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Where can I find pumice piece?

I found Hades, beat him and now he says I need two pumice pieces to access his synthesist shop

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Kraleck answered:

Pumice Pieces can be found by:
-Defeating Ark (unless you were unlucky enough to get a Gold Chocobo before Hilda Garde 3 (glitch), you have this)
-Stealing from Ozma (you may win a whole Pumice, IF you win)
-Finding Chocograph 22 (Outer Island 2)
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st_midgetman answered:

You get one after beating Ark in Oeilvert (which you should have), one by stealing from Ozma and one from Chocobo Treasure #22 - Outer Island 2. You need a Chocobo that can fly for either of the non-Ark pieces. From here it's easiest to search a Chocobo guide to decide which piece to get (Ozma is harder).
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gamermstr answered:

also, you can synth it by combining a Pumice and Hammer at Hades' Synth Shop (I wouldn't recommend it, though)
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