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  (v 1.2, 1-26-01)
 by Edward Chang (

Revision History:
v1.2 Added an alternate code

v1.1 Minor cleanups here and there. I also added my email address,
     which I forgot to do the first time ^^;;.

v1.0 First version.

Table of Contents:
1. Introduction
2. Why Beatrix Rocks
3. Why Beatrix Doesn't Rock That Much
4. Other Tidbits
5. Credits


Quite simply, this is an FAQ telling you how to get Beatrix into your
party (semi-)permanently. As those of you who have played through the
game at least once will know, Beatrix is the General of Alexandria and
all around kick-ass swordswoman. Of course, you will need a Gameshark or
similar cheat device that mucks around with hex values first. I also 
recommend that you play through the game at least once "normally" so
that 1. you will know most of the things I'm talking about and 2. using
Beatrix is almost cheating, since she's so good.

The short of it is this:
To get Beatrix into your party...
1. Play to a point when you can switch characters. IIRC, the earliest
point when this is possible is at Madain Sari, after Amarant joins you.
2. Save the game.
3. Input the following code:
E01F4761 00FF
301F4761 0008
According to Bottega delle Erbe, if you are using a Power Replay the
code should be:
301F4761 00FF
301F4761 0008
The only difference between the codes is whether the code acts on the
upper byte or not, apparently.
4. Start the game. When the title screen comes on, turn off the Gameshark.
5. Press continue and load the game normally.
6. Turn on the Gameshark.
7. Go to the change party screen and turn off the Gameshark again.
8. Put Beatrix into your party.
9. Save.
10. Leave the Gameshark off and restart the game normally.

If you follow these steps exactly you should not crash or anything.


Here are a few reasons Beatrix is awesome. She is like the Orlandu of
FF9, almost.

***Beatrix has two very useful Action Abilities, namely "Seiken" 
(holy sword in Japanese) which consists of Steiner's "Big Four" Swd 
Arts, and White Magic. Also, she has already learned all of these so
you will not have to spend time running around getting AP for her.

Thunder Slash: Lightning-elemental, however it seems to miss a lot.
               24 MP.
Stock Break: Non-elemental damage to all enemies. 26 MP.
Climhazzard: Non-elemental damage to all enemies: 32 MP, more powerful
             than Stock Break.
Shock: Physical damage to one enemy. 46 MP. Extremely powerful.

White Magic:
Cura: The second-level heal spell, about 2000 HP or 1000 HP when done
      over the whole party. 10 MP.
Life: Raises an ally with partial HP. 8 MP.
Full-life: Raises an ally with full HP. 24 MP.
Esuna: Cures most status anomalies. 20 MP.
Silence: Causes mute status. 8 MP.
Reflect: Causes reflect status. 6 MP.
Blind: Causes darkness status. 6 MP.
Holy: Holy-elemental damage to one enemy. 36 MP.

Her most useful techs are Climhazzard, Full-life, Cura, and Holy, IMHO.

***Beatrix is classified as a "Heavy Armor" person, meaning she equips
basically the same equipment as Steiner (and as far as armor goes, Freya),
with very few exceptions. Beatrix can equip the "Rubber Suit", "Angel's
Earrings", "Pearl Rouge", etc. while Steiner can't, because she is female.

***Beatrix is like a Steiner who can heal. She also is speedier and more
magic-capable than Steiner, and also has more MP (meaning more consecutive
Climhazzards before you run out of MP, woo.)

***Beatrix is just plain cool. I'm talking about the hair flip. You
know what I'm talking about, right? ;).


Here's a few problems when using Beatrix, as well as solutions if any.

Problem: From time to time Beatrix will disappear from your party.
Solution: This happens when there is a change to your party's reserve
configuration, i.e., somebody is taken out or put back in. To solve
this problem just repeat the process above. You'll get Beatrix back in
your party with all of her stats/equipment the same as before she

Problem: Beatrix's face doesn't appear in the Load Game screen.
Solution: There is none. Just ignore it, it's harmless.

Problem: Beatrix is permanently equipped with the Save the Queen sword.
Solution: More Gameshark to the rescue. Use the following code:
3008B745 00??
... where ?? can be replaced by one of the following:
10: Broad Sword
11: Iron Sword
12: Mythril Sword
13: Blood Sword
14: Ice Brand
15: Coral Sword
16: Diamond Sword
17: Flame Sabre
18: Rune Blade
19: Defender
1A: Save the Queen
1B: Ultima Sword
1C: Excalibur
1D: Ragnarok
1E: Excalibur II
If you equip the Excalibur II, her attack power will be a whopping 108.
Even Stock Break will do well over 8000 points of damage on even the
toughest enemies.

Problem: Beatrix cannot use any support abilities.
Solution: There is none, as far as I know. Since the game assigns sets
of abilities rather than individual abilities, I don't know any way to
use a Gameshark to get her to use support abilities without changing
her action abilities. This is obviously the biggest drawback to using

Problem: Beatrix cannot Trance.
Solution: None. As if you need her to trance anyway; she can wipe out
the enemies without it.

Problem: Fighting either the Silver Dragon or Necron with Beatrix
         makes the game crash.
Solution: Don't put her in your active party. That's that.

Problem: Beatrix doesn't earn as many Magic Stones as the others.
Solution: Ignore it. She can't use Magic Stones anyway, I wonder why
          they bothered to give her any at all.

Problem: Cutscenes apppear buggy.
Solution: None. What this means is that during certain scenes, where
          everybody in your party shows up on the screen, Beatrix will
          not. She may not appear at all, or she may appear as Eiko or
          Amarant (or maybe others). Ignore this, I have not seen these
          cause any problems.


***Beatrix will start at whatever level you were after the Alexandria
scene where she and Steiner fought all the Mistodons. Usually this is
Level 21, unless you were sadistic and killed off Steiner so she could
gain more XP...
***Beatrix is not as physically strong as Steiner, so don't be surprised
if Steiner does more damage with the same sword.


--to Elranzer, whose Beatrix FAQ for the JP version of FF9 inspired me
  to write this.
--to the Gameshark Code Creators Club ( for the Gameshark
--Bottega delle Erbe for the alternate code.

This FAQ is copyright 2000 to Edward Chang. May not be redistributed
without permission.