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Quest/Puzzle Help status answers
About mognet? Answered 1
All the beaches in the world? Answered 1
Attacking a friendly monster? Answered 1
Between Mountains Chocographs? Where to find it? Answered 3
Black Shadow Circles in Areas? Answered 1
Can I backtrack in Desert Palace? Answered 1
Can i get a gold choco in disk 3 before i get the Hilda Garde? Answered 2
Can somebody give me a great place to train for Balck Waltz 1? Answered 2
Chocobo lagoon revisited? Answered 2
Chocograph? Answered 1
Chocographs, what are they? Answered 1
Cleyra Moogles? Answered 1
Finding the Chocograph Pieces? Answered 2
Fountain in Lindblum Castle? Answered 1
Friendly monster issues ? Answered 2
Frog respawn? Answered 2
Getting chocgraph healing shore on disc 3? Answered 1
How can I get the Burman Coffee after the card tournament? Answered 1
How can i improve my hunter rank? Answered 2
How do I buy all of stiltzkin deals? Answered 1
How do I get to chocobo's lagoon? Answered 2
How do I solve friendly monsters? Answered 7
How do I solve the chocograph Abandoned Lagoon? Answered 5
How do I solve the puzzle in the room with the bottles in Ipsen's castle? Answered 2
How do you find the Brown Mu? Answered 2
How do you get choco over to the outer continent? Answered 1
How to locate all Knights of Pluto at the beginning of the game? Answered 1
How to make choco be a golden chocobo? Answered 3
If i leave choco some where how can i get him back? Answered 1
Is it possible to get Aries Stellazzio in disc 4? Answered 1
Is there a purpose to the card game Tetra Master? Answered 1
Limit Glove? Answered 1
Missed Stiltzkin in Oeilvert? Answered 2
Mognet...? Answered 1
Moogle faq? Answered 1
Need help getting Excalibur? Answered 2
Possible frog problem? Answered 1
Quest? Answered 2
Too late to start Chocobo Hot and Cold? Answered 1
What do I do? Answered 2
What do the friendly monsters do if you give them the items they want? Answered 1
What does the squirrel asking for ore do? Answered 1
What is the point of the challenges that are listed on here? Answered 1
What medal is Zidane talking about? Answered 1
Why cant I find any chocographs? Answered 4
Why I can't find the friendly Garuda? Answered 3
Item Help status answers
Any way to re-enter Fossil Roo? Answered 1
Auction won't offer new items? Answered 4
Auto-Potion with Hi-Potions? Answered 1
Can I get the chocograph treasure without the actual chocograph? Answered 3
Can I reducing water damage by 25%? Answered 1
Dali Windmill Treasure Chests? Answered 2
Do you need the jump-rope champion key item? Answered 2
Excalibur 2? Answered 1
Excalibur II? Answered 1
FF9 ultimate weapons? Answered 1
Hawaiian Vacation? Answered 6
how do i end up Getting the magic finger for the excaliber 1? Answered 7
How do I get the Excalubur II? Answered 1
how do I get the magical fingertips? Answered 1
How do i get? Answered 1
How do you get to Treno in Disc 3? Answered 3
How many treasures can i miss and still get an S rank? Answered 2
How to get Ragnarok? Answered 3
I need to get a Cargo Ship Card...? Answered 1
I'm looking for a stellazzio and I read that it's on the invincible...? Answered 1
Is there a glitch in trying to find tresures in foaming water? Answered 5
Is there any other way to obtain the jump-rope key item? Answered 1
Last Eidolon? Answered 1
Maxing out the stats? Answered 1
Mr Morrid's must needed Fix? Answered 1
Need Help finding Cinna's Hammer? Answered 2
Ozma Dark Matter Drops? Answered 2
Rank S medal Question? Answered 10
Save The Queen Sword? Answered 2
Small island chocograpgh? Answered 1
Timer glitch to get Excalibur II? Answered 1
Tin Armor? Answered 1
What is the gameshark code for getting 'Excalibur II'? Answered 1
What is the point these items? Answered 2
What was the point of getting hammer from the coin sidequest? Answered 2
Whats the use of save the queen of Beatrix? Answered 1
Whats up with Mini-Prima vista ship? Answered 1
Where and what disc can I find Excalibur II sword? Answered 2
Where are all the Stellazzio located? Answered 1
Where can I buy vaccines? Answered 1
Where can I find 3 coffees? Answered 1
Where can I find ark eidolon ? Answered 5
Where can I find chocograph piece? Answered 4
Where can I find dead peppers? Answered 2
Where can I find Garnet/Dagger's best weapon and how do I get it? Answered 4
Where can I find Griffin's Heart? Answered 2
Where can I find mighty guard? Answered 1
Where can I find octagon rod ? Answered 2
where can I find oil for mognet central? Answered 1
Where can I find Pumice ? Answered 1
Where can I find pumice piece? Answered 3
Where can I find silver gloves? Answered 2
Where can I find Summon (Alexander) ? Answered 1
Where can I find that stupid chocograph??? Answered 5
Where can I find the last item? Answered 5
Where can I find the last stellazzio? Answered 3
Where can I find Zorlin Shape in disc 4? Answered 7
Where can I get alot of Ore? Answered 2
Who do I sell the Rat Tail key item to? Answered 1
Zodiac Coins? Answered 1
Strategy Help status answers
AA, Excalibur II run on psp? Answered 2
About Steal Skill? Answered 3
At What Point Can Dagger Start Using Her Eidolons? Answered 3
Best FAQs? Answered 1
Calling out for SoftReset's Marcus/Eiko FAQ? Answered 1
Can you get AP without expirence with random encounters? Answered 6
Dagger's Trance, what the hell does it do? Answered 3
Do elemental Resistances stack? Answered 2
Excalibur 2 for psp how do you skip cutscenes and any help for editing gametime? Answered 1
Excalibur 2 in 12 hours? And Lv.1 challenge? it seems impossible! Answered 3
Excalibur 2? Lv.1 challenge? And all items and side-quests? Answered 1
Excalibur II Run - Oeilvert party? Answered 1
Final Fantasy IX Excalibur II run for the PS3? Answered 1
How do i level up fast in Memoria or another place besides that? Answered 1
How to play card game? Answered 2
IM looking in the guides and it says cure-all? Answered 2
Is an enemy's HP linked to what I can steal? Answered 3
Is it possible to "overflow"? Answered 1
Is there a way to fix the spells order? Answered 2
Is there an easier way of winning...? Answered 3
Is there any way to cure heat? Answered 2
Is there any way to increase the number of ability stones? Answered 1
Is there any way to prevent instant KO? Answered 1
Is Vivi Useful For Yan Hunting? Answered 2
Learning Night on disk 4? Answered 3
Level Up ability? Answered 3
Lv. 1 challange stats question? Answered 1
Need help getting Twister from Red Dragons? Answered 1
Now or never? Answered 3
Question About Doomsday Healing? Answered 3
Ragtimer Spawning? Answered 1
Thievery? Answered 3
What does Mag Element Null do? Answered 2
What Does Reflect null do? Answered 3
What exactly does Guardian Mog do? Answered 1
What is the best party formation? Answered 8
What is the Best path for Pefect Stats? Answered 2
What is the best strategy for (catching frogs)? Answered 2
What is the best strategy for (excalibur2)? Answered 4
What is the best strategy for 100 Nobles? Answered 5
What is the best strategy for gil farming in Disc 4? Answered 2
What is the best strategy for Vivi's Doomsday ??? Answered 1
What is the best strategy path for Excalibur 2? Answered 1
What is the best way to level up? Answered 2
What is the cotton robe trick? Answered 2
What is the importance of the SPIRIT stat? Answered 1
What level should I be at various points throughout the game? Answered 3
What lvl should i at least be before beating the game)? Answered 1
What party should I use? Answered 1
What row should I put Quina in? Answered 4
What's the easiest method of passing Cid's minigame? Answered 2
what's the use of Return magic if you have Auto-reflect? Answered 1
Where is the best place to ap farm? Answered 2
Where's area with a lot AP? Answered 1
Why do I do more damage using Zidane's Oricalon (i think) than Ultima weapon? Answered 2
Other Help status answers
2 Players? Answered 2
9999 HP and 999 Mp Possible? Answered 5
A good place to level up? Answered 3
Accurate Thunder Slash? Answered 1
Air chocobo possible? Answered 1
Analog stick compatibility problems? Answered 1
Any FFIX save that only done rope jump quest? (EU) Or convert from NA to EU? Answered 2
Anything earned having all tetra master cards? Answered 3
Ark?? Answered 4
Can a casual playthrough give "max damage" ? Answered 1
Can anyone help me??? Answered 4
Can anyone tell me the "Must Be On" code for a gameshark for this game? Answered 3
Can i find them (2)..? Answered 1
Can i find them..? Answered 2
Can Odin KO with Odin's Sword Equiped? Answered 1
Can Phoenix really save the day? Answered 2
Can someone help me with my gameshark issues concerning final fantasy IX? Open 2
Can you skip cg videos on the ps3? Answered 1
Can't remove Vivi from party- Disc 3. Why? Answered 1
Choco's beak level? Answered 1
Chocobo sidequest? Answered 1
Cinnas Doll? Answered 1
Cleyra's trunk 2 chests not obtainable why? Answered 1
Considerd a good game? Answered 1
Conversation Choices, Does It Matter? Answered 6
Converting from north america gme file to europe PSV? Unanswered 0
Costume change? Answered 2
Curaga in Disc Four? Answered 1
Cure vs Cura vs Curaga? Answered 1
Dali Windmill? Answered 1
Damage Calculations and Formulas? Answered 1
Different chocobos? Answered 1
Do support abilities gain AP if they aren't equipped? Answered 1
Do u know if ??? Answered 1
Do you ever get blank back and if so when and how? Answered 1
Do you need a ps3 to convert save files? Answered 1
Does any one own powerstation issue 59? Unanswered 0
Does anyone have a list of what zidanes dyne skills do? Answered 1
Does anyone have a PSV save at the beginning of disc 4? Answered 1
Does Choco need to have a certain Beak Level? Answered 1
Does Focus stack? Answered 2
Dragon's crest? Answered 2
Easy Leveling? Answered 1
Encounter Rate Address Memory? Answered 2
Enemy with most gil? Answered 2
Excalibur 2 is it worth it? Answered 1
Excalibur 2 most frustrating item in Final Fantasy History? Answered 2
Excalibur 2 vs. excaliburs looks? Answered 2
Excalibur II harder to get in EU version? Answered 2
Excalibur vs. Excalibur 2 and weapon damage question? Answered 2
Excallbur 2? Answered 1
Favorite FF? Answered 5
Festival of the Hunt? Answered 3
Game codes? Answered 1
Game continuation ? Answered 1
Game Save request ? Answered 1
Game Save Request? Unanswered 0
Game saves? Answered 1
Games Save at beginning Disk 1 with all items? Answered 1
Gameshark code for FF9 NTSC (USA) : the code to reset the time? Answered 2
Hippaul Racing? Answered 1
How can I assign characters to controllers? Answered 2
How come some times the summoning sequences differ in length and is there a difference? Answered 1
How do i download the game save and play the save on PSp for free? Answered 1
How do i download the game save and play the save on PSp? Answered 3
How do I know if my version of the game is PAL or NTSC? Answered 3
How do i level up faster? Answered 4
How do you beat Ozma? Answered 2
How do you get virus? Answered 2
How long will it take to beat this game once? Answered 3
How the damage calculator works? Answered 2
How To Get Beatrix & Kuja On Your Team? Answered 4
How to get the ocean treasure chest in the chocobo side quest? Answered 1
How to ride on chocobo? Answered 7
I need a ps3 virtual memory save on disk 2? Answered 1
If Squaresoft had decided to use voice actors in this game and you got to choose them, who would choose? Answered 1
Im 30 minutes behind in exII challenge what can i do? Answered 4
Important? Answered 1
In the Jump-Rope Mini-Game.......? Answered 2
Ipsen castle, in the moogle room, wheres is the exit? Answered 1
Is it possible to break the HP, MP, and Damage limit? Answered 1
Is it possible to start a new game +, with all exp, ap, items, abilities, etc.? Answered 1
Is it possible? Answered 1
Is Quina female or male? Answered 2
Is there a possibility to get zidanes ultimate weapon on disc 3? Answered 1
Is there a way to access a save file on gamefaqs and put it on a ps2 system or ps1 card? Answered 1
Is there any way I can do the Cotton robe trick in disc 4? Answered 1
Is vivi female or male? Answered 1
Jump Roping? Answered 1
Max number of cards? Answered 2
Missed twister for quina? Answered 1
Missible Items to Excalibur 2 perfect save? Answered 2
Multiple questions? Answered 1
Namingway card in treno effect Ranks S? Answered 1
North American FF9 - PS3 Virtual Memory Card Save at DISC 1 with all item... please? Answered 3
Official strategy guide codes? Answered 2
On disc 4, some areas are inaccessible? Answered 1
Once your characters are lvl 40-50 plus where so you suggest lvling at? Answered 3
Pheonix Special Summon- Does it waste? Answered 2
Playstation Network Release? Answered 1
PLease HELP!! PAL data FF9 PSV needed please? Answered 1
Possible to go through the game lv.1 and only gain AP? Answered 2
PS3 Virtual Memory Card Save for PAL version? Answered 1
Psv disc one with 99 items and max stats and all that? Answered 2
Ragtimer Question? Answered 4
Save Data? Answered 1
Save file after Desert Palace? Answered 2
Save Game Problem? Answered 1
Save request? Answered 1
Should i wait until i get all characters untill leveling up? Answered 3
Six Dragons? Answered 1
so i got Save The Queen but i cant use it y? and how? Answered 2
Someone have save psv for ps3 eu? Answered 1
Steiner's Trance + Shock!? Answered 2
Strategy Guide Codes? Answered 1
The guy who asks for ore when u find him in a random battle? Answered 2
Treasure depth formula? Answered 1
Treno Auction? Answered 1
trouble with Mandrgoras? Answered 2
Unlimited Time Action Replay code for Pal region? Answered 5
Venom status effect? Answered 1
Voices? Answered 2
What can i do to make strong..? Answered 1
What do i do after i get the blue boat??? Answered 2
What do the different stats affect? Answered 2
What does "amount" mean in the Missable FAQ? Answered 1
What happens if you let the timer run out when you go to rescue Dagger? Answered 1
What's the name of the song at the very end of the game? Answered 1
What's the song that plays upon Beatrix's appearance? Answered 3
Whch is stronger ??? Answered 1
Where can i find ??? Answered 1
Where can i get some GameShark Codes for this Game??? Answered 3
Where do i find the last moggle in the mail delivery side quest? Answered 2
Where do you find ozma? Answered 2
Where is the location of the legendary synthesis? Answered 2
Where's a good place to train? Answered 3
Which characers should I use? Answered 3
Why aren't my stats increasing? Answered 3
Why can't vivi cast magic?? Answered 1
Why cant i use mug in the battle command options? Answered 2
Will Amarant permanently join our party? Answered 1
Woman in Dali weapon shop? Answered 1
Zedian and garnet living together ? Answered 1
Zidanes trance and gameshark codes? Unanswered 0
Zombie status? Answered 1

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