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How To Get Beatrix & Kuja On Your Team?

Via Cheat Disc

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the_quickness answered:

you can never get Kuja. He's a boss. Beatrix works, though. There are 2 Beatrix FAQs on this site already that can help.
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Bleu_VII answered:

Yes. Use a Gameshark. Even so, I don't know if it's possible to get Kuja.
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benjichaves answered:

Umm yeah, it's not possible to get them both without cheating. Although Beatrix does join your team for a short while later in the game.
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Link959 answered:

Dude, Kuja is an enemy. Zidane hates him anyways so he would NEVER allow him to join the team after everything he done. You can get Beatrix for a short while though. She only goes with Steiner though.
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