBrand    26000 gil
IceSpear    21000 gil
Kunai        4000 gil
Boomrang     3000 gil
Archer       3000 gil
Poison Arrows  70 gil

Armor Shop:
IceShld        10000 gil
IceArmor       35000 gil
Black Clothes  10000 gil

You'll definitely want to get Black Clothes for Rydia. You can buy ice stuff for Kain if
you want to, but I didn't. Buy Rosa some Poison arrows. Use the Inn if you need it, then
proceed onward.

On the next screen, you start right next to a chest with Ether1 inside. Go up and grab
the Tent by the door. Don't leave yet, enter the dented wall and get the HiPotion. Now
head to the next area. Head up and right to get a Kamikaze, then start heading down,
getting the not so hidden Shuriken as well. Continue down to the next area. Get the three
easy to access chests then push against the wall by the stairs to get the two elusive
Elixirs. Go down to the bottom and get the four chests there, going around and up to the
stairs. The next area has a saving point right at the beginning but skip that for the time
being. Head left for a Soft, then go up to watch Edge talking to Rubicant. They fight and
Edge gets his buttocks handed to him. After he loses, your group goes to talk to him and
after a touching moment with Rydia he agrees to join up with you. Grab the Ether2 and head
back to that saving point. Walk past it and through the wall for a monster chest. Inside
are two Staleman. No biggie. Your reward is the not so useful Blood Sword. More importantly,
if you want to cheat a bit, you can use the Sneak-Equip method to get Rydia (and Rosa if
you want to...) a Gaia Hammer from the Staleman. See the Tricks section of the FAQ for
details. It'll definitely help Rydia, though I kept arrows for Rosa. Okay, after doing that,
save the game and go to where Edge fought Rubicant to enter the Tower of Babil.

-----Tower of Babil-----

Ogre Axe, Ashura, HiPotion x2, HrGlass2, Unihorn, Succubus, 82000 gil

Balloon (Weak against projectiles)
BladeMan (Weak against holy)
Grudger (Weak against holy)
Mad Ogre

Edge sneaks you into the tower with his bad self. The first chest has a Unihorn. Follow the
long winding path all the way to the HrGlass2 and the door to the next area. Again, follow
the winding path. At the top, take the bridge down to the monster-filled chest. 4 Mad Ogres
are inside. Just have Rydia cast Mist while the others attack. The reward is an Ogre Axe.
Go back to following the path to the next floor. Walk past the door to get the Succubus,
then take the door to the next area. Head right and follow the path around. Grab the
Ashura blade for Edge (and duplicate it if you like cheating) and continue to the next
floor. Ignore the shiny tile and walk to the two doors. The left one is a saving point and
the right one leads to the next floor, which immediately leads to the next. Go down and
all the way to the left for a chest with a whopping 82000 gil in it. Then head up the middle
area to run into Edge's mother and father. After some shocking words, you get in a battle!

BOSS FIGHT: K. Eblan (HP ~60000), Q.Eblan (HP ~60000)

You don't really need to do anything other than guard, but it's fun to just attack them.
After a bit, the battle ends in a rather sad manner.

Rubicant appears, blaming Lugae for what just happened. Edge wants to hear none of it. Edge
gets mad and gains extra powers, teaching him Flood and Blitz magic. Rubicant, being the
fair man that he is, heals your party completely before the battle.

BOSS FIGHT: Rubicant - HP 34000, Atk 88, Def 3, Weak: Ice
Reward: 7000 gil, 18000 exp

Cecil should attack. Kain should Jump. Edge should either attack or try to get in a Flood
spell. Rydia should use Bio or either Ice2 or Shiva if you can time it to hit him when his
cape is open. Rosa should cast Slow and then keep people alive. When he opens his cape,
he's going to hit with the Scorch spell, which will most likely kill the target. Other than
that, he'll occasionally attack and occasionally use Fire2 on everyone. Not too hard of a

Rubicant is impressed at your victory and vanishes. Afterwards, Eblan troops rush in (how
did they do that?!) and offer to help you. After you catch Edge up-to-date on the whole
Golbez thing, he offers to help you out and sends the troops back. Head up into the
Crystal Room. As you walk into the room, you'll fall down a trap. Walk up to get the
HiPotion, then head down and through the door. Follow the path to the next floor. Walk
down then head right for another HiPotion, then enter the room. Inside you'll find a Red
Wings airship that Edge affectionally dubs "Falcon". As soon as you take off, go ahead and
land. Save your game. Now if you like cheating, read the next paragraph. Otherwise, skip

Enter the tower. Climb up a few floors until you fight a FlameMan. Use the Sneak-Equip
method to get Rydia a FireSpr. Also, Sneak-Equip her a Mythril Shield from the Tortoise.

Okay, get back in the Falcon and head to the Dwarven Castle. Be sure to get recovered at
the freebie pot.

-----Dwarven Castle-----

Talk to Giott and tell him of your utter failure. Giott gives you the Necklace from Luca
so that you can enter the Sealed Cave. Of course, it isn't that easy. You can't even fly
over lava right now, silly! Head down to the infirmary and you'll see your buddy Cid laying
asleep. After explaining your plight to Cid, he hops out of bed to work on the Falcon.
Afterwards, Cid lays back in bed and starts trailing off... into sleep. Leave the castle.

Before doing what you're supposed to do, make a pitstop at Kokkol's Smithy, just south of
Dwarven Castle. There isn't much to do there now except take the Remedy and HiPotion and
SomaDrop from the place, but he mentions that he's looking for Adamant. You should try to
remember that.

Leave there and head to Tomra, west of there.


Free Items:
Ether2, Notus, ThorRage, Bomb, Bestiary, 2000 gil

Inn: 300 gil

Item Shop (Left):
Soft      400 gil
MaidKiss   60 gil
Mallet     80 gil
DietFood  100 gil
EchoNote   50 gil
Eyedrops   30 gil
Antidote   40 gil
Cross     100 gil

Item Shop (Right):
Life      100 gil
Potion     30 gil
HiPotion  150 gil
Tent      100 gil
Cabin     500 gil
EagleEye  100 gil
Gysahl     50 gil
Remedy   5000 gil

Weapon Shop:
Ashura      7000 gil
Chain Whip  6000 gil
Orge Axe   45000 gil
Archer Bow  3000 gil
Mute Arrows  100 gil

Armor Shop:
Diamond Shield   15000 gil
Diamond Helmet   10000 gil
Diamond Armor    40000 gil
Diamond Gauntlet  5000 gil
Tiara            20000 gil
GoldRing          4000 gil

You probably have tons of money that isn't doing anything in particular. Might as well
upgrade your stuff here. First, get the freebies. All of it is in the top left building
in the town. Afterwards, buy whatever your heart desires. A set of Mute arrows should be
all the weaponry you need. For armor... at least buy Rosa a Tiara if nothing else. Also,
buy Edge a GoldRing (and Rydia and Rosa too if you can). The Diamond stuff is nice, but
you can live without it. I bought it all and still had a buttload of cash leftover. Buy
a good load of Cabins too, since Tents are worthless at this point. This town is pretty
much pointless otherwise.

Okay, it's time to gain levels. I personally chose to raise levels at the Sealed Cave. You
can do it anywhere you want to. But the point is, you need to get to level 35 with Rosa
so that you learn the Float spell. Then, it's time for a few fun diversions... head west
from the Tower of Babil to the Sylvan Cave.

-----Sylvan Cave-----

Avenger Sword, Engetsu, FairyRod, MageMash, ElvenBow, Bolt Arrows x10, Ice Arrows x10,
Fire Arrows x10, Angel Arrows x10, Medusa Arrows x10, HellClaw, CatClaw, Elixir,
HiPotion x2, Ether1 x2, Remedy, Cabin, Exit, Bestiary x2, MaidKiss x3, Inferno, Blizzard,
LitStorm, Kamikaze, 1000 gil, 2000 gil, 3000 gil

TinyToad (Weak against Ice)
DarkTree (Weak against Fire)

At the beginning of each screen, cast Float on all of your party members to prevent the
green slime tiles from hurting you. From the entrance, head right for a Bestiary and some
Angel Arrows. Head down the stairs to the next area. Walk around the loop to the upper set
of stairs. Get the two easy to access chests then walk through the wall below the bottom
chest to get the third one. Before leaving the screen, push right against the wall right
in front of the stairs to find a hidden path that leads to another stairway. Nab the four
treasure chests and keep heading down. Get the other chests then fall down the hole. Go
up and then walk left through the wall to the warp. 6 chests here, containing (clockwise
from top left): (1) 6 Ghosts (Mist Dragon is helpful) that give you an Inferno; (2) 6
Ghosts that give you a Blizzard; (3) 6 Ghosts with a LitStorm; (4) 2 Centpedes with Medusa
Arrows; (5) 4 Malboros guarding an Avenger Sword; (6) 2 DarkTrees and 2 Malboros guarding
an Engetsu Boomerang. After this, take the final warp and exit the place. Save, rest up,
then head back in.

On the second screen, head down instead of up. To the east, there's a saving point. Walk
past it and take the hidden path in the corner to get the ElvenBow. Go to the left and
get the two chests there. Take the stairs to the next area. Go all the way up and take a
hidden path for a chest with monsters in it. It's a ToadLady with 6 TinyToads. Summon a
Mist Dragon to take care of things. You'll get a MageMash. Take the middle staircase. There
are a bunch of chests here. Now take the top staircase. Grab the Elixir and follow the
path to the house. Get the chests and talk to the Sylphs and to Yang. He's unconscious.
Leave here by heading upstairs and warping out.

Okay, now let's head south to the Cave of Summons, on an island by itself. You've probably
gained a level at least with Rosa, so she should have Wall. If not, you'll probably get it
in the Cave of Summons, but you'll need it...

-----Cave of Summons-----

Defense Sword, Venom Axe, Kikuichi, HiPotion x3, Ether1, Life x2, Cabin, Bestiary

Red Eye (Weak against projectiles)
Clapper (Weak against projectiles)
Arachne (Weak against Ice and projectiles)
Hooligan (Weak against Holy and projectiles)

When you enter, Rydia mentions going through here before. From the entrance, go right and
up for a Life potion. Take the visible secret path (that's a recurring theme here....) to
get the Ether1. There's a HiPotion in the bottom right corner. Take the stairs to the
next floor. On this floor, the bottom right corner again has a HiPotion. The top left one
has a Cabin. The stairs are at the upper right.  Follow the path down to get a Life
potion. Keep going right for a Bestiary. Take the "hidden" path to get the other chests.
The one on top has monsters in it: 5 Warriors. Use attacks and Mist Dragon. Your reward
is the awesome Defense Sword. Take the warp to enter the town.

-----Land of Summons-----

Free Items:
Rat Tail, Yoichi Bow, Yoichi Arrows x10, Elixir, Ether1, Ether2, Life, Bestiary x2,
6000 gil, 5000 gil

Inn: 1200 gil

Item Shop 1 (Left Chocobo by innkeeper):
Life      100 gil
Potion     30 gil
HiPotion  150 gil
Tent      100 gil
Cabin     500 gil
EagleEye  100 gil
Gysahl     50 gil
Remedy   5000 gil

Item Shop 2 (Right Chocobo by innkeeper):
Soft      400 gil
MaidKiss   60 gil
Mallet     80 gil
DietFood  100 gil
EchoNote   50 gil
Eyedrops   30 gil
Antidote   40 gil
Cross     100 gil

Weapon Shop:
Whip         3000 gil
Chain Whip   6000 gil
Blitz Whip  10000 gil
Kotetsu     11000 gil
FairyRod     5000 gil
Lunar Staff  7000 gil
Angel Arrows  110 gil

Armor Shop:
Aegis Shield      20000 gil
Sorcerer Clothes  30000 gil

Lots of free stuff on the first floor. Walk around and snatch it all. Definitely get the
Rat Tail. Before warping, go to the bottom area and look for an odd looking square. Step
on it to warp to some more chests. Now, warp down to the next floor. In the house by the
inn, there are two chests and a saving point. You'll want to use that in a bit. At the
Weapon Shop, buy Rosa a good supply of Angel Arrows. At the Armor Shop, get Aegis Shields
for Kain and yourself, and buy Rydia and Rosa the Sorcerer Clothes. Now, use that saving
point. Note that a 500 gil Cabin is cheaper than the inn. Now, go to the library and go
downstairs to talk to Asura. You have to prove your worth to her. Uh, okay.

BOSS FIGHT: Asura - HP 31005, Atk 134, Def 3, Weak: None
Reward: 0 gil, 20000 exp

Have Rosa cast Wall on Asura. After that, all of her curing spells will cure you. Yay!
Just pound on her with physical attacks until the battle is yours. She will counterattack
every attack you do, so only let the three main attackers do the attacking. Don't worry,
the Wall will last the entire fight.

After the victory, Rydia learns the Asura summon. Yay. Go back and rest up and save again.
Go back down to talk to Leviatan. Another test...

BOSS FIGHT: Leviatan - HP 50001, Atk 174, Def 5, Weak: Bolt
Reward: 0 gil, 28000 exp

Have Kain Jump, Cecil attack, Edge use Blitz, Rydia summon Ramuh, and Rosa cast Slow and
then keep people alive. Leviatan's Big Wave attack does about 400 damage to everyone
fairly often. Just keep the HP high and keep the attacks going..

After winning, Rydia can summon Leviatan. You can leave here now.

-----Sealed Cave-----

Kotetsu x2, Fuma, Elixir, HiPotion x3, X-Potion, Ether1 x2, Ether2, Life, StarVeil,
MuteBell, Bestiary

VampLady (Weak against Holy and Fire)
Were Bat (Weak against Fire and projectiles)
Screamer (Weak against Ice)
Yellow D.

First off, if you cheated and got the Dark crystal earlier, you can pretty much skip to
the very last paragraph... cheater. Otherwise, read on.

Use the Necklace to gain entrance. Walk down and climb across the rope to the bottom area.
The first door you see is your first encounter with a TrapDoor.

HARD ENEMY: TrapDoor (HP 5000)
Reward: 4500 gil, 30000 exp

Beat the living crap out of it. Someone is going to get targeted and killed. Don't worry
about reviving the person because it will quickly do it again. Just kill it. Attack with
all and use Bio with Rydia (It's possible that the TrapDoor will turn into another enemy
if you get it really close to death without killing it.

After beating the door, enter and get the two chests. Give Edge the Kotetsu (and double it
if you wanna). Leave the room and grab the Bestiary out of the nearby chest. Go left and
up the rope to fight another TrapDoor. Go through it to the next room. Grab the two chests
then take out the TrapDoor on the left if you're bored or sadistic (leads to an empty room)
and the one on the right again if you're sadistic (another empty room). Leave this area
and on the next floor, climb down the rope to get the StarVeil. Climb back up and head to
the right. Grab the Life potion and keep going up. The doors lead to.... (from left to
right): (1) Kotetsu and Ninja Helmet; (2) Save Point [GO HERE FIRST!]; (3) Empty; (4) Fuma,
Elixir, and StarVeil; (5) Light Sword [GO HERE SECOND!]; (6) Empty. After this fun little
gauntlet of excitement, head all the way to the left then down for another door. Go through
it to the next area. Grab the Ether1 and scurry along to the next room. Get the exciting
chests then fight yet another door that leads to nothing (or don't). Head down to the
next floor. Grab the MuteBell then fight the door leading to nothing if you're into that
kind of thing. Climb down the rope and fight the door on the right to get some chests, then
head left for another saving point. Rest up and definitely save. Head down and follow the
path around to the stairs. There's one more TrapDoor to go. Go through it to get the Dark
crystal. When you leave the room, you'll be greeted by a very unpleasent surprise...

BOSS FIGHT: EvilWall - HP 28000, Atk 84, Def 3, Weak: None
Reward: 8000 gil, 23000 exp

This is a hard fight, if the wall gets close enough to you it starts killing your people
one at a time in one hit. Have Cecil attack, Edge attack, Kain Jump, Rydia cast Leviatan,
and Rosa Haste everyone. Pound away as fast as you can to win.

After the battle, walk back a screen and have Rydia Warp you back through the place. Once
you get back to the entrance, unequip Kain... as you try to leave you'll hear Golbez's
voice. He'll talk to Kain, telling him to bring him the crystal. Kain takes the crystal
from you and runs off to Golbez. Head back to Dwarven Castle to admit yet another failure..

Chapter Nine: The Power of the Moon

-----Dwarven Castle-----

Head to Giott and report in. He tells you of the Lunar Whale ship and starts to rant off
the Mysidian legend. He seems surprised that you know of the place. Giott tells you that
you must hurry there at once... but how? That's when Cid walks into the room to help you
out once again. He tells you he'll put a drill onto the Falcon for you. After a bit of
slapstick comedy, the changes are done and Cid collapses. Put him back into bed once
again and leave the castle.

Hop into the Falcon and go to where the hole to the surface used to be. The drill will
reopen that hole for you. Now before we do all that praying, let's do a few side quests.
Get into the Enterprise and go visit the tail collector by Mythril Village.

-----Adamant Grotto-----

Give him the Rat Tail. He'll happily hand over some Adamant in exchange. Score! Leave
here and hop back into the Enterprise. Head over to Fabul Castle.

-----Fabul Castle-----

Climb the West Tower to the very top to talk to Yang's wife. She's mad that he is "loafing"
in the underworld and gives you the Pan to smack him upside the head with. Score! Okay, hop
back into the Enterprise again and go back to the underworld. Head to Kokkol's Smithy.

-----Kokkol's Smithy-----

Present Kokkol with your Adamant. He has a fungasm and asks you to hand him the Legend
Sword. He says he needs some time, so forget about him for now. Leave here and head for
the Sylvan Cave.

-----Sylvan Cave-----

Play all the way through to where Yang is loafing. Club him with the Pan. Yang wants to
join you, but the Sylphs will have none of that. Instead, they let Rydia summon them. Yay!
Afterwards, head back to the overworld and back to Fabul Castle.

-----Fabul Castle-----

Go back to Yang's wife. Give her the Pan back. She'll give you the Knife in return. It's
unequippable, but it does 9999 damage when darted with Edge. Neato. Head to Mysidia now.


As soon as you walk in, the Eldger greets you and tells you to head to the tower of
worship. Again, the Mysidian legend is shown for your viewing pleasure. Afterwards, all
the people in the room start bowing (except you of course :P) and summon the Lunar Whale.
Yeah, going to the Moon sounds like fun, but we have more important things to do. Head
back to the Enterprise and go the the underworld and Kokkol's Smithy.

-----Kokkol's Smithy-----

Your sword is done. Claim your Excalbur. Equip it. Live it. Love it. Actually, leave the
Smithy and make about three or four copies of it. Yes, I'm directly telling you to cheat.
Get over it. Okay, after that head back to the overworld and go to Baron Castle.

-----Baron Castle-----

Head to the east tower. Go down to the basement and talk to King Baron. He'll challenge
you, offering his power if you can beat him.

BOSS FIGHT: Odin - HP 20001, Atk 116, Def 5, Weak: Bolt
Reward: 0 gil, 18000 exp

Have Edge Throw those copied Excalburs (it's incredibly hard to win otherwise...), Cecil
attack, Rydia cast Bolt3, and Rosa cast Slow then attack. You should win before he does his
attack that will kill all your party members in one hit. He's weak against lightning so you
can use Blitz with Edge if you don't want to do the Excalbur thing..

After you win, you'll get the Odin summon with Rydia. Groovy. If you can't win, just come
back and do this sometime later. It really doesn't matter when you do it. Okay, get in the
Enterprise and head to the Lunar Whale.

Once inside, feel free to explore. Head down to find a place to rest to recover HP/MP.
Further down reveals a permanent Fat Chocobo for item storage. At the top is a crystal
that changes you from earth to the moon. At the very top is the steering wheel. Click on
it to move around in your current world. For now, click on the crystal to head to the moon.
When you get there, head a little west then north. You should see a large castle. Land the
Lunar Whale on the grey mountain area to the immediate west of the castle. Get out and walk
to the cave.

-----Lunar Path-----

Au Apple, MoonVeil, Stardust

Red Worm (Weak against Fire)
Pudding (Weak against Ice)
Grenade (Weak against Bolt and Projectiles)

Go right for a treasure chest full of monsters. Inside are 2 Procyotes and 2 Juclyotes.
In the chest is a yummy Au Apple that I recommend you feed to Rydia. Head north and stop
to get the MoonVeil and Stardust before exiting. When you leave the area, head right then
down for the next cave. In this cave, just walk straight down, nothing to get here. When
you emerge, head left to enter the Crystal Palace.

-----Crystal Palace-----

Take the two outer paths to get all of your HP/MP/etc restored. Walk up the center path
to be greeted by a strange old man named FuSoYa. FuSoYa tells you about the Lunarians and
explains that Golbez is being controlled by a Lunarian named Zemus. He plans to summon
the Giant of Babil to come from the Tower of Babil and destroy Earth. He also explains of
his brother KluYa who created and introduced the Lunar Whale, airships, and more to the
earthlings. He also fell in love with an earthling and spawned two children. One of them
is... you. It's time to rush and save the Earth... but, we have other things to do on the
moon first. Head back through Lunar Path and get in the Lunar Whale.

Once in your travelling vessel, take the steering wheel and head to the right. You should
see a cave circled by a doughnut grey mountain. Land at the top of the doughnut and walk
to the cave.

-----Cave Bahamut-----

Genji Armor, Genji Helmet, Genji Gauntlet, Genji Shield

D.Bone (Weak against fire)

From the beginning, head down. There's a Genji Gauntlet for the taking. Give it to Cecil.
Now head right. At the top there's a hidden path to a Genji Shield. You can give that to
Cecil (I didn't...) Head down and through the door. Head around and up. Get the Genji
Armor for Cecil. Go all the way to the right for the Genji Helmet. Before walking up, be
sure to heal everyone for a really hard battle....

HARD FIGHT: Behemoth (HP 23000)
Reward: 65000 gil, 57000 exp

Behemoth counterattacks everything. All of its attacks are physical, so you may want to
use Blink on your party members so he'll miss them a few times. After applying some
Blinks, have Rydia summon Leviathan, FuSoYa cast Bolt3 or reblink people, Cecil and Edge
attack, and Rosa Cure and reblink people.

Whew! What fun! Anyways, go to the next floor now. Get your MP and HP raised back up
because when you walk down through the thin area you'll fight another Behemoth. And guess
what? As you keep walking, you'll fight another one. After that, make sure that FuSoYa and
Rosa have plenty of MP and then keep walking up to talk to Bahamut. He'll challenge you
to a duel.

BOSS FIGHT: Bahamut - HP 45001, Atk 174, Def 1, Weak: None
Reward: 0 gil, 35000 exp

Okay, have Rosa and FuSoYa put Walls on as many people as they can. Make sure the walls
stay in place and don't fade away. Other than that, just attack with everyone. When Bahamut
counts down to zero, he'll use which will reflect off of the walls and hit him for 9999
damage. He counts insanely fast, so you'll probably lose people the first round. Put a Wall
on one or both of your Wall casters first.

After winning, you'll be able to summon Bahamut at a whim. Yes! Now have Rosa or FuSoYa
Exit you outta here.

There's one other place worth checking before heading back to Earth. Go south and east of
Cave Bahamut and you should see a cave surrounded by mountainous area. Land in the clear
area and head inside.


Item Shop:
HiPotion   150 gil
Life       100 gil
Ether1   10000 gil
Ether2   50000 gil
Elixir  100000 gil
Cabin      500 gil
Bestiary   980 gil
Whistle  20000 gil

There are a billion Hummingways here. It's very scary. Amongst the Hummingways that wander
around singing, there is one normal Namingway that will change names and an Item seller
that sells incredibly good stuff. Stock up on as much as you can (ie this is the last
place for you to spend money in the game so you'll come here often).

Afterwards, get back into the Lunar Whale and head back to Earth.

When you arrive on Earth, the Lunar Whale auto-lands beside the Tower of Babil where an
earthquake is happening. The Giant of Babil comes forth from the castle and begins burning
everything in sight. All hope seems lost when suddenly dwarf tanks come rolling up to the
scene and begin fighting the giant. Yang is in the pilot seat of one of the other tanks,
along with some Sylphs. In addition to the tanks, several airships join the foray, lead
by Cid. Another ship is piloted by the Mysidian Elder along with Palom and Porom, who he
cured. Even the pansy Edward is fighting the giant. FuSoYa decides that now is the time to
enter the Giant and take him out from the inside. Cecil calls Cid down and you all board
his airship. Cid flies you to the mouth and you all hop in.

-----Giant of Babil-----

SomaDrop, Ag Apple, Shuriken, Yoichi Arrows x10, Elixir, HiPotion, Ether1, Alert

Horseman (Weak against Bolt)
Beamer (Weak against Bolt)
Machine (Weak against Bolt)
Searcher (Weak against Bolt)
Mech D.
Last Arm

Walk straight up and take the warp to reach the neck. The neck immediately leads to the
chest. The first chest has a Shuriken inside. Follow the path around and you'll come to a
chest with a HiPotion inside. Keep going to the right for a chest with an Ether1. Head up
and to the right for Yoichi Arrows. Head back down and to the left and be sure to get the
chest with the Alert in it before taking the warp to the Stomach. Head straight up for a
chest with an Ag Apple in it. As per usual, I recommend giving it to Rydia. Head back down
and to the right. Take the rightmost path for a lovely SomaDrop. You can give it to pretty
much anyone you want.. take the other path up and around to the warp to the "Passage". The
chest here has a Last Arm in it. Just attack the mess out of it and you'll be fine. You
get an Elixir for your effort. Walk around and be sure to take advantage of the saving
point, as you have good fighting in store. Walk up to the warp to the Stairwell. Walk up
and about midway you'll run into the Four Fiends of Elements. You'll have to fight them
all, and as before Rubicant heals you before the fight.

BOSS FIGHT: Elements - HP 112000, Atk Varies, Def Varies, Weak Varies
Reward: 10000 gil, 62500 exp

The battle begins against Milon-Z. Cecil and Edge should attack, Rydia and FuSoYa should
use Fire3. For Milon-Z and the others, if Rydia is lacking the appropiate spell, just
substitute the appropiate Call spell in its place. Have Rosa keep the HP of the party up.
You may want to go ahead and cast Bersk on Cecil since he'll be attacking the entire
fight, it's up to you. Next up is Rubicant. Switch to Ice3 for this one. He uses his
spells on everyone so you'll have to keep the party's HP high for this. You may want to
switch Edge to use Flood here instead of attacking. Next up is Cagnazzo. Switch to Bolt3
at this point. Edge can use Blitz or fight. Cagnazzo doesn't last very long at all. The
final boss is Valvalis. Have Rydia cast Bahamut and FuSoYa cast Holy. Be careful, she'll
cast a spell called Storm have brings everyone down to below 10 HP. Cure4 yourself ASAP.

After whipping their asses one more time, heal up then go back to the saving point cause
you still aren't done yet. After resting, walk up past where you killed the Elements and
take the warp to the Core.

BOSS FIGHT: CPU - HP 30000, Atk 174, Def 4, Weak: None
            Attacker - HP 3000, Atk 116, Def 5, Weak: None
            Defender - HP 3000, Atk 116, Def 5, Weak: None
Reward: 10333 gil, 50000 exp

First off, take out the Defender. That's the little one on the bottom. You needn't bother
with magic for killing it. Hell, magic is kinda pointless in this fight cause it'll be
countered for serious pain. Once the Defender dies, attack the CPU. Once it dies, take out
the Attacker. Let FuSoYa deal with healing since Rosa probably does way more damage with
plain attacking. Whee!

After destroying the easy to kill CPU, the giant stops. Golbez is none too pleased about
it, either. FuSoYa runs up to him and casts a spell to free Golbez of the spell that was
controlling him. He asks Golbez who his daddy is (uh...) and he says that it's KluYa.
Yeah, Golbez is your brother. Zemus chose Golbez because of the Lunarian blood within him
and because he bore inner hatred that Zemus could use to amplify. Golbez goes to settle
the score, and FuSoYa heads off with him. You're too confused by what's going on to notice
that the giant is crumbling. You are lead to the exit by none other than Kain the two-time
traitor himself.

Back inside the Lunar Whale, Kain explains that he is finally free of control and doesn't
expect you to forgive him. Edge ridicules him and Rosa calls for him to stop. Even Golbez
was being manipulated, so it isn't Kain's fault. Kain is as surprised about Golbez as you
are. Kain vows vengence and Edge makes another quip to which Kain responds by telling
him to kill him if it happens. You tell Rydia and Rosa to stay behind. Rosa walks off
first, and Rydia sasses Edge before leaving. You touch the crystal and head back to the
moon. The Lunar Whale immediately lands and as you attempt to leave it, you run into Rosa,
who obviously didn't stay behind. You tell her that you're taking her back, but she
naturally refuses. She wants to be with you, man! After a make-out session, Rydia pops
out as well and your party stays intact.

Get back in the Lunar Whale. Before going for gusto, let's do a little preparation....
get in the Lunar Whale and go to Earth. Switch into an airship and go to the underworld.
Go to Kokkol's Smithy.

-----Kokkol's Smithy-----

Weapon Shop:
Shuriken     20000 gil
Fuma         50000 gil
Yoichi Arrows  140 gil

Buy 99 Yoichi Arrows for Rosa. You should have plenty of stuff to sell as well. You can
buy some Fuma if you don't like the idea of duping yourself some Excalburs to Throw at
enemies. I prefer that myself.

Head back up to the Moon and blow the rest of your cash at Hummingway-land. Grab a couple
of Whistles since you'll be getting tons of items soon enough and you'll need a place to
store them. Seriously spend all the money that you can, you'll need the Ethers. Be sure
to get 99 Cabins and Life Potions as well. Afterwards, head through the Lunar Path to the
Crystal Palace.

Chapter Ten: The Final Confrontation

-----Crystal Palace-----

Walk up past the platform where you met FuSoYa to the next floor, where all the crystals
reside. For personal amusement, notice that the upper right one repeats whatever the last
one said. Not really sure why, but it's funny to me! Okay, stand in the center to warp to
the core. And yeah, you have to watch that teleport scene every time to go here.

-----Lunar Subterrane-----

Au Apple, Ragnarok, HolyLnce, Murasame, Masamune, FireLash, Stardust Rod, Sage Staff,
Artemis Arrows x20, Ribbon x2, Dragon Armor, Dragon Helmet, Dragon Gauntlet, Dragon Shield,
Crystal Armor, Crystal Helmet, Crystal Gauntlet, Crystal Shield, Ninja Clothes,
White Clothes, Minerva, Protect Ring x2, Elixir x2, X-Potion, Blizzard, Inferno, Fuma x4,

RedGiant (Don't use magic)
Kary (Normal magic ineffective)
D.Bone (Weak against Fire)
Veteran (Weak against Projectiles)
Red D. (Weak against Ice)
Blue D.
D.Fossil (Weak against Fire and Holy)
Tricker (Weak against Bolt but don't use it!)


First things first, if the battles here are hard for you, stay near the entrance and gain
levels. That way you can warp back and recover any time you need to. Having said that,
let's explore. Head to the upper right from the entrance for a secret path that leads to a
chest with monsters in it. Inside it lives 2 RedGiants. You'll get Ninja Clothes for a
reward. Give that bad boy to Edge. Head back to the entrance. Leave and heal if you need

Head left through the secret passage to a warp. Take it and the one following it to the
B2 level. You'll see a treasure chest with 2 Warlocks and 2 Karys in it. Use Mist with
Rydia and have everyone else attack. Take out the Warlocks first. You'll receive a Sage
Staff for winning. Whoopie. Keep going along the path until you reach B3, where you'll see
a floating sword. Cure yourself, have Rosa cast Float on everyone, and approach it.

HARD FIGHT: White D. - HP 32700, Atk 156, Def 5, Weak: None
Reward: 0 gil, 55000 exp, Murasame

Its attacks do very large amounts of damage and it counters every one of your physical
attacks with Slow and magic with GaiaRage (hence the floating). Also beware because he will
use Storm which brings everyone down to below 10 HP. Have Kain Jump, Cecil and Edge attack,
Rydia use Bahamut, and Rosa cure. This is a tough fight so don't feel bad if you lose. Just
level up and try again.

Make your way back to the entrance. Dupe a copy of Murasame if you're into that type of
thing. You'll probably want to leave and heal yourself at this point in time. This time
from the entrance, head down to the door. Follow the path to the secret path. Be sure to
grab the FireLash as you walk past it. Keep heading up and to the left. Procure the Dragon
Shield then head through the door to B3. There's a secret path below the next door that
will lead you to the Dragon Helmet, Dragon Gauntlet, and Dragon Armor. Now that Kain is
pimping all Dragon items, head to that door you passed to reach B4. From the entrance, head
right to get Artemis Arrows. Head down the stairs and take the door on your left. The chest
yields an Elixir. Head to the right and take the next stairs down. Go through the door.
Grab the Blizzard from the chest and head to the left. Get the X-Potion and exit through
the next door. When you come out, the first chest has monsters in it. It's a Behemoth. Use
a similar strategy to the last time you fought these guys. Your reward is the Stardust Rod.
This is when you might want to consider taking the FireSpr off of Rydia, since the Stardust
Rod uses Comet as an item. I left it on though. Head down the stairs to B5. The chest next
to the door has monsters in it. A Red D. and a Blue D. are inside. Pick a dragon and start
pounding on it. Bahamut is the summon of choice for Rydia. Your reward is the Crystal
Shield. Go through the door now. Walk up then take the secret path to the right. The chest
has the Protect Ring. I gave it to Edge. Keep walking past it to get to the right area.
Head down and through the door. Outside is a chest guarded by a Behemoth. The reward is
very nice though, Crystal Armor. Equip that and go back through the door and up to the
next area. The chest to the right of the exit has 2 Red Dragons in it. They are guarding
the Crystal Gauntlet. Equip it and head to the left through the door. Inside is a chest
with White Clothes in it. Give those to Rosa then go through the door. Head left for yet
another monster chest with a D.Fossil and a Warlock. They hold the Crystal Helmet. Head
to the right and enter the door. The chest has an Inferno in it, but more importantly,
this is the only room in the game where you can fight PinkPuffs. More info on that in the
secrets section. Leave this room and head down the stairs. The two visible chests contain
Artemis Arrows and a Fuma. Go down the left stairs to get a Cabin. There is an invisible
bridge here that leads to the left. Follow it and then take the secret path to get to B6.
The first chest has an Au Apple in it. Head to the right and take the warp. Walk up to
the next warp. In the next area, the chest has a Behemoth guarding another Protect Ring.
I gave it to Rosa. Head up to the warp and reach a much needed saving point. Use a Cabin
and save your game. This next fight may just simply be too hard for you. If it is, skip it
for now and come back after gaining some levels.

HARD FIGHT: Wyvern - HP 60000, Atk 160, Def 5, Weak: None
Reward: 0 gil, 64000 exp, Ragnarok

The fight begins with Wyvern using MegaFire on your group before you can do a thing. It
will do a sweet 3000+ to everyone it hits (it can miss people on occasion...). Wyvern will
then cast Wall on itself and throw out a billion Flare spells. Have Kain Jump, Cecil
attack, Rydia cast Asura or Bahamut if possible, Rosa cure, and Edge Throw as much as he
can and then attack. This fight is not easy at all...

If you win, equip the Ragnarok and rest up and save. If you lose repeatedly, just skip
this for now and let's move on. Head back to the invisible bridge. Go down the right-hand
stairs this time. Go through the door. There's a chest with a Warlock and 3 Karys in it.
Inside is the Minerva Clothes. Give them to Rydia. Go through the next door to B7. The
first room you come across is a saving point. Rest up and save your game. Go into the next
room. Here, you'll have to fight another unpleasent battle...

HARD FIGHT: Plague - HP 33333, Atk 146, Def 5, Weak: Projectiles
Reward: 550 gil, 31108 exp, HolyLnce

Plague starts off the fight by casting Doom on everyone, giving you 10 counts to finish
the battle. Have Cecil attack, Edge dart something, Rydia summon Bahamut, Rosa cast Holy
or attack, and Kain jump. If you're having problems winning, enter the battle with Edge
already dead. When the counters get close to 0, bring him back to life. Plague will cast
Doom again on everyone and you'll get the counters back up to 10 again.

When you win, give Kain the HolyLnce. Be sure to remember that you can use it as an item
to cast Holy if need be. Go back and use another Cabin and save your game again. Go into
the door next to the lair of Plague to fight another hard battle..

HARD FIGHT: Lunasaur x2 - HP 23000, Atk 144, Def 4, Weak: None
Reward: 0 gil, 59000 exp, Ribbon x2

For this fight, the Lunasaurs cast Wall on themselves after a physical attack and begin
to pummel you with Bio spells. That's no fun. They also heal themselves after summon
spells. That's no fun either. My strategy of choice is to just not let any of this happen.
Kick back, have everyone except the ladies defend. Let Rydia kill them one at a time with
Fire3 and let Rosa do the healing. Be careful because they will use Breath and you'll have
to recover from that.

After winning, procure your two Ribbons. I gave mine to Rydia and Rosa. Again, go back and
rest up and save your game. Walk past all these rooms and go around to the door at the top
to reach the inner part of the Lunar Subterrane.

At this point, the battles get much more difficult. You'll probably want to spend some
time leveling up here or you'll get wasted quickly. You should be able to handle the
Behemoths without too much trouble now. Let the guys attack and use Blink if you feel the
need to. The Red D. here fights a lot harder than it did before. The EvilMask will cast a
Wall on himself and all of your party members then proceed to bounce off Holy, Flare, and
Bio spells to attack you. Pound it with attacks and bounce spells of your own back at him.
Use Asura to cure.

Make your way down and around, following the winding path. The chest you pass contains a
Fuma. By the stairs, you'll see another sword. Approach it for another fight..

HARD FIGHT: Ogopogo - HP 51000, Atk 150, Def 4, Weak: None
Reward: 0 gil, 61000 exp, Masamune

He starts by using Big Wave twice, doing a good 2000+ damage or so to everyone. He'll use
it a lot during the fight as well. Cecil attacks, Edge Throws or attacks, Rydia casts
Bahamut, Rosa should cure or try to sneak in Holy, and Kain should Jump. This fight ranks
right up there with Wyvern on the difficulty. Don't cry if you lose. Level up even more.

If you win, dupe the Masamune as you head back to the saving point to rest and save. If
you're strong enough to win this fight, try going back after Wyvern again. These two big
creatures are the last two hard battles before the final boss... once you feel confident
and prepared, go to the stairs by the Masamune and head down. On the journey to the final
boss, you'll probably want to try avoiding as many fights as possible. Edge's Smoke skill
is useful for this.

On the next floor down, the first chest contains an Elixir. The second chest contains a
Whistle. Warp to the next floor. On this floor the first chest contains a Fuma, as does
the second one. Warp to the next floor. On this floor you'll begin to fight Breath and
Mind. You should be able to take out the Breath (only use normal attacks) but you should
escape from the Mind. Make your way to the bottom.

On the next screen, you'll see Golbez and FuSoYa confronting Zemus. After pounding him
with several spells, they combine powers to hit with him M.Meteo, doing lots of damage
and killing Zemus's body. All is well until Zemus starts humping the floor and turns into
a spirit form known as Zeromus. "Death only increased Zemus's hatred." Guess that makes
sense to me. Golbez and FuSoYa go after him one more time. Their Meteo spells heal him.
Golbez tries to use a Crystal on him but nothing happens because of Golbez's inner
darkness. Zeromus wipes them both out with his own Meteo spell. The scene cuts to Earth,
where the Elder and your allies watch on in spirit. They all begin praying for you. After
their messages, you stand up alone. Golbez hands you the Crystal and you challenge Zeromus.
All of your friends lend you their power to bring your party back to life with full health.

BOSS FIGHT: Zeromus - HP ~110000

First things first, Zeromus will not attack until you use the Crystal on him. He does
have an item on him that will help you out big time. Don't do anything until Edge can Steal
the DkMatter from Zeromus. Having it in your inventory causes Zeromus's almighty Big Bang
attack to do less damage to you. That is a good thing. Go ahead and have Cecil use the
Crystal now. Notice that Zeromus counterattacks almost everything, so be prepared and if
things look really bleak, calm your attack down and concentrate on curing. Have Cecil
attack, Edge Throw anything and everything then attack, Kain Jump, Rydia cast Bahamut, and
Rosa constantly Cure. It isn't easy as his Big Bang attack still does a good 2000 damage
to you. Don't forget about all the Elixirs you should have. Use any and all items that you
need to use to win.

Congratulations. Enjoy your ending, you deserved it. This is truly a great ending to a
great game, so I feel that you have to experience it for yourself. No spoilers here.


-----Black Magic-----

-Bio: 20 MP. Poison damage to one or more enemies. Targets lose life quickly after hit.
 FuSoYa (N/A) / Palom (19) / Rydia (26) / Tellah (Memory)

-Bolt1: 5 MP. A small lightning attack on one or all enemies.
 FuSoYa (N/A) / Palom (N/A) / Rydia (5) / Tellah (N/A)

-Bolt2: 15 MP. A larger lightning attack on one or all enemies.
 FuSoYa (N/A) / Palom (13) / Rydia (N/A) / Tellah (Memory)

-Bolt3: 30 MP. Huge lightning attack on one or all enemies.
 FuSoYa (N/A) / Tellah (Memory)

-Death: 35 MP. Attempts to kill enemy in one hit.
 FuSoYa (N/A) / Rydia (52)

-Drain: 18 MP. Absorb HP from target.
 FuSoYa (N/A) / Rydia (36) / Tellah (Memory)

-Fire1: 5 MP. A small fire attack on one or all enemies.
 FuSoYa (N/A) / Palom (N/A) / Rydia (N/A) / Tellah (N/A)

-Fire2: 15 MP. A larger fire attack on one or all enemies.
 FuSoYa (N/A) / Palom (12) / Rydia (N/A) / Tellah (Memory)

-Fire3: 30 MP. Huge fire attack on one or all enemies.
 FuSoYa (N/A) / Rydia (42) / Tellah (Memory)

-Flare: 50 MP. Incredibly strong and quick fire spell.
 FuSoYa (N/A) / Rydia (55)

-Ice1: 5 MP. A small ice attack on one or all enemies.
 FuSoYa (N/A) / Palom (N/A) / Rydia (2) / Tellah (N/A)

-Ice2: 15 MP. A larger ice attack on one or all enemies.
 FuSoYa (N/A) / Palom (11) / Rydia (N/A) / Tellah (Memory)

-Ice3: 30 MP. Huge ice attack on one or all enemies.
 FuSoYa (N/A) / Rydia (39) / Tellah (Memory)

-Meteo: 99 MP. Non-elemental meteor attack. Insanely huge damage.
 FuSoYa (N/A) / Rydia (60) / Tellah (Memory)

-Piggy: 1 MP. Turns target into a pig or reverses effect.
 FuSoYa (N/A) / Palom (11) / Rydia (N/A) / Tellah (Memory)

-Psych: 0 MP. Steals MP from an enemy.
 FuSoYa (N/A) / Rydia (32) / Tellah (N/A)

-Quake: 30 MP. Hits everyone on the ground (ie not flying or floating) for earth damage.
 FuSoYa (N/A) / Rydia (47)

-Sleep: 12 MP. Puts one or more enemies to sleep.
 FuSoYa (N/A) / Palom (N/A) / Rydia (8) / Tellah (Memory)

-Stone: 15 MP. Turn target to stone.
 FuSoYa (N/A) / Rydia (49) / Tellah (Memory)

-Stop: 15 MP. Stops an enemy from moving for a short period of time.
 FuSoYa (N/A) / Palom (14) / Rydia (N/A) / Tellah (N/A)

-Toad: 7 MP. Turns target into a Toad or reverses the spell.
 FuSoYa (N/A) / Rydia (13) / Tellah (Memory)

-Venom: 2 MP. Poisons the enemy.
 FuSoYa (N/A) / Palom (N/A) / Rydia (10) / Tellah (Memory)

-Warp: 4 MP. Warp to the previous screen in a dungeon.
 FuSoYa (N/A) / Rydia (12) / Tellah (Memory)

-Wind: 25 MP. Knocks target's HP down to a single digit.
 FuSoYa (N/A) / Rydia (51) / Tellah (Memory)

-----Call Magic-----

-Asura: 50 MP. Asura : Either cures all party members or casts Life on all party members.
 Rydia (Defeat Asura)

-Baham: 60 MP. MegaFire: Bahamut burns the hell out of everything.
 Rydia (Defeat Bahamut)

-Bomb: 10 MP. Explode: Summons a bomb to explode on an enemy for typeless damage.
 Rydia (Bomb item)

-Chocb: 7 MP. ChocKick: Summons a Chocobo to kick one enemy.
 Rydia (N/A)

-Cocat: 15 MP. Gorgon: Summons a Cocatris to attempt to petrify an enemy.
 Rydia (Cocatris item)

-Ifrit: 30 MP. Hellfire: Summons a fire demon to do fire damage to all enemies.
 Rydia (Adult)

-Imp: 1 MP. ImpPunch: Summons an imp to get medieval on one enemy.
 Rydia (Imp item)

-Levia: 50 MP. Tsunami : Summons Leviatan to attack all enemies for ice damage.
 Rydia (Defeat Leviatan)

-Mage: 18 MP. Blast: Summons a mage to attempt to kill one enemy.
 Rydia (Mage item)

-Mist: 20 MP. Mist: Summons a Mist Dragon to do typeless damage to all enemies.
 Rydia (Adult)

-Odin: 45 MP. Z-Sword: Summons Odin to attempt to kill all enemies in one hit.
 Rydia (Defeat Odin)

-Ramuh: 30 MP. Thunder: Summons an old man to do lightning damage to all enemies.
 Rydia (Adult)

-Shiva: 30 MP. Blizzard: Summons an ice woman to do ice damage to all enemies.
 Rydia (Adult)

-Sylph: 25 MP. Wind: Sylphs drain HP from the enemy and share it amongst the party.
 Rydia (Awakening Yang)

-Titan: 40 MP. GaiaRage: Summons a Titan to attack with an earthquake to all enemies.
 Rydia (Adult)

-----Ninja Magic-----

-Blitz: 25 MP. Attack all enemies with lightning damage.
 Edge (Anger)

-Flame: 15 MP. Attack all enemies with a flame.
 Edge (N/A)

-Flood: 20 MP. Attack all enemies for ice damage.
 Edge (Anger)

-Image: 6 MP. Creates images of himself so enemy attacks miss.
 Edge (38)

-Pin: 5 MP. Paralyzes target enemy.
 Edge (27)

-Smoke: 10 MP. Makes running from battles easy.
 Edge (33)

-----Twin Magic-----

-Comet: 20 MP each. Typeless damage to all enemies.
 Palom and Porom together (N/A)

-Pyro: 10 MP each. Fire damage to all enemies.
 Palom and Porom together (N/A)

-----White Magic-----

-Armor: 9 MP. Increases defense.
 FuSoYa (N/A) / Porom (12) / Rosa (12) / Tellah (Memory)

-Bersk: 18 MP. Raises attack strength, but target attacks without control.
 FuSoYa (N/A) / Porom (18) / Rosa (N/A) / Tellah (Memory)

-Blink: 9 MP. Increases physical defense by making shadows.
 FuSoYa (N/A) / Rosa (23) / Tellah (N/A)

-Charm: 10 MP. Confuses an enemy.
 FuSoYa (N/A) / Rosa (24) / Tellah (N/A)

-Cure1: 3 MP. Cures a small amount of HP for one or all characters.
 Cecil (1) / FuSoYa (N/A) / Porom (N/A) / Rosa (N/A) / Tellah (Memory) / Young Rydia (3)

-Cure2: 9 MP. Cures a larger amount of HP than Cure1.
 Cecil (15) / FuSoYa (N/A) / Porom (13) / Rosa (N/A) / Tellah (N/A)

-Cure3: 18 MP. Cures a very large amount of HP for one or all characters.
 FuSoYa (N/A) / Rosa (30) / Tellah (Memory)

-Cure4: 40 MP. Cures all HP for one character or most for all characters.
 FuSoYa (N/A) / Rosa (38) / Tellah (Memory)

-Dspel: 12 MP. Removes all positive spell attributes from a user.
 FuSoYa (N/A) / Rosa (31) / Tellah (Memory)

-Esuna: 20 MP. Cures all status ailments (except KO).
 Cecil (24) / FuSoYa (N/A) / Rosa (N/A) / Tellah (N/A)

-Exit: 10 MP. Exits from a dungeon.
 Cecil (19) / FuSoYa (N/A) / Porom (19) / Rosa (N/A) / Tellah (N/A)

-Float: 8 MP. Target(s) float(s) above the ground.
 FuSoYa (N/A) / Rosa (35) / Tellah (Memory)

-Haste: 25 MP. Speeds up one ally.
 FuSoYa (N/A) / Rosa (33) / Tellah (Memory)

-Hold: 5 MP. Prevents an enemy from moving for a small period of time.
 FuSoYa (N/A) / Porom (N/A) / Rosa (N/A) / Tellah (Memory) / Young Rydia (7)

-Holy: 46 MP. Attacks an enemy with a powerful holy attack.
 FuSoYa (N/A) / Rosa (56)

-Life1: 8 MP. Revives a KO'ed teammate with a small amount of HP.
 FuSoYa (N/A) / Porom (11) / Rosa (11) / Tellah (N/A)

-Life2: 52 MP. Revives a KO'ed teammate with all HP.
 FuSoYa (N/A) / Rosa (45) / Tellah (Memory)

-Mini: 6 MP. Shrinks a target or reverses the spell.
 FuSoYa (N/A) / Rosa (30) / Tellah (Memory)

-Mute: 6 MP. Silences a target.
 FuSoYa (N/A) / Porom (15) / Rosa (N/A) / Tellah (Memory)

-Scan: 1 MP. See the stats of an enemy.
 Cecil (8) / FuSoYa (N/A) / Porom (N/A) / Rosa (N/A) / Tellah (Memory)

-Shell: 10 MP. Raises magic defense for a target.
 FuSoYa (N/A) / Rosa (29) / Tellah (Memory)

-Sight: 2 MP. Allows you to see a larger amount of the map.
 Cecil (3) / FuSoYa (N/A) / Porom (N/A) / Rosa (N/A) / Tellah (Memory) / Young Rydia (4)

-Slow: 14 MP. Slow down one or more enemies.
 FuSoYa (N/A) / Porom (N/A) / Rosa (N/A) / Tellah (Memory)

-Wall: 30 MP. Places a wall on a user that reflects magic back to the person who casts it.
 FuSoYa (N/A) / Rosa (36) / Tellah (Memory)


This section will probably be completely redone... same with Armor.


Can be equipped by Cecil, Rosa, Rydia, Palom, Porom, Edward, FuSoYa

-Angel: Atk+40. Arrows have power to charm enemies.
-Artemis: Atk+75. Strong against dragons.
-Bolt: Atk+15. Arrows have lightning power.
-Brass: Atk+3
-Darkness: Atk+20. Arrows have power to blind enemies.
-Fire: Atk+15. Arrows have fire power.
-Holy: Atk+10. Arrows have holy power.
-Ice: Atk+15. Arrows have ice power.
-Medusa: Atk+1. Arrows have power to petrify enemies.
-Mute: Atk+35. Arrows have power to mute enemies.
-Poison: Atk+30. Arrows have power to poison enemies.
-Yoichi: N/A.


Can be equipped by Cecil and Kain.

-Dwarf: Atk+62, Def+3. Strong against giants.
-HandAxe: Atk+36
-Ogre: Atk+80. Strong against giants.
-Rune Axe: Atk+100. Strong against magicians.
-VenomAxe: Atk+95. Must hold with two hands. Axe has the power to poison enemies. Can be
           used as an item to cast Venom.


Can be equipped by Edge. Projectile weapon.

-Boomrang: Atk+20
-FullMoon: Atk+40


Can be equipped by Cecil, Rosa, Rydia, Palom, Porom, Edward, FuSoYa. Projectile weapon.

-Archer: Atk+40
-Artemis: Atk+80
-CrossBow: Atk+20
-ElvenBow: Atk+50. Strong vs magicians. Can be used as an item to cast Shell.
-GreatBow: Atk+30
-ShortBow: Atk+10
-Yoichi: Atk+60


Can be equipped by Yang and Edge.

-BoltClaw: Atk+0. Has bolt power in the claw.
-CatClaw: Atk+0. Has the power to put enemies to sleep.
-Fairy: Atk+0. Has the power to confuse enemies.
-FireClaw: Atk+0. Has fire power in the claw.
-HellClaw: Atk+0. Has poison power in the claw.
-IceClaw: Atk+0. Has ice power in the claw.

-----Dark Knight Swords-----

Can be equipped by Dk. Knight Cecil

-Dark: Atk+20
-Death: Atk+30, Def+3. Can KO enemies in one hit.
-Shadow: Atk+10


Can be used by Cecil, Kain, Rydia, Edge, Palom

-Assassin: Atk+30, Def+2. Can KO enemies in one hit.
-Dancing: Atk+28. Can be used as an item to inflict damage.
-MageMash: Atk+35. Strong against magic users. Can silence target.
-Mythril: Atk+20


Can be equipped by Cid.

-Gaia: Atk+66. Can be used as an item to hit all enemies.
-Mythril: Atk+55
-Wooden: Atk+45


Can be equipped by Edward.

-Dreamer: Atk+8. Can put enemies to sleep.
-Lamia: Atk+18. Can charm enemies.

-----Ninja Swords-----

Can be equipped by Edge.

-Ashura: Atk+32 (1) or Atk+77 (2)
-Kikuichi: Atk+50 (1) or Atk+115 (2)
-Kotetsu: Atk+40 (1) or Atk+93 (2)
-Kunai: Atk+25 (1) or Atk+63 (2)
-Masamune: Atk+65 (1) or Atk+143 (2). Can be used as an item to cast Haste.
-Murasame: Atk+57, Def+2 (1) or Atk+129, Def+3 (2). Can be used as an item to cast Armor.


Can be equipped by Rydia, Palom, Tellah, FuSoYa.

-Change: Atk+15. Can be used as an item to cast Piggy.
-FairyRod: Atk+30. Can be used as an item to cast Charm.
-FlameRod: Atk+7. Can be used as an item to cast Fire1.
-IceRod: Atk+5. Can be used as an item to cast Ice1.
-Lilith: Atk+13. Can be used as an item to cast Psych. Gain MP when you attack.
-Rod: Atk+3. Can be used as an item to do damage to one enemy.
-Stardust: Atk+45. Can be used an an item to cast Comet.
-Thunder: Atk+10. Can be used as an item to cast Bolt1.


Can be equipped by Kain. Projectile weapon.

-BloodSpr: Atk+86, Def-5. You gain life equal to the amount of damage done to enemy. Stats
           all decrease.
-Dragon: Atk+99. Strong against dragons.
-FireSpr: Atk+66. Spear has the power of Fire in it. Can be used as an item to cast Fire2.
-Gungnir: Atk+92. Def+8.
-HolyLnce: Atk+109. Spear has holy power. Can be used as an item to cast Holy.
-IceSpear: Atk+77. Spear has the power of Ice in it. Can be used as an item to cast Ice2.
-Spear: Atk+9
-WindSpr: Atk+55


Can be equipped by Rosa, Porom, Tellah, FuSoYa

-Cure: Atk+8. Can be used as an item to cast Cure1.
-Lunar: Atk+36. Can be used as an item to cast Dspel.
-Mythril: Atk+12. Can be used as an item to cast Esuna.
-Power: Atk+32. Can be used as an item to cast Bersk.
-Sage: Atk+48. Can be used as an item to cast Life1.
-Silence: Atk+52. Can be used as an item to cast Mute.
-Staff: Atk+4. Can be used as an item to cure Poison.


Can be equipped by Cecil or Kain. Swords with (*) are for Cecil only.

*Ancient: Atk+35
-Avenger: Atk+82, Def+5. Must use two hands to hold. Bersk in battle.
-BloodSwd: Atk+44, Def-4. Drains HP from enemies.
-Defense: Atk+105, Def+7. Can be used as an item to cast Armor.
*Excalbur: Atk+162
-Flame: Atk+65. Sword has the power of Fire in it.
-Gorgon: Atk+77. Sword has the power to petrify.
-IceBrand: Atk+75. Sword has the power of Ice in it.
*Legend: Atk+40
*Light: Atk+99
-Mythril: Atk+50
*Ragnarok: Atk+203, Def+7
-Sleep: Atk+55. Can put enemies to sleep. Can be used as an item to cast Sleep.

-----Throw Items-----

Can be thrown by Edge. Projectile weapon.

-Fuma: Atk 80
-Knife: Atk 255
-Shuriken: Atk 40


Can be equipped by Rydia.

-Blitz: Atk+40. Can paralyze enemies. Whip has the power of lightning in it.
-Chain: Atk+30. Can paralyze enemies.
-FireLash: Atk+51, Def+2. Can paralyze enemies. Whip has the power of fire in it.
-Serpent: Atk+56, Def+2. Can paralyze enemies. Strong against dragons.
-Whip: Atk+20. Can paralyze enemies.


"All" excludes Dk. Knight Cecil. Note that the equip list only includes people that are in
your party when you get the item. If you cheat to get an item, someone else may be able to
equip it. Got it? Good.


-Adamant: Atk+4, Def+107, M.Def+20. All stats +15.

-Crystal: Def+25, M.Def+10. Strong against most status ailments.

-Diamond: Def+19, M.Def+4. Strong against Holy attacks.
 Cecil, Kain

-Dragon: Def+23, M.Def+8. Strong against elemental attacks.
 Cecil, Kain

-Flame: Def+15, M.Def+4. Strong against Ice attacks.
 Cecil, Kain

-Genji: Def+21, M.Def+7
 Cecil, Kain, Edge

-IceArmor: Def+17, M.Def+4. Strong against Fire attacks.
 Cecil, Kain

-Iron: Def+4, M.Def+1
 Cecil, Kain, Cid

-Mythril: Def+13, M.Def+4
 Cecil, Kain, Cid

-Paladin: Def+11, M.Def+3

-----Arms / Rings-----

-CrysRing: Def+20, M.Def+12. Prevents most status ailments.
 Cecil, Kain, Rydia, Rosa, Edge

-Cursed: Atk-4, Def-7. All stats go down. Absorbs fire, ice, bolt damage.

-GoldRing: Def+6, M.Def+8. Strong against Bolt.
 Rydia, Rosa, Edge, FuSoYa

-IronRing: Def+2, M.Def+2

-Protect: Def+17, M.Def+12. Strong against fire, ice, bolt.
 Cecil, Kain, Rydia, Rosa, Edge

-RubyRing: M.Def+3. Prevents Piggy.

-Rune: Def+5, M.Def+8. Prevents Silence.
 Rydia, Rosa, Edge, Yang, FuSoYa

-Silver: Def+4, M.Def+4

-Strength: Atk+1, Def+2, M.Def+2
 Cecil, Kain, Rydia, Yang, Edge


-Bard: Def+2, M.Def+1. Cannot be muted.

-Black: Def+8, M.Def+7.
 Rydia, FuSoYa

-BlkBelt: Atk+1, Def+12, M.Def+3
 Cecil, Kain, Rydia, Rosa, Edge, Tellah, FuSoYa

-Clothes: Def+1

-GaiaGear: Def+3, M.Def+3. Prevents petrify.
 Cecil, Rydia, Rosa, Palom, Porom, Tellah, FuSoYa

-Kenpo: Atk+1, Def+5, M.Def+2

-Leather: Def+2, M.Def+1
 All except Dk. Knight Cecil

-Minerva: Atk+4, Def+27, M.Def+5. Cannot be paralyzed.
 Rydia, Rosa

-Ninja: Def+24, M.Def+15

-Prisoner: Def+1, M.Def+1. Prevents Sleep.

-PwrVest: Atk+4, Def+15
 Cecil, Kain, Rydia, Rosa, Edge

-Sorcerer: Def+12, M.Def+9. Strong against bolt.
 Cecil, Rydia, Rosa, Palom, Porom, Tellah, FuSoYa

-White: Def+18, M.Def+10. Strong against dark attacks.
 Cecil, Rosa, Porom, FuSoYa

-Wizard: Def+5, M.Def+5
 Cecil, Rydia, Rosa, Palom, Porom, Tellah, FuSoYa

-----Dark Knight Armor-----

-Demon: Def+9, M.Def+3
 Dk. Knight Cecil

-Hades: Def+7, M.Def+2
 Dk. Knight Cecil

-Shadow: Def+5, M.Def+1
 Dk. Knight Cecil

-----Dark Knight Arms-----

-Demon: Def+4
 Dk. Knight Cecil

-Hades: Def+3
 Dk. Knight Cecil

-Shadow: Def+2
 Dk. Knight Cecil

-----Dark Knight Helmets-----

-Demon: Def+6, M.Def+1
 Dk. Knight Cecil

-Hades: Def+5, M.Def+1
 Dk. Knight Cecil

-Shadow: Def+4
 Dk. Knight Cecil

-----Dark Knight Shields-----

-Demon: Def+2
 Dk. Knight Cecil

-Shadow: Def+1
 Dk. Knight Cecil


-Crystal: Def+10, M.Def+7

-Diamond: Def+7, M.Def+3. Strong against bolt attacks.
 Cecil, Kain

-Dragon: Def+9, M.Def+6. Strong against elemental attacks.
 Cecil, Kain

-Genji: Def+8, M.Def+5
 Cecil, Kain, Edge

-Iron: Def+2
 Cecil, Kain, Cid, Edge

-Mythril: Def+6, M.Def+2
 Cecil, Kain, Cid, Edge

-Paladin: Def+5, M.Def+1

-Zeus: Atk+2, Def+15. Prevents Mini.
 Cecil, Kain, Rydia, Edge


-Bandanna: Atk+1, Def+6, M.Def+1

-Feather: Def+2, M.Def+3

-Glass: Def+30. Prevents all status ailments except KO.
 Cecil, Kain, Rydia, Rosa, Edge

-Headband: Atk+1, Def+1, M.Def+1. Prevents confuse.

-Leather: Def+1, M.Def+1

-Magus: Def+3, M.Def+5
 Cecil, Rydia, Rosa, Palom, Porom, Tellah

-Ninja: Atk+1, Def+7, M.Def+1. Prevents Sleep.

-Ribbon: Def+9, M.Def+12. Prevents all status ailments except KO.

-Tiara: Def+7, M.Def+10. Strong against bolt.
 Rydia, Rosa, Porom

-Wizard: Def+5, M.Def+7
 Cecil, Rydia, Rosa, Palom, Porom, Tellah, FuSoYa


-Crystal: Def+12, M.Def+8. Strong against elemental attacks.

-Diamond: Def+9, M.Def+2. Strong against bolt.
 Cecil, Kain

-Dragon: Def+11, M.Def+7. Strong against elemental attacks.
 Cecil, Kain

-Genji: Def+10, M.Def+6
 Cecil, Kain, Edge

-Iron: Def+3
 Cecil, Kain, Cid

-Mythril: Def+8, M.Def+2
 Cecil, Kain, Cid

-Paladin: Def+7, M.Def+2


-Aegis: Def+4, M.Def+5. Cannot be petrified.
 Cecil, Kain

-Crystal: Def+7, M.Def+4

-Diamond: Def+4, M.Def+2. Strong against bolt.
 Cecil, Kain

-Dragon: Def+6, M.Def+3. Strong against elemental attacks.
 Cecil, Kain

-Flame: Def+3, M.Def+2. Strong against Ice attacks.
 Cecil, Kain, Cid

-Genji: Def+5, M.Def+3
 Cecil, Kain

-IceShld: Def+2, M.Def+2. Strong against Fire attacks.
 Cecil, Kain

-Iron: Def+1
 Cecil, Kain, Cid

-Mythril: Def+3, M.Def+2
 Cecil, Kain, Cid

-Paladin: Def+2, M.Def+1


-Ag Apple: Raises maximum HP by 50 points.
-Au Apple: Raises maximum HP by 100 points.
-Alarm: Wakes up those who have fallen asleep during battle.
-Alert: Alerts enemies to your presence and pulls you straight into battle.
-Antidote: Cures those who have been poisoned.
-Bacchus: Berserks the target so he/she attacks powerfully but uncontrollably. Same effect
 as the white magic spell Bersk.
-Beastiary: Learn enemy HP and weaknesses. Same effect as the white magic spell Scan.
-Big Bomb: Stronger version of Bomb. Generates a ball of fire that scorches enemies.
-Blizzard: Freezes the enemy with cold dragon breath.
-Bomb: Causes fire damage.
-Bomb (summon spell item): Teaches Rydia how to summon Bomb.
-Boreas: Stronger version of Notus. Generates a huge icicle that pierces enemies to the core.
-Cabin: Completely restores HP and MP. Cures all bad status effects.
-Cocatris: Teaches Rydia how to summon Cocatris.
-Coffin: Kills the enemy instantly. Same as the black magic spell Death.
-Cross: Cures those who have been cursed.
-DietFood: Cures those who have become pigs.
-EagleEye: Zooms out of the screen to provide a panoramic view of your surroundings. Same
 effect as the white magic spell Sight.
-EchoNote: Cures those who have lost their magic ability.
-Elixir: Completely restores HP and MP.
-Ether1: Restores some MP.
-Ether2: Stronger version of Ether1.
-Exit: Warps you out of dungeons to the surface.
-Eyedrops: Cures those who have become blind.
-Galadrum: Causes an earthquake to damage enemies. Same as the black magic spell Quake.
-Grimore: A book of summons that calls a random summoned creature.
-Gysahl: Calls Fat Chocobo if used in an area where there is the smell of chocobo in the air.
-Hermes: Raises agility. Same effect as the white magic spell Haste.
-HiPotion: Stronger version of Potion.
-HrGlass1: Stops time for enemies, immobilizing them.
-HrGlass2: Stronger version of HrGlass1. Enemies become immobile for a longer time.
-HrGlass3: Stronger version of HrGlass2. Enemies become immobile for an even longer time.
-Illusion: Allows you to dodge attack by creating your double. Same effect as the white
 magic spell Blink.
-Imp: Teaches Rydia how to summon Imp.
-Inferno: Scorches the enemy with dragon fire.
-Kamikaze: Sacrifices the user's HP to damage the enemy by that same amount. The user
 becomes KO'ed.
-Life: Cures KO and restores minimal HP. Same effect as the white magic spell Life1.
-LitStorm: Zaps the enemy with a dargon's lightning bolt.
-MaidKiss: Cures those who have become toads.
-Mallet: Cures those who have become small.
-Mage: Teaches Rydia how to summon Mage.
-MoonVeil: Stronger version of StarVeil. Reflects enemy magic with a veil of moonlight.
-MuteBell: Prevents the enemy from using magic by silencing them. Same effect as the white
 magic spell Mute.
-Notus: Causes ice damage.
-Potion: Restores some HP.
-Remedy: Cures all bad status ailments except KO. Same effect as the white magic spell
-Silk Web: Spins webs around the enemy to hinder their mobility. Same effect as the white
 magic spell Slow.
-Soft: Cures those who have become petrified.
-SomaDrop: Raises maximum MP by 10 points.
-Stardust: Showers stardust that damages any type of enemy.
-StarVeil: Reflects enemy magic with a wall of holy light. Stronger than the white magic
 spell Wall.
-Succubus: Restores MP by absorbing the target's MP. Same effect as the black magic spell
-Tent: Restores some HP and MP. Curs all bad status effects except KO.
-ThorRage: Causes bolt damage.
-Unihorn: Immediately cures bad status effects that would otherwise disappear after
-Vampire: Restores HP by absorbing the target's HP. Same effect as the black magic spell
-Whistle: Allows you to call Fat Chocobo from anywhere except during battle.
-X-Potion: Stronger version of HiPotion.
-ZeusRage: Stronger version of ThorRage. Damages enemies with a powerful lightning attack.

Special Items:

-Adamant: Used to make Excalbur.
-BaronKey: Unlocks locked doors in the city of Baron.
-BombRing: Deliver it to the Mist Village.
-Dark Crystal: The final crystal.
-DkMatter: Stolen from Zeromus, protects you somewhat from Big Bang.
-Earth Crystal: Stolen by Dark Elf from Troia.
-Magma Key: Drop in the well at Agart to go underground.
-Necklace: Used to open the Sealed Cave.
-Pan: Given to Yang's Wife to smack him upside the head.
-Pass: Get into the Troia pub.
-PinkTail: Given to the collector for Adamant Armor.
-Rat Tail: Give to the collector for Adamant.
-SandRuby: Cures Rosa's fever.
-Smut: Ooh la la!
-TowerKey: Used to enter the locked room in the Tower of Babil.
-TwinHarp: Used to break the Magnetic seal in the Magnetic Cavern.


Thanks to the BradyGames guide for most of this info. I'll be adding to it as I find the
time to.

Enemy Name: HP/Atk/Def

-Alert: 1425/112/0
 Summons an enemy whenever it is attacked and is alone.

-AquaWorm: 638/42/0
 Attacks with Wave.

-Arachne: 3650/102/3
 Casts GaiaRage.

-Armadilo: 325/58/4

-Balloon: 697/72/4
 Explodes if HP is low or Ice is cast on it.

-Basilisk: 90/15/2
 Casts Petrify.

-Beamer: 3000/88/4

-Behemoth: 23000/154/4
 Counters with physical attacks.

-BlackCat: 593/72/3
 Casts Bluster.

-BlackLiz: 792/64/4
 Casts Petrify.

-BladeMan: 1050/76/4
 Casts Wall, Bio.

-Blue D.: 15000/144/4
 Casts Blizzard.

-Bomb: 55/19/2
 Explodes if HP gets low.

-Breath: 40000/154/0
 Casts Blast.

-Cannibal: 440/24/2

-Captain: 320/36/2

-Carapace: 700/72/4
 Absorbs Fire damage.

-Cave Bat: 334/42/3
 Projectiles, Holy

-CaveNaga: 285/40/3
 Casts Slow.

-CaveToad: 47/11/2

-Centaur: 380/58/2

-Centpede: 655/76/5
 Casts GaiaRage.

-Chimera: 700/80/3
 Absorbs Fire, Ice, Bolt damage.

-Clapper: 7600/124/4
 Casts Blitz.

-Cocatris: 149/24/1

-Conjurer: 3600/104/5
 Calls enemies to join the battle.

-Crawler: 1855/100/4
 Casts Psych.

-Cream: 55/16/254
 Physical attacks do little damage.

-Crocdile: 292/38/2

-D.Bone: 12000/140/3

-D.Fossil: 12000/132/4
 Holy, Fire

-Dark Imp: 199/56/0

-DarkTree: 3900/104/3
 Casts Bersk.

-Eagle: 18/21/0

-Egg: N/A
 Hatches into an enemy when attacked.

-ElecFish: 284/40/2
 Absorbs Bolt damage.

-EpeeGirl: 425/60/3

-EvilDoll: 388/64/3

-EvilMask: 37000/128/4
 Casts Wall.

-EvilShel: 58/11/1

-FangShel: 380/42/2

-Fiend: 3480/102/5
 Casts Charm.

-Fighter: 65/28/2

-FlameDog: 1221/68/3
 Casts Fire.

-FlameMan: 579/76/4
 Absorbs Fire damage.

-FloatEye: 20/20/0

-Gargoyle: 160/28/2
 Holy, Projectiles
 Casts Wind.

-Gator: 175/28/2
 Attacks two targets each attack.

-General: 221/26/2

-Ghast: 200/42/1
 Holy, Fire
 Strong against Shadow.

-Ghost: 2800/100/4
 Casts Fire2, Sleep.

-Ghoul: 222/32/3
 Holy, Fire
 Strong against Shadow.

-GiantBat: 439/56/3
 Projectiles, Fire
 Casts Vampire.

-Ging-Ryu: 7500/124/4

-GlomWing: 1580/100/4
 Casts Powder.

-Gorgon: 2550/134/4
 Casts Glare.

-GrayBomb: 111/36/18
 Explodes if HP gets low.

-Gremlin: 410/56/3
 Casts Charm.

-Grenade: 1820/108/4
 Bolt, Projectiles
 Explodes if Fire is cast on it. Casts Reaction if Bolt is cast on it.

-Grudger: 1400/76/4
 Absorbs Bolt damage.

-Guard: 280/40/3
 Casts Piggy, Mini.

-Hooligan: 2200/108/5

-Horseman: 3500/126/5

-HugeCell: 695/60/4

-HugeNaga: 1480/88/3
 Casts Silence.

-Hydra: 257/44/2
 Casts Entangle.

-IceBeast: 520/64/3
 Casts Blizzard. Strong against Ice.

-Ice Liz: 480/62/2
 Casts Petrify. Strong against Ice.

-Imp: 6/19/0

-Imp Cap.: 37/15/0

-Ironback: 100/74/4

-Jelly: 35/15/254
 Physical attacks do little damage.

-Juclyote: 1700/116/5
 Can poison when it attacks.

-Kary: 4000/122/3
 Casts Hug.

-King-Ryu: 8200/128/54
 Casts Blitz, Counters with Entangle.

-Lamia: 1200/72/4
 Casts Charm.

-Larva: 28/20/1

-Last Arm: 3580/128/5
 Casts Magnet, Fusion.

-Lilith: 466/46/3
 Casts Slap.

-MacGiant: 10000/128/4

-Machine: 4900/118/3

-Mad Ogre: 2000/86/4

-Mad Toad: 59/13/1
 Casts Toad.

-Mage: 300/44/3
 Casts Blast.

-Malboro: 4200/112/3
 Casts Breath, Digest.

-Mantcore: 3400/114/3
 Casts Blaze.

-Marion: 473/56/3

-Mech D.: 18000/138/4
 Explodes when HP is low.

-Medusa: 490/64/4
 Casts Glare.

-Mind: 20000/130/254
 Casts Charm.

-MoonCell: 980/102/5
 Casts Arise.

-Naga: 320/66/4
 Casts Tongue.

-Needler: 115/28/2
 Casts Needle.

-Ogre: 865/60/2

-Panther: 342/50/2
 Casts Bluster.

-Pike: 65/11/1

-PinkPuff: 20000/154/5
 Casts Song.

-Piranha: 180/31/3

-Procyote: 2600/120/5
 Can poison with attacks.

-Pudding: 1357/115/255
 Physical attacks do little damage.

-Puppet: 256/56/3

-Python: 108/46/0
 Holy, Ice
 Casts Entangle.

-Red Bone: 210/34/3
 Holy, Fire

-Red D.: 15000/162/4
 Casts Heat Ray.

-Red Eye: 2400/100/4
 Casts Gaze.

-Red Worm: 7000/120/5
 Casts Absorb.

-RedGiant: 14000/122/4

-Revenant: 250/36/1
 Holy, Fire
 Strong against Shadow.

-Roc: 500/66/3
 Strong against magic.

-RocBaby: 50/60/2
 Casts Break.

-RockMoth: 900/74/14
 Casts Powder.

-RocLarva: 986/72/3
 Casts Psych.

-Sand Man: 20/20/0

-SandMoth: 40/21/2

-Sandpede: 60/11/3
 Casts GaiaRage.

-SandWorm: 75/16/2
 Casts Tornado.

-Screamer: 1400/90/4

-Searcher: 5500/138/4
 Calls enemies when attacked and by itself.

-Skeleton: 135/26/2
 Holy, Fire

-Skull: 740/75/3
 Holy, Fire
 Casts Bolt2.

-Slime: 105/52/254
 Physical attacks do little damage.

-Soldier: 27/20/0

-Sorcerer: 1000/82/4
 Calls enemies to battle.

-Soul: 200/28/3

-Spirit: 86/24/1
 Casts Fire1.

-Staleman: 1950/86/4

-StingRat: 398/40/3
 Counters with Needle.

-Stoneman: 2560/84/4

-SwordMan: 360/64/2
 Fire, Holy
 Casts Absorb, Curse.

-SwordRat: 30/21/0
 Counterattacks with Needle.

-TinyMage: 69/19/2

-TinyToad: 600/19/5
 Casts Toad.

-ToadLady: 2960/98/4
 Causes TinyToads to cast Toad.

-Tofu: 298/66/254
 Physical attacks do little damage.

-Tortoise: 435/70/3

-TrapDoor: 5000/88/3
 Casts Dmension.

-TrapRose: 370/62/2
 Casts Pollen.

-Treant: 335/52/1
 Casts Stop.

-Tricker: 12000/174/3
 Casts Scan on itself. Unleashes multiple attacks if you use Bolt on it.

-Turtle: 190/20/1

-VampGirl: 270/38/2
 Holy, Fire

-VampLady: 2375/88/4
 Holy, Fire
 188, 3582
 Casts Vampire, Glance.

-Veteran: 25000/144/5
 Casts Doom.

-Warlock: 5100/80/5
 Casts Psych.

-Warrior: 2900/104/4
 Casts Absorb.

-WaterBug: 125/16/3
 Heals itself whenever it's hit by magic.

-WaterHag: 64/18/0

-Weeper: 130/18/2

-Were Bat: 1014/94/3
 Projectiles, Fire
 Casts Vampire.

-Witch: 350/50/2

-Yellow D: 3100/108/4
 Counters with Thunder.

-Zombie: 52/13/2
 Holy, Fire
 Strong against Shadow.

-Zuu: 941/32/0
 KO'ed by the Death Sword.


-Aoki: ?/?/?
 Leaves the battle when you tell him you don't want to hear his violin.

-Higuchi: 1/?/?
 When you hit him, he explodes and does 1 damage. Drops the Smut item.

-Ito: 1969/?/?
 Complains about being awakened and disappears.

-Matsui: 1/?/?
 Fire, Ice, Bolt, Holy, Projec, All-nighters, Girls with glasses, really weak.

-Takahasi: 65000 HP
 Says "You wanna die?" repeatedly.

-Yoshii: 65000 HP
 Tells you he's gonna be a father then vanishes.


-Item Duplication: Yup, you can still do this. Here's the deal.. get in a random battle.
 When your character comes up with the weapon you want to duplicate, go to items. Select a
 blank spot and then select the weapon. You HAVE to do it in that order. Now finish the
 battle or run or whatever. After the battle, reequip the weapon and you'll have two of
 them. Unequip it then reequip it to only put on one, allowing another teammate to use
 the new copy.

-Sneak-Equip: Okay, whenever Edge Steals a weapon or a Shield, the very next person to
 get a turn after him can equip that weapon. So if you Steal a Gaia Hammer from Staleman,
 the next person can equip it on their turn, whether they normally could or not. You can
 use this trick to have Rydia sporting a FireSpr and Mythril Shield if you so desire!

-Skip the Sealed Cave event: Right after defeating the Calbrena and Golbez, use the Warp
 spell to warp back into the crystal room. The Dark crystal will be there for the taking.

-PinkPuffs and the Adamant Armor: There is one screen on the game where you fight PinkPuffs
 deep within the Lunar Subterrane. It's the room where you get the Inferno (and I mentioned
 it on the Walkthrough). The odds are low that you'll fight them, but if you use the Alert
 item, you'll fight them every time. After the battle, assuming that a PinkPuff drops any
 items at all, there is a 1/64 chance that the dropped item will be the PinkTail. If you do
 manage to get one, take it to the tail collector to get the legendary Adamant Armor.

Random Stuff

-Loading Screens: Here's a list of stuff you can see on the Loading screen when you access
 your memory card:
 -Edward playing his harp for three frogs.
 -A black mage casting a random spell.
 -A white mage flaps her arms behind a chocobo.
 -A frog singing to a dwarf who falls asleep.
 -Cid jumping around trying to catch a flying pink chocobo.
 -Kain runs onto the screen and freezes into the FF logo.
 -Rosa on her knees singing then falling asleep.
 -Palom and Porom kicking a ball back and forth over a chocobo's head.
 -The telescope guy reading out of a book.
 -Yang practicing his attacks.
 -A chocobo kicking dust at paladin Cecil.
 -A pig blowing around a music note.
 -Edge throws a boomerang off the screen that comes from the other side and hits him.
 -A muted Tellah.

Final Words

I'd like to thank the following:

-CJayC: Hosting the best website for game information and for hosting all of my FAQs.

-Squaresoft: For making the greatest RPG ever.

-BradyGames: Bestiary info... I don't wanna Scan a billion enemies. Atk and Def info.

-Myself: Typing up this FAQ while not fighting evil.