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Cleyra's trunk 2 chests not obtainable why?

my question has do do with two chests i see but cant get! i watched this process on youtube and no help its like nobody realizes they are there. opon entering cleryas trunk after the amv, open the door, next area get phinox down, next area get ice staff and magician shoes, next area go up the hill to another area to get the ether and put your hand through the hole to make sand rise to advace. go back and climb to next area. Now this is where my question is related to. when entering the area where the sand has risen if you go north and look up there are two chests above where you entered but are not reachable? i have tried everything and want to get a class s treasure rank. are these chests even obtainable or they there for no god dame reason just to tease you? or can you obtain them another way. PLEASE HELP IT IS STRESSING ME OUT AND WANT TO CONTINUE BUT DONT WANT TO MISS ANYTHING! HAS ANYONE GOOTTEN THEM? PLEASE HELP ASAP IM PLAYING RIGHT NOW THANK YOU FF FANS.

Accepted Answer

Kraleck answered:

After reaching Cleyra Settlement, watch the ATEs 'No Yummy-Yummies!' and 'There A Mushroom!'
After those have been watched, go to the garbage pit right of the town entrance and Zidane will jump in after Quina, landing by these 2 chests (Silk Robe, Magician Shoes).
The 2 of them must then climb the normal way back to Cleyra Settlement.
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