FINAL FANTASY IX:  Instruction Manual Translation
produced by Squaresoft, SCPS 45500-3
published by Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.

translated by Henry H. Jerng (hjerng@leland.stanford.edu)
on July 9, 2000

TRANSLATOR'S NOTE:  This FAQ is specifically designed to 
provide early adapters (especially Final Fantasy fanatics) 
with basic information about how to play this game.  All 
information provided is as accurate as I can make it 
according to the instruction manual, without actually 
playing through the game.
     After approximately 2 hours of actual play, I cannot 
yet deliver even a decent review of this latest installment 
of Final Fantasy.  Still, it is already perfectly obvious 
that Squaresoft has come through with a graphically 
beautiful and absolutely playable game with, above all, 
magnetic personality.  FFIX is filled with wonderous fantasy 
and adolescent FUN- in complete contrast from the serious 
drama that was FFVIII. 
     Back to the fantasy...



I. Introduction
II.  Quick glance on controls
III.  Let's enjoy the story
IV.  Let's travel the world
V.  Let's battle
VI.  Let's use ability
VII.  Let's play card games
VIII.  Let's raise chocobos!
IX.  Still more:  this is how you play
X.  Hints


(This comes by the way of Sony...)
Thank you for purchasing "PlayStation" Final Fantasy IX by 
Sony Computer Entertainment Inc.  Please read the attached 
instruction manual thoroughly before starting the game.  
Please keep this instruction manual for future reference.

(Back of game)
"Time passes unconcerned as people live with anxiety, doubt, 
and sadness.

And, they try to seek something.  That's what they seem to 
be doing.

For Zidane, something to protect himself.
For Vivi, his own existence.
For Garnet, something like herself.

In a world where a mist completely covers everything, they 
each pursued their very own "answers".  At times, they 
fought against one another; at other times, they held each 
other's hands.

What were their "answers"?
Could they discover something there?

You may understand that if you read this story..."

(FFIX), everything you want to know on how to play, 
including what's written in the manual, can be found in the 
game.  To say this concretely, if you press the SELECT 
button after opening the menu screen, you can point the 
cursor and see explanations for commands and items.  
Furthermore, a character called Mogutaro will appear during 
the story and explain essentially how to progress through 
the game.
     And, this instruction book does not repeat the same 
explanations as found in the game.  Instead, if will 
introduce you to how to enjoy FFIX.  If you read this 
booklet, it's expected that you will progress smoothly in 
the game AND understand how best to play FFIX until all the 
nooks and corners have been searched.  Before you start 
playing and even when you're playing, please look over this 
booklet several times.


     The controls for FFIX changes depends on 4 different 
situations, as described below.  Try to understand the 
controls for each situation so you'll move and control the 
characters at will.

(Menu Screen)
Directional Keys:  move cursor/switch between one or whole
     when using abilities
Left Stick:  move cursor
Right Stick:  
Circle Button:  decide/ability list display (status menu)
X Button:  cancel
Triangle Button:
Square Button:  change to ability and equipment screen
L1 Button:  change character/change display page/switch
     between one or all when using abilities
L2 Button:
R1 Button: change character/change display page/switch
     between one or all when using abilities
R2 Button:
Select Button:  help display
Start Button:  decide (when on controller config screen)

(Battle Screen)
Directional Keys:  move cursor
Left Stick:  move cursor
Right Stick:
Circle Button:  decide
X Button:  cancel
Triangle Button:  change character you're entering command 
Square Button:  not display window (only while pressed)
L1 Button:  change display window/switch between one or all
     target/escape from battle if continuously pressed with 
L2 Button:  display or not display target window
R1 Button: change display window/switch between one or all
     target/escape from battle if continuously pressed with 
R2 Button:
Select Button:  help display
Start Button:  pause

(Movement Screen:  Field)
Directional Keys:  move controlled character
Left Stick:  move controlled character
Right Stick:
Circle Button:  investigate/speak/decide
X Button:  change speed of movement (while pressing X and
     directional keys)/cancel
Triangle Button:  open menu window
Square Button:  investigate/speak/decide/challenge to card
L1 Button:
L2 Button:
R1 Button:
R2 Button:
Select Button:  display HERE icon/see ATE
Start Button:  pause

(Movement Screen:  World Map)
Directional Keys:  move controlled character/change 
     and altitude of airship
Left Stick:  move controlled character/change direction and 
     altitude of airship
Right Stick:  make your vehicle move forward/backward
Circle Button:  enter building/ride vehicle/make vehicle 
X Button:  disembark vehicle
Triangle Button:  open menu screen/move to inside the 
Square Button:  call out Moguri/make vehicle move backward
L1 Button:  rotate view to left
L2 Button:  set direction of view
R1 Button:  rotate view to right
R2 Button:  change view
Select Button:  change Navi Map display
Start Button:  pause

* You can soft reset if you press L1, L2, R1, R2, select, 
and start all at the same time.


     One of the FF series' attraction is its deep story.  
This time the story involves a heart-pounding adventure.
     Eight important characters form the center of the 
story, and their thinking and aims change through the game.  
Please see for yourself how they are brought together by 
fate and how they weave the story.

Zidane Tribal
Garnet Til Alexandros 17th
Adelbert Steiner
Freija Crescent
Vivi Ornitier
Salamander Cral
Quina Quen
Eiko Carol

A.  The story widens with active time event (ATE)
     ATE happens in the story like knots in lumber, and they 
are events where the player can choose how to see.  Whenever 
text appears at the lower left part of the screen, showing 
that there's ATE happening, you can see an event by pressing 
the SELECT button (as an exception, if the letters are grey 
colored, you will see the event automatically).  Even if you 
don't see the ATE, the story will proceed, but if you see it 
you can know the story's lining and some aspect of some 
character.  This way, it increases the emotional immersion 
to the story.

B.  ATE changes with player selection
     Sometimes which event is seen in ATE changes depends on 
which one the player chooses and sees before.  The photos 
(in the manual) shows an example of how that changes occur.  
Because the result that you see in the event and the 
conversation changes, it's better to try various ways.


     The world where the story takes place is huge.  Let's 
pay attention to explore without overlooking anything.

A.  The basics of exploration are conversation and 
     As you progress in the story, it's necessary to speak 
to many people and search various places.  At places where 
there are things you can investigate (like strongboxes, 
signs, and ladders you can go up and down on), the "feel 
icon" appears above the controlled character's head.  If you 
press the CIRCLE or SQUARE button at that time, you can get 
information on what kind of item it is and you can go up and 
down on a ladder.  As for the feel icon, a "!" is mainly 
what is shown, but when you search, a place that has 
selections will have a "?" displayed.

B.  How to save
     If you talk to a special Moguri, the play data can be 
saved.  You need to pay attention because there are Moguris 
that cann't save even if you talk to them, and there are 
Moguris that are hidden.  Furthermore, on the world map, if 
you press the SQUARE button, a Moguri will appear and you 
can save.  Other than that, you can save also when the 
scenario advances to a point when you have to change the 

C.  Various adventures other than pressing on with the story
     In the game, along with the main story, many events not 
directly related are provided.  Try to experience these 
events as detours.

MOGUNET:  Try to forward letters to Moguris
     If you choose "MoguNet" when speaking to a Moguri, 
you'll be asked to forward letters to other Moguris, and 
you'll be shown letters sent to you.  Furthermore, if you 
hand over letters to Moguris, you can read its content.  
Since you can pass these letters back and forth, it's good 
to check which Moguri is located where.  However, if the 
story progresses, please be aware that some Moguris will 
change locations.

COLLECTION SEARCH:  Gather articles scattered throughout the 
     In your journey, you'll have opportunities to meet 
various collectors.  Searching for things that these 
collectors want is one of the enjoyment of adventure.

1.  Stellar Trio:  Coin that some nobility collect.  There 
are more than 10 kinds, and they have the names of various 
constellations inscribed on them.

2.  Coffee Beans:  Ingredient to make delicious coffee.  Old 
folks who like coffee is looking for these.


     Let's understand the battle system and harness the 
power to win no matter who you're fighting against.

A.  In order to not lose in battle...
     The battles in this game follows the Active Time Battle 
(ATB) system where time always passes.  Furthermore, command 
that you can select in battle differs from character to 
character.  It can be said that the quickest way to succeed 
in battle is by establishing a strategy that suits the 
situation, while considering the commands available for use 
by various characters.

1.  Cursor:  It is displayed on a character that you can 
     choose command for.
2.  Command:  Fight, Item, and others.  All commands shown.
3.  HP (Hit Point), MP (Magic Point):  Characters with 0 HP 
     because of enemy attack will be inactive and cannot 
     the battle.  MP is the power necessary to use Ability.
4.  ATB:  Increases with time.  When it becomes full, action
     (command selection) is available.
5.  Trance Gauge:  If you receive damage from enemy attack,
     trance power increases.  The character with full trance
     gauge will trance.  The trance gauge is also shown at
     some events.

B.  Easy control during battle

1.  Change the order with TRIANGLE button
     When there are many characters active and ready, by 
pressing the TRIANGLE button, you can change the character 
who will choose command, thereby organizing the order of 

2.  Escape with L1/R2 buttons
     If you continuously press the L1/R1 buttons 
simultaneously, you can escape from the enemy.  Moreover, 
time is required until escape, and you can receive attacks 
during that time (There are times when you cannot escape).

3.  L2 button opens the target window
     If you press the L2 button, a target window for 
choosing enemy to attack or perform magic appears, and you 
can choose the enemy by name.

C.  TRANCE changes command
     After receiving attacks from the enemy, a character can 
have a full trance power and is lit under bright light.  
During a trance, attack ability is increased, and it is 
possible to perform special attacks that appear when the 
commands change.  It is an effective strategy to control 
trance power before fighting a powerful enemy and then 
trance to use special commands.
     CRITERIAS FOR MAKING TRANCE ZERO.  For characters in 
trance, trance power decreases whenever some action is 
performed and the trance state is resolved when it becomes 
zero.  Furthermore, if certain criteria such as 1) zombie or 
2) battle ending during trance are fulfilled, then trance 
power becomes zero.

D.  About abnormal status
     We will call changes in a character's condition 
"abnormal status".  As described below, there are 
advantageous and disadvantageous abnormal statuses, so 
you'll want to use them wisely in battle.  Still, in the 
midst of battle, when you try to use item or magic to remove 
abnormal status, you can verify the abnormal status by its 

(all cancelled at end of battle)
1.  Re-Raise:  If hit by "battle inactive" spell, it is
     removed by recovering HP.
2.  Regeneration:  HP gradually increases.
3.  Haste:  ATB gauge has increased speed.
4.  Levitate:  Body levitate in air.  No damage from ground
5.  Shell:  Damage from magic attack is reduced.
6.  Protect:  Damage from physical attack is reduced.
7.  Banish:  No damage from physical attack.
8.  Reflect:  Reflect magic (there are exceptions).

(cancelled after battle)
1.  Confusion:  Becomes uncontrollable; repeated attacks
     without regard for friend or foe.
2.  Berzerk:  Attack power increases, but becomes
3.  Stop:  Time is stopped; you have no control.
4.  Poison:  HP gradually decreases by poison.
5.  Sleep:  No control due to sleep.
6.  Slow:  ATB gauge speed slowed.
7.  Heat:  Because of fire damage, you will become battle
     inactive slowly.
8.  Freeze:  Becomes uncontrollable due to freezing; if you
     receive physical attack, you will become battle 
9.  Minimum:  Body becomes small; attack and defense 
10.  Death Sentence:  If counter above head becomes zero,
     you'll be battle inactive (or dead).
11.  Slowly Petrify:  If counter above head becomes zero, 
     turn to stone.

(continues even after battle ends)
1.  Petrify:  Turn to stone; cannot control.
2.  Poison Plus:  Uncontrollable due to powerful poison, and
     both HP and MP slowly decrease.
3.  Wills:  Stops growth; even after winning battle, Exp and
     AP do not increase.
4.  Silence:  Cannot chant; cannot use magic.
5.  Darkenss:  Vision becomes bad; physical attacks are
6.  Trouble:  Damage received from enemy physical attack is
     halved, but all party members receive same damage.
7.  Zombi:  All recovery effects become opposite effects.
8.  Battle Inactive:  Cannot control until resurrected.

* If in a trance, all disadvangeous abnormal statuses are 
cancelled except petrify, zombi, and wills.

     Let's advantageously progress through fights, freely 
using special powers called Abilities.

A.  To use Ability
     You can bring out a character's hidden abilities by 
equipping him/her with an item, and you can use it in a form 
called ability.  The ability that you've drawn out right 
after equipping an item called cannot be used; if you 
"master" its use by repeatedly battle with it equipped, you 
can use the ability even if you un-equip it (take it off).  
You'll choose whichever way you like- mastering an ability 
you want to use, or trying to use only whatever you need by 
switching items/abilities.

When equipping item:  Abilities that correspond to the 
equipped item will eventually be useable.  If you take the 
item off, that ability cannot be used.

When mastering ability:  Ability that is mastered can be 
used freely, even if the corresponding item is not equipped.

B.  How to master ability
     To master abilities, you must store a certain amount of 
ability points (AP) that is set depending on respective 
ability.  If you win battles with an item equipped, AP is 
added to the ability.  The AP value can be verified by 
putting the cursor on the "Ability" window on the menu 
screen, then pressing the CIRCLE button for "Status".

1.  Equip item:  When you equip an item, you can check the 
     value of what you want to master.
2.  Win AP in battle:  AP that is gained is added to various
     drawned abilities equally.
3.  Collect necessary AP:  When gauge turns red and star 
     are attached, that ability is mastered.

Remember:  What's different depending on character
     Even if they equip the same item, the ability drawn out 
changes depending on the character.  That's because only the 
ability that meets that character's hidden powers is drawn 
     The AP value necessary to master an ability is 
different from character to character.  That's because, even 
with the same item, a character may find it easy to master 
and another may find it hard.

C.  "Action Ability" is where magic and special techniques 
can be used
     We call abilities that you can use as a command "Action 
Ability".  To use action ability, you need MP (there are 
exceptions).  Action Abilities are things as described 
below, and the type that can be used depends on the 
character.  Again, there are also abilities that have 
changed names and effects during trance.

Zidane (secret technique)
     It's a special technique used by thieves.  They're all 
convenient assistance-type techniques with generally low MP 
cost.  (Tonzura:  during battle, you can escape enemy with 
higher rate of success).

Vivi (black magic)
     It's magic used by black wizards.  They center around 
magic that attack and cause abnormal status changes.  (Fire:  
damage enemy by producing flame).

Steiner (sword technique)
     It's special technique used by swordsmen.  Techniques 
to lower the enemy's attack and defense capabilities are 
abundent. (Balance sword:  by decreasing your own HP, you 
can cause damage to the enemy by the same amount).

D.  "Support Ability" is where you can demonstrate special 
     "Support Ability" are abilities that, with proper 
equipment, can demonstrate effects in battle.  Support 
ability is gained by equipping things that release the 
character's "Magic Stone Power".  For more powerful 
abilities, you need higher magic stone power.  You need to 
consider which support ability should be equipped and how 
they should be organized.

-Main roles of support ability

1.  Prevent abnormal status
     They will cancel out specific abnormal status.  There 
are abilities that work on such things as poison and sleep.

2.  Raise given damage
     When attacking specific types of enemy, such as worms 
or magic users, you can increase damage given.

-About Magic Stone Power
     The magic stone power for every character, like MP, 
will increase when level goes up.  Again, if you take off an 
equipped support ability, because that part of magic stone 
power is retrieved, you can use it toward another support 

-Examples of combining Support Abilities

1.  "Defend" + "Counter" + "Eye-to-eye" = increased 
frequency of attacks
     The combination that increases the frequency that you 
fight back with "Counter".  "Defend" receives an attack for 
another character, and "Eye-to-eye" is an ability that 
increases the active rate of "Counter".

2.  "Auto Potion" + "Pharmacist's Prescription" = fight 
     "Auto Potion" uses potion automatically when receiving 
attacks, and "Pharmacist's Prescription" increases the 
medicine's effect by 2-fold.  When you combine the two, you 
can decrease the likelihood of HP becoming zero.

E.  How to use Ability depends on the player
     If you only use abilities periodically, it's okay if 
you equip the item you want to use.  However, to use 
abilities whenever you feel like it without having to equip, 
you have to master the abilities.  How to use abilities- 
this game's greatest attraction- involves some maneuvering.  
Try to find the play style that best suits you by consulting 
the info below.

1.  Impromptu Expediency Style (If you want to go ahead at 
any rate...)
     In this style, you equip items that draws out abilities 
necessary to meet the situation.  Because there's no reason 
to master ability, as a result the frequency of battle 
becomes few.  Then, you must journey with many items so that 
you can use the item you want at any time.
     The main point:  change equipment to meet attacks and 
match enemy's weak point.

2.  Balanced Style (If you go orthodox...)
     In this style, you master abilities that you think is 
convenient (for example, "Raise", "Avoid Silence", and 
"Warning"), and for other abilities you can use them by 
changing equipment.  It will be important to check which 
ability you've mastered, and it's safe to say that this is 
the basic way to progress through the game.
     The main point:  perfectly test the ability that you 

3.  Great Talent Mature Late Style (If you play very 
carefully and assiduously...)
     In this style, you master all the ability that can be 
drawn from an item.  Because you need lots of AP, to get the 
necessary frequency of battle is difficult.  However, if you 
master it once, you don't need to equip it anymore, so later 
on you'll have to work less.
     The main point:  patiently master abilities while 
repeating battles.

D.  Advice on top of using abilities

1.  Advice 1:  Put "Scan" ("Raibura") to practice
     By using Scan, you can check the enemy's weak points.  
If you use abilities (magic and support ability) to attack 
that weak point, you can give highly efficient damage.  If 
you do not master the appropriate ability, you should equip 
items that draw out that ability.

2.  Advice 2:  Consider combining equipped items
     For example, if you simultaneously equip weapons and 
accessories that can draw out the same ability, the AP added 
to that ability will be doubled and you can master the 
ability more quickly.  On the other hand, if you don't need 
to master that ability, it would be better to increase the 
type of ability by equipping an item that draw out a 
different ability.

3.  Advice 3:  Use the shops and combination shops
     In towns, you can get powerful items by visiting shops 
and creating new ones by combining.  Because it's possible 
to draw out new abilities, it's better to verify items as 
frequently as possible.  As for equipping items that draw 
out new abilities, you should check how much AP is needed 
for the new ability and the usefulness of the new ability.

-Constructing through combination
     In order to combine items at the combination shop, you 
will need (other than gils) 2 items for material.  Because 
the 2 items will be used up, consider carefully before 
deciding to combine.

     "Quad Mist" is a very popular card game around the 
world.  Have fun challenging "soldiers" everywhere by 
talking with the SQUARE button.

A.  Basic rules of the game
     The player and the challenged opponent will each have 5 
cards, and each will lay one-by-one cards on a 4 by 4 field.  
By placing the cards as described below, you can win your 
opponent's cards and make them yours.  When all of the 
player's cards are used up, the side with the most cards 

BASIC:  If a placed card has a triangular mark on the side 
facing an opponent card without a mark, the opponent's card 
is turned over

CARD BATTLE:  When the opponent card has a triangular mark 
to counter yours, the numbers displayed on the card gets 
subtracted from each other, and the one with the smaller 
number gets turned over.

COMBO:  When a card gets turned over in card battle, it's 
possible for that card to turn over other cards around it 
(such as ones that cannot counter its sides with triangular 

POWER VALUE:  A 4-figured word is inscribed on every card.  
This is the power value that determines the card's strength 
in card battle, and so the bigger the number the more 
powerful the card it.  To find out which figure holds what 
meaning, you'll have to enjoy the game.

B.  Let's consider various strategies
     There's not just one way to winning the card games.  
Various strategies can be considered, depending on the shape 
of the field and the types of cards on hand.  Here, I'll 
introduce 2 basic ways to play.

1.  Stiffen your defense with triangular marks
     If you place your cards so their sides without 
triangular marks are protected, they are less likely to lose 
in card battle and get turned over.

2.  Aim for one-shot sudden reversals
     Even if your cards get turned over, you can still get 
them all back with a one-shot reversal.  It you use combos, 
it's possible to suddenly, at the final moment, turn all the 
enemy's cards in one stroke.

C.  The cards you can get by winning the card game
     By the game's end, the winner of the card game can 
receive one card from the opponent, among the ones that were 
turned over.  Furthermore, if you win with all opponent 
cards turned over, you get all 5 cards.  Please remember 
that, on the other hand, if you lose completely, your entire 
hand of 5 cards will be lost.

     If you increase the power value of your chocobos and 
make them more developed, the world that you can explore 
further expand.

A.  If you have a chocobo, you can play "Look here! Chocobo"
     If you meet a chocobo at some place, you can use it for 
more than just a ride.  On top of a chocobo, you can enter 
special places and start to play "Look here! Chocobo".  
"Look here! Chocobo" is a mini-game where, within a set 
time, you dig out items that are buried everywhere (you'll 
need gils to play).  If you're luckly, you may unearth a 
very valuable item.

B.  When your chocobo's level goes up...
     Chocobos have beak levels (Lv), and along with level 
increases, their ability to dig holes strengthens.  The Lv 
goes up if you repeatedly have it dig holes, but there seems 
to be other ways too......

C.  Challenge to "Look here! Chocobo" even on the world map
     When playing "Look here! Chocobo", you may dig up a 
lithograph called Chocograph.  This is a map that shows the 
whereabouts of a treasure, and if you find the place that 
matches that on the Chocograph, then dig around there with 
your chocobo.  You may find the treasure. Although it's good 
to hurry in the story, but how about taking some time off 
and enjoy some treasure hunting.

D.  Make your chocobos develop by finding treasures
     If you find treasures, your chocobos will develop.  If 
developed, chocobos can go to places unaccessible before, 
and as a result, you can find even more treasures.

     Other than what I have already introduced so far, there 
are various ways to enjoy FFIX.

A.  Let's get a handle on mini-games!
     During your adventure, there are many mini-games other 
than card games and "Look here! Chocobo".  You might even 
get a precious item important to finishing the game......

1.  Rope Jumping:  You'll jump rope by pressing a button 
with careful timing.  If you try it a number of times, the 
timing will get more difficult.

2.  Frogs:  Try to aim for a moment when frogs in a lake 
come on shore.  It seems there are frogs with different 
sizes and personalities......

B.  Try to aim for complete!
     Part of the fun of the game is to get a complete 
collection of cards, abilities, and items.  If you collect 
many cards, your collector's level goes up.  Good luck in 
aiming for the highest level.

XI.  Hints

1.  When Navi Map is displayed fully, if you press the 
TRIANGLE button, you can verify your control method when you 

2.  How to use the select button!  Even during battle, you 
can verify the effect of items with "help".

3.  If you remember in detail the information from 
conversations with town folks and signs of various 
locations, it will help you with battles against special 

4.  With the mini-game "jump rope", the trick is to press 
the button at the same time you land.  Take note that after 
the 200th jump, the jump interval is not fixed.

5.  If you're aiming for the highest score at Lindbalm's 
hunting festival, preferentially defeat Fang first.  
Moreover, in the commercial district......

6.  Among the rare items that you bought at Treno's auction, 
was there something you bought somewhere else?

7.  In equipping defense items, between the attributes of 
no- effect and added-effect, the no-effect attributes are 
more important.

8.  Letters that you're entrusted each time in MoguNet is 3.  
If you try to hold more than that, one will be thrown away.

9.  For characters with low attack ability, it is better to 
prepare for emergencies and make them wait and not take the 
trouble of giving them commands.

10.  Exp and AP are added if all the enemy is defeated.  Exp 
value is divided among the party members, but AP value is 
not shared.

11.  AP can be gained from enemy you defeat with petrify or 
stop.  Exp, war loot, and gil are not gained.

12.  When an item is stolen by an enemy, you cannot get it 
back.  Try to defeat enemy with ability to steal items 

13.  If you try to repeatedly use "steal", you can only 
steal a maximum of 4 types of items from the same enemy.

14.  When Zidane uses "See Thru", the name of item will be 
displayed, but the rate of successfully stealing it will 

15.  "Save" is an ability that increases Vivi's magic power.  
The effect last until the battle's over even if he becomes 
incapacitated/battle inactive.

16.  After boarding the airship, you can enlarge the Navi 
Map, choose your destination, and press the CIRCLE button.  
Then it will automatically fly to that place.

17.  When your entire party is under the "reflect" status, 
if you use an attack magic on your party, you can give 
damage to your enemy that's far greater than normal.

18.  No matter where in this world, there is a rumor that 
there's an ultimate combination shop......

19.  If you have 100 cards, your opponent will not lose any 
cards.  Try to decrease the number using "Card" in the menu 

20.  Even if you lose in card battle, if you challenge your 
opponent to another game, there is a chance you can win back 
the card that you lost in the previous game.

21.  Points are added when you find a treasure in "Look 
here! Chocobo", and the points can be exchanged for valuable 

     Other than what's written here, there are various 
elements incorportated in FFIX.  If you're not satisfied 
after clearing the game once, consider how you played, and 
please try to enjoy thoroughly by playing again.