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Final Fantasy IX: No Healing/No Money Challenge FAQ by green5un
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                                FINAL FANTASY IX
                       No Healing/No Money Challenge FAQ
                                  Version 1.10
                          Copyright 2006 by green5un


This FAQ is copyrighted 2006 by green5un, and it is meant for personal use
only. You are not allowed to put this FAQ on your web site, or publish it in
any form of media.

This FAQ can be hosted by GameFAQs only. Do NOT ask me permission to post this
FAQ anywhere else, as I won't grant such a right. There are no exceptions, and
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1.11 Corrected a few small mistakes. (16th June 2008)

1.10 Corrected a few typos and mistakes. (24th August 2006)

1.0 First release of this FAQ on GameFAQ's FFIX FAQ page. Contains all basic
    information necessary for beating this challenge. Small improvements will
    still be made. (28th June 2006)


If you have read this FAQ carefully and still have some question about this
challenge, you can send me email. Likewise, if you have corrections or
additions, you can mail me and I'll consider editing this FAQ. If you have
other questions about the normal game, I'm not interested. Post these
questions on GameFAQs's boards, for example.


  3.1 Disk 1
  3.2 Disk 2
  3.3 Disk 3
  3.4 Disk 4
  4.1 Equipment list
  4.2 Recovery list
  4.3 Sidequests


I've completed several FFIX challenges, but there's no way I'd ever get bored
playing this excellent game. I simply have to cook up new challenges and try
them out. Some time ago, I came up with the idea of completing FFIX without
using any money. This FAQ was originally meant to be No Money challenge FAQ,
but that challenge turned out to be so easy that no FAQ is probably needed for
completing it.

Thas is why this challenge became No Healing/No Money challenge :) This
challenge, compared to No Money Game, is MUCH more strenuous to complete. It
may not require great skills in FFIX, but it does require a great deal of
luck and patience.

I hope this FAQ will turn out to be useful if you try this arduous challenge.
I want to thank everyone who has somehow helped me during this work and all the
great in-depth FAQ writers out there. See the Credit section for details.

28th June 2006
Turku, Finland


                              "Why do you rest?"
                                                 - Genome, Terra

                              Eiko:   "Zidane, wait up!"
                              Vivi:   "You need rest, Zidane!"
                              Zidane: "Will you little twits just shut up!
                                       There are things kids can't understand."
                                                 - Discussion in Terra

                              "What is money?"
                                                 - Genome, Black Mage Village

                              "But why you need Gil to eat anything?"
                                                 - Quina, Conde Petie

Welcome to my No Healing/No Money Challenge FAQ. This FAQ will guide you
through FFIX with no healing and without spending any money. It solely focuses
on attaining this goal, so if you are searching for some other information
about the game, please look for it elsewhere.


If you are playing this game for the first time, please don't try this
challenge, since it spoils the great gaming experience provided by FFIX. FFIX
is still a damn great game, and should not be played like this for the first
time in my opinion. Furthermore, in this guide, I won't explain everything you
have to know about the game in order to understand everything I say here. You
need to be familiar with basic concepts.

On the other hand, if you have already completed FFIX several times, and want
to try something totally new and crazy, go ahead. I promise this challenge will
make you frustrated ;)

If you decide to try this challenge, please carefully read the rules and their
consequences explained in the following, since unlike in the most challenges,
the rules here are not absolutely simply or self-evident.


So, what's the basic idea of this challenge? As you can probably tell by the
name, there are two major goals to accomplish:
1) In your game, don't heal your characters at all. Not under any
   circumstances. That is, never make your HP increase, never make your MP
   increase, and never negate any status effects.
2) Don't spend any money. The amount of your money should never decrease during
   the game.


As you without doubt have figured out by now, many severe restrictions follow:
- You can't use Potions, Hi-Potions, healing gems, Elixirs, magic or Tents to
  heal your characters
- Phoenix Downs, Phoenix Pinions, Life, Auto-Life and Full-Life, Auto-Regen,
  Auto-Potion, Recover etc. cause your HP to increase. Don't use them, ever.
- Attacking using Blood Sword, Drain or any other attacks that increase your
  HP is forbidden
- You also can't use inns or ANY OTHER way of healing. I won't list all the
  tricks to increase your HP here. It suffices to say you should NEVER cause
  your characters HP to increase.
- The same thing applies to your character's MP. You are NOT allowed to use
  any trick to increase it.
- You are not allowed to heal any status effects inflicted on your characters

- In addition the these consequences, because of the no money rule you can't
  buy anything, you can't play any Minigames requiring money, most notably
  Chocobo Hot & Cold
- Also note that you can't use Zidane's Flee ability, since this costs Gil
- Please also note many little restrictions, like not being able to use
  Amarant's Spare Change, or not being allowed to display the ATE Treno
  Tradition (in which money is stolen from you)
- Shortly, the amount of your money should NOT decrease under ANY

Another consequence is that only Tents, Elixirs, Softs and equipment you can
find and steal are useful for you. And as you can guess, Tents, Elixirs and
Softs are not used for healing but on certain enemies. All other items or Gil
you possibly pick up during your quest are of no use, with the exception of
some healing gems, which can be used to learn useful abilities.


So, how the heck is it possible to survive spending no money and without any
healing? Is this challenge possible AT ALL?

Once again, this challenge is very possible, although a bit tedious at times.
In the following, I'll tell you some reasons why.

- Remember that the only obligatory fights in the game are the boss fights and
  some forced fights. It is possible to get past these with some careful
- You are allowed to use all the abilities that won't heal your characters.
  This way, bad status effects can often be prevented and many other useful
  abilities, like Distract, can be put to use.
- Also, the rules of this challenge don't forbid using spells decreasing
  damage made to you, like Shell and Protect. Also, equipment reducing
  elemental damage can be used (as long as you don't buy this equipment).
- What's even more important, equipment guarding some sort of elemental damage
  and even equipment absorbing elemental damage can be used. In the latter
  case, healing is done by an enemy, so it's NOT against the rules. Rules
  forbid ONLY healing made by the player.
- You are also allowed to learn may useful skills. Quina's deadly Matra Magic/
  Limit Glove combination is vital. Auto-Life can't be used, so Matra Magic
  replaces it here. Likewise, Quina must learn Night. Later in the game, Freya
  must learn Dragon's Crest.
- Finally, you get healed automatically many times in this game. This is
  essential for completing this challenge and can also be abused nicely.

You might still not believe this is possible, and I don't care if you don't.
Just read this guide and you'll notice that this challenge is neither
impossible nor even too hard to complete.


Here, some general principles worth adhering to are listed:
- Save often and don't overwrite your previous save. You might get stuck or
  want to return to a previous point in game and do something better.
- Avoid enemies and enable Zidane's Alert ability always when walking in the
  area where encounters are possible. Remember you can't get away from battles
  using Zidane's Flee ability.
- Steal equipment from bosses whenever possible. Some pieces of equipment
  are very important, and will also be mentioned in the walkthrough section.
- Know the bosses well and make good use of their weaknesses. Also utilize
  all abilities you can to the fullest.
- R1, L1, R2, L2, Start and Select. You'll use this combination often during
  this game :)
- Be patient and don't get too frustrated


Finally, I would like to briefly point out certain matters regarding the FAQ

Please understand that this FAQ is a work in progress, and currently just a
set of notes I have made when completing this challenge. This is why this
FAQ can still be made better: errors will be corrected and better strategies
may be submitted in future.

I don't consider myself a real elite gamer, since I learned a large number
of new things while completing this quest and I know I still have huge amount
of things to learn about this excellent game. This is why I invite all the
brave gamers out there to try this challenge and suggest how to further improve
this FAQ. I'm very interested to hear about your experiences if you test this
challenge, and likewise, I'm also really grateful for any new ideas.

I also want to point out that I don't strive for optimization on all fields
of this challenge. One could have stolen more neat stuff than I did, one could
have chosen better equipment when leveling up or fighting bosses, one could
have composed even better strategies for some battles and phases in the game.
Some things may be optimized further in the future versions of this guide, some
things may not. This challenge is not that hard, after all, that you would have
to perform every tiny bit of optimization possible.


This walkthrough section now discusses the strategies mentioned below more
deeply and guides you through the game.

= 3.1 DISK 1 =


After the initial FMV, light the candle in the middle of the room. You'll then
fight Masked Man.

Boss: Masked Man
HP: 188
Steal: Mage Masher, Potion, Wrist

Steal Mage Masher from this boss, then simply attack him until he goes down.

After some events and FMV, you'll then control Vivi in Alexandria.


If you want to collect Cards or other items here, by all means, do that.
However, they don't have any significance in this game.

- Go to the ticket booth and peek in
- Then find the Rat Kid and go to the steeple
- Pick up Tent in the steeple, on the left side of the screen
- Go up the ladder and let the events roll on

In the play, you'll have to defeat King Leo.

Boss: King Leo
HP: 186
Steal: N/A

Just focus your attacks on King Leo.

- Try to perform a perfect swordfight with Blank. In this case, you can get
  Moonstone from Queen Brahne. Moonstone can be useful later in this game, so
  you can as well get it now.
- As Steiner, go fetch Moonstone from Queen Brahne
- Then, just go find the princess. There is no need to find all the Pluto
  Knights, though you can do it if you want to.
- Go to the yard, and enter the door on the right side of the yard, then go all
  way up the stairs
- FMV and some events follow. Then, just go through the engine room, and you'll
  fight Steiner.

Boss: Steiner
HP: 169
Steal: Leather Hat, Silk Shirt

Loot Steiner, then defeat him by attacking.

The play will go on, then you'll have another match with Steiner.

Boss: Steiner
HP: 167
Steal: N/A

Just attack.

One more fight with Steiner follows.

Boss: Steiner
HP: 162
Steal: N/A


After the fight, Prima Vista will crash.


- Optimize Zidane's equipment: equip him with Mage Masher, Leather Hat, Silk
  Shirt and Wrist
- Go to the moogle and save your game
- Now you can level up in Evil Forest as follows:
  * if an enemy takes the initiative, which shouldn't happen too often, reset
  * otherwise just attack, and your opponent is finished
- Repeat the process above, always saving after some successful fights. You
  might think this is tedious, but I'll tell you it's far from tedious in this
  challenge ;)
- I leveled up to level 5 at this point
- After leveling up, go fight Prison Cage

Boss: Prison Cage
HP: 513
Steal: N/A

Zidane will be in trance. Use Free Energy, NOT Tidal Flame. Just attack with
Steiner. Note that there is no need to heal Dagger, and this would not be
allowed in this challenge. An easy fight.

Vivi is captured by another Prison Cage. You'll now fight it.

Boss: Prison Cage
HP: 533
Steal: Broadsword, Leather Wrist

This time Zidane is not in trance. Just attack with Zidane and Steiner and the
battle will end eventually. You might want to steal Leather Wrist, but this is
not important. Steiner already has Broadsword.

You'll now be taken to Prima Vista.

- In Bridge (the room where Baku is initially), collect Bronze Gloves
- Pick up Wrist in hallway with the stairs leading to Bridge, on the left
- Get Rubber Helm from Cargo Room
- Get Leather Hat in the hallway with the exit
- Go outdoors and save your game
- Find Baku in the meeting room and fight him

Boss: Baku
HP: 202
Steal: Hi-Potion, Iron Sword

You were healed after fights with Prison Cages, and if you are at level 5, you
should have well over 200 HP. This is more than enough to defeat Baku without
any healing. Steal Iron Sword from him, then hit him until the battle ends. An
easy fight again.

- If Baku damages you too badly, you may want to reset; you won't get healed
  before the battle with Plant Brain
- After the fight, go find Vivi and Steiner
- Optimize Steiner's and Vivi's equipment
- Save your game, then enter Evil Forest


- Try to avoid fights until you reach the healing spring
- This is a good place to level up
- Of course you can not heal here, but you can use the same strategy as before
  with Zidane and save your game regularly
- It's important to level up now, since the maximum HP you have now is the HP
  you will have in Ice Cavern. You can still level up there, but you can't
  get more HP.
- Don't use too much MP when leveling up. Remember you won't get healed before
  you fight Plant Brain and you probably want to use Steiner's Sword Magic
  against it.
- You'll have to reset a lot if you want no one's HP to decrease. Please don't
  get too frustrated ;)
- I leveled up Vivi and Steiner to level 5, and Zidane reached level 7.
- Move on to encounter Plant Brain

Boss: Plant Brain
HP: 916
Steal: Eye Drops, Iron Helm

Use Vivi's Fire and Steiner's Sword Magic. Have Zidane steal Iron Helm from
this boss. Blank will soon come and help you. It doesn't matter if some of your
characters die. Just attack until this boss goes down.

After the fight, run. There will be a forced fight with some Plant Spiders,
just defeat them. It doesn't matter how much HP you lose, you'll get healed
after escaping from the forest.

Watch some events. After them, you'll be on World Map. Make your way to Ice


- Avoid fights. Zidane must not lose ANY HP.
- Get Tent from the chest in the first screen
- Obtain Leather Plate from the chest in the fourth screen. You have to open
  the ice wall in order to find the path to this chest.
- There is no need to get anything else from the chests here
- When you see an intersection, go left and save your game
- You can level up now, but as I noted, Zidane's HP shouldn't decrease. I only
  leveled Zidane up to level 8. Note also that you can't increase your HP even
  though you level up.
- Go back to the intersection and go right this time

Now comes the first hard boss fight.

Boss: Black Waltz #1
HP: 229
Steal: Remedy, Silk Shirt

Boss: Sealion
HP: 472
Steal: Ether, Mythril Dagger

As I noted above, Zidane was at level 8, but his HP was not full, since it is
not possible to get healed in Ice Cavern.

In this fight, just attack until Black Waltz #1 dies, then start attacking
Sealion. Zidane will probably trance during this fight. This fight might be
almost impossible if you don't trance at any phase. On the other hand, you
can't advance your trance gauge in Ice Cavern too much, since Zidane shouldn't
get damaged seriously. However, in all probability your trance gauge will fill
up, and you'll get a chance to use Tidal Flame.

I proceeded followingly:
- I put Zidane in BACK ROW before the fight
- I first finished the Black Waltz #1 (this probably takes 5 hits when Zidane
  is in back row)
- I then attacked Sealion TWO times
- The important thing here is NOT to cause Sealion's HP go below 320, as he
  will use Blizzara in this case
- So, when I had hit him two times, I just let him fill Zidane's trance gauge.
  I then used Tidal Flame to deal over 400 damage on him.
- Normally, using Tidal Flame would trigger Sealion's Tsunami, but in this
  case it finished him, so he had no chance for his grand attack

Hopefully, you can finish him in a similar way. If Sealion gets a chance to use
Blizzara or Tsunami, you have lot worse chance to survive this fight. Using the
strategy given above, however, this fight is not that hard after all. It may
take some tries, though, since the trance gauge doesn't always fill up quickly
enough, if Sealion uses a lot of magic.

I also tried an alternative strategy, where I first had Zidane in front row to
finish Black Waltz #1 more quickly, and then changed to back row to take less
damage from Sealion when waiting for trance.

It is also possible to steal Mythril Dagger from Sealion, and I strongly
recommend that you try this as you wait your trance gauge to fill up. Mythril
Dagger carries essential Bandit ability, which will be very useful during your

- After the fight, go back to the moogle and save your game!
- Then return to the place where you fought Black Waltz #1 and follow the
  straightforward path to get out of the cavern
- Continue your journey directly to Dali


In Dali, you'll finally get healed in the inn. This is story-driven, and
doesn't cost anything. Some events will follow.

- Get Aries Stellazzio, it's inside the windmill, in the back
- Meet Vivi and Dagger to get events rolling
- Go to the Windmill and enter the Underground Storage to find Vivi
- Underground, pick up Leather Wrist and Iron Helm from the chests in the
  second storage area
- Optimize the equipment for Zidane, Dagger and Vivi
- Move on and watch the events
- Also optimize Steiner's equipment when you get a chance

You'll then fight Black Waltz #2

Black Waltz #2
HP: 1030
Steal: Leather Plate, Steepled Hat

This fight shouldn't be a big problem. Use Steiner's Sword Magic and attack
with Zidane. It's important NOT to use Vivi's black magic in this fight, since
it causes Black Waltz to counter with powerful spells. Dagger can cast Protect
and Shell on Steiner and Zidane. It's not that important to steal in this
fight, but do this if you want.

After the fight, choose NOT to rest at the inn, as you are not allowed to heal
intentionally. After this, board the Cargo Ship.


Just watch the events. Before the fight, equip Vivi with Silk Shirt, optimize
other equipment. You'll now end up battling Black Waltz #3.

Boss: Black Waltz #3
HP: 1,128
Steal: Linen Cuirass, Steepled Hat, Silver Gloves

Fortunately, you'll get automatically healed before this fight. The fight is
not too difficult. Have Zidane attack first, then have Steiner use Thunder
Sword and Vivi cast Thunder. If you dare, you can try to steal equipment from
Black Waltz #3, but this is not strictly necessary. You'll also be healed after
this fight, so don't worry about your HP.

After the fight, enjoy the nice FMV and several events.


You'll finally be taken to Lindblum inn. Save your game here. There is lots of
stuff you should collect in the town.

- Pick up Tent outside the Church, under the leaves
- Get Leather Plate in the Church, up the ladder
- Get Silver Gloves in the Synthesis Shop
- Using Aircab, fly to Industrial District
- Pick up Leather Wrist in the Industrial District Square, in the bottom
- Collect Bronze Vest in Industrial Way, to the right from the pub's entrance
- Get Steepled Hat in the residence in Industrial District
- Go to Theatre District and visit Tantalus Hideout to make the storyline
- Go to the Grand Castle, enter the Guest Room and pick up Glass Armlet from
  the chest there
- Leave the Guest Room, go down the stairs and talk to the guard near the lift
- Go back up the stairs and talk to the sleeping guard
- Go down the stairs and enter the lift
- Go up the stairs and move on to meet Dagger

- After several events, Festival of Hunt will begin
- Now it's possible to steal Needle Fork from Zaghnol. If you don't want Needle
  Fork, simply suicide Zidane. However, I recommend getting the fork, since
  it's essential to deal biggest damage possible on your enemies in this game.
- To steal Needle Fork from Zaghnol, wait until there's about 4 minutes time
  left, then find Zaghnol near the item shop. You'll be able to fight this
  beast with Freya.
- Zaghnol likes to use Thunder, so you might want to equip Zidane with Silk
  Shirt to reduce the damage. Also equip him Mythril Dagger and enable Bandit
  ability to increase success rate of Steal.
- In either case, let Freya win the festival, as you will get Coral Ring as a
  prize in this case. Coral Ring will be very useful during this game because
  it absorbs thunder magic. Note that there is no other way to get this item
  during this challenge.

Some info about Zaghnol is provided in the following:

Boss: Zaghnol
HP: 1,574
Steal: Mythril Gloves, Needle Fork

Just have Zidane steal. Freya can attack, even though it's not necessary. You
will probably run out of time anyway, but this doesn't matter. What matters is
looting the beast; try to steal both Mythril Gloves and Needle Fork from him
before the timeout.

- After this fight, several events ensue
- Go to the Guestroom and get a letter from Mogki the Moogle (we are going to
  use this letter to acquire Kupo Nut, which we will use later in the game)
- Then go to Dragon's Gate, and once there, pick up Tent behind the platform
- Optimize everyone's equipment
- Save your game and continue to the World Map
- Here, make your way to Qu's Marsh


All right, it's time to make Quina join your party and learn Limit Glove :)
When walking on the World Map, try to avoid enemies, since you should not
lose too much HP now. Save often and simply reset if you get damaged.

- Go to Qu's Marsh and catch a frog for Quina
- After some events, catch some frogs with Quina. Later, we are going to need
  Quina's Frog Drop, and you need to catch lot of frogs for that.
- Exit the marsh and go visit Chocobo's forest

- Enter the forest. Here, Mene will give you Gysahl Greens. Leave the forest,
  find the Chocobo tracks outside it, and call Choco by using Gysahl Greens.
- Note that you can't play Chocobo Hot & Cold because you would have to spend
  money, but you can use Chocobo for transportation at some points during the
  challenge. This way, you don't have to encounter that many enemies and your
  game will be speeded up and become a bit easier.
- Note that you can't call Choco too many times in this challenge, as there's
  no way to get large amount of Gysahl Greens during your quest. You'll
  occasionally find some, though.

- Now, there's a normal forest near Chocobo's Forest where you can encounter
  Mandragoras. Quina can learn Limit Glove by eating these enemies. With Limit
  Glove, you can deal maximum damage in many boss fights later.
- Unfortunately, these enemies have a very powerful attack called Chestnut,
  which can easily kill your characters. Chestnut causes damage equal to HP
  Mandragora has lost, and mandragoras have 662 HP. Furthermore, Mandragora's
  come in groups of two or three, which can make eating one of them without
  any loss of HP a bit tedious.

But it's not that hard after all. I proceeded as follows:
- I chose a Mandragora and had Zidane and Freya attack it physically
- Mandragora used Chestnut on Zidane, it luckily missed (this happens quite
- Quina ate this Mandragora and learned Limit Glove
- Other Mandragora used Chestnut on Vivi, but as it hadn't been damaged, it
  made 0 damage
- Vivi used Fire on Mandragora
- Zidane attacked Mandragora, ending the battle

When Quina has learnt Limit Glove, save your game.

There is yet another useful spell Quina should learn, namely Vanish.

- Find an enemy called Vice in Eunorus Plains
- Vice has 129 HP, so attack it with some suitable attack (I used Vivi's
  Fire, even though this doesn't always work) and eat it
- This may be really tedious, depending on your luck, as there also are
  many other enemies here, and you shouldn't lose HP

After you succeed in this, save your game. Then take the Chocobo and ride to
Gizamaluke's Grotto.

- Save your game outside the grotto
- Enter, get Gizamaluke's Bell from the soldier and open the door
- Move on and fight Black Mages
- I hate to say this, but again it is recommended not to take any significant
  damage from these fights. You must save your HP for the incoming boss fight.
- When you have defeated first mages, go save your game and return to
  fight another two mages
- Again, go back and save your game
- Then, enter the grotto again
- In the room where Black Mages were, take the rightmost door
- Try to make your way to the moogles without any HP loss
- Be careful. Lamia is a common enemy here and it can easily deal severe
  damage on you.
- Collect Mythril Gloves and Magus Hat on the way
- Watch the event with moogles, give the moogle Kupo Nut
- Take the right door in this room, and save your game
- Exit the room where moogles are, you'll receive a bell from a moogle on your
  way out
- In the room with the big bell, take the left door to initiate an event

A boss fight now follows.

Boss: Gizamaluke
HP: 3,175
Steal: Magus Hat, Ice Staff, Elixir

It would be really nice to finish Gizamaluke with Limit Glove. But although it
would make this battle extremely easy, it would be quite difficult to cause
Quina's HP to be exactly one, since you can't use Phoenix Downs in this game.
Matra Magic is not yet available, and there is no other easy way to reduce
Quina's HP to one. If you still want to try this, good luck.

I chose to fight Gizamaluke without using Limit Glove. This is very possible,
since this fight can be made a lot of easier by using a Tent on this boss at
the beginning of the battle. This will hopefully silence and blind him; if not,
try again. Now Gizamaluke can't use Water, and his physical attacks often miss.
Still, he is very dangerous, since he doesn't need too many hits to kill any
of your characters. The fact you really can't deal very significant damage on
him does not make things easier.

Therefore, I had Quina cast Vanish on my party members to make them immune to
Gizamaluke's physical attacks. It's just too bad Vanish doesn't last very long.
Zidane attacked physically, Freya jumped and Vivi kept casting Thunder
(Gizamaluke is weak against Thunder). Defeating Gizamaluke is challenging,
but very possible at the same time.

After the fight, the scene will turn to Steiner and Dagger. Inside, get
Multina Racket directly to the left of the entrance. There's nothing else to
do here, so just make the storyline roll on and enter the car.

- Before going to Burmecia, you can visit North Gate and pick up Tent there.
  It can be found near the gate.

- An important thing that you could do now is to teach Quina Night. Night is
  extremely important at some later stages of your quest, so learn it now!
- Go to Eesistern Coast (this is northwest from Gizamaluke's Grotto)
- Find an enemy called Nymph. Once again, you should try to learn Night with
  minimal damage. Getting no damage at all would be ideal. Enable Insomniac for
  the character carrying Coral Ring, as Nymphs might use Night and put you to
  sleep. Nymphs will fall asleep, too, though :)
- Learning Night might be a bit tedious since Nymphs use Fira, which deals
  substantial damage on your characters. Nymphs can also silence you, which is
  not acceptable, as you are not allowed to negate status effects.
- After you succeed, save your game and head to Burmecia
- Save your game again outside Burmecia


- Now, your goal is to go make your way through Burmecia with minimal damage.
  This is why I returned to the World Map several times to save my game. You
  might not want to save so many times, in which case, just ignore my
  suggestions about saving in what follows.
- Be careful, as there are some evil enemies here. Ironite may damage you
  seriously with his Flame attack. Basilisks, on the other hand, use Gradual
  Petrify. You probably don't want any of your characters to get petrified :)
  Also recall that some chests here are fake. Don't open them.
- Collect Cancer Stellazio behind the crates
- Try to beat the Black Mages called by Zorn and Thorn without getting too much
  damage. Again, you must spare your HP for an incoming boss fight.
- Once you have defeated Black Mages, go save your game (on the World Map).
- Then go back to the point where Black Mages were and head right and go up the
- Go up the stairs to the next screen
- Go left to the next screen past a locked door and enter the door there
- Get Germina's Boots from the chest here, you have to walk in order to not
  make the floor collapse
- Equip Germina's Boots for Zidane and enable Alert to prevent back attacks
- After the floor has collapsed, go all way back outside
- Go save your game again
- Go back, and head left this time and enter door there, then go up the stairs
- Continue to the next screen
- Here, go out to the balcony
- In the next room, talk to the soldier, then take the bell from behind the bed
- Go all way back outside and save your game once again
- Now, go back to the locked door and ring the bell
- There is an event in the staircase, move on after this
- In the next screen, enter the doorway on the left first to launch an event
- Go up the stairs and take the left door, get Tent from a chest here
- Then move on and enter the door in the back
- In this screen, you'll see two doors, enter the right one first and save your
- Hopefully, you made it here with minimal HP loss
- Get the Lightning Staff behind the moogle, go out and take the left door the
  get Mythril Spear for Freya
- Return to the moogle
- Give Atla the letter you got in Lindblum Grand Castle to receive Kupo Nut,
  then save your game
- Equip Freya with Coral Ring and enable her Cover ability
- Put everyone in BACK ROW
- Save your game
- Exit the room where the moogle is and head north to the next screen

After some events, you'll fight Beatrix.

Boss: Beatrix
HP: 3,630
Steal: Chain Plate, Mythril Sword, Phoenix Down

Again, using Limit Glove would be nice, but getting Quina's HP down to 1 would
be pretty hard. In this fight, Freya will protect endangered party members due
to her Cover ability, and she will absorb Beatrix's Thunder Slash attack
because of Coral Ring.

All you have to do is have Quina cast Vanish repeatedly and hope Beatrix uses
her physical attack on these invisible characters. Have Quina cast Vanish on
Freya first. Hopefully, Beatrix won't use shock too much, since this will
instantly kill anyone in your party. As Zidane has nothing else to do, try to
steal Mythril Sword from Beatrix. This is the only chance to get this item in
this game.

One way to further reduce damage is to have your party members use Defend
during the battle. Hopefully, Beatrix will attack vanished party members
physically and use lot of Thunder Slash on Freya. I had to try this fight about
8 times, but then again, I also had pretty low HP already at the beginning of
the battle. This fight requires patience, but is far away from impossible.

After this fight, Disk 1 is ended.

= 3.1 DISK 2 =


Get Phoenix Down from the chest here. Then, just let the storyline roll on
until a fight with Black Waltz #3 begins.

Boss: Black Waltz #3
HP: 1,292
Steal: Flame Staff, Lightning Staff, Steepled Hat

Have Marcus and Steiner attack, Dagger can cast Shell and Protect on them. You
can also steal if you want, but you already have Lightning Staff and you'll get
Flame Staff soon.

Some events follow, then move on and you'll be on the World Map. Save your game
here, then head to Treno.


- NOTE: Once in Treno, DO NOT display the ATE Treno Tradition, as this will
  make you lose money, which is not allowed in this game
- Go to the item shop and get Taurus Stellazzio behind it
- It's possible to pick up Mythril Dagger near the entrance of Doctor Tot's
  tower, but you should have this item already

At this point, it would be possible to make a slight detour here and visit
Quan's Dwelling. You can obtain Scorpio Stellazzio there. Note that after
getting this Stellazzio you should have four Stellazzios total, which means you
could get Blood Sword from Queen Stella. I don't, however, think this would be
a real No Healing Challenge if you used this piece of equipment, and getting
that sword would also make the incoming boss fight ridiculously easy. This
being the case, just proceed without getting Blood Sword, as you don't really
need it in this challenge.

- There's nothing else to do in Treno, head to the inn to initiate some
- After these events, go to Tot's tower and enter Gargan Roo


- Save your game here
- As you can notice, your party is not fully healed after the fight with Black
  Waltz #3. Marcus is totally healed, and Dagger should be okay since she
  didn't get damaged in the fight, but curiously, Steiner only has 1 HP, if he
  died in the fight against Black Waltz #3.
- I have no idea why Steiner is only revived but his HP is not fully recovered,
  but rather than worrying about this, we can take advantage of this fact in
  the following boss fight.
- Note that you could in principle level up here. However, if Steiner still has
  Iron Sword, this will be really tedious, since Crawler should miss once or
  you should get a critical hit in order to defeat this enemy. I didn't level
  up at all here. I had Steiner at level 8.

- Go left to the next screen
- Get Chain Plate and Phoenix Down from the chests here and pull the lever
- Go back to the room where the moogle is and save your game, then go right to
  the next screen this time
- Pull the switch, then go to the left and pull the lever

After some events, you'll have to defeat Ralvurahva.

Boss: Ralvurahva
HP: 2,296
Steal: Bone Wrist, Mythril Fork

This fight is a bit challenging, but not that bad. For starters, use Tent on
Ralvurahva to blind him. Have Marcus attack, Dagger cast Protect on herself and
Marcus and Steiner use Minus Strike (I made over 400 damage each time with this
attack as Steiner's HP was 1 and his max HP was 406).

You'll probably have to try this fight several times, since your characters,
especially Steiner, can die easily in this fight. However, you should be able
to defeat this boss quite easily, since he uses Devil's Kiss very often, and
this attack mostly misses if he is blinded. If you dare, you can also try to
steal something, but this is not obligatory.

After some events, you'll be taken to World Map.


- Here, go north and pull the lever to open the door
- Enter the door, and move north
- In the next screen, at the bottom, there is a hidden chest. You will receive
  Magician Shoes.
- Go north, and get Ice Staff from another chest hidden behind the leaves
- Then advance right to the next screen, and here again up the path to the next
- Move south, and choose to put your hand in the hole there
- Return to previous screen and climb up the vines
- In the next screen, go left and enter the hole there
- On the left there is a chest containing Needle Fork, but you should already
  have it.
- Go up the slope to the right. The chest here contains Tent.
- Go to the moogle and save your game
- Quina should learn Matra Magic at this point. This can be learned by eating
  an enemy called Dragonfly.
- After this you can save your game again
- Then take the upper left path leading to the next screen
- Go north up the path to obtain Flame Staff from a chest
- Continue to the next screen using the other path
- Cross the bridge and go to the next screen, you'll find Desert Boots from the
  hidden chest here (behind the tree)
- Also get Mythril Vest from the hole in upper left
- After that, continue to the right
- Go to the next screen and get Mythril Gloves from a chest
- Continue towards the next screen, pull the lever there
- Go all way back to the screen where you got Desert Boots, then use the upper
  left path here
- Continue to the next screen
- Just continue to the left past the sandpits, towards the next screen
- Get the chest for Gysahl Greens, then go up the ladder

You'll finally reach Cleyra Settlement.


Here, pick up some stuff first.

- Pick up Mythril Gloves near the waterfall
- Also collect Yellow Scarf in the Cathedral
- In the front of Cathedral, pick up Gysahl Greens in the grass
- View the following ATEs: the one where Quina chases the Moon Maidens and one
  where Quina finds a mushroom
- Save your game
- After this, go down to the sandpit where you will later fight Antlion
- Quina will jump into the pit, follow him/her
- You'll now be able to pick up Magician Shoes and, importantly, Silk Robe from
  the chests here
- Choose the jump down from the branch and make your way to the moogle. Save
  your game.
- Return to Cleyra Settlement
- Now go to the Cathedral, and talk to the oracle to get the storyline rolling
- Go back down to the inn
- After the Burmecian Soldier has informed you about Antlion, save your game in
  the inn
- Go down to the sandpit

You'll then fight Antlion. Before this fight, your HP is automatically

Boss: Antlion
HP: 3,938
Steal: Annoyntment, Gold Helm, Mythril Vest

Have Quina use Matra Macig on himself/herself to reduce his/her HP down to 1,
followed by Limit Globe to bring this fight to an end. Be warned that Matra
Magic has damn low success rate. I actually finished this boss before I could
get Quina's HP to 1. Either way, have Zidane steal every turn. It seems to be
extremely hard to steal Gold Helm from Antlion, but you can probably get
Mythril Vest.

Several events will follow. You'll then control Freya.

- Go inside the Cathedral and go up the stairs. Get Emerald from the High
  Priest there.
- Save your game in the inn

You'll now have to fight several Soldiers and Black Mages. I had Freya at level
12 at this point; Zidane, Quina and Vivi were at level 11. The forced fights
are as follows:

Soldier x 2
Soldier x 2
Soldier x 2
Black Mage
Soldier x 3
Black Mage x 2
Soldier x 2 & Black Mage

After first four battles, you'll get a chance to save your game. Try to finish
these battles with minimal HP loss. Your goal is to have at least three
characters alive after these forced battles, since you have to fight Beatrix.
Quina must be alive after the battles. Once you optimize your equipment for
these battles, this goal is not that hard to accomplish. Enable Man Eater
ability for Freya, and give someone Coral Ring.

In the battles, Freya can either jump or use Lancer, Quina and Zidane can
attack normally and Vivi cast Thundara (or Firaga or Blizzara). Vivi's magic
will kill Soldiers at once. The battles are easy, but you still need some luck
to keep your characters alive.

In the case you want to rescue the guys asking for your help, the right answers
are as follows:
- To the right
- To the left
- Cross the bridge and to the right
However, this is not a big deal, since the items you get from them later on are
not that useful during your quest.

After the battles, some scenes ensue.

- Remove Quina's equipment before this battle
- Equip Freya with Coral Ring and enable Cover
- Get the stuff from the survivors of attack if you want
- Save your game, and exit the Cathedral to fight Beatrix

Boss: Beatrix
HP: 4,736
Steal: Ice Brand, Phoenix Down, Thunder Gloves

Use Matra Magic/Limit Glove trick to end this battle. Before you do this, you
can steal some stuff from Beatrix if you want. You should steal Ice Brand at
this point, since it will make several fights in the Alexandria Castle much
easier. This battle would be really easy if Quina's damned Matra Magic spell
wouldn't be that crappy :) Now, however, you probably have to try it numerous

After defeating the general, you'll be taken to Red Rose. Watch the events,
save your game, and make the storyline roll on.


The scene will now switch to Alexandria.

- Swing the cage to make Marcus and Steiner escape
- Optimize your characters' equipment
- Enable Man Eater ability for Steiner
- It's really easy to defeat Alexandria Soldiers if Steiner has Ice Brand
  equipped. Just one hit and they're done for.
- Note that it is possible to completely avoid the fights with soldiers here.
  However, if you have Ice Brand, as you should, it is even recommendable to
  fight in order to raise Steiner's level.
- When you reach the ladder, remove Marcus's equipment. You will lose his
  equipment irrevocably if you don't do this.
- Zidane, Vivi and Freya will now arrive, and there will be some events.
- Manoeuvre through the castle. It doesn't matter if you end up fighting with
  Soldiers, but try to keep your characters in pretty good condition.
- Just go to the castle yard, then inside the castle and up the stairs, to the
  point where Zidane first met Dagger
- From here, go north to the big door, then north to the door again
- Once in Queen's Chamber, examine the purple light and a passage will open.
- Enter and get the two chests here for Tent and Ice Brand (which you already 
- Continue down the stairs and enter the Chapel

You will engage in fight with Zorn and Thorn.

Boss: Thorn
HP: 2,984
Steal: Mythril Armlet, Mythril Armour

Boss: Zorn
HP: 4,896
Steal: Partisan, Stardust Rod

Thorn can give Zorn Meteorite power and Zorn can give Thorn Flare power, but
when you attack the one to whom the power has been given to, the power will be
neutralized. This way, Zorn and Thorn can never attack you. Just keep
neutralizing and have Zidane loot everything possible. Then finish these
pathetic bosses.

After the fight and events, prepare your characters for another boss fight.

- Adjust everyone's equipment, protecting your characters from thunder
  elemental attacks where possible (Freya can equip Thunder Gloves, for
  example, so that thunder damage is halved).
- Equip Mythril Gloves and Man Eater ability for Steiner. Also give him Coral
- Do not give Freya equipment you might need when in Outer Continent, since
  Freya won't be in your party for a while. Don't give her any good add-on,
  for example.

After some events, you'll have your third fight with Beatrix.

Boss: Beatrix
HP: 5,709
Steal: Ice Brand, Phoenix Down, Survival Vest

Quina is not here, so you can't use Limit Glove or Vanish this time, which
makes this battle harder. Furthermore, Beatrix's HP has increased again.
However, Steiner can deal over 1000 damage now, and if your HPs are not low,
Beatrix's normal physical attack is not bad.

Have Steiner attack every turn, Freya can use Lancer, and Vivi should use any
powerful magic. Zidane can try to steal Survival Vest from Beatrix, even though
this item is available soon. All in all, this battle is not that hard, but once
again you need some luck to survive.

You'll get healed after the fight. Before you can save, there will be several

Bandersnatch (Freya & Beatrix)
Black Mage x 3 (Zidane, Vivi, Dagger & Steiner)
Bandersnatch x 2 (Zidane, Vivi, Dagger & Steiner)
Bandersnatch (Zidane, Vivi, Dagger)
Bandersnatch x 2 (Freya & Beatrix)
Bandersnatch x 2 (Freya, Beatrix & Steiner)

Simply have everyone attack. Beatrix should use her Seiken skills, Climhazzard
should easily kill all enemies. Use Coral Ring and equip Insomniac for someone
so that Bandersnatches can't put you to sleep. Dagger may die because of her
low level (I had Dagger at level 6) but this is no problem. The incoming boss
battle will be easy, and you'll get healed after it. These fights shouldn't be
too hard.

- After the third battle, check Steiner's equipment. Don't leave anything
  you'll need in Outer Continent to him. Again, this mostly concerns an add-on
  he happens to have.
- After finishing all the battles, go to the Chapel and save your game. Then
  exit and go south. Some events will follow.

Boss: Ralvuimago
HP: 3,352
Steal: Phoenix Down, Adaman Vest, Oak Staff

Attack this boss physically and it will compact itself. When Ralvuimago is
compact, it won't attack, so you can steal equipment from it. Have Zidane steal
all the stuff and someone attack Ralvuimago every time it unwraps. This way,
this boss can't damage you at all, except maybe in beginning of the battle if
it takes initiative. An extremely easy fight.

After the battle, you'll be taken to Pinnacle Rocks.


- After meeting Ramuh, go to the moogle and save your game
- It's needless to play with Ramuh, you'll get this eidolon anyway
- Go down the path past the moogle and loot the chest for Mythril Vest
- Then go left and get The Ogre from the chest there
- Go up the path where the moogle is, then go left and continue along the path
  with a chest near it
- Choose to jump down and get Mythril Armlet from the chest
- Return to the same path where you chose to jump down
- Tell Ramuh you'll give up and exit Pinnacle Rocks


Lindblum is under an attack now. After these events, you'll be taken to
Lindblum. Move on to meet Minister Artania and more scenes will ensue. When you
are back in town, simply talk to the man there and tell you're ready to leave.

- When at Dragon's Gate, pick up Bandana behind the platform there
- Save your game

- Go to Qu's Marsh and meet Quina
- Catch some frogs here. Later in the game when things start to get hard, it is
  essential to have strong Frog Drop attack, and this can be powered up by
  catching frogs. Moreover, you can get Silk Robe when you catch enough frogs.
- After catching frogs, go back to the World Map and save your game
- Then, enter the marsh and move on to find the Excavation Site and enter
  Fossil Roo


- Once in Fossil Roo, optimize your equipment for the incoming boss fight
- A monster will then chase you. Just don't let the swinging axes hit you, and
  you'll be able to avoid the fight with Armodullah

After some running, you'll fight Lani. You are healed before this battle.

Boss: Lani
HP: 5,708
Steal: Coral Sword, Ether, Gladius

Lani uses pretty powerful magic, but this fight shouldn't be a problem. Just
have Dagger cast Reflect on herself immediately, as Lani will keep attacking
her. This way you can deal nice damage on her, and Vivi's Bio should do the
rest (Bio deals around 1000 damage on Lani). Zidane can steal continuously.
You should get Gladius from Lani, since it will be useful later on.

You could also try to get Quina's HP to 1, but as usually, Matra Magic has damn
poor success rate and you might want to use Quina's turns more wisely. I spent
all Quina's turns trying to get his/her HP to one, just to notice that Lani was
defeated before Limit Glove could be used. If someone (Dagger most probably)
gets killed in this fight, it's not catastrophical. Note, however, that you
have get past entire Fossil Roo with no healing.

- Head down the stairs
- Once again, be really careful and try to avoid fights here. The next place
  where you will get healed is Black Mage Village, and it's a long way there.
- Go left, pick up a flower and ride the Gargant
- After this, move on to the next screen, go to the moogles and save your game
- Continue south and ride the Gargant
- Move on to get Fairy Earrings
- Return to the place where the moogles are, save your game
- Head northeast this time and move on to ride the Gargant
- When you arrive in another area, flip the switch here, the ride the Gargant
- You'll arrive in a new area. Go north and follow the path until you reach the
  next screen.
- Here, flip the switch #2. Then go all way back and ride the Gargant again.
- Flip Switch #1, then ride the Gargant
- You'll now be back in the area with moogles. Save your game.
- Go south and ride the Gargant
- Move on and go up the stairs here. Flip the Switch #4 and move on to ride
  the Gargant.
- Get Lamia's Tiara from the chest here
- Go back and ride the Gargant
- Flip Switch #4 again, and ride the Gargant once again
- Move on to the next screen
- You'll see vines here. Once you try to climb to the right, you'll be washed
  down to the pond.
- Take the path to the upper right, climb the vines here, and continue towards
  the next screen.

If you want, you can play digging game here. It's possible to find Madain's
Ring by digging, and this is also the only way to get this item during the
challenge. It is highly recommendable to get Madain's Ring, as it absorbs ice
elemental attacks. This takes some time, but it's worth it.

- Talk to the man here in order to dig
- There is a pile of rocks at the end of the path, just hit it with the pick
  several times, and a moogle will come out. Save your game.
- Find the Madain's Ring. When ready, talk to the man and say you want to quit.
- Use the lower right path and go to the next screen. On the left side of this
  screen, pick up Survival Vest.
- Now return to the screen with the pond, and climb the vines to the left in
  order to reach the last switch. Flip it to make the path lead to exit.
- Go down to the pond, and take to lower right path this time
- Ride the Gargant and exit Fossil Roo

- Once on the World Map, save your game
- Pass under the weird looking structure, which is Conde Petie
- Continue until you reach Qu's Marsh. Catch some frogs here.
- Exit the Marsh and find Chocobo tracks. Call Choco using Gysahl Greens.
- Head to Conde Petie


- After some events, pick up Diamond from the Kirkboat. Diamond carries
  Distract ability and is thus a pretty useful add-on.
- Talk to Vivi, then go to Item Shop to launch some events
- Save your game in the Item Shop
- Exit Conde Petie and use Chocobo for a safe ride to Black Mage Village


Enter the Dead Forest. I hope you still have some HP left and at least two
characters alive. As you can notice, you still didn't get healed in Conde
Petie, and as the encounter rate in the Dead Forest is really high, things can
get a bit hard if your characters are in a bad condition.

- Equip Madain's Ring and Coral Ring for your characters. Both enemies you can
  encounter here, Myconid and Zemzelett, use elemental attacks that can be
- It's also pretty easy to run away from these battles, so you shouldn't
  experience too much difficulties here
- Take the right path three times, then take the left path
- You'll now see Black Mage on the right, just follow him to enter the village

- After an event, pick up Elixir near the Weapon Shop. I've not actively
  mentioned all the places where Elixirs can be got, but it's good to have some
  of them as Mistodons can be killed instantly by using Elixirs on them.
- Then go find Vivi. He'll run away. Go to the inn and talk to him. The party
  will now gather, and you'll finally get totally healed.

Several events now follow.

- Pick up Virgo Stellazzio in the inn, near the bed
- Go to the Synthesis Shop and climb up the ladder. Here, you'll be able to
  hear a discussion.
- Now go to the Item Shop and ask for 'the usual'
- After this, you can go up the ladder here and get Black Belt. This item is
  very useful during this challenge, since it carries HP+20% ability.
- Go to the Water Mill where the Chocobo egg is and pick up Gysahl Greens
- Exit Black Mage Village

- Before returning to Conde Petie you might want to learn some abilities. An
  easy way to get some AP here is to encounter the friendly Lady Bug.
- Note that you can also encounter Ragtime Mouse easily in this forest. You
  have no need for his money, but once you encounter him many times, he will
  eventually give you Protect Ring. This item will be handy later in the game,
  so you can as well start encountering Ragtime Mouse now. See section 4.3 of
  this guide for more information.
- When ready, take a Chocobo ride to Conde Petie


- In Conde Petie, go talk to the twin dwarfs, then go to the Pathway to find
  'His Holiness'. The wedding ceremony now follows.
- After that, remove Quina's equipment and save your game in the Item Shop
- Continue to Mountain Path
- Quina will leave you now, and Eiko will join your party

- In the first screen, get Tent from the chest on the upper ledge
- Make your way to the moogle and save your game
- Optimize your equipment to give you a high physical defense and enable
  Distract ability for Zidane. Also equip Zidane with Gladius.
- Vivi should Have Oak Staff equipped
- Depending which strategy of the following you will choose, you should somehow
  make Zidane's HP end with digit 7 OR Eiko should carry Emerald and Zidane
  enable Man Eater
- Once you've prepared, continue to the left from the moogle

You will now fight Hilgigars.

Boss: Hilgigars
HP: 8,106
Steal: Fairy Flute, Mythril Fork, Phoenix Down

Strategy 1:
Immediately have Zidane use Lucky Seven, followed by Vivi's Bio. If you are
lucky and Lucky Seven does 7777 damage on the first try, the battle will be
over at once after these two attacks. This might take some tries, but it's very

Strategy 2:
A slightly more challenging way is to fight Hilgigars normally. You might want
to start by silencing Hilgigars with Tent, but this is not really necessary.
Have Dagger cast Float on your party immediately, and repeat this every time
the Float status expires. Eiko can cast Haste on Zidane and Vivi. Have Zidane
attack and Vivi cast Bio. This fight is really not that difficult.

- After the battle, move on until you reach the World Map
- Save your game and head to Madain Sari


Some events take place when you arrive.

- After this, pick up Tent in front of fountain near the place Dagger sits
- Also collect Libra Stellazzio behind the fountain
- Go to the moogle near the house's entrance and have it to show you the
  Eidolon Wall while waiting for the food
- Find Dagger to take her to the Eidolon Wall
- Go to the kitchen and watch the events
- After the meal, you have to break the rules to get the storyline roll on:
  when the moogle asks you whether you want to rest, tell it you want
- After the events, exit Madain Sari
- Make your way to the Iifa Tree through the Mountain Path, do not get into any
  random encounters on the way
- Save your game outside the Iifa Tree


- An event now follows, and Eiko gets Carbuncle :)
- Still try to avoid random encounters; there are several vicious enemies here
- Note that especially Zidane should not lose any HP here, since he won't get
  healed before the match with Amarant
- Zidane should have Germinas Boots equipped and Alert enabled
- Have someone carry Madain's Ring, since Myconids use Blizzara
- Zombies and Dragozombies can be directly killed with Life spell, Phoenix Down
  will reduce their HP to a critical point. Elixirs would work too, but
  don't waste them.
- Stropers can be killed with Soft (you might not have any Softs, though)

- Just move on until you reach the moogle. Save your game.
- You might have to try this several times, but you'll make it eventually

- After saving, just move on. Take the lift to the trunk of Iifa Tree.
- The path is straightforward, but things can get pretty hard here if you have
  bad luck
- In the third screen, get the chest for Lamia's Flute in the bottom left
- You'll finally reach the big leaf that will take you down to the bottom of
  Iifa Tree
- Two forced battles will follow. Just kill the Zombies using Life and Phoenix
  Down/attack combination. In the next fight, use Life on Dragozombie.
- In this last screen of Iifa Tree, pick up Elixir near the bottom of the
  stairs leading down from the platform
- Also obtain Brigandine behind the platform
- Then go to the left side of the screen to initiate some events and a fight
  with Soulcage

Boss: Soulcage
HP: 9,765
Steal: Brigandine, Magician's Cloak, Oak Staff

Have Eiko cast Life on Soulcage. Before this, you might want to steal once to
see if you can get something.


- You can now fetch Survival Vest from the Secret Room under Eiko's Kitchen

- Adjust your equipment to give you the highest possible physical defence
- Enable Man Eater, Distract and Bandit for Zidane

- Talk to the moogle at the Eidolon Wall's entrance and choose to peek inside
- Note that you should not choose the option 'Heal us' at any phase
- After this, you'll receive a treasure from another moogle
- The treasure includes Exploda, equip it for Zidane
- Then ask the moogle where Mog is, and finally choose to go save Eiko

After a scene, you'll fight Amarant.

Boss: Scarlet Hair
HP: 8,985
Steal: Poison Knuckles, Ether

If you have physical defence high enough, this fight is not hard. Just attack
him when he says "Here I go!". Also, when Amarant is in front of the second
rightmost pillar, you can deal especially great damage on him. Use this fact to
your advantage. You can also try to steal Poison Knuckles, but you probably
don't have too many chances to try this. Furthermore, you are NOT healed after
the battle.

If you equipped Distract as I told you, Amarant will miss quite often, and he
should not be that difficult to win. I had Zidane at level 20 in this fight
(though his HP was typical for level 18 because of leveling up in Iifa Tree),
and I easily defeated this boss on my first try.

Another strategy would be using Lucky Seven in this fight, but you should make
Zidane's HP end with 7, which also means losing some HP. This is why I prefer
fighting Amarant normally, as he really isn't that hard to beat.

- Now, return to the Secret Room for an event
- Then find a field icon outside Eiko's House to initiate numerous scenes

- After this, head back for Iifa Tree
- You've probably noticed that your characters have not been healed after the
  fight with Amarant and other events
- Needless to say, when making your way back to Iifa Tree, don't let any
  enemies damage you in random encounters
- Save outside Iifa Tree


- Enter Iifa Tree. When asked to form a party, choose the Amarant, Zidane, Eiko
  and Vivi (if they all are alive).
- Here, the same principles still apply as in your first visit to Iifa Tree
- Don't let any enemies from random encounters damage you this time though,
  unless your characters are in a really good condition, which I doubt
- As many of your characters as possible should equip Distract and Insomniac
  before the fight with Mistodons. Hopefully, at least Zidane already masters
  these skills so that someone else can use them, too.
- Equip Counter and Return Magic for Amarant

- Make your way to the point where a scene takes place
- After some events and nice FMV, Kuja will summon mist monsters and you have
  to fight them
- Have someone use Phoenix Down on another Mistodon then someone attack it,
  Eiko can then kill another one instantly by using Life
- Dagger will now run away to find an Eidolon
- You'll have another fight with one Mistodon, use the same tactics as earlier
- After these fights, save your game. Then, go find Dagger.
- When running after Dagger, you'll probably have at least one fight with
  Mistodons. You'll encounter either one or two of them, this is random.
  Hopefully, you can get only one fight with one Mistodon.

Disk 2 is now ended.

= 3.1 DISK 3 =


When Disk 3 begins, you'll control Vivi in Alexandria.

- Make your way to the Mini-Theater, and a long sequence of scenes will occur
- Note that you will get Amethyst, Topaz and Opal from Doctor Tot
- After the events, control Zidane and go to the dock, then go to the castle
- Pick up Lapis Lazuli behind the fountain
- Go left to the next screen and enter the castle, then enter the Neptune Room.
  Pick up Leo Stellazzio here.
- Go back to the dock and enter the castle to initiate a long sequence again

Your party will now decide to go to Treno.


- Here, be sure to display the ATE City People to receive Chimera Armlet
- Give your Stellazzios to Queen Stella to receive Elixir (and some needless
- You should also make a detour to Dali at this point. Go to Dali through South
  Gate and get Elixir and Cachusha in the second floor of the Windmill.
- In the forest near Dali, it's very easy to encounter Ragtime Mouse. Try to
  encounter him several times, you should do this anyway at some point of the
- Return to Treno
- On your way back to Treno, get into a fight and make Zidane's HP end with
  digit 7
- In Treno, save your game and start the Card Tournament

You can win the Card Tournament if you want; you will receive Rebirth Ring as
a prize. This is not strictly necessary, however, as you don't need Auto-Life
or Revive in this challenge.

- Be sure to save after the second round, especially if you want to win the
- After the tournament, there are some events, and you'll then be taken to


- Alexandria will be attacked, and Dagger is asked to command the soldiers
- To receive Angel Earrings, command the soldiers as follows:
  * Blutzen and Kohel should gather information
  * Weimar and Haagen should protect the townspeople
  * Breireich and Lando should contact Lindblum to request reinforcements
  * Dojebon and Mullenkedheim should begin the preparations to fire the cannons

- You will now have to fight some Mistodons with Steiner and Beatrix
- Equip Coral Ring and enable Insomniac ability for Steiner if it's available,
  so Mist attack won't put him to sleep
- Place Steiner and Beatrix in back row
- Note that the first fight with Mistodon can be avoided, but this depends
  on luck. Sometimes you'll be able to run away without fighting it,
  sometimes not.
- Have Steiner throw Elixirs on Mist Monsters and Beatrix use Life. (Beatrix
  might also be able to kill two Mistodons at once by using Climhazzard.
  However, this takes a lot of MP, which you can't recover.)

The fights are as follows:
Mistodon x 1 (optional)
Mistodon x 1
Mistodon x 2
Mistodon x 1
Mistodon x 1
Mistodon x 1
Mistodon x 2

- If you get the initiative in most of these battles (which happens pretty
  often) they are really easy.
- After the fights, control Dagger and go up the stairs, then south, up the
  stairs again and enter the door in the north
- Take the left stairs here and go all way up to initiate several scenes

- You'll finally control Zidane
- Go to the castle's Guardhouse and save your game
- Make your way to the castle's library and initiate a fight with Tantarian
- If you made the preparations in Treno, Zidane's HP should end with 7 now
  which enables Lucky Seven
- I won't go into details here. For more info about the fight, refer to the
  sidequest section of this guide
- After the fight, you'll receive nice amount of EXP and Running Shoes
- Now just follow the same way that Dagger used earlier

Several events now occur.


After these events, you'll be in Lindblum.

- In the Guest Room, loot the chests for Elixir and Egoist's Armlet
- You'll now meet Blank. Choose to go meet Dagger if you want to.
- Anyway, you'll finally end up going to the Royal Chamber. After that, some
  events take place in the Conference Room.
- Go to the Guest Room to see Dagger
- After the events, make your way to the Business District
- Take Sagittarius Stellazzio on the far left in the Shopping Area
- Enter Card Freak Gon's House and pick up Elixir there
- Get Beautiful Potion from Alice near the Weapon Shop
- Go to Theatre District
- Go to Studio, talk to Artist Michael and find Strange Potion
- There is also Lapis Lazuli here
- Get Unusual Potion from Cinna
- Return to the castle and enter the Royal Chamber
- After a scene, take the lift to the Base Level and ride to the Serpent's Gate
- Once here, get Chimera Armlet in the back of station
- Go to the next screen and board Blue Narciss


You have now reached the point in this challenge where some preparations need
to be done to ensure that things are going to run smoothly in incoming parts of
the game. During the tasks described above, you don't need to worry about your
HP that much; you'll be healed once you reach Desert Palace. This makes
this point of the game ideal for several preparations. The task below are
tedious and take some time, but you have to take care of them at some point
of the game, and this point in the game is one of the best alternatives.

Note that you can also finish some of these things later, so if you get bored,
you can continue later. However, it's very recommendable to accomplish these
tasks right now.

1) Catch some frogs
- Firstly, visit the three Qu's Marshes around the World; one in the Mist
  Continent, one in Salvage Archipelago, and one in Outer Continent, near the
  Black Mage Village
- Catch all the frogs in these marshes (you might want to leave some to
  make them respawn faster)
- Have Quina learn Frog Drop by eating Gigan Toad in the marsh
- You might want to return to marshes and catch some frogs again after
  completing other things listed below

2) Learn LV5 Death and kill some Grand Dragons
- Head to Salvage Archipelago and choose Zidane, Steiner, Vivi and Quina to
  form your party. In the shores here, you can encounter an enemy called Whale
  Zombie. Have Quina eat it and he/she will learn LV5 Death.
- I had Vivi cast Bio on this huge monster, then Steiner and Zidane attack
  physically, and Quina finish with eat. I permitted one Fin attack on my
  party, since this big fishbone is really fast and it would be pretty tedious
  to finish it completely without any HP loss or vicious status effects.
- Equip some of your characters with Coral Ring, and enable Distract and
  Antibody for as many characters as possible.
- In the grassy areas of Salvage Archipelago, you'll encounter Grand Dragons.
  These beasts are pretty agile and they can also easily beat your party with
  one attack.
- However, although Grand Dragon virtually always gets the initiative in a
  battle, Quina only needs one turn to finish this beast with LV5 Death
- You should just wait for a battle in which the Dragon misses its target,
  casts Thundaga on a character carrying Coral Ring or uses Venom Breath on a
  character having Antibody enabled. This way, you don't get damaged at all
  but gain nice amount of EXP :)
- I only killed three Grand Dragon's, since LV5 Death costs 20 MP and I didn't
  have Half MP for Quina yet. Moreover, it's not recommendable to kill too many
  Grand Dragon's yet. This keeps your quest more challenging.

3) Power up Dragon's Crest
- After leveling up, go to the Qu's Marsh of Mist Continent. Near this Marsh,
  you can encounter dragon type enemies called Serpions.
- Kill 100 Serpions
- This is pretty tedious, but there is a good reason for this. We need to power
  up Freya's Dragon's Crest ability to do maximum Damage, 9999.
- You might also want to power up Zidane's Thievery, even though powering it
  up to 9999 would take an eternity. This is optional, and I didn't do this at
- Note that both abilities can be powered up even though you don't master them
  yet. Also, Freya needs not to be in your party when you kill those 100
- Keep track on how many Serpions you have approximately killed, as you can't
  test Dragon's Crest yet
- If some of your characters runs really low on HP, replace him/her with
  another character

4) Learn some useful abilities
- As you kill Serpions, have your characters learn some useful abilities
- Of course, everyone should learn and enable Ability Up. This will greatly
  speed up learning other abilities.
- I won't list all the abilities here, only the most important ones. When in
  doubt, just learn as many abilities as possible, most abilities don't take
  too long to learn.
- Especially have everyone learn Clear Headed now. It will be needed in
  incoming boss fight.
- Very important abilities are also Antibody, Body Temp and Locomotion
- Also learn Insomniac, Level Up and High Tide
- Have at least Zidane and Quina learn Auto-Haste
- Teach abilities increasing MP and HP for all possible characters
- Note that everyone might not be able to learn everything that is normally
  possible; this challenge causes some restrictions on abilities
- When your current characters have learned enough abilities, form a new party
  and learn more abilities

5) Make your way to Desert Palace
- After these preparations are done, you can finally go to Desert Palace
- First go to Black Mage Village to get storyline roll on, then head to
  Kiera Desert, located at the eastern part of Outer Continent.
- Enable all abilities increasing HP or MP for everyone NOW, since your
  characters are healed once you enter Desert Palace. Do this for all your 8
  characters before you leave Blue Narciss.
- Note that these abilities increasing HP and MP should be kept enabled from
  now on during the rest of the game
- In Kiera Desert, you'll see four sandpits. Go near the most northern sandpit
  and save your game.
- Enter the most northern sandpit

Some events now take place.

- Choose Steiner, Freya and Amarant to leave for Oeilvert with you
- When you control Zidane and make your way to the airship, be careful and try
  to avoid HP loss completely
- After the airship lands, go north, find Chocobo tracks and summon Choco
- Ride Choco to Oeilvert


- Enter Oeilvert and save your game. Then go north and enter the huge door
- Go to the right to the next screen and save your game again
- Avoid enemies here, since some of them can easily deal significant damage on
  your party, and you need good HPs for incoming boss fight. Therefore, as
  always, be careful. Making your way through this area without any loss of HP
  is very recommandable.
- When solving the puzzle here, it is recommendable to often return and save
  your game, since solving the whole puzzle without saves and encounters would
  be really tedious
- From the room where the moogle is, return to the main area, go up the stairs
  here, and get a chest for Rising Sun
- Examine the blue ball here to make its color change into red
- Loot a chest for Elixir
- Return to main area again and go left towards the next screen this time
- Here, obtain Diamond Sword and Shield Armour from the two chests
- Then go down the stairs to the southwest
- Get Power Vest from the chest, go up the stairs and receive Feather Boots
- There are four yellow lights here
- Examine the upper left light, then the upper right one
- Then examine lower right light, and finally the lower left one
- Go up the stairs to the next screen to finally reach a black ball. Examine
- Return to the main area
- From here, go to the left again, and in the next screen, take the upper left
  door here

A scene about the declination of Terra follows.

- Return to the moogle and save your game
- From the moogle, go to the right and get Gaia Gear from the chest
- Now, prepare your party for a boss battle

- I had Zidane at level 30, Steiner at level 29, Amarant at level 28, and Freya
  at level 18 (wow, great) at this point
- Its essential to enable everyone ability Clear Headed so that Ark can not
  confuse your party
- Also enable Bandit ability for Zidane

- When ready, enter the doorway on the upper right and take the lift down

Examine the structure here to engage in a fight.

Boss: Ark
HP: 20,002
Steal: Elixir, Power Vest, Holy Lance

Ark uses Photon, which reduces HP to one, and since you can't heal, his next
attack will finish the character with 1 HP for sure. Also, no magic can be used

Beforehand, I thought this battle would be really hard, but it actually isn't.
Have Zidane steal every turn, Steiner and Freya attack, and Amarant throw
Rising Sun and weapons you won't use anymore.

Ark carries a really nice weapon called Holy Lance which will enable Freya to
use Dragon's Crest. You shouldn't finish Ark before you have succeeded in
stealing this item. If Zidane succeeds to steal Holy Lance in reasonable time
and Ark doesn't use Photon too much, this battle is not too difficult.

After Ark has been defeated, you may want to unequip your characters so that
equipment can be used by the party members in Desert Palace. Then pick up Gulug


- Here, you'll play a minigame as Cid
- Get the key, then put the weights B, C and D on the scale and climb onto the
- After this, you'll have a chance to save your game in the room to the right

In Desert Palace, avoid random encounters. When you get into a battle, you can
finish enemies using LV5 Death. This works fine since the enemies here are at
level 30. However, using this spell costs a lot of MP. It is not that important
to keep everyone's HP high, since the boss battle here is very easy. On the
other hand, high HP is never a bad thing in this challenge.

- From the room where you saved, proceed left to the next screen and then again
  to next screen
- Go up the stairs, light the candle on the left side and examine the
  bloodstone on the right
- In the next screen, move to the both sides of the screen, and blue stairs
  will appear. Ascend the stairs and light the candelabra here.
- Go back down and take Fairy Earrings from a chest, on the right side of the
- Continue left towards the next screen
- Here, light the three torches, then enter the door and move on to reach the
  other side of this room
- Light the bottom left torch here and return to the other side of the room
- Light the two torches in the stairs in the middle
- Light the remaining two torches on the right side, and finally light the one
  in the middle to activate the bloodstone. Examine the stone to receive
- Head through the doorway on the right side of the room
- Light the candelabra here, and extract Shield Armour from to bloodstone
- Then go up the stairs and light the candelabra here
- Move onward, and you will reach the library
- Light the candelabra on the left; stairs will appear
- Go up the stairs, light the candelabra here to reveal a doorway and enter it
- Take N-Kai Armlet from the bloodstone
- Go all way back down and take the stairs on the left side
- Light the candelabra here to reveal another secret passage
- Enter it, move on and light the two candelabras on the way. The head back.
- Now light the candelabra on the right side of the library to reveal one more
  passage. Enter it and light the candelabra there.
- The left wall of the library has now disappeared, move on to the moogle
- Finally save your game

- Continue to the next screen and light the both candles here to extract Black
  Hood from the bloodstone
- Enter the doorway to get to the another side, and light all 3 candles here
  to get Venetia Shield from the bloodstone
- Now extinguish the candle in the middle, then go back to another side and
  extinguish the left candle here
- A blue staircase will now appear. Continue up the stairs and try to light
  the candelabra here.

Boss: Valia Pira
HP: 12,119
Steal: N/A

Summon Carbuncle at the beginning of the battle. Valia Pira will only use
Firaga, Thundaga and Blizzaga, so sustaining Reflect status is all you need to
worry about. You can further help this boss in his suicidal actions by having
Vivi cast Bio on your entire party to make it bounce back to Valia Pira :)
Three Bios should be enough to finish this boss.

After this battle, light the last candelabra and exit the area by using a

- You will then control Zidane
- Make your way to the teleporter, avoiding fights

Some events occur, and Kuja kidnaps Eiko.

- After this, exit Kuja's Chamber and make your way to the left teleporter
- You'll have to go through the area where Hilda Garde used to be once more
- Do your best to avoid random encounters again
- You will now be taken near Esto Gaza

However, you shouldn't enter esto Gaza yet. Once you do this you are totally
healed, which means you should do some more preparing for the later stages
of the game at this point.

Like at the point before going to Desert palace, you should now
1) visit the three Qu's Marshes and catch frogs there
2) test Freya's Dragon's Crest and power it up if it doesn't do 9999 damage yet
3) learn some more useful abilities if your characters don't master them all
4) level up your characters by killing some Grand Dragons (I killed 6 of them
   at this point)

After these preparations, head to Esto Gaza.


- After the scene, choose Freya to go to Mount Gulug with Zidane and Vivi. The
  fourth character can be whoever you like best, I chose Steiner.
- Head right to the shop and get Wing Edge around the shop
- You don't have anything else to do here, just go to the moogle on the terrace
  and save your game
- Then head to Mount Gulug

- In Mount Gulug, you should avoid fights, since enemies here are tough and its
  not always easy to run away from the battles without Flee ability. This is
  why you might want to save your game more often than described in the
- After entering, head left through the house and go down the ladder to get Red
- Return to the junction and go right this time, walk through the house
- You are now on the top of the well. Proceed to the right so that you reach a
  new path, and get Golden Hairpin at the end of this path.
- Go back descend using the rope in the next screen
- Go left and enter the house here. Loot the chest for Demon's Mail.
- Return to the well, head right and enter the house. Save your game.
- Now continue to the right, and follow the path all the way to Gaia Gear.
  On your way back, you'll run into two Red Dragons.
- An easy way to defeat Red Dragons is to have Freya use Dragon's Crest and
  Vivi cast Stop on these monsters. You can also use Tents on them to silence,
  blind and poison them, but don't waste all your Tents.
- Return to the moogle and save your game
- Go to the well, pull the lever down three times
- Climb down to fight two Red Dragons again. Again, cast stop on them.
- Return to the moogle and save your game
- Enable Antibody and Distract for as many characters as possible
- Enable Bandit ability for Zidane
- Optimize your equipment
- Go to the well, climb down again, and enter the hole in the wall to initiate
  some events

Your party is now healed and you will face Meltigemini.

Boss: Meltigemini
HP: 24,348
Steal: Demon's Vest, Golden Hairpin, Vaccine

This battle is extremely easy. Have Freya use Dragon's Crest, Steiner attack
and Zidane steal every turn. Eiko can summon Carbuncle to protect the party
from Meltigemini's Bio attack. This way, the battle will be over after a few
rounds. Don't worry about getting the virus status, it will be negated once you
reach Lindblum.

Several events follow, and Cid will be a human again. After the long sequence,
you'll finally get control of Hilda Garde 3.

- On the deck of the airship, at the point where Amarant is, you can pick up
- Now head to Ipsen's Castle
- Save your game on the World Map, outside the castle


- Choose Freya and Eiko to accompany Zidane, and add whoever you like to this
  roster (I chose Vivi) 
- Note that once you enter Ipsen's castle, you can't get out before you have
  completed your objective
- The monsters here aren't pushovers, avoid fights
- Also recall that weaker weapons are actually stronger here; equip your
  characters accordingly

- Once you have entered the castle, head right and pick up Aquarius Stellazzio
- Then enter the door in the back to reach the next screen with a moogle
- Save your game
- After this, go to the pole, examine it and slide down
- Go to the ladder, climb up, and proceed to the passage here
- In the next screen, enter another passage
- Take the ladder here and descend, then move on the another ladder
- Climb to the top, enter the passage
- In the next screen, go south and examine the wall on the right
- Do this over and over, and new options will appear. After choosing enough
  options, a passage will open, and you'll be able to reach a balcony.
- Here, pick up Barette and then return to the previous room
- Then go back north and take the lift up
- You'll meet Amarant here. Examine all the mirrors on the wall and pick them
- Now optimize everyone's equipment
- Make sure Eiko is carrying Diamond as add-on
- Equip Madain's Ring for someone and enable Distract and Bandit abilities
  for Zidane

Once you return back from the wall, you'll have to fight Taharka, who seems not
to be too happy about the fact that you stole the mirrors.

Boss: Taharka
HP: 29,186
Steal: Elixir, Mythril Claws, Orichalcon

This boss is easy, because he's vulnerable to several status effects. Several
strategies are possible in the fight, I'll just present the one I used.

An easy way to beat this boss is to use Tent on him to inflict silence and
poison status on him. After using Tent on him, have Eiko summon Carbuncle,
which will make the entire party vanish if you have Diamond equipped as an
add-on. After this Taharka is totally helpless. Repeat this when vanish status

Have Zidane steal Orichalcon and Mythril Claws from Taharka. After this, Freya
can finish this boss with some Dragon's Crests. Vivi can help by using Fira,
if you have him in your party.

- Return to the moogle and save your game. Then exit the castle.
- Amarant is missing. Return to the castle, go to the moogle and save your game
- Slide down the pole and go to Amarant. After the discussion, exit the castle.

You'll now be in the airship again, and your party is healed.


As you have got control of better airship now, you can reach new places and
do several things at this point. When completing following tasks, however, make
sure Zidane's HP stays at maximum value, as you won't get healed before the
next boss fight.

1) Get more stuff from Ipsen's Castle
- If you want, you can return to Ipsen's Castle to get some more stuff, namely
  Maiden's Prayer and Ancient Aroma. This is optional, however.
- Go to the hall where the moogle is and where a hole opened when you left the
  castle. To the north from this hole, another one will open, and you'll fall
  through the floor into lower platform.
- Here, loot the chest for Maiden's Prayer
- Jump down, return to the moogle and save your game
- Then, go to the first screen of the castle, and take the little stairs to the
  left from the entrance which leads to the moogle
- Follow the path until you reach an odd lift, and take the lift down
- Here, move the pot 1 (on the right) to the middle, then pot 2 (on the left)
  to the right, then move pot 1 from middle to left and pot 2 from right to
  middle. Examine the pot to the right (pot 2) to receive Ancient Aroma.
- Exit the castle

2) Give Moguta Kupo Nut
- If you have followed this walkthrough, you should have Kupo Nut in your
  inventory at this point
- Go to Popos Heights above Gizamaluke's Grotto, enter the grotto and give the
  moogle here Kupo Nut
- You'll now receive Extension as a prize

3) Visit Daguerreo
- Daguerreo is located in Salvage Archipelago, on a big island called
  Sacrobless Island
- Once there, pick up Capricorn Stellazzio in the water in the first screen

4) Qu's Marshes
- Check all four Qu's Marshes around the world and catch all the frogs there
- I had about 50 frogs after this, I hope you have even more
- If you haven't got Battle Boots earlier, you probably received this item now
  (requires catching 45 frogs)

5) Treno
- Go to Treno and make your way to the Weapon Shop
- Initiate a battle with the monster, and kill off Quina
- Quina's HP will now be one, which is useful in the next boss battle
- Now you can also visit Queen Stella's Palace and give her your Stellazzios
  for some prizes
- You'll get Black Belt, and most importantly, Rosetta Ring, an item that
  absorbs fire elemental attacks

Once you have completed the little tasks above, go find the four shrines.


- Water Shrine is located south from Ipsen's Castle
- Fire Shrine is located northeast from Esto Gaza
- Wind Shrine is located southeast from Oeilvert
- Earth Shrine is located east from Desert Palace

- Before you go to Earth Shrine, you can kill some Grand Dragon's with only
  Zidane and Quina in your party to get some nice EXP from them. However,
  Quina must have enough MP left to perform two Limit Gloves in the next boss
  battle. After leveling up, I had Zidane at level 46 and Quina at level 44.
- If you visited Treno's Weapon Shop earlier, Quina's HP should now be 1
- Enable Auto-Float ability for Quina
- Zidane must have Distract and Bandit abilities enabled. Equip Gaia Gear and
  Coral Ring for him.
- Save your game, then enter Earth Shrine

Several scenes follow, then you'll be challenged to a fight by Earth Guardian.

Boss: Earth Guardian
HP: 20,756
Steal: Avenger, Rubber Suit

Have Quina use Limit Glove two times, which will almost finish the boss. At the
same time, have Zidane steal every turn in order to get two really nice pieces
of equipment.

Hopefully you are lucky, and Quina manages to get in two Limit Gloves while
Zidane successfully steals. After this, Zidane can easily finish Earth Guardian
with one hit. This battle requires some luck but it's not hard after all.


After a sequence of events, you'll be in the airship again. Before you head to
Shimmering Island in order to enter Terra, there are a couple of things you
have to do:

1) Complete the Ragtime Mouse sidequest
- Go to a little forest near Dali, and encounter Ragtime Mouse over and over
  until you receive Protect Ring
- The ring carries ability Half MP, which is absolutely necessary later on
- Also Long Reach ability is an important one
- Furthermore, this item halves the damage of all eight elements

2) Level up
- As earlier, level up by killing Grand Dragons with LV5 Death
- However, you should now equip Quina with Protect Ring and enable Half MP
  ability to spare your MP. Also, equip Rubber Suit for someone in your party
  if possible, since it guards thunder element.
- I killed 22 Grand Dragons at this point
- Leveling up would not be necessary because of Terra, but things are going to
  get really tough later on, and we need to get ready for this. More MP and HP
  are needed for surviving
- Please note that this is your LAST CHANCE to level up with Grand Dragons.
  After you return from Terra, you are not healed anymore before the final
  fights, so you can't waste your MP anymore for killing the big dragons
- It's especially important to level up Zidane, Quina and Freya, but also other
  characters should get their share of EXP
- I had Zidane and Quina about on level 50, Freya was at level 40. Other
  characters were leveled between 35 and 40.

3) Check your abilities
- Once again, check your characters abilities, and learn some useful abilities
  they don't master yet (e.g. Auto-Haste, Half MP, Long Reach and MP Attack)

4) Equip Steiner and Dagger
- One more thing worth noting is that you won't get a chance to adjust
  Steiner's and Dagger's equipment in Terra anymore before the three forced
  battles there, if you don't choose them in your party when in Terra. Because
  of this, equip them now.
- Optimize their equipment otherwise, but give Dagger Gaia Gear and Steiner
  Coral Ring. Enable Distract ability for Steiner.
- If Dagger doesn't master Shiva, equip her with Opal

During these tasks, don't lose too much HP. You are not going to be healed when
you enter Terra.

When ready, head to Shimmering Island near Esto Gaza, and enter this gateway
to Terra.


- Enemies in Terra are pretty tough, but it does not matter how much HP or MP
  you lose here. Your only goal is to reach Bran Bal with at least one
  character alive, which is not difficult. You will get healed before three
  forced battles in Pandemonium anyway.
- After meeting Garland, you are prompted to choose the party. Choose whoever
  you like, but it's recommendable to have Freya in your party as she can
  easily kill any enemy here by using Dragon's Crest.
- When you get control of Zidane, optimize everyone's equipment. Zidane should
  have Gaia Gear equipped.
- Then move on to the next screen
- Take the stairs on the left, and move on
- Jump to the islet on the right and loot the chest for Coronet
- Jump back and continue north to another chest, which contains Dragon's Wrist
- Return to the point where you saw the mysterious girl and took the stairs to
  the left
- Follow the girl to the north
- Pick up Elixir from the chest here
- Go straight trough the next screens until you reach a web. Descend using it
  and go to the west in the following screen to reach a gap.
- Jump over the gap and loot the chest here for Mythril Racket
- Descend the web and acquire Demon's Vest from the chest and continue to the
- In the next screen, continue north along the blue walkway
- In the next screen, ascend the first set of stairs, then go to the left and
  enter a secret passageway. At the end, you'll find a chest containing
  Minerva's Plate.
- Go back around to the stairs and climb towards the next screen. A scene now
- Now, take the stairs on the left. Between the stairs and the lake, on the
  right side of the screen, there is a path. Follow it to the right and you'll
  be able to jump to a chest and obtain Flash Hat.
- Return to the lake. You are now in Bran Bal.


- Here, go to the inn to initiate some events
- Then continue to Underground Laboratory for more scenes
- As Eiko, go to the left side of the lake and pick up Angel Earrings near the
- Also pick up Elixir in the inn and another Elixir near the bottom of the
  Underground Laboratory
- Find Quina, Vivi and Amarant. Optimize Quina's and Amarant's equipment.
- Go to the Storage, find the moogle and save your game
- Then make your way the to entrance with yellow-green light
- Go onward and talk to the girl


- You'll now control Zidane in Pandemonium
- Optimize his equipment and make sure he's wearing Gaia Gear
- Then move on to meet Garland and follow him by ascending the stairs and then
  jumping form a platform to another

A long sequence of scenes will now follow, and after this, you will engage
in three forced battles. These battles are not hard, especially if you have
optimized your equipment and prepared for these battles like I told you. A
thing to note about these battles is that monster's HP is recovered each time a
new party member joins the battle. Also note that these monsters are immune to
everything, so don't try to inflict any status effects on them.

1) Amdusias, 10,926 HP
- Just attack until Amarant appears, then have Freya use Dragon's Crest
  and Zidane and Amarant attack to end this battle

2) Abadon, 10,926 HP
- Have Quina and Steiner attack
- Once Zidane appears after some time, just have everyone attack and the battle
  will be over in a few rounds

3) Shell Dragon, 10921 HP
- This is maybe the hardest of three fights, but it shouldn't be a real problem
- Wait until the monster uses Smash, which will bring Zidane's HP down to 1
- Dagger will now come and heal Zidane completely (damn it, she's breaking the
- After this, just have Zidane attack and Dagger use Shiva (Shell Dragon is
  weak against ice)
- Note that the monster's Earth Shake attack will heal you due to Gaia Gears
  Dagger and Zidane should be wearing
- You should finish Shell Dragon at a point where Zidane's HP is not too low;
  you won't get healed after this fight. So, do not end the battle if Zidane's
  HP has just been Smashed down to 1.

After fights, a scene occurs.

- Now move on to find other party members and save your game
- Go right to the next screen and move on until you see the throne Zidane was
  sitting on in an earlier scene. Here, obtain Holy Mitre.
- Make your way back to the moogle and save your game again
- Now it is possible to choose party members that you are not going to use in
  incoming boss fights in your party when solving the maze. This way, other
  characters' HPs will be saved for boss fights.
- Head left this time and move on until you reach a room with many columns.
  Press the switch at the top of the room. Now you have to pass the columns
  so that you never pass by a lighted one. If you do, you'll run into a fight,
  and that's something we don't want.
- After this move on until you arrive in a room with weird machine
- Choose Heading #4 right away, as Heading #3 would just lead you to a chest
  containing gil
- You'll now have to make your way through a maze
- Try to get past this area with no random encounters that damage you
- Once again, it's a bit tedious, but you are going to have three boss battles
  in a row soon, and you should have as high HP as possible
- Zidane must have Distract and Alert enabled. Equip him with Coral Ring.
- In battles, keep L1 and R1 pressed while attacking continuously
- Continue to the left from the room with the machine and take the dock closest
  to you to move up one level
- Here, move all way up to the leftmost dock to be taken up to the next level
- Then head to the right and take the red teleporter
- You'll now see two blue teleporters. Take these two teleporters to be
  teleported to a path in both cases; the other teleporter takes you to a
  chest containing Carabini mail, the another leads you to Elixir.
- Return to the red teleporter to go back to the level below
- This time, go to the path leading south and take a red teleporter here to get
  transferred to the another level
- The path now branches; first take the right branch to get Battle Boots
- Return to the junction and move on to the left
- The blue teleporters here will finally take you to the moogle
- Save your game

Now prepare for three successive boss fights.

- I chose Quina, Freya, Steiner and Zidane to fight the bosses
- Enable Bandit ability for Zidane
- Enable Locomotion and Distract for everyone having these abilities
- Equip Zidane with Coral Ring and Freya with Rubber Suit, give Protect Ring to
  Quina or Steiner
- Enable Insomniac for everyone
- Enable MP Attack and Man Eater for everyone mastering these abilities

Boss: Silver Dragon
HP: 24,055
Steal: Dragon Mail, Elixir, Kaiser Knuckles

If you fought him normally, this would be the hardest one among the three
bosses, but there is a weakness. Like many dragons in the game, Silver Dragon
can be put to sleep. Use Quina's Night, then wait until everyone's ATB bar
fills up. Quickly attack with your best attacks, and have Zidane steal every
turn. Use Quina's Night immediately after inputting these commands. Repeat this
process until the boss goes down.

Boss: Garland
HP: 40,728
Steal: Dark Gear, Ninja Gear, Battle Boots

Garland only focuses his attack on one person at a time, which makes beating
him a bit easier. He uses Stop, which can't harm you when Locomotion is
equipped. Moreover, his Vawe attack misses relatively often.

Have Freya use Dragon's Crest and Quina use Frog Drop (even though it probably
won't make that big damage yet). Steiner can attack and Zidane should steal
every turn. Hopefully, Freya and Zidane are alive when Garland is finished.

Boss: Kuja
HP: 42,382
Steal: Ether, Carabini Mail, Light Robe

Like Garland, Kuja only attacks one person at a time. Use same tactics as with
Garland. Have Freya use Dragon's Crest continuously. Have Steiner attack and
Quina use Frog Drop if they're still alive. Zidane can steal and occasionally
attack. Note that Kuja will heal Zidane with his Thundaga attack, which he uses
pretty often. Kuja also uses Demi, which causes damage equal to 30% of your
character's max HP.

Note that Kuja only uses these two attacks, which means he practically can't
kill Zidane if Zidane's HP is high enough at the beginning of the battle. This
fact can be exploited to the fullest for the stealing purposes. It is really
hard to steal Light Robe from Kuja, however. Getting this item is
recommendable, yet not obligatory.

Once you defeat Kuja, several scenes occur. Disk 3 will then be ended.

= 3.1 DISK 4 =


Some events will take place in Black Mage Village, and after this, there is
just the final showdown left! You will now need to do some preparations before
the final battles. During the following tasks, don't lose any HP.

1) Catch more frogs
- I hope you already have more frogs than I had at this stage (about 50)
- You should get 98 frogs now
- If you get more, Quale will challenge you to a fight, which I don't recommend
  at this point anymore, since you need good HP and MP to survive the final

2) Level up a bit
- You won't be able to get more HP or MP anymore by leveling up, since you are
  not healed before the encounter with Necron
- However, the more levels Quina gains, the more powerful his/her Frog Drop
  attack will be
- More powerful Frog Drop, in turn, makes the final battles lot easier
- There are several strong monsters around the world in Disk 4
- Remember that you should not lose any MP or HP when leveling up
- It's especially easy to kill some Mistodons by abusing Elixirs. Use all your
  Elixirs for this, you are not going to need them for anything else.
- I leveled up Quina to level 53. Frog Drop now did 53 x 98 = 5194 damage. Far
  from optimal, but not bad either.
- Do not have Zidane, Eiko, Freya or Amarant at levels divisible by 5 or you'll
  regret it (Lich uses LV5 Death)

3) Complete the Friendly Monsters sidequest
- Find all the friendly monsters around the world and then get Rosetta Ring
  from friendly Yan
- Remember that friendly monsters give a lot of EXP. Enable Ability Up for your
  characters and learn useful skills (Half MP, Long Reach, Auto-Haste).
- For more information, refer to the sidequest section

4) Defeat Behemoth in Treno
- Go to Treno's Weapon Shop with Vivi in your party
- Equip Vivi with Running Shoes and enable Auto-Haste
- Other equipment should be chosen so that Vivi gets highest possible Spirit
- Choose Vivi to fight the monster, and cast Stop or Death on Behemoth
- You will probably need several attempts, but you'll receive Circlet when you
  win. This item is worth your effort, as it neutralizes earth elemental

After you're done, go to Iifa Tree.


The beginning of the fourth disk is some kind of turning-point in this
challenge. In other words, once you enter Memoria, things can get really hard,
for the first time during the course of this challenge. And I do mean REALLY

The main reason for this is that you have to face 7 tough bosses in a row
without getting healed. To make matters worse, between these boss fights you
have to make your way through Memoria with incredibly hard enemy encounters.
Moreover, the save points are not always directly before or after the boss
fights, which means you may have annoying random encounters after just having
defeated some tough boss requiring lot of luck. Memoria is an unfair place, and
we just have to live with this fact.

Still, it is very possible to get past this inferno of memories if you are
patient enough and exploit correct strategies. In the following, I'll list some
general principles:

- Remember that the next time you'll get healed is when you have defeated Kuja,
  before the fight with Necron. This is why you should not let any random
  encounters in Memoria damage you at all, since enemies here are incredibly
- When moving on in Memoria, keep Alert and Freya's Initiative enabled to get
  a better chance in random encounters. Also keep Locomotion, Antibody and Body
  Temp enabled to prevent unwanted status effects and to give you more time to
- What comes to the four bosses along the way, you'll probably have to try
  some of these fights over and over again before the result is satisfactory
- Fortunately, each of the four bosses uses elemental attacks, some of which
  can actually heal your characters with correct equipment. This thing has to
  be exploited to the fullest if you want to pass Memoria and maintain
  relatively good HP.
- Don't spend too much MP in the fights. Have Half MP and MP+10%/MP+20%
  equipped. It's especially important to spare Freya's Dragon's Crests. For
  this reason, Freya should never use MP Attack, if she attacks physically.
- Equip Distract to maximize misses of the physical attacks
- Keep your characters in back row always when possible. Use Long Reach, it's
  a really good ability at this point of the game.
- If you also have enough MP for only 9 Dragon's Crests like I did, use them
  wisely. I used 3 in the fight with Maliris, 2 in the fight with Lich.
  I spared the rest for Trance Kuja.
- The bosses here carry neat stuff. Keep Bandit enabled in every fight.
- Nova Dragon, Tiamat and Deathguise can be put to sleep, which means less
  damage. Another trick we are going to use is Carbuncle with Diamond add-on,
  which means Vanish for the entire party and, in turn, no damage caused by
  some physical attacks.
- One more advantage you have is, of course, that you have 8 characters that
  can all be used throughout the hard boss battles. Thus it's not catastrophic
  if some not-so-important character dies during some boss fight, though you
  should avoid this whenever possible. You can switch your characters at any
- Use all the save points to your advantage. Fortunately, you can save after
  every boss fight (with the exception of Trance Kuja).

Before you read a more precise overview on Memoria, I would like to point out
a few important things:

As I noted above, Memoria will be pretty hard and annoying area. One further
reason for this, however, was that I only had Quina's Frog Drop do a bit over
5000 damage and didn't bother to power up Zidane's Thievery at all, even though
this skill is acguirable in Memoria (The Tower). Thus, my only attack that
could do really significant damage (9999) was Freya's Dragon's Crest, and Freya
only had enough MP to perform this attack 9 times. I have thus proved that it's
possible to get through Memoria with only one character occasionally doing 9999
damage and the other characters doing about 3000-7000 damage each.

If you have powered up Thievery or Frog Drop more than I, and if you have more
MP than I had, good for you. Your quest will get easier. However, in addition
to being a bit lazy, I also wanted to make Memoria more challenging by having
not powered up all the skills to the maximum and by having not-so-high MPs.
It's up to you how you want to do this, it can be done either way for sure.

Also, powering up skills doesn't help that much with maybe the worst problem of
Memoria: annoying enemy encounters that can cause you severe HP losses in
seconds. Even though it was annoying at times, I found this quest pretty
satisfactory in the way I did it.

A more detailed description on how to get past Memoria now follows.

- Before you enter Memoria, optimize your equipment
- I chose Dagger, Vivi, Quina and Zidane in my party
- Equip Dagger and Vivi with ice enhancing equipment (Magus Hat and Barette)
- Also, enable Boost ability for Dagger
- Enable everyone Insomniac ability, equip Quina with Running Shoes and
  Coronet, and enable Auto-Haste
- Enable Distract and Bandit abilities for Zidane
- Give Zidane Protect Ring and enable Long Reach ability
- Equipment reducing wind damage is useful, since the boss very likely gets
  the initiative
- Everyone should be placed in back row

After entering Iifa Tree, some scenes follow. When you are about to enter
Memoria, a gatekeeper dragon seems not to be willing to let you go through.

Boss: Nova Dragon
HP: 54,940
Steal: Dragon Wrist, Grand Armour, Remedy

Defeating this boss without significant damage would be virtually impossible
if there weren't a weak point: it's possible to put Nova Dragon to sleep. Even
when I tried equipping Quina with speed enhancing equipment, he/she never got
initiative in this fight, so I finally allowed Nova Dragon's initial attack.

Use Quina's Night to put the boss to sleep, and wait everyone's ATB bar to
fill up. Now launch your attacks on Nova Dragon, and immediately after
inputting these commands, have Quina put Nova Dragon to sleep again. Repeat
this process until the boss goes down.

There is one problem with this strategy. Nova Dragon has Counter ability, and
even though he's put to sleep after every vawe of attack, he often counters
your attackers before Quina puts him to sleep again. It's also possible to
blind this boss by using Tent, which makes most of his Counters miss.
Hopefully, Counter fails several times, and even if your characters get some
damage, it's not that bad.

Because this annoying counter ability, I used Dagger and Vivi in this fight.
I had Vivi use Blizzara and Dagger summon Shiva. With ice enhancing equipment,
both attacks did about 2000 damage. The advantage here is that magic does not
wake up the boss and he can't counter. Zidane attacked physically. Even though
Nova Dragon occasionally countered, he always missed due to Zidane's Distract
ability. Quina used Night every turn, of course, immediately after Zidane's
attack. You can also try to steal something from this boss if you dare.

- After the fight, move on until you reach a colored orb
- Form a new party: choose Zidane, Freya, Quina and Eiko
- Save your game
- You will soon notice that it's extremely strenuous to make your way through
  Memoria. Encounter rate is relatively high here and it's not easy to run
  away from the battles, as you can't use Zidane's Flee ability. Even making
  your way to Maliris can be painful enough. Remember to enable Alert for
  Zidane and Initiative for Freya.
- Now, move right and go to the wall to get Kain's Lance, a nice weapon for
- Continue to the room with pendulum, proceed to the following screen and
  ascend the steps there
- In the end of this screen, there's a small ledge sticking out. Search its
  right side to find The Tower, a new weapon for Zidane.
- When you move on to the next area, a boss fight will follow

The first boss you will fight in Memoria is Maliris.

- Make sure Distract ability is enabled for anyone mastering it
- Enable Body Temp for everyone to prevent Mustard Bomb attack that would
  otherwise cause heat status
- Also enable Devil Killer ability if someone masters it
- You should have two Rosetta Rings. Equip them both now, since Maliris uses
  many fire elemental attacks.
- Have Eiko carry Diamond as add-on to enable all-party Vanish
- Other than the things mentioned above, optimize your equipment
- I had everyone in back row again, Zidane had Protect Ring equipped and Long
  Reach enabled

Boss: Maliris
HP: 59,497
Steal: Genji Armour, Ultima Sword, Masamune

This is a hard fight. Maliris uses fire elemental attacks, and you only have
Rosetta Rings to prevent them. Hopefully, Maliris will always target his Flame
Flash on a character carrying Rosetta Ring. Maliris also wastes turns by using
Mustard Bomb and Reflect. Sword Quiver can be eliminated by having Eiko use
Carbuncle, which causes Vanish status on the entire party. The major problem
in this fight is that Maliris launches a nasty final attack on you before he
perishes, and this attack targets everyone. Even though Raining Swords should
be physical, Vanish won't save you this time, for some reason. This is why it
is essential that everyone has good enough HP to survive this attack. It is
important that Zidane, Quina, Eiko and Freya all survive; you will need them
in incoming battles.

I had Eiko cast Vanish on entire party always when one or more of my characters
were visible. Freya used Dragon's Crest three times, and then attacked
physically to save MP. Quina used Frog Drop. Zidane attacked physically, but
also stole once. It would be great if you could steal Ultima Sword or Genji
Armour during this fight, but don't worry if you don't. The most important
thing is to get your characters through this battle so that they don't die.
We'll deal with their low HP later.

- After defeating Maliris, move on to the next screen for a scene
- Go up the little stairs here. On the left on this platform, search for Angel
  Flute. Then move left to find a save point and SAVE YOUR GAME.
- Form a new party which includes Quina. I used Zidane, Quina, Amarant and
- Proceed to the next screen and move on until you reach a rainy area
- Move on for a scene
- Continue up the stairs to the next screen
- Here, pick up Rune Claws in the lower left part of the screen
- Then move on to fight Tiamat

- Enable Insomniac for everyone
- Equip Running Shoes and Bandana for Quina and enable Auto-Haste ability
- Steiner, Zidane and Amarant should have MP attack enabled
- Enable Bandit ability for Zidane

Boss: Tiamat
HP: 59,494
Steal: Blood Sword, Feather Boots, Grand Helmet

This is easy. Our modest goal is to survive this fight without any damage.
Tiamat happens to be vulnerable to sleep; enough said. Just use the exactly
same strategy as with Nova Dragon. This is even easier than with Nova Dragon,
since Tiamat never counters after your attacks.

Have Steiner, Amarant and Zidane attack physically, while Quina keeps the boss
in the world of dreams. You should also try to steal something from this boss,
though Blood Sword is useless. I succeeded in stealing Feather Boots, and this
item is really handy when battling Lich.

- After beating Tiamat, I recommend that you return to the earlier savepoint
  and save your game there
- This is because it's lot of easier to return than to reach the next savepoint
  without annoying encounters. Reaching the colored orb after Tiamat can get
  extremely hard and require countless attempts if you have bad luck.
- When you have returned to the previous savepoint, you might possibly want to
  choose characters that can take some damage when you are making your way to
  the next colorful orb. This is maybe the most difficult part of Memoria as
  you have to get past many annoyingly long screens, and it takes dozens of
  resets to get through this area with satisfactory HP or without any HP
- After saving, return to place where you beat Tiamat
- Ascend the stairs to reach the next area
- Move on and go up the stairs to the left
- Follow the path for a scene about the fusion of two planets, and proceed
  towards the castle and the next screen
- Finally, SAVE YOUR GAME at the colored orb
- Now, it would be possible to fight Hades here. However, I didn't do this
  because I had to save MP for other fights. Hades can also deal huge damage
  on your characters with his attacks. However, it might be fun to include
  beating Hades in this challenge, and I may return to this issue in the future
  versions of this guide.
- Form a new party: choose Dagger, Vivi, Quina and Zidane
- Now go to the waterfall to reach the next screen for a scene
- Then ascend the stairs there, and after another event, move on to initiate
  a fight with Kraken

- Put everyone in back row
- Enable Body Temp for everyone
- Equip Zidane with Protect Ring and enable Long Reach
- Also enable Bright Eyes, Bandit and Distract for Zidane
- Have Quina use Ribbon as an add-on
- Enable Auto-Haste for Quina
- Vivi and Dagger should be equipped with ice enhancing equipment (e.g. Magus
  Hat and Barette)
- Optimize everyone's equipment otherwise

Boss: Kraken
HP: 59,496 (+ 18,169 / tentacle)
Steal: Genji Helmet, Glutton's Robe, Wizard Rod 

As you might have noticed, you have only one piece of equipment that can absorb
water elemental attacks, namely Ribbon. Moreover, no equipment guarding water
is available. This means that Kraken's Waterga attack, which he uses pretty
often, will be quite deadly. In addition to Waterga, a big problem is that
Kraken annoyingly counters every single attack, and his counter attack is
usually Water Gun.

There are surely many possible strategies for this fight which will work, but
the fact that this fight is a hard one remains. The strategy I used was the
following: Dagger summoned Shiva and Vivi cast Blizzara until they died. Quina
used Frog Drop every turn and Zidane attacked and also stole occasionally. I
was lucky: Kraken mostly used Freeze, and he often countered Quina's attacks
with Water Gun (Ribbon absorbed this) and Zidane's attacks with Ink, mostly
missing due to Zidane's Distract ability. When this happens, and Kraken doesn't
use Waterga too much, it is possible to get in enough Frogs Drops and physical
attacks to kill him. Note that in my strategy, I totally ignored Kraken's
tentacles and only attacked Kraken himself.

It would probably have been possible to do even better, and not to kill two
characters in this fight. However, I didn't have that much use for Dagger and
Vivi anymore, and I wanted to spare other characters for incoming fights. Vivi
and Dagger already had pretty low HP, so they were killed quite quickly.

You probably have to attempt this fight several times, but you will eventually
make it. Also remember to steal: it would be nice if you got either Glutton's
Robe or Genji Helmet. Zidane probably gets severe damage in this fight and it's
OK, but you hopefully can end this battle with Quina having full HP. This is
not too difficult due to Ribbon he/she is wearing.

- Once the battle is over, move on to the next screen
- Go to the extreme right to find a savepoint and save your game
- Form a new party: I chose Zidane, Eiko, Amarant and Freya
- Continue to the left towards the next area
- After a scene, go up the ladder
- On the left side of the screen, you can get Mace of Zeus (though there is no
  use for it anymore if you killed Vivi in the battle against Kraken)
- Go up another ladder and just move on until you arrive in a room with three
- In the center of this room, you'll face Lich

Prepare your characters.
- Have two characters equip Gaia Gear, and third character should have Feather
  Boots. Equip Circlet for the fourth party member (or alternatively equip
  another Feather Boots, if you stole this item from Tiamat, like i did). This
  way, earth elemental attacks will not harm you. In fact, they'll heal most of
  the party (or even the entire party)!
- Enable Locomotion for all party members to prevent Lich's Stop
- Enable Antibody for everyone to prevent Venom status
- Enable Devil Killer and Distract for everyone mastering these skills
- You might also want to use MP Attack for some characters. Note, however, that
  you should spare your MP for incoming fights, too. I didn't use MP Attack at
- Have Eiko carry equipment enhancing Holy (e.g. Flash Hat)
- Recall that Lich also uses LV5 Death, so you shouldn't have characters at
  levels divisible by 5 when entering this battle

Boss: Lich
HP: 58,554
Steal: Black Robe, Genji Gloves, Siren's Flute

Fortunately, Lich has many attacks that are useless against your party. Stop,
Venom Powder and LV5 Death hopefully have no effect on most party members.
However, Lich also uses Death, Doom and Death Cutter, which can be disastrous
for your characters.

Your goal is to manage to win this battle with everyone alive and healed. After
all, Lich has two attacks that actually heal the party members with earth
absorbing equipment: Earth Shake and Earthquake. This is why you should use
this fiendish boss as your healer before you finish him. With lot of luck, you
can get Lich heal you before you finish him, and your party will have good HPs
after this fight. At the same time, it's essential to finish Lich as quickly
as possible before he casts some fatal spell on someone.

Now, Lich will very likely use Doom or Death at least once during the fight.
But at the same time, it's very possible, although pretty rare, that he
doesn't use these attacks at all. After many tries, I had a fight where Lich
used Stop and Venom Powder and missed Zidane with Death Cutter. Furthermore,
he used Earth Shake once before the end of the battle, which totally healed
everyone except Zidane (Zidane could only reach about half of his HP, since he
was beaten pretty badly in the fight against Kraken).

Have Freya use Dragon's Crest, Zidane and Amarant attack physically and Eiko
cast Holy. This should take Lich down in less than three rounds, and if the
luck is with you, your characters are alive and well when the battle ends.
This battle has potential to be quick and heal your characters, and it's also
easy to make your way to Lich and try this battle again and again. This is
why you should pursue an optimal result.

- After consulting doctor Lich, search for a savepoint left by the doorway and
  save your game
- Now, move on and you'll be in the space. Press the up button to reach the
  Crystal World


Enemies are pretty tough here and it's often hard to run away from the random
encounters. Again, it probably takes some tries to reach the next savepoint
without HP losses, but it's very possible. Just keep trying.

Just follow the straightforward path to reach the place where the final battles
occur, Hill of Despair. Save your game at the colored orb. Then move on for the
final scenes.

Before facing Kuja and Necron, you'll have to fight Deathguise.

- Form a new party: I chose Quina, Eiko, Steiner and Vivi
- Vivi was dead; I just chose him to fill the roster and to avoid anyone else
  wasting HP in this fight
- Enable Insomniac for everyone
- Have Eiko wear Flash Hat to enhance Holy
- Enable Bird Killer and MP Attack for Steiner

Boss: Deathguise
HP: 55,535
Steal: Black Belt, Duel Claws, Elixir

This fight is extremely annoying. Deathguise virtually always takes the
initiative in the fight by using his terrifying opening attack, Meteor. This
can easily kill your entire party with one shot. The damage done by Meteor is
pretty random and can't be reduced. This means the only way to get over this
problem is to wait for Meteor attack that does minimal damage and hopefully
also misses some party members totally.

You should wait for Meteor attack that
1) leaves everyone alive
2) doesn't cause too much damage to Quina. He/she should have over 2000 HP left
   after the attack, more is even better.
After finishing this fight, I had Quina with about 2300 HP.

After Deathguise's initial attack, Quina should immediately send this evil
boss to sleep by using Night. After this, Eiko should use Holy every turn until
she's out of MP and Steiner should attack. Of course, Quina has to use Night
every turn immediately after Steiner has attacked. Hopefully, Quina's Night
won't miss (this sometimes happens) and you'll defeat Deathguise eventually.
Also, Quina should have some MP left after this fight (at least 15 MP so that
he/she can still perform some Frog Drops).

This fight requires luck and several attempts, but is an easy one once you
have put Deathguise to sleep.

After this fight, go back to the colored orb and save your game.

- Form a new party: Choose Quina, Freya, Zidane and Amarant
- Prepare your characters for a fight with Kuja
- Equip two Chimera Armlets to guard Holy and Pumice Piece to absorb it. For
  the fourth character, equip Protect Ring in order to half Holy.
- Enable Man Eater and MP Attack for Zidane and Amarant
- You might want to choose equipment giving optimal Magic Evasion. After all,
  Kuja's Flare Star has chance of missing
- Otherwise, just optimize your equipment

Boss: Trance Kuja
HP: 55,535
Steal: Ether, Rebirth Ring, White Robe

Kuja is not a pushover. He has some very powerful attacks, and he's really
fast. Moreover, when you have made enough damage on him, he'll start abusing
Flare Star wildly. The damage of this attack can not be reduced and not too
many Flare Stars are needed before you are finished. However, Flare Star may
miss its target, and Kuja also uses Curaga and Reflect, which are not a big
deal. For some reason, Kuja didn't use Holy at all when I had equipment
guarding it equipped :)

Remember that you just have to defeat Kuja, it doesn't matter how many
characters you have alive after this fight and how good HP they have, since
you'll get healed before the final boss anyway. Simply go all out: have Quina
and Freya use Frog Drop and Dragon's Crest crazily. Have Zidane attack
physically and Amarant throw Wind Edges or other weapons causing much damage.
This fight requires some luck, but it's very possible to beat Kuja, as he is
actually quite weak.

Kuja will launch Ultima on your party, but don't worry, you'll get healed
before facing Necron :) Now there's nothing left but the final boss.

You will now be prompted to choose the party for the final fight.

- I chose Freya, Quina, Eiko and Amarant

When you get a chance to open the menu, make the following adjustments:

- Enable as many abilities preventing status effects for your characters as you
  can: Jelly, Body Temp, Antibody, Clear Headed, Insomniac, Bright Eyes,
  Locomotion, Loudmouth. This increases your chance to survive from Necron's
  evil Grand Cross attack.
- Enable Bird Killer for Freya and Amarant
- Optimize your equipment, but make sure your characters carry stuff absorbing
  elemental damage: Madain's Ring, Coral Ring and Rosetta Ring are good choices
- Freya should have Rubber Suit equipped
- Also guard Holy by equipping two Chimera Armlets
- Eiko should have Flash Hat equipped

Boss: Necron
HP: 54,100
Steal: Elixir x 4

Not that bad. In my opinion, the difficulty of beating Necron has often been
overestimated. Necron often starts by casting Protect or Shell. After this, he
might use Blue Shockvawe, followed by some elemental spell (Firaga, Thundaga
or Blizzaga). After some attacks, Necron will surely launch his notorious
Grand Cross attack, which is usually followed by Neutron Ring.

If you can survive Necron's nasty Grand Cross/Neutron Ring combination with
Freya alive, you've won this battle for sure, since Necron will just use Blue
Shockwave three times in a row after it, and you know very well what to do
with Freya during that sequence :)

Have Freya and Quina use Dragon's Crest and Frog Drop, every turn. If Necron
uses Blue Shockwave on Quina, use Limit Glove instead of Frog Drop. Have Eiko
cast Holy every turn. Finally, Amarant should throw some powerful throwing
weapons (I simply used Wind Edges).

This fight should not take too many attempts, I beat Necron on my first try.

You defeated Necron? Congratulations, you made it through this strenuous
challenge! Now enjoy the excellent ending! :)

= 4 LISTS =

In this section, some useful lists are provided for easy reference. Equipment
list provides information on all the acquirable equipment, explaining
whereabouts of each piece of equipment. Recovery list tells all the points
and places in the game where your team is healed for free. This is important
as there are no other ways of reviving dead characters in this challenge.
Finally, there is a list of possible sidequests, most of which are associated
with acquiring some useful equipment.

Most important aspects of these lists are also covered in the walkthrough
section, of course.

= 4.1 Equipment list =

This list names the equipment in the game, and tells where to get it during
this challenge. Alternatively, this list may also tell that the item in
question can't be acquired at all (e.g Sargatanas). The list is ordered


Adaman Hat
  Not available, can only be bought.

Adaman Vest
  Location: Steal from Ralvuimago, part of Amarant's initial equipment
  Characters: Amarant, Dagger, Eiko, Quina, Vivi, Zidane
  Abilities: Bird Killer, Stone Killer

Aegis Glove
  Not available, can only be bought.

Air Racket
  Location: Found in Ipsen's Castle
  Characters: Dagger, Eiko
  Abilities: Panacea, Scan

Aloha T-shirt
  Location: Give Moguta Kupo Nut in Gizamaluke's Grotto
  Characters: Anyone
  Abilities: (none)

Ancient Aroma
  Location: Acquirable in Ipsen's Castle
  Characters: Dagger, Eiko, Freya
  Abilities: Odin's Sword

Angel Bless
  Not available, can only be synthed.

Angel Earrings 
  Location: You receive this if you choose the right tasks to the Knights of
            Pluto, can also be found in Bran Bal
  Characters: Dagger, Eiko, Freya
  Abilities: Auto-Regen, MP+20%, Rei's Wind

Angel's Flute
  Location: In a part of Memoria called The Past, on a little platform
  Characters: Eiko
  Abilities: Curaga, Esuna, Holy

  Location: Available in Desert Palace
  Characters: Amarant, Dagger, Eiko, Freya
  Abilities: Counter, Healer, Locomotion

Asura's Rod
  Not available, can only be bought.

  Location: Steal from Earth Guardian
  Characters: Amarant
  Abilities: Counter, Demi Shock

  Location: Pick up at Dragon's Gate
  Characters: Amarant, Dagger, Eiko, Quina, Vivi, Zidane
  Abilities: Insomniac, Man Eater

  Not available, can only be bought.

  Location: Found in Ipsen's Castle
  Characters: Dagger, Eiko, Freya
  Abilities: Chemist, Cura, Gamble Defence

Battle Boots
  Location: Collect 45 frogs at Qu's Marsh, pick up in Pandemonium, steal from
            Garland or Hades
  Characters: Anyone
  Abilities: Initiative, MP Attack, HP+20%

Bistro Fork
  Location: Catch 33 frogs at Qu's Marsh
  Characters: Quina
  Abilities: High Tide

Black Belt
  Location: Found in Black Mage Village, give Queen Stella 8 Stellazios in
            Treno, steal from Deathguise
  Characters: Anyone
  Abilities: Beast Killer, Demi, HP+20%

Black Hood
  Location: Can be found in Desert Palace
  Characters: Dagger, Eiko, Quina, Vivi, Zidane
  Abilities: Accuracy+, Death, Locomotion

Black Robe
  Location: Can be stolen from Lich
  Characters: Vivi
  Abilities: Flare, MP+20%, Reflectx2

Blood Sword
  Location: Give Queen Stella 4 Stellazzios in Treno or steal from Tiamat.
  Characters: Steiner
  Abilities: Darkside

Bone Wrist
  Location: Steal from Ralvurahva
  Characters: Amarant, Dagger, Eiko, Quina, Vivi, Zidane
  Abilities: Add Status

  Not available, can only be synthed.

Brave Suit
  Not available, can only be synthed.

  Location: Pick up in Iifa Tree or steal from Soulcage
  Characters: Amarant, Zidane
  Abilities: Ability Up, Return Magic

  Location: Initially equipped to Steiner; can also be stolen from Prison Cage
            or found in Ipsen's Castle
  Characters: Steiner
  Abilities: Beast Killer

Bronze Armour
  Location: Steiner has this initially
  Characters: Freya, Steiner
  Abilities: Bird Killer

Bronze Gloves
  Location: Found in Prima Vista, part of Freya's initial equipment
  Characters: Freya, Steiner
  Abilities: Antibody

Bronze Helm
  Location: Steiner has this initially
  Characters: Freya, Steiner
  Abilities: Bug Killer

Bronze Vest
  Location: Available in Lindblum's Industrial District and Gizamaluke's Grotto
  Characters: Amarant, Dagger, Eiko, Quina, Vivi, Zidane
  Abilities: Jelly

Butterfly Sword
  Not available, can only be synthed.

  Location: Available in Dali (Disk 3)
  Characters: Dagger, Eiko, Freya
  Abilities: Ability Up, Bright Eyes, Life

Carabini Mail
  Location: Available in Pandemonium, can also be stolen from Kuja
  Characters: Freya, Steiner
  Abilities: Auto-Regen

Cat's Claws
  Location: Amarant has this weapon initially, also available in Ipsen's Castle
  Characters: Amarant
  Abilities: Counter, Chakra

Chain Mail
  Location: Initially equipped to Beatrix
  Characters: Freya, Steiner
  Abilities: Bird Killer, HP+10%

Chain Plate
  Location: Steal from Beatrix, also available in Gargan Roo
  Characters: Amarant, Zidane
  Abilities: Devil Killer

Chimera Armlet
  Location: Can be obtained at Serpent's Gate or in Treno (ATE City People)
  Characters: Amarant, Dagger, Eiko, Quina, Vivi, Zidane
  Abilities: Add Status, Mug

  Location: Beat Behemoth at weapon shop in Treno
  Characters: Amarant, Dagger, Eiko, Quina, Vivi, Zidane
  Abilities: Clear Headed, Jelly

Coral Ring
  Location: Let Freya win the Festival of Hunt in Lindblum to get this
  Characters: Anyone
  Abilities: Insomniac, Lancer, Man Eater

Coral Sword
  Location: Steal from Lani
  Characters: Steiner
  Abilities: Charge!

  Location: Pick up in Terra
  Characters: Amarant, Dagger, Eiko, Quina, Vivi, Zidane
  Abilities: Man Eater, Return Magic

Cotton Robe
  Not available, can only be synthed and found as a Chocograph treasure.

Cross Helm
  Location: Initially equipped to Beatrix
  Characters: Freya, Steiner
  Abilities: Devil killer, MP Attack

Cypress Pile
  Not available, can only be bought.

  Location: Zidane has this initially, can also be found in Ipsen's Castle
  Characters: Zidane
  Abilities: Flee

Dark Gear
  Location: Can be stolen from Garland
  Characters: Amarant, Dagger, Eiko, Quina, Vivi, Zidane
  Abilities: Clear Headed, Jelly

Dark Hat
  Not available, can only be bought.

Defence Gloves
  Not available, can only be bought.

  Not available, can only be bought.

Demon's Vest
  Location: Steal from Meltigemini or pick up in Terra
  Characters: Amarant, Dagger, Eiko, Quina, Vivi, Zidane
  Abilities: Auto-Potion, Devil Killer, Locomotion

Demon's Mail
  Location: Steal from Tantarian, pick up in Mount Gulug
  Characters: Freya, Steiner
  Abilities: High Tide

Desert Boots
  Location: Available in Cleyra Trunk, Beatrix initially has this item
  Characters: Anyone
  Abilities: Flee-Gil, Protect, Scan

Diamond Armour
  Not available, can only be bought.

Diamond Gloves
  Not available, can only be bought or found as a Chocograph treasure.

Diamond Helm
  Not available, can only be bought.

Diamond Sword
  Location: Found in Oeilvert.
  Characters: Steiner
  Abilities: Power Break

Dragon Mail
  Location: Stealable from Silver Dragon
  Characters: Freya
  Abilities: High Jump

Dragon's Claws
  Not available, can only be found as a Chocograph treasure.

Dragon's Hair
  Not available, this is a part of Chocograph Paradise treasure.

Dragon Wrist
  Location: Found in Treno, can also be stolen from Nova Dragon
  Characters: Amarant, Dagger, Eiko, Quina, Vivi, Zidane
  Abilities: Jelly, Lancer

Duel Claws
  Location: Steal from Deathguise
  Characters: Amarant
  Abilites: Aura, Counter, No Mercy

Egoist's Armlet
  Location: Pick up in Lindblum Castle, in the Guest Room
  Characters: Amarant, Dagger, Eiko, Quina, Vivi, Zidane
  Abilities: Beast Killer, Level Up

  Not available, as getting this sword requires buying items at auction.

Excalibur II
  Not available, or at least very hard to get, since you should reach a part of
  Memoria called Gate in 12 hours to get this sword. Feel free to try ;)

  Location: Get from the moogle in Madain Sari
  Characters: Zidane
  Abilities: Lucky Seven, Sacrifice

  Location: Give Moguta Kupo Nut in Gizamaluke's Grotto to get this (Disk 3)
  Characters: Dagger, Eiko, Freya
  Abilities: Auto-Potion, Level Up, MP+10%

Fairy Earrings
  Location: Can be picked up in Fossil Roo or Desert Palace
  Characters: Anyone
  Abilities: Body Temp, Level Up, Regen

Fairy Flute
  Location: Steal from Hilgigars
  Characters: Eiko
  Abilities: Esuna, Haste, Regen

Feather Boots
  Location: Can be picked up in Oeilvert or stolen from Tiamat
  Characters: Anyone
  Abilities: Auto-Float, Float, Mini

Feather Hat
  Location: Eiko and Marcus have this initially.
  Characters: Dagger, Eiko, Quina, Vivi, Zidane
  Abilities: Add Status, Bright Eyes

Flame Sabre
  Not available, can only be bought.

Flame Staff
  Location: Steal from Black Waltz #3 or find it in Cleyra's Trunk
  Characters: Vivi
  Abilities: Fira, Sleep

Flash Hat
  Location: Found in Terra
  Characters: Amarant, Dagger, Eiko, Vivi, Zidane
  Abilities: Beast Killer, Eye 4 Eye

  Location: Quina has this initially, can also be found in Ipsen's Castle
  Characters: Quina
  Abilities: High Tide

Gaia Gear
  Location: Found in Oeilvert and Mount Gulug
  Characters: Amarant, Dagger, Eiko, Quina, Vivi, Zidane
  Abilities: High Tide, Insomniac, Osmose

Gastro Fork
  Location: Catch 99 frogs at Qu's Marsh and beat Quale
  Characters: Quina
  Abilities: High Tide

  Not available, can only be bought or acquired as a Chocobo's Paradise

Genji Armour
  Location: Steal from Maliris
  Characters: Freya, Steiner
  Abilities: Accuracy+, Body Temp

Genji Gloves
  Location: Steal from Lich
  Characters: Freya, Steiner
  Abilities: High Tide

Genji Helm
  Location: Steal from Kraken
  Characters: Freya, Steiner
  Abilities: HP+20%

Germina's Boots
  Location: Found in Burmecia, initially equipped to Amarant
  Characters: Anyone
  Abilities: Alert, Flee, HP+10%

  Location: Steal from Lani
  Characters: Zidane
  Abilities: Annoy, Lucky Seven

Glass Armlet
  Location: Pick up in Lindblum Castle's Guest Room or steal from Ralvurahva;
            Eiko also has this initially
  Characters: Amarant, Dagger, Eiko, Quina, Vivi, Zidane
  Abilities: Antibody, Steal Gil

Glass Buckle
  Not available, can only be synthed.

Glutton's Robe
  Location: Steal from Quale or Kraken
  Characters: Quina
  Abilities: Antibody, Auto-Regen, Body Temp

Gold Armour
  Not available, can only be bought.

Gold Choker
  Not available, can only be synthed.

Gold Helm
  Location: Steal from Antlion
  Characters: Freya, Steiner
  Abilities: Clear Headed, Mental Break, Rei's Wind

Golem's Flute
  Location: Eiko has this initially, can also be found in Ipsen's Castle.
  Characters: Eiko
  Abilities: Auto-Regen, Cura, Life

Golden Hairpin
  Location: Found in Mount Gulug or steal from Meltigemini
  Characters: Amarant, Dagger, Eiko, Quina, Vivi, Zidane
  Abilities: Auto-Regen, Loudmouth

Golden Skullcap
  Not available, can only be synthed.

Grand Armour
  Location: Steal from Nova Dragon
  Characters: Freya, Steiner
  Abilities: Chemist, Restore HP

Grand Helm
  Location: Steal from Tiamat
  Characters: Freya, Steiner
  Abilities: High Tide

Green Beret
  Not available, can only be bought.

  Not available, can only be bought.

  Not available, can only be bought.

Healing Rod
  Location: Can be found in Iifa Tree
  Characters: Dagger
  Abilities: Cura, Healer, Life

Heavy Lance
  Not available, can only be bought.

High Mage Staff
  Not available; can only be bought or acquired as a Chocograph treasure.

Holy Lance
  Location: Can be stolen from Ark
  Characters: Freya
  Abilities: Dragon's Crest, Rei's Wind

Holy Mitre
  Location: Can be picked up in Pandemonium
  Characters: Dagger, Eiko, Quina, Vivi
  Abilities: Body Temp, Insomniac

Ice Brand
  Location: Can be stolen from Beatrix (in two battles), also found in
            Alexandria's Castle.
  Characters: Steiner
  Abilities: Mental Break

Ice Lance
  Not available, can only be bought.

Ice Staff
  Location: Found in Cleyra's Trunk or can be stolen from Gizamaluke
  Characters: Vivi
  Abilities: Blizzara, Slow

Iron Helm
  Location: Can be stolen from Plant Brain and found in Dali Underground;
            Beatrix also has this initially
  Characters: Freya, Steiner
  Abilities: Bright Eyes, Level Up

Iron Sword
  Location: Steal from Baku; Blank and Marcus also have this initially
  Characters: Steiner
  Abilities: Minus Strike

Jade Armlet
  Not available, can only be bought and acquired as a Chocograph treasure.

  Location: Initially equipped to Freya, can also be picked up in Ipsen's
  Characters: Freya
  Abilities: Dragon Killer

Judo Uniform
  Not available, can only be bought.

Kain's Lance
  Location: In the part of Memoria called Entrance, on the right side
  Characters: Freya
  Abilities: Cherry Blossom, Dragon's Crest, White Draw

Kaiser Helm
  Not available, can only be bought.

Kaiser Knuckles
  Location: Can be stolen from Silver Dragon
  Characters: Amarant
  Abilities: Countdown, Counter, Curse

Lamia's Flute
  Location: Can be picked up in Iifa Tree
  Characters: Eiko
  Abilities: Float, Silence, Stona

Lamia's Tiara
  Location: Can be collected in Fossil Roo
  Characters: Dagger, Freya, Quina, Eiko
  Abilities: Clear-Headed, Confuse, Float

Leather Hat
  Location: Initially equipped to Vivi, Zidane and Blank; can also be found
            in Prima Vista or stolen from Steiner 
  Characters: Amarant, Dagger, Eiko, Quina, Vivi, Zidane
  Abilities: Fire

Leather Plate
  Location: Steal from Black Waltz #2 or pick up in Lindblum's Industrial
            District; also belongs to Marcus's initial equipment
  Characters: Amarant, Zidane
  Abilities: Chakra

Leather Shirt
  Location: Initially equipped to Vivi and Zidane
  Characters: Amarant, Dagger, Eiko, Quina, Vivi, Zidane
  Abilities: Protect Girls

Leather Wrist
  Location: Steal from Prison Cage, pick up in Ice Cavern, Dali Underground or
            Lindblum's Industrial District; Amarant also has this initially
  Characters: Amarant, Dagger, Eiko, Quina, Vivi, Zidane
  Abilities: Beast Killer, Blizzard

Lightning Staff
  Location: Pick up in Burmecia or steal from Black Waltz #3
  Characters: Vivi
  Abilities: Poison, Thundara

Light Robe
  Location: Steal from Kuja
  Characters: Dagger, Eiko, Quina, Vivi
  Abilities: Auto-Regen, Full-Life, Half MP 

Linen Cuirass
  Location: Freya has this initially, steal from Black Waltz #3
  Characters: Freya, Steiner
  Abilities: Cover

Mace of Zeus
  Location: Part of Memoria called Stairs, at the left corner of the platform
            after ascending the first ladder
  Characters: Vivi
  Abilities: Doomsday

Madain's Ring
  Location: Find by digging in Fossil Roo
  Characters: Anyone
  Abilities: Body Temp, Chemist, Guardian Mog

Mage Masher
  Location: Steal from the Masked Man or get it in Ice Cavern
  Characters: Zidane
  Abilities: Detect, Flee

Mage's Hat
  Not available, can only be bought.

Mage Staff
  Location: Initially equipped to Vivi, can also be picked up in Ipsen's Castle
  Characters: Vivi
  Abilities: Fire

Magic Armlet
  Not available, can only be bought.

Magician Cloak
  Location: Steal from Soulcage
  Characters: Dagger, Eiko, Quina, Vivi
  Abilities: Insomniac, MP+10%

Magician Robe
  Not available, can only be synthed, bought at auction or picked up as a
  Chocograph treasure.

Magician Shoes
  Location: Available in Cleyra's Trunk
  Characters: Anyone
  Abilities: Blind, Clear Headed, MP+10%

Magic Racket
  Not available, can only be bought.

Magus Hat
  Location: Can be found in Gizamaluke's Grotto and stolen from Gizamaluke
  Characters: Dagger, Eiko, Quina, Vivi, Zidane
  Abilities: Slow

Maiden Prayer
  Location: Available in Ipsen's Castle
  Characters: Dagger, Eiko, Freya
  Abilities: Auto-Regen

Mantra Band
  Not available, can only be bought.

  Location: Steal from Maliris
  Characters: Zidane
  Abilities: Sacrifice

  Not available; part of Chocobo's Paradise Treasure.

Minerva's Plate
  Location: Available in Terra
  Characters: Dagger, Freya, Eiko
  Abilities: High Tide, Restore HP

Multina Racket
  Location: Pick up at South Gate
  Characters: Dagger, Eiko
  Abilities: Blind, Shell, Stona

Mythril Armour
  Location: Steal from Zorn
  Characters: Freya, Steiner
  Abilities: Cover, Jelly

Mythril Armlet
  Location: Steal from Thorn, pick up in Pinnacle Rocks
  Characters: Amarant, Dagger, Eiko, Quina, Vivi, Zidane
  Abilities: Bug Killer

Mythril Claws
  Location: Steal from Taharka
  Characters: Amarant
  Abilities: Counter, Curse

Mythril Dagger
  Location: Can be found in Treno or stolen from Sealion
  Characters: Zidane
  Abilities: Bandit

Mythril Fork
  Location: Steal from Ralvurahva or Hilgigars
  Characters: Quina
  Abilities: High Tide

Mythril Gloves
  Location: Steal from Zaghnol, find in Cleyra's Trunk; also initially equipped
            to Beatrix.
  Characters: Freya, Steiner
  Abilities: Bug Killer, Man Eater

Mythril Helm
  Not available, can only be bought.

Mythril Rod
  Not available, can only be bought.

Mythril Spear
  Location: Found in Burmecia
  Characters: Freya
  Abilities: Rei's Wind

Mythril Sword
  Location: Steal from Beatrix
  Characters: Steiner
  Abilities: Armour Break

Mythril Racket
  Location: Found in Terra
  Characters: Dagger, Eiko
  Abilities: Protect, Reflect, Shell

Mythril Vest
  Location: Found in Cleyra's Trunk or Pinnacle Rocks; can also be stolen from
  Characters: Amarant, Dagger, Eiko, Quina, Vivi, Zidane
  Abilities: Auto-Potion

Needle Fork
  Location: Steal from Zaghnol (in Lindblum) or get from Cleyra's Trunk
  Characters: Quina
  Abilities: High Tide

Ninja Gear
  Location: Steal from Quale or Garland
  Characters: Amarant, Zidane
  Abilities: Auto-Potion

N-Kai Armlet
  Location: Pick up in Desert Palace
  Characters: Amarant, Dagger, Eiko, Quina, Vivi, Zidane
  Abilities: Bandit, Undead Killer, Water

Oak Staff
  Location: Steal from Ralvuimago or Soul Cage
  Characters: Vivi
  Abilities: Bio, Drain, Stop

  Not available, can only be bought.

Octagon Rod
  Not available, can only be bought.

  Location: Steal from Taharka
  Characters: Zidane
  Abilities: Detect

  Location: Steal from Zorn
  Characters: Freya 
  Abilities: High Tide, Lancer

Pearl Armlet
  Not available; special Chocobo Paradise treasure stuff.

Pearl Rouge
  Not available; can only be synthed or bought at auction.

Plate Mail
  Location: Part of Beatrix's initial equipment
  Characters: Freya, Steiner
  Abilities: Locomotion, Undead Killer

Platina Armour
  Not available, can only be bought.

Platinum Helm
  Not available, can only be bought.

Poison Knuckles
  Location: Steal from Scarlet Hair
  Characters: Amarant
  Abilities: Counter, Spare Change (can't be used)

Power Belt
  Not available; can only be synthed or got from the Four-Armed Man, which
  requires using money.

Power Vest
  Location: Can be found in Oeilvert and stolen from Ark
  Characters: Amarant, Dagger, Eiko, Quina, Vivi, Zidane
  Abilities: Counter, Gamble Defence, Stone Killer

Power Wrist
  Not available, can only be bought.

Priest's Racket
  Not available, can only be synthed.

Promist Ring
  Location: Get this in Desert Palace
  Characters: Anyone
  Abilities: Absorb MP, Mag Elem Null, Restore HP

Protect Ring
  Location: Answer the Ragtime Mouse's 13+ questions correctly and beat him
  Characters: Anyone
  Abilities: Half MP, Long Reach, Mag Elem Null

  Not available, can only be acquired as a Chocograph treasure.

Rebirth Ring
  Location: Win the Card Tournament in Treno to get this, or steal from Trance
  Characters: Anyone
  Abilities: Auto-Life, Revive, Life

Red Hat
  Location: Available in Mount Gulug
  Characters: Amarant, Dagger, Eiko, Quina, Vivi, Zidane
  Abilities: Cover, MP Attack

Reflect Ring
  Location: Steal from Hades
  Characters: Anyone
  Abilities: Auto-Reflect, Distract, Reflect

  Location: You receive this automatically in Mount Gulug
  Characters: Anyone
  Abilities: Ability Up, Guardian Mog, Madeen

Ritual Hat
  Not available, can only be bought.

Robe of Lords
  Location: Steal from Quale or Hades
  Characters: Dagger, Eiko, Quina, Vivi
  Abilities: Concentrate, Reflect-Null

  Location: Initially equipped to Dagger, can also be found in Ipsen's Castle
  Characters: Dagger
  Abilities: Cure, Panacea, Protect

Rosetta Ring
  Location: Give Queen Stella 10 Stellazzios in Treno, Friendly Yan drops this
  Characters: Anyone
  Abilities: Concentrate, Level Up, Reflectx2

Rubber Helm
  Location: Found in Prima Vista, also part of Freya's initial equipment
  Characters: Freya, Steiner
  Abilities: Minus Strike

Rubber Suit
  Location: Steal from Earth Guardian
  Characters: Dagger, Eiko, Freya
  Abilities: Esuna, Eye 4 Eye

Rune Blade
  Not available, can only be bought.

Rune Tooth
  Not available, can only be synthed.

Running Shoes
  Location: Defeat Amdusias in Treno's weapon shop or Tantarian; can also be
            stolen from Hades or picked up in Quan's Dwelling
  Characters: Anyone
  Abilities: Auto-Haste, Auto-Potion, Haste

  Not available, special Chocobo's Paradise treasure stuff.

  Not available, can only be synthed.

Scissor Fangs
  Not available, can only be bought.

Shield Armour
  Location: Available in Oeilvert and Desert Palace
  Characters: Freya, Steiner
  Abilities: Distract

Silk Robe
  Location: Found in Cleyra's Trunk, can also be acquired by catching
            9 frogs at Qu's Marsh
  Characters: Dagger, Eiko, Quina, Vivi
  Abilities: Ability Up, Loudmouth

Silk Shirt
  Location: Initially equipped to Dagger and Blank, steal from Steiner, impress
            80-99 nobles in the swordfight in the play and get this from Queen
            Brahne, steal from Black Waltz #1, Eiko also has this initially
  Characters: Dagger, Eiko, Quina, Vivi, Zidane
  Abilities: Cure, Thunder

Silver Fork
  Location: Catch 23 frogs at Qu's Marsh or steal from Tantarian
  Characters: Quina
  Abilities: High Tide

Silver Gloves
  Location: Steal from Black Waltz #3 or pick up in Lindblum's Synthesis
  Characters: Freya, Steiner
  Abilities: Undead Killer

Siren's Flute
  Location: Steal from Lich
  Characters: Eiko
  Abilities: Dispel, Esuna, Full-Life

Stardust Rod
  Location: Steal from Zorn
  Characters: Dagger
  Abilities: Ability Up, Float, Reflect

Steepled Hat
  Location: Can be stolen from Black Waltz #2 or Black Waltz #3 (two chances);
            also available in Lindblum's Industrial District
  Characters: Dagger, Eiko, Quina, Vivi, Zidane
  Abilities: Protect

Straw Hat
  Not available; special Chocobo treasure stuff.

Survival Vest
  Location: Steal from Beatrix, pick up in Fossil Roo or Madain Sari
  Characters: Amarant, Dagger, Eiko, Quina, Vivi, Zidane
  Abilities: Antibody, Locomotion, Mug

The Ogre
  Location: Can be picked up in Pinnacle Rocks
  Characters: Zidane
  Abilities: Soul Blade

The Tower
  Location: Available in part of Memoria called Recollection
  Characters: Zidane
  Abilities: Lucky Seven, Thievery

Thief Gloves
  Not available, can only be bought at auction or synthed.

Thief Hat
  Not available, can only be bought.

Thunder Gloves
  Location: Pick up in Cleyra or steal from Beatrix; also initially equipped to
  Characters: Freya, Steiner
  Abilities: Add Status, Devil Killer

Tiger Fangs
  Not available, can only be bought.

Tiger Racket
  Not available; can only be acquired as a Chograph treasure.

Tin Armour
  Not available, can only be synthed.

  Not available, can only be bought.

Twist Headband
  Not available, can only be bought.

Ultima Sword
  Location: Steal from Maliris
  Characters: Steiner
  Abilities: Stock Break

Ultima Weapon
  Not available; part of Chocobo's Paradise treasure.

Venetia Shield
  Location: Can be found in Desert Palace.
  Characters: Freya, Steiner
  Abilities: Auto-Float, Counter

Whale Whisker
  Not available; part of Chocograph treasure.

White Robe
  Location: Steal from Trance Kuja
  Characters: Dagger, Eiko
  Abilities: Auto-Potion, Holy, Loudmouth

Wizard Rod
  Location: Steal from Kraken
  Characters: Dagger
  Abilities: Curaga, Protect, Shell

  Location: Initially equipped to Zidane and Marcus, can also be stolen from
            the Masked Man or found in Prima Vista
  Characters: Amarant, Dagger, Eiko, Quina, Vivi, Zidane
  Abilities: Flee-Gil

Yellow Scarf
  Location: Can be found in Cleyra and is initially equipped to Beatrix
  Characters: Anyone
  Abilities: Bird Killer, Millionaire, Steal Gil

Zorlin Shape
  Not available, can only be bought.


In addition to the items listed above, there are several healing items that 
can be used as add-ons and thus more abilities can be learned using them.
Anyone can equip these items (with the exception that only Eiko can equip
Phoenix Pinion). The items are listed in the following:

  Abilities: Atomos, Demi

  Abilities: HP+10%, Leviathan

  Abilities: Body Temp, Distract

  Abilities: Haste, MP+10%, White Draw

  Abilities: Bahamut, Healer

Lapis Lazuli
  Abilities: Ability Up, Accuracy+

  Abilities: Beast Killer, Shell

  Abilities: Blizzara, Shiva

  Abilities: Ramuh, Thundara

Phoenix Pinion
  Abilities: Phoenix

  Abilities: Carbuncle, Reflect

  Abilities: Fenrir, High Tide

  Abilities: Fira, Ifrit

Additionally, there is an item called Pumice Piece which can be acquired by
beating Ark. This add-on gives Dagger Boost ability. Pumice, on the other hand,
is not available during this challenge. Likewise, Dark Matter is not available.


In the following, equipment strong against certain elemental attacks is listed.
There are three kinds of equipment in this list: equipment may either half,
guard (neutralize) or absorb elemental damage. The list is ordered by elements.

    Chain Mail
    Desert Boots
    Protect Ring
    Feather Boots
    Gaia Gear

    Adaman Vest
    Black Hood
    Protect Ring
    Shield Armour
   Rosetta Ring

    Protect Ring
    Chimera Armlet
    Pumice Piece

    Leather Plate
    Protect Ring
    Shield Armour
    Silver Gloves
    Madain's Ring

    Demon's Vest
    Dragon Wrist
    Grand Armour
    Protect Ring
    Stardust Rod
    Egoist's Armlet
    Demon's Mail
    Ninja Gear
    Pumice Piece

    Black Hood
    Protect Ring
    Rubber Helm
    Shield Armour
    Silk Shirt
    Thunder Gloves
    Rubber Suit
    Coral Ring

    Black Hood
    Bronze Helm
    Glass Armlet
    Mythril Armour
    Mythril Vest
    Protect Ring

    Bronze Armour
    Lamia's Tiara
    Protect Ring
    Robe of Lords


In summary, all the items and equipment that can be used are listed above, and
also the abilities that can be learned during this challenge. Some abilities
like Firaga simply can't be learned because of the nature of this challenge.
This is why you should use equipment list provided above as a checklist.
Equipment absorbing and reducing elemental attacks should be used wherever
possible to make your quest easier.

= 4.2 Recovery list =

This subsection lists all the points in the game where your party is
automatically healed. The places are listed chronologically, that is, in the
order they appear during the game.

Beginning - You are healed before each fight in the beginning: before the fight
            against King Leo, and before each fight against Steiner.

Prima Vista - After you beat Prison Cages, your HP will be recovered.

Camping place - When camping after escaping Evil Forest, your party gets
                healed (also possible Darkness status is healed, of course).

Dali - The first visit in the inn is free of charge and happens automatically.

Cargo Ship - You'll get healed before the fight with Black Waltz #3.

Lindblum - Once you reach Lindblum, you are fully healed.

Lindblum - Your characters get recovered after the Festival of Hunt.

Gizamaluke's Grotto - You get healed after beating Gizamaluke.

Burmecia - You'll get fully healed after defeating Beatrix.

Treno - Interestingly, Marcus is fully healed here, but Steiner and Dagger
        aren't. If Steiner is dead, his HP will be brought to one, but that's
        it. Dagger, on the other hand, has full HP already because Black Mage
        #3 doesn't attack her. Her MP, however, isn't full if used in the
        previous boss fight.

Cleyra Settlement - Your party is recovered before the fight with Antlion

Cleyra Settlement - You get healed before you have to fight several Black
                    Mages and Soldiers.

Red Rose - Once on board, your party is fully healed.

Alexandria Castle - You will be healed after you defeat Beatrix.

Lindblum - You are healed in Lindblum before you start your journey to the
           Outer Continent.

Black Mage Village - After the events here, your party stays overnight in the
                     inn for free and everyone is healed.

Madain Sari - You are forced to choose Rest option when the moogle asks you
              whether you want to sleep. The storyline won't advance
              otherwise :)

Alexandria - You are healed once you return to Alexandria from the Outer

Lindblum - Your characters are recovered after the destruction of Alexandria.

Desert Palace - Once you reach Desert Palace, your characters are fully healed.

Desert Palace - You are healed after the events in Kuja's Chamber.

Esto Gaza - Recovery takes place once you reach Esto Gaza.

Mount Gulug - Your party is automatically healed right before the fight with

Lindblum - After you have defeated Meltigemini and return to Lindblum, your
           party is recovered. Also the virus status is healed if your
           characters happen to be infected.

Ipsen's Castle - You are recovered after you are done with Ipsen's Castle.

Earth Shrine - You are healed after the fight with Earth Guardian.

Terra, Pandemonium - Before each forced fight, your characters are healed.
                     Note that you are not healed after the last fight.

Black Mage Village - At the beginning of Disk 4, your party is healed.

Hill of Despair - Before you fight Necron, your party is fully recovered.

= 4.3 Sidequests =

In this subsection, some useful sidequests are briefly listed. Most of these
are very important for the completion of this challenge and I thus recommend
completing them.

Undoubtedly, many players are already familiar with these quests, and I will
only explain them briefly here. There are several in-depth FAQ's about these
secrets if you need more info.


As you surely know, Ragtime Mouse is a friendly monster that appears from time
to time in the forests during the game. It is especially probable that you
encounter him in the forest near Dali. When you are in the center of the
forest, move cautiously so that leaves don't sway, and stay in the center (A.
Tadeo 2000). This way, you should easily be able to encounter Ragtime Mouse
several times. The real trick is as follows: when you encounter him for 17th
time after you have correctly answered his 16 questions, he will keel over and
you'll get lots of EXP and a Protect Ring (actually, just 13+ correct answers
should suffice). This ring will be very useful during your quest, as it reduces
all elemental damage by 50%. Therefore it is recommendable to do this trick,
even though it requires some work. This is also the only way to get Protect
Ring during this challenge.

I'll list the questions and the correct answers here for an easy reference:

    Question:                                               Answer:
1)  "I Want To Be Your Canary" was written by Lord Afon.    False
2)  The 15th Lindblum War started in 1600.                  False
3)  The theater ship Prima Vista was build in Artania       False
4)  Lindblum Castle is larger than Alexandria Castle.       True
5)  Some Mu's are friendly and won't attack.                True
6)  Burkmea Cable Cars have been running for 8 years.       True
7)  Only one desert exist in the entire world.              False
8)  Conde Petie is a village of Goblins.                    False
9)  Prima Vista means love at first sight.                  False
10) Treno's cafe, Card Carta, is members only.              True
11) Bobo bird is a bird that brings you fortune.            False
12) Chocobo Forest is located between Lindblum and South    True
13) The theater ship Prima Vista uses mist as its energy.   True
14) Fossil Roo is an underground tunnel that connects       False
    Treno and Alexandria. 
15) Lindblum's Air Cabs operate around the clock.           True
16) You can defeat Ragtimer.                                True

The 16th question above is always the last one, while other questions appear
in an arbitrary order.


In the library of Alexandria Castle, there is a yellow book on the top of a
bookshelf. By examining it, you can engage in a battle with Tantarian.

In what follows, I assume you fight Tantarian in Disk 3, because in this
challenge, you probably won't be able to beat this boss earlier due to your
pretty low levels and relatively poor equipment. You'll get Running Shoes if
you beat Tantarian. Getting this item is very recommendable. You can also have
a good time fighting with this boss :) Before fighting Tantarian, adjust your
equipment. Note that Antibody and Distract are useful abilities in this fight.

Boss: Tantarian
HP: 21,997
Steal: Demon's Mail, Ether, Elixir, Silver Fork

This boss has two forms: a book form and an opened book which reveals the true
form of the monster. The defence of the book form is extremely high, and the
damage you inflict on it determines the page of the book to be opened. When a
suitable page is opened, the true form of this boss will be revealed. The
defence of this true form is not so high, but if you attack it physically, the
boss return to its book form again. The trick is to use magic on the true form,
this way it won't go away immediately.

This battle is hard, but with a correct strategy, there shouldn't be too much
problems. First have everyone attack Tantarian physically until it opens (this
happens when the total damage caused is somewhere between 150 and 200). Pray
that the boss doesn't use his nasty Paper Storm attack or attack Zidane. Once
the boss takes its true form, stop attacking it physically. Now, have Zidane
use Lucky Seven continuously, and Vivi cast Fira. Hopefully, you'll be to do
7777 damage on Tantarian at least two times. This requires some luck and
probably several tries, but it's very possible. I had to try this fight only
three times before I beat the boss.


You can acquire Rosetta Ring by completing this sidequest. On the world map,
you can encounter several friendly monsters, also known as spirits of Gaia.
They'll ask you to give them different items, and it's therefore necessary to
have an appropriate item on encountering certain friendly monster. The list
of the friendly monsters is as follows:

GHOST can be found outside Treno. Wants one Ore, gives you 10 AP.
MU appears outside Dali. Wants one Ore, gives you 10 AP.
LADY BUG is in the forest surrounding Black Mage Village. Wants two Ores, gives
you Ether and 20 AP.
YETI can be encountered outside Madain Sari. Wants two Ores, gives you 20 AP
and Elixir.
FEATHER CIRCLE can be found Outside Esto Gaza. Wants Moonstone, gives you Lapis
Lazuli and 30 AP.
NYMPH is in the northwest part of the Mist Continent or, alternatively,
in the forest outside Iifa Tree. Wants three Ores, gives you Emerald and 30 AP.
GARUDA is in the forest above Gizamaluke's Grotto. Wants Lapis Lazuli, gives
you Diamond and 40 AP.
YABBERWOCK appears in the forests in the northern parts of Forgotten
Continent or, alternatively, outside Oeilvert. Wants Emerald, gives you
Moonstone and 40 AP.
YAN resides in the forest on Vile Island. Wants Diamond, gives you Rosetta Ring
and 50 AP.

Please note that it's convenient to encounter the friendly monsters in the
order given above because some of them give you items that other monsters want.
Also notice that you have to encounter all other monsters before going to Vile
Island and finding the friendly Yan. Once on Vile Island, be careful, since
Yans are really agile and their attacks can easily wipe out your party, even if
your characters are at high levels.

This sidequest is important, as it helps you to get useful Rosetta Ring, which
absorbs fire. The primary meaning of this sidequest in a normal game is to
weaken Ozma, an optional boss in the Chocobo's Air Garden, but this boss is not
reachable in this challenge, since Chocobo Hot & Cold is not free of charge.
Another way to get Rosetta Ring is to give 10 Stellazios to Queen Stella in
Treno, and you should get the both two rings to have a better protection
against fire element.


I didn't include these two bosses in this version of the guide yet, mostly due
to the fact I didn't want to fight Quale just before entering Memoria and had
not really much MP to waste for Hades. In future, however, I may also add
information about how to easily beat them. If you try this challenge and beat
either of the optional bosses, I'm of course interested hearing about it and
the strategies you used.



I really enjoyed writing this guide and completing this challenge, although it
was a bit trying at times. I also found the difficulty of this challenge pretty
suitable. Some boss fights are a bit challenging, but no fight is incredibly
hard, not even in Memoria.

I had to compose strategies as I moved forward in the game, and I also
occasionally returned to a previous part of the game to do something better.
Still, many things in this challenge can be made better and optimized, and this
is what I'll maybe do in future when updating this guide.

I want to thank anyone reading this guide. Hopefully, you will have as great
time with this quest as I did.


Many people have written excellent guides that I have more or less used during
this challenge or during my other games. Most notably, thanks go to

- A Tadeo for his comprehensive Final Fantasy IX Walkthrough, which was the
  first walkthrough I read about this game, and which lead me to peruse several
  other guides and get totally hooked on this game and different challenges.

- Atomos199 for writing an awesome Perfect Game Guide, which inspired me with
  some strategies in this challenge and helped me when I checked some locations
  of items and equipment.

- fishy071 for the maze guide. This helped me to check locations of items and
  to make sure I had been complete with all mazes in the game.

- Hyprophant for composing Ozma Level One Guide, which helped me with some
  special tactics in my challenge.

- KADFC, for creating Level One Game FAQ, which also helped me with some
  strategies and ideas.

- Rebirth Flame 2002 for providing some excellent and really useful FAQs, like
  the Monster List. Weaknesses and stats of monsters and bosses were really
  practical. Thanks also for continuously providing information about different
  aspects of the game on GameFAQs FFIX message board.

- Ultima13 for the No Equipment Walkthrough. Likewise, this guide provided some
  interesting viewpoints and tactics that I could apply when creating my own

Moreover, thanks also go to

- GameFAQs for making it possible to post this FAQ

- SquareSoft for making this awesome game, to which I'm irrecoverably glued to