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Six Dragons?

What is the effect of this ability?

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Kraleck answered:

Six Dragons targets the entire party and does 1 of the following 6 random effects:
-Full HP (~20% chance)
-Full MP (~20% chance)
-Full HP and MP (~10% chance)
-HP to 1 (~15% chance)
-MP to 1 (~15% chance)
-HP and MP to 1 (~20% chance)

However, the party won't always get 1 random effect as a group, rather each character gets a random effect from the list.

1) Freya uses Six Dragons - Zidane gets Full HP, Freya gets Full HP & MP, Vivi gets Full MP, and Dagger gets HP & MP to 1.

2) Freya uses Six Dragons - Zidane gets HP & MP to 1, Freya gets HP & MP to 1, Eiko gets HP & MP to 1, and Amarant gets Full HP & MP.

3) Freya uses Six Dragons - Entire party gets Full HP & MP (a miracle when you get it during a hard boss)

4) Freya uses Six Dragons - Entire party gets HP & MP to 1 (but they were mundane monsters...NOOOOOOOO!!!!!)

Seeing good and bad effects will basically be a coin flip (~50% for each), but which good and which bad effects are more random. It's best to use Six Dragons as an absolute _LAST_ resort.
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