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Can I still fight hades after i defeated kraken??and do need to beat ozma before facing him??my characters are Zidane lvl 61 Garnet/Dagger 61 Freya 60 Amarant 61

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Kraleck answered:

All you have to do is find Hades in the Water Room of Memoria (where Quina tries to swim). Poke around the right side past the reef and Mash X (you don't get a prompt, so it's trial and error on location). Keep bothering the disembodied voice to face Hades. No other requirements necessary.
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chaosr1d3r answered:

At the area where Quina is trying to swim, go around the large stone at the right and try to get to the very end of the road. Pressing the select button will help you to locate yourself. Then, mash the X button since you won't get any exclamation mark in a bubble this time
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