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Finding the Chocograph Pieces?

I require a little help with the Chocobo Hot and Cold side quest. I know that in order to get Chocograph 20 you have to find all 6 pieces of the Chocograph. I received one Piece in the Chocobo forest on disc 1, and another piece in the Lagoon on disc 3. I have upgraded my chocobo up to a Sea chocobo. However I have been unable to find anymore Chocograph pieces. According to several guides I've read, you can find the 3rd and 4th pieces in the Chocobo forest, but I have not found them at all yet, and a few other guides I've seen stated that the pieces have to be collected at the Lagoon. Which is right, are pieces 3 and 4 in the forest or the Lagoon?? Am I too early in the game to collect the pieces? (I heard that you can;t get all the pieces until a certain point; I am right at the point where we have to go to the Black Mage village). Please help.

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From: ChakaZG 2 years ago

The game randomly sets the number of the pieces you can find in Forest and Lagoon each New Game, so it's not fixed which and how many pieces you can find in which location.

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Has Mene told you in either location that you can't get anymore Chocographs for now? He will say this after you dig up the last Chocograph/Chocograph piece available in an area for the time being. If he hasn't said it yet for one of the locations, then look there.

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