Gold Chocobo Bug FAQ by Szemeredy

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Final Fantasy IX
Gold Chocobo Bug FAQ
Version 1.0 (Revision 2 - 4/08/2002)
By Ragnarok (Michael Szemeredy)

[1] What is the Gold Chocobo bug?
[2] How does it happen?
[3] What does it do?
[4] How do I continue with the game from here?
[5] If I don't undo it, what am I left with?
[6] How do I undo all the bad stuff?
[7] Why can't I get this to happen?
[8] Can I reverse the effects of the bug?

[9] Revision List
[10] Credits
[11] Copyright Information
[12] Other FAQs from Ragnarok

*** [1] What is the Gold Chocobo bug? ***

The infamous Gold Chocobo bug is the result of getting a 
Gold Chocobo just after getting the Blue Narciss (ocean 
ship), but before getting Hilda Garde 3 (the first airship), 
and going to either Chocobo's Paradise or Chocobo's Air 
Garden. This bug allows the player to skip a good part of 
Disc 3 from when searching for the Desert Palace, all the 
way past the events at Oelivert and Mount Gulug, to right 
before Ipsen's Castle.

*** [2] How does it happen? ***

This is the pretty self-explainatory part...

The only thing you have to do to trigger this is to:
  1) Play Chocobo Hot & Cold enough to acquire all the 
     necessary Chocographs to evolve your Chocobo to Gold 
     (Sky) Chocobo form.
  2) Find the Chocobo Treasures and evolve the Chocobo to 
     Gold Chocobo form.
  3) Visit either Chocobo's Sky Garden or Chocobo's Paradise

Check out Yee Seng Fu's Chocobo Hot & Cold FAQ for more details 
about Chocographs, Chocobo Locations and Chocobo Evolution
Note: I don't reccommend even attempting to activate this bug if 
you don't have a Gameshark or similar game enhancement device to
reverse it's negative effects.

*** [3] What does it do? ***

This bug does ALOT of stuff to completely corrupt your game.

  1) Completely skips all events at the Desert Palace, 
     Oelivert, and Mt. Gulug
  2) Transforms the Blue Narciss into Hilda Garde 3
  3) Dagger's Hair becomes short (per storyline)
  4) All boss fights from events during this time period 
     are skipped

Note: I'm still discovering exactly what is skipped or 
not... give me a few days and I should have most of the 

*** [4] How do I continue with the game from here? ***

Just pilot Hilda Garde 3 over to the Lost Continent and pay a 
visit to Ipsen's Castle. The plot will advance as normal.

The Blue Narciss will be parked exactly where you last left it, 
only it will now be Hilda Garde 3. Look for the blue dot on 
your map if you still can't find it...

*** [5] If I don't undo it, what am I left with? ***

The Good:
  1) Completely skip annoying boss battles such as Ark and 
     Valia Pira. The stuff you have from chocographs is 
     10x better than anything you can steal from them...
  2) Lots of saved time for those who have already played 
     the game and want to skip this rather annoying part of 
     the game
  3) Automatic access of Hilda Garde 3
  4) You have a Gold Chocobo ^_^
  5) You can always raid most parts of the skipped areas for 
     missed items.
  6) Although you miss ALOT of Key Items from Oelivert, Gulug 
     and the Desert Palace, it has no bearing on the game.
The Bad:
  1) You'll have to buy a Ribbon at the Treno Auction House in order
     to have Eiko learn the Madeen summon
  2) You'll have to beat Ozma to recover a second Pumice Piece to 
     have Dagger learn the Ark summon (since you can't get the 
     one in Oelivert).
  3) You can't recover items from the Desert Palace

The Ugly:
  1) Garnet/Dagger is permanently stuck in her depressed battle 
     state (no trance ability, commands fail on a regular basis 
     because she can't concentrate.

*** [6] How do I undo all the bad stuff? ***

You can't undo the fact you can't raid the Desert Palace, but 
you can acquire the Ribbon and the second Pumice Piece, and 
with a game enhancement device like a Gameshark or a hex editor, 
fix Dagger's "problem" (see section [8]).

*** [7] Why can't I get this to happen? ***

I'm still not sure why some people can't get the Gold Chocobo 
chocograph before getting Hilda Garde 3. As you know, you can only 
get the particular Chocograph needed for a Gold Chocobo after 
getting all 6 chocograph pieces. I managed to dig all 6 chocograph 
pieces way back on Disc 1... plus I played about 150 games before 
I got the Gold Chocobo chocograph , playing at both Chocobo's 
Forest and Chocobo's Lagoon 20-30 times with each chocobo type 
at each place (IE 20-30 with a Ocean Chocobo in the forest, 
20-30 with a Mountain Chocobo in the forest, etc). 

Also, it might have to do with the fact that my FF9 is an 
original copy, purchased one day before the actual release 
date (Electronics Boutique sold FF9 as soon as they got the 
shipment in, which was one day before). I'm going to do 
another run-through the game to see if I can duplicate it, 
then borrow a friend's Greatest Hits copy to see if I can 
duplicate it on his....

Another point... I did this on my PS2.... I will try it on a PS1 
to see if it's just the PS2...

*** [8] Can I reverse the effects of the bug? ***

You can easily reverse the Dagger problem with this handy 
little Gameshark code (also works to cure her concentration/
trance problem even if you didn't activate the bug):

NOTE: Before using this code, EQUIP DAGGER WITH A WORTHLESS 
WEAPON!!!!! It will erase anything equipped in her weapon 
slot when activated and replaces it with... Cinna's Hammer?
On the plus side... when you turn it off, you can deequip the 
hammer, which means you can synth a Save The Queen at the 
ultimate synthesist's place and still get the better ending :P

8008B3E4 0000

As for resetting your position in the game waaay back before the 
bug occurred to before Desert Palace ... but it'd take ALOT of 
time and effort to reverse the game flags using some form of hex 
editor or game enhancer... If you knew what they were...

If I ever get some boredom time, I'll see if I can reverse 
this here save...

*** [9] Revision List ***

3/27/2002 - Version 0.1
  First Edition. Basic information on the bug...

3/27/2002 - Version 0.8
  First Edition Revised 
    * Figured out how to get back into the storyline

4/08/2002 - Version 1.0
  First Edition Revised Again
    * Tested Gameshark codes out, found one that reversed Dagger's 
      trance/concentration problem.
    ** Next Version: Info on how to skip from any previous 
       point in the game to the end of disc 3 using this trick 
       and a Gameshark/some other game enhancement device 

*** [10] Credits ***

Ragnarok - for getting unlazy enough to write a second FAQ...
  ... now if I could only finish the first one ... - for hosting my FAQs.... thanks :) - for the Gameshark code to reverse Dagger's problem

*** [11] Copyright Information ***

This FAQ is Copyrighted (C) 2002 by Michael "Ragnarok" 
Szemeredy. All rights reserved. Please do not edit, 
redistribute, reproduce or post this FAQ without prior 
written permission from the copyright holder. As of this 
revision, the only website with permission to post this 
FAQ is

The most up-to-date version of this FAQ may only be found 

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PS: I should have an update later this week after I play 
with this file some more. If you have information you wish 
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