Previous FF Games Reference List by MHobbs

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                            Final Fantasy IX
                             Reference List
         (Or Coincidental Sightings List. Whichever you prefer.)
                             By: Matt Hobbs

Ok, what's the point of an FAQ like this? Boredom, probably. But since Final
Fantasy 9 made so many references to (or has so many similarities to) other 
games. At first, this was just a list I was making for my own use, but after
I noticed just how many references there *are*, I decided to put it up for 
other people to see. This's merely something for fun, and won't help you 
with the game at all. Please...don't ask for help with the game. If you must
mail me, try to make it a contribution or correction. Oh yeah. This list 
does contain spoilers, so don't read it unless you've gotten fairly close to
beating the game. Or if you don't mind spoilers. Anyway, with that out of 
the way...

Table of Contents

1. Revision History
2. Other FF Games
3. Other Square Games
4. Other Non-Square Games (Coincidence/Accidental)
5. Unknown/Mystery References
6. Closing Stuff

 1. Revision History

v3.0 - Several references here and there. Sorry about the long delay...been
       busy with other projects.
     - Please withhold any further submissions until the next version. I
       plan to give the FAQ a much-needed "face-lift" then, which will make
       it much easier for me to update. (And will consequently cut down on 
       the number of "This is a reference to this game, not that game!" 
       letters I seem to get. ^_^)

v2.7 - Added another new sub-section in the "Coincidental" section: "Other 
       Games". This's for non-RPGs and the like. One reference is here so
     - Another addition to the miscellaneous references. One from Star Wars.
     - A small correction was made to Ramuh's "FF2 Story". 

v2.5 - Much bigger update. The biggest news is that thanks to a 
       contribution, I now know exactly what the story Ramuh asks you to
       tell at Pinnacle Rocks. That settled, it's been removed from the
       "Unknown References" section. Another FF2 reference was also added.
     - Added a new sub-section in the "Coincidental" references section: One
       for miscellaneous refs...that is, ones from anime, movies, TV, etc. 
       Of course, I don't want every single coincidence, just ones that seem
       a bit *too* coincidental. Currently, there're two new references 
     - Relating to the paragraph above, the Alexander/Bahamut battle was
       removed from the "Unknown References" section. Apparently, it *does*
       resemble something from anime... 
     - A new FF5/FFT reference was also included.
     - Not really important (unless you're one of them), but I realized I 
       forgot to credit a few people for submissions. That was fixed.

v2.1 - Slight update. Added a note to the beginning, changed a bit of the
       "Garnet's haircut" paragraph, and removed a "dummy" line in the 
       revision history that was accidentally left in during some 

v2.0 - Wow...what a response! Within three days, I got around ten e-mails!
       Thanks for all the contributions, everyone!
     - Anyone, several new direct references: Dark Wave, the Antlion, and
       "Fabool" Castle (*snicker*) in FF4, the Rat Tail from FF1, Leo's 
       "Shock" from FF6, a veiled FF7 reference involving a flower girl and
       a "soldier with no personality", the spell names from FF8, a small 
       reference to FF7 and FF8's heroes, and a few more FFT items.
     - Also added one possible reference from another Square game (SaGa 
       Frontier 2), and one rip-off of Wild Arms.
     - Oh, and Cid was in every FF game past FF2. I consider him a general
       reference. You can all stop telling me Cid is in FF9 now. :P

v1.2 - Few things. Fixed an incorrect reference (Pandemonium is the final 
       area of FF2, not FF3), added a few more items taken from FFT, and 
       added one new reference to the FF5 section (Tantarian).
     - Ok, why don't my FAQs get posted anymore? I'm *not* a "plagerist", 
       and I've broken no rules... *sigh* 

v1.0 - First version! Why do so many people put the revision history at the
       bottom of the FAQ, anyway? It's annoying to load in an updated 400k+ 
       FAQ only to scroll to the bottom and see that the only thing new was
       "fixed a few typoes". ^_^   Oh well. That's just my gripe.
 2. Other Final Fantasy Games

Obviously, any references to these games were completely intentional. Final
Fantasy IX seems to be the "referential" FF game, or some such. Oh, and I'm
not including general FF references, either, such as Cid, Summon Monsters, 
Chocobos, Moogles, item names, etc. Only those that come from one or two 
games in the series will be included here. Oh, and I've no intent to include
anything about Gaia (FF1) and Terra (FF6). Those aren't references to the
namesakes in the respective FF games, they're basically fancy ways of saying
"Earth". Also, yes, I'm quite aware of the fact that many names FF games use
are from mythology or old works of fiction, but this's a list of *games* FF9
makes references to. (Intentional or not.) It's not a name origin list. ^_^ 
(Generally, it doesn't matter here if the four fiends were from some old
book...they were in FF1, and reappeared in FF9, so I consider it an FF1 

One thing: I do *not* guarantee that all these references are correct. Many
*are*, but many are also just coincidences, and results of my suspicious 
mind at work. Still, I'm including these things...mostly "just because". :)


- Final Fantasy -

 Garland shares the name of an FF1 villian. FF1's Garland, however, was a 
  knight, not an old wizard. An interesting theory, however, is that they're
  actually one and the same. Garland *does* mention trying to rule the world
  by force at one point, but failing... 
 The Four Fiends make a return appearance. First, at the four shrines, and
  later, at Memoria. For some reason, they refer to themselves as "The four
  chaoses", and Kary's name was changed to "Maliris". According to a friend
  of mine, Kary's name in the Japanese version of FF1 was "Marilis", so I
  suppose it's a matter of translation. According to many reports, the 
  actual name is "Marilith", so I guess both translations are incorrect. =P
 Listen carefully to the Gulug Volcano background music. Sound familiar? 
  It should. It's actually an enhanced remix of the Gurgu Volcano background
  music! In fact, I've heard that "Gulug" is a mistranslation of "Gurgu". 
 I can't believe I missed this... The Rat Tail, which I have listed as an
  FF4 item, actually originated here. When you meet Bahamut, he sends you to
  the Castle of Ordeals to get the Rat Tail as proof of your courage. 
 In the description of one of the potions you need to make the medicine to
  cure Cid (or is it in all of them? I forget), there's mention of Matoya,
  who was a semi-important character in FF1. In fact, she was a witch, which
  ties in with the cryptic messages in the item descriptions. ^_^ 

- Final Fantasy 2 -

 Pandemonium, Garland's castle, was named after the final area in FF2.
 In FF2, the leader of the Resistance at Phin is named Hilda, same as 
  Regent Cid's wife.
 The story Ramuh asks you to tell him at Pinnacle Rocks is actually a very
  big FF2 reference. Normally, only one or two sentences is enough to cover
  each reference, but Centrablue ( did such a detailed 
  (and quite good) job of explaining every step, I decided to include the 
  whole thing here: (The lines in quotes are the story, taken directly from
  FF9. Everything else is what actually happened on FF2.

[Begin Letter]

"Once upon a time, 33 small countries fought together against an empire. One
day, a rebel troop visited a man named Joseph, who lived with his daughter. 
Owing a debt to the troop, he gladly accepted their pleas for help. They 
headed for a cavern in the snow field." 

The rebel troop the story is referring to is the main party of FF2: Frionel,
Maria and Guy.  Josef (or Joseph) accompanies them after rescuing his 
daughter Nellie (Nelly) from imperial imprisonment. As for the 33 
countries...there aren't even more than 10 towns in the whole game! (not 
counting dungeons) Dramatic effect, anyone?

"With Joseph's help, the troop defeated the Adamantoise in the snow field 
cavern and acquired the Goddess Bell they needed to enter the empire's 

This is accurate, except for the last part.  They needed the Goddess Bell to
enter Kashuon Castle, not the Imperial Paramekia Castle! 

"On their way home, they fell into a trap set by a traitor. Joseph gave his 
life to save the troop. The troop left without telling Joseph's daughter, 
Nelly, about the tragedy." 

The "traitor" is an Imperial official named Borgan.  He used to be a Duke of
Phin and it was his treachery that got the town captured.  This all happens
before the game, so when he's introduced, he's already working for the 
Empire. The trap Borgan set in case of his defeat was a "Indiana Jones" 
style boulder trap!  Josef gets in front of the boulder and holds it back 
and tells the rest of the party to flee despite their protests.  No sooner 
than the party reaches safe ground, Josef loses his grip and is crushed to 
death.  Actually, you have the option to visit Josef's hometown of Salamando
since it's on the way back to the rebel base and by talking to Nellie, she 
will deduce that "Daddy isn't coming back.."

"Historian's explanation: Although Joseph's death was not reported to his 
daughter, the manner of his death speaks for itself. This is the story of a 
true hero." 

Here, here!  But I find the last part wrong because by the end of the game, 
Nellie does eventually find out what happened even if you didn't visit her!

"Historian's explanation: The fact that they didn't report Joseph's death to
his daughter was indicative of their guilt for failing to protect him. In 
the end, heroes are also human." 

This part was added for the FF9 retelling.  Not in the original.

[End Letter]

And there you have it.

- Final Fantasy 3 -

 Garland and Kuja's vehicle of destruction, "Invincible", was named after 
  FF3's ultimate airship. Of course, it didn't have the power to control 
  Eidolons or completely level entire cities, but... ^_^
 "Une's Mirror", and "Doga's Artifact", both bought in the Treno auction
  house, are references to Une/Unne and Doga/Dorga, two rather important 
  characters in FF3. On that same note, I'm quite surprised the Water Maiden
  in Cleyra wasn't named "Elia". =P
 Speaking of Unne and Dorga... On Disc 4, at Black Mage Village, go to the
  inn and speak to the man next to the phonograph (Black Mage 123, I 
  believe). If you have Une's Mirror and Doga's Artifact, the black mage 
  will tell you that "something you have is reacting to the machine", and
  an enhanced remix of Dorga and Unne's theme, from FF3, will start playing
  in the background! I'm really surprised no one pointed this out...
 Bet you didn't realize that moogles actually originated in FF3. Kupo! =P

- Final Fantasy 4 -

 One of Freya's best weapons is called "Kain's Lance". If you don't know 
  where this item's name originates from, you shouldn't bother playing FF9.
 Zorn and Thorn seem to have inherited Palom and Porom's "Twin" ability.
  During the battle against them on Disc 2, they give each other the power 
  to use Flare and Meteorite (or, in FF4 terms, Comet).
 The Namingway card. In fact, with it (indirectly, anyhow), you can rename
  your characters. This was Namingway's purpose in FF4.
 This's probably an FF8 reference, but the "Darkside" skill was first
  introduced in the Japanese version of FF4...under a different name: Dark
  Wave. Dark Knight Cecil's special command. (Actually, I've heard the names
  were the same in the Japanese version.)  The big difference is Dark Wave
  hit all enemies, whereas Darkside only hits one. Still, same thing. :)
 The dwarves in Conde Petie... Their greeting, "Rally-ho!" is probably the
  correctly translated version of "Lali-ho!", the dwarves' greeting in FF4.
  Or maybe it's a mistranslation. I have no idea...the dwarves have a 
  different greeting in every FF game they're in. In FF5, they say "Tally
  ho!", and in Chrono Cross (which...isn't an FF game), they say "Hi Ho". 
  Ok, *one* of their greetings must be correct! I give up. ^_^
 The Rat Tail, also bought in the Treno auction house, was a special item 
  in FF4 that you could trade for Adamant. In FF9, it's just some background
  item that you can only sell for money.
 Cid's "family name" on FF9 is "Fabool". In FF4, there's a castle called 
  "Fabul". Pronounced the same way, anyhow. Nothing really to do with each
  other, probably, but worth noting nonetheless.
 The Antlion in Cleyra... In FF4, the Antlion was supposedly tame, yet 
  became violent and attacked you regardless. The exact same thing happens 
  in FF9. An interesting side-note is they both attack a prince. The FF4
  Antlion attacks Edward, while the FF9 Antlion attacks Puck. (Furthermore,
  the antlion in FF5 attacks while Kururu/Cara/Krile is on your team. Galuf
  is king of Val/Bal Castle, and she's Galuf's granddaughter, making her a 
  princess... Do Antlions not like royalty or something?)
 Don't you think Hilda Garde 1 looks...strangely whale shaped? Could it be
  that Regent Cid stole the plans for the "Legendary Airship from the Moon"
  and remodeled it? =P

- Final Fantasy 5 -

 The Boco Card. In case you didn't know, Boko/Boco (translation issue) was 
  Butz/Bartz's pet Chocobo in FF5.
 Similarly, does the icon on the Airship Card seem a bit SNES'ish to you? 
  That's because it's actually the airship from FF5! Or is it from FF4? Eh,
  they both look the same.
 The ever-popular Moogle theme, which first appeared in FF5, returns as the
  background music at Mognet Central! Well, it's enhanced and remixed, but 
  people who've played FF5 and FF6 will remember it. Yes, Moogles were also
  in FF5. ^_^
 In a trend that seems to be continuing, Atomos, the boss from the barrier
  tower, became a Summon Monster. Why'd they pick *this* monster? I have no
 Freya's "Lancer" tech also originated in FF5. It was much more useful back
  then, however; rather than being an attack that also reduced MP, it 
  *drained* HP and MP, and didn't cost anything.
 In FF5, you can use Softs to instantly kill enemies made of stone. You can
  do the same thing in FF9.
 Gilgamesh, everyone's favorite inept multi-limbed ninja, makes yet another
  return appearance in FF9. He's really obscure, though, and most people 
  probably won't find him. ^_^
 Speaking of obscure references... Take a look at Tantarian, the book 
  monster in Alexandria. The cover of the book has a picture of a Page 256,
  and the monster itself looks like a Page 64. Both of these were "book
  monsters" in FF5's Ancient Library.
 In FF5, one of X-Death/Exdeath's ultimate attacks is Grand Cross. Necron 
  also uses this spell, but it's a bit different.

- Final Fantasy 6 -

 The Moogle theme, remixed and enhanced. I covered this in the FF5 section.
 I may be wrong, but it's my guess that references to Madeen and Madain may
  actually be mistranslations of Maduin. Or maybe it's the other way around.
  I'm not sure, since Ted Woolsey changed pretty much everything when he 
  translated FF6.
 With moogles intertwined into the storyline, it's no real surprise that 
  one of them, Eiko's "little sister", is named "Mog". If you haven't played
  FF6, Mog was the name of the dancing moogle who joined the team.
 Some old man in Lindblum is named "Locke". Could it be a reference to the
  thief? ^_^ (Note: He appears only in the Business District before the town
  is destroyed.)
 I can't believe they did this, but the floating eyeball thing commonly 
  known as "Ahriman" in more recent FF games was changed back to "Veteran",
  its FF6 name...
 I wasn't really gonna include this because it seemed rather general, but
  since several people mentioned it, I will. One of Steiner/Beatrix's moves
  is called "Shock", which was the same as General Leo's command in FF6. The
  effect is different (Leo's Shock hit all enemies and cost nothing), but
 Flare Star! Why didn't anyone remind me I was missing such an obvious
  reference!? Anyway, the Flare Star attack, used by Ozma and Trance Kuja, 
  originated in FF6. I believe Atma (not Atma Weapon...the one in Kefka's 
  tower), and Kefka himself used this spell. But it's been so long since 
  I've *played* FF6, so I may be wrong...
 Zidane's best weapon, Ultima Weapon, actually originated in FF6. Either it
  was mistranslated or shortened for space reasons, but you know it as "Atma

- Final Fantasy 7 -

 In an early Active Time Event in Evil Forest called "Orchestra in the 
  Forest", the band from Tantalus begins playing Rufus's Welcoming March. 
  Yes, the exact song, with almost no changes. If you return to the Prima 
  Vista crash site anytime after this scene, they'll still be playing it.
 Listen carefully to the music played just before the fight scene in the 
  play early on in the game. (*NOT* the normal battle theme!) Just before 
  the "battle" music starts, there're a few notes played that sound exactly 
  like part of FF7's Highwind theme.
 In the weapon shop at Lindblum, check the swords on the wall. Zidane makes
  a comment about how a "spiky haired guy" who wielded one of these. The
  spiky haired guy, obviously being Cloud.
 Ironically, Zidane and Cloud share the best sword: Ultima Weapon.
 Steiner and Beatrix both have an ability called "Climhazzard". Sound 
  familiar? =P  Yep, it's one of Cloud's second level Limits.
 Hades, one of the summon monsters from FF7, was turned into an optional
  super boss.
 Chocobo footprints on the world map are used to call Chocobos. It's done 
  in a different way than FF7, obviously, but the idea is still there.
 Ever played that annoying "Mog House" mini-game on FF7? "Kupo Nuts" are 
  Mog's favorite food on that game. Kupo Nuts make another appearance in 
  FF9, where they're an actual item. And yes, they're still moogles' 
  favorite food.
 Speaking of Mog's House... Notice how the moogle's "Kupo" sound in that 
  game seems similar to the moogle sound used in FF9? 
 Heh. Square was beating around the bush here. After Alexandria gets 
  destroyed, one of the Pluto Knights is talking to a flower girl near the
  ruined steeple. If you talk to the flower girl, she'll mention that the 
  soldier is "nice, but isn't much for personality". Remind you of another
  flower girl and "personality-less soldier"? =P
 Cloud is referred to yet *again* in the ending...well, sorta. During the 
  retelling of the intro play, Marcus delivers the line "let no cloud nor 
  squall drive us apart", or somesuch. Gee, how fitting that he'd choose 
  those two words. :P

- Final Fantasy 8 -

 Steiner's "Darkside" was originally a normal command in FF8. It even has 
  the same effect. 
 Amarant's "No Mercy" was Seifer's single Limit ability. The effect is 
  different (it hits only one enemy instead of all enemies), but the name is
  the same, and the animation is similar.
 Beatrix's weapon, "Save the Queen" was Quistis's best weapon in FF8. The
  name was first used in FFT, however.
 Similar to above, though the effect is completely different, Quina's "Eat" 
  command is similar in nature to the "Devour" command in FF8. 
 "Ultima Weapon" was also in FF8. It wasn't a weapon, though -- it was an
  optional super boss.
 The same spell "name" system used in FF8 was also used in FF. Fire, Fira,
  Firaga, etc. Actually, this was used in all (?) the FF games in Japan. 
 Squall got a mention in FF9's ending...sorta. See the FF7 section. ^_^

- Final Fantasy Tactics -

 Tons of items were taken almost directly from FFT. These include Germinas 
  Boots, Battle Boots, Robe of Lords, Whale Whisker, Venetia(n) Shield, 
  Octagon Rod, Mace of Zeus, Feather Boots, Cachusha, N-Kai Armlet, Jade 
  Armlet, Blood Sword, Save the Queen, Maximillian, Twist Headband, Zorlin
  Shape, Flash Hat, Carabini Mail, and a whole bunch of other, more generic
 Maybe not a direct reference, but aside from FF9, FFT was the only game 
  I've played where you could equip perfume as accessories.
 Freya's "Reis's Wind" technique makes an obvious reference to Reis from
  FFT, who was, not too surprisingly, a dragoner.
 Freya's "Cherry Blossom" skill is Cloud's 8th Limit in FFT. How she 
  inherented this skill, I don't know. =P
 The Stellazzio Coins are all named after the Zodiac Signs. While FFT 
  didn't 'invent' these, it *was* the first RPG, to the best of my 
  knowledge, that included them. In fact, there's even a 13th Stellazzio. 
  Ok, it's not Serpentarius, but still...
 Many of Steiner's Sword Techs are taken from FFT. They don't break 
  equipment, but have the similar effect of lowering stats.
 The "Auto-Potion" support ability is also from FFT, and has the same 
 Similar to FF5, Altima also uses Grand Cross, which has an effect almost
  identical to FF9's version. (That is, it causes no damage, but *lots* of
  nasty status ailments.)

 3. Other Square Games

Again, these references were probably intentional, though some were just
coincidences. I don't have much else to say here, really.

- SaGa Frontier -

 A shirt-type item in SaGa Frontier is called "Power Belt". This's also in
  FF9, though it's now an accessory with a different effect.
 Steiner's "Rune Sword" was also an item in SaGa Frontier. It was actually
  an item in several earlier games, but most of them renamed it slightly.
  (Rune Edge, Rune Blade, etc.)
 Well, it's probably not a real reference, but like SaGa Frontier, FF9 also
  lists the name of the area in big bold letters when you enter. (But only 
  the first time.)

- SaGa Frontier 2 -

 Looks like FF9 borrowed some of it's colder equipment from this game. Both
  games have an Ice Staff and an Ice Lance.
 Hmm... Did Gustave have something to do with the construction of Lindblum
  and Alexandria? Like his homecity in SaGa Frontier 2, Hahn Nova, Lindblum
  has three sectors: Industrial, Business, and Theatre...think "Blacksmith",
  "Shopping", and "Entertainment". Similarly, take a look at Alexandria from
  the world map. The castle sits in the center of the lake, with three 
  segments of the town divided by rivers. Hahn Nova has a very similar
  setup: The castle in the center of town and roads seperating three sectors
  of town. Probably a coincidence (or my suspicious mind :), but interesting

- Parasite Eve -

 In the Lindblum Synth Shop, the owner is named Torres, and the man at the
  counter is named Wayne. These were the two people in the NYPD weapons room
  on PE. In addition, when you first enter the said shop, the two of them 
  have a skirmish which is practically the same as the "Safety vs. Power" 
  lecture you overhear when you first enter the NYPD weapons room. =P

- Chrono Cross -

 Zidane's "Thief Swords" seem to greatly resemble Serge's double-bladed 
  swords. In fact, some look completely identical.
 Fargo's ship in Another World is called the "S.S. Invincible". I seriously
  doubt the airship in FF9 bearing this name has anything to do with a 
  pirate ship, however. But it's worth mentioning. ^_^

- Vagrant Story -

 The barkeep (and later the mini-theatre owner) in Alexandria is likely a 
  reference to Ashley Riot, the hero (Err... I've never played Vagrant Story
  so I don't know). His name is Ashley, and he has the same hairdo, 
  supposedly. (...Including references to games I've never played scares me
  for some reason. *sweatdrop* :P)

- Seiken Densetsu 3 -

 I've heard that "Reis's Wind" was actually a reference to Reisz (sp?) in
  SD3, who was also a dragoner. I've never played the game, so...

 4. Other Non-Square Games

Ok, these references to things in games made by other companies are probably
just pure coincidence, or were perhaps inspired by one of these games. 
Either way, the references aren't usually direct, and you have to look a bit
closer to see them.

- Suikoden -

 The music in Gizamaluke's Grotto (and the similar song that would appear 
  to be Freya and/or Sir Fratley's theme) sounds remarkably similar to the 
  Dragon Knights' theme on Suikoden... The Burmecians are also Dragon 
  Knights... Coincidence?

- Suikoden 2 -

 Luca Blight's father, Agares, makes an appearance! ...Well, not really. 
  One of the random enemies inside of Ipsen's Castle is called "Agares", 
  though. =P

- Tactics Ogre -

 Some random location in the Mist Continent is called "Byan Heights". Byan
  is a Wizard in TO.
 One of the optional super-bosses in FF9 is named "Ozma", which is the same
  as Tactics Ogre's female Temple Commando. Of course, Ozma in FF9 and Ozma 
  in TO are...well...completely different. ^_^

- Legend of Legaia -

 The Mist. While it's not exactly the same as the Legaia variety of Mist,
  it's easy to say that this's the biggest rip-off of another game. In 
  Legend of Legaia, the Mist turned tame creatures (Seru) into vicious 
  monsters. In FF9, it simply created mutated monsters. What *is* the same,
  however, is that they were both used (or intented to be used) as a tool of
 Is it just me, or does the Gargant in Gargan Roo resemble the flying Seru 
  that travels between Sebucus Islands and Karisto Kingdom? 
 One of the Ra-Seru in Legend of Legaia is named "Ozma". See above. 

- Ogre Battle -

 A total coincidence, probably. But in OB, there were also birthstone 
  items, as in FF9. ...Or is it a coincidence? According to one report,
  a lot of people who worked on OB also worked on FF9. Hmm...
 Why is Baku dressed up as Dragon Knight Fogel in the intro battle? =P
 One of the card players you can challenge at the Treno Card Stadium is 
  called "Beast Master Gilbert". And Gilbert is a Beast Tamer in OB. =P
  (Yes, I know Gilbert was Edward's name in FF4j, but he's a bard, not a 
  beast master!)
 There's a Blue Magic called "Pumpkin Head". Perhaps a reference to Deneb's
  famous pumpkin monsters?

- Wild Arms -

 Remember what happens after Adlehyde gets destroyed by demons on Wild 
  Arms? Right. Cecilia asks for Rudy's sword (or was it Jack's? I forget), 
  then proceeds to cut her hair off with it. Sound familiar? Garnet does the
  same thing near the end of Disc 3. Ok, ok, so after getting a lot of slack
  about this, I'll change it. From what I've heard, this seems to be more of   
  a Japanese culture reference. "Long hair is a symbol of power", or 
  somesuch. I included this as a WA rip-off mainly because I'd never heard 
  of this... Still, the execution between the two scenes is too similar 
  (both princesses do it after their parent(s) die(s), both use the hero's 
  sword, both do it seemingly at random, etc), so the reference stays. ^_^

- Other Games -
(This's just a list of references/coincidental sightings from non-RPGs. I
don't expect much in this section, but it's here if needed.)

 Here's one I've heard is from Resident Evil 2. In Lindblum Castle, there's
  a fountain/statue that, if examined, gives a message along the lines of 
  "There's no place to insert the medal". According to several reports, 
  there is a similar statue in the Racoon City Police department on RE2,
  where you have to insert a medal. Now, under most circumstances, I'd just
  pass this off as a coincidence. But the thing is...there *is* no medal for
  the statue at Lindblum, and it isn't part of a puzzle, plot point, or 
  anything else. Therefore, I believe this one. Note that I haven't played
  Resident Evil 2, so correct me if I've made any mistakes here. ^_^

- Assorted Others -
(This's a list of stuff that wasn't taken from any "game", per se, but *is*
a reference, or at least, is somewhat similar to something from anime, a 
movie, TV shows, etc. No, I'm not including mythology references here.)

 Apparently, the battle between Alexander and Bahamut on Disc 3 bears a 
  striking resemblance to one from the anime "Macross". I've never seen it,
  but my source for this info was pretty reliable, so I believe it. Several
  people have also backed this up.
 Yes, it's true... While in Trance, Zidane and Kuja strongly resemble the
  "Super Saiyan 4" (I'm a dubbie... ^^;) from in Dragonball GT. 
 "Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering."
  Words heard in Memoria. Apparently, these were taken from Star Wars:
  Episode 1. (I haven't seen it, so I don't know. *Hides from the ensuing
  mob of angry Star Wars fans* :)
 While you're searching for the potions in Lindblum, there's a guy just 
  across the street from the Business District aircab station who, if you 
  talk to him, will say "Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor, not a miracle worker!"
  This's a very obvious Star Trek reference. I'm surprised they got away
  with this. ^_^
  The one who submitted this reference also included a screenshot, which
  I've included in case anyone doesn't believe this.

 5. Unknown/Mystery References (Or are they?)

This's a list of things I'm assuming are references to something else, but
that I'm not certain what they're from.

 Stock Break, Steiner/Beatrix's attack. I'm pretty sure I've heard this 
  name before, but can't remember where...
 The scene where Marcus asks Cinna if he can use his hammer, and Cinna says
  "No one can use my hammer except me". I dunno, this looks like a reference
  to something. Maybe it has something to do with that retro '60s-ish music 
  in the background. ^_^  Or maybe Cinna is just pretending he's Thor. ^_^

 6. Closing Stuff

Now the boring stuff... This FAQ is 2001 by Matt Hobbs. Anyone caught 
stealing this punished. Yeah! That's it! In other words, 
don't steal.

If you have an additions or correction, mail me (see above), but don't ask
me any gameplay questions. Yes, I finished the game, but no, this isn't a 
walkthrough or even a help file. It's merely a reference list. If you want
gameplay help, please refer to one of the many other FAQs available on 
GameFAQs. Thanks.

Also, thanks to...

- Seigfried ( for a few references. Also for the battle
  between Alexander and Bahamut resembling a battle from Macross.
- Dragon Fogel ( for pretty much all the Ogre Battle
  references, as well as a few other minor ones (that I don't remember).
- Yulius Leonard ( for the Alexandria/Lindblum/Hahn
  Nova connection.
- Aya Brea ( for the Darkside/Dark Wave bit in FF4,
  and for reminding me about Garnet's "haircut", likely taken from Wild 
- Dale Dziesinski ( about the Antlion.
- for reminding me about "Fabool", and also for being the 
  first of many to point out that the Rat Tail was originally from FF1. 
  Guess I just forgot... Also for the "Flower girl and soldier with no 
  personality" reference.
- David Minter ( for the "squall/cloud" line in the
- Pattar Dekhla ( for reminding me about Grand Cross.
- Scott T. Clark ( for the Star Trek reference 
  and related screenshot.
- Centrablue ( for the entire section on Ramuh's "Story"
  from FF2, and for Hilda being the resistance leader, also on FF2.
- for being the first one to point out the Lindblum 
  Castle Resident Evil 2 reference.
- for the Pumpkin Head bit in the OB section. Also for an
  interesting insight on the OB references in general...
- for the incredibly obvious reference to FF6 that I 
  somehow missed. (Flare Star)
- Chrono for the Asura's Rod reference.
- for the note about Auto-Potion being from FFT.
- for the Vagrant Story reference. (Ashley)
- Chibi Xelloss ( for a whole bunch of miscellaneous
  references which were so well-written, I just copied them directly from 
  his e-mail. ^_^
- Elranzer ( for several assorted references.
- And everyone else who contribited to this FAQ. I can't credit *everyone*,
  mostly because I got so much mail about this thing that I can't remember 
  who submitted what!

End of File.

(This FAQ 2001 Matt Hobbs. All Square games are copyrighted by Square. All
 other games mentioned are copyrighted by their respective companies. There
 short and simple.)