Question from LeeBernard

Asked: 5 years ago

How to make choco be a golden chocobo?

How can I make choco be golden because I am so eager to fight ozma and go to mognet central and the chocobo's paradise?

Additional details - 5 years ago

hey can I have a golden chocobo on disc 3? oh and thanks

Accepted Answer

From: Luneth_Acklund 5 years ago

Keep finding the Chocographs (both in the Chocobo Gardens AND their treasures in the World Map). Some of the treasures contain the special chocobo abilites which you use to find more treasure and more chocobo abilities (like Black Sea) which eventually leads to getting the Gold Sky ablilty (in other words the Golden Chocobo). Check the FAQs for a good guide to use for this.

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You can have a golden chocobo on disk 3. I got every treasure before heading to Terra (except for the Ultima Weapon, obviously, because the general area has to be destroyed before diving into it.)

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In the Chocobo Hot & Cold minigame, find all six chocograph pieces between Chocobo's Forest and Chocobo's Lagoon. The resulting Chocograph, "Mist Ocean," is the one that can give you the ability to fly.

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