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                                      -=  F A Q  v F I N A L =-

by Mark Matarazzo (Heretic)

Welcome!  If you're reading this, then you've no doubt run into one of the 

hardest superbosses in video game history:  Ozma.  This whirling bouncyball

packs quite a punch for something so inane looking.  Anyway, this guide

will, hopefully, aid you in your quest to defeat this spawn of Satan and

gain a few nice items as a reward.


Table of Contents


- The Prologue:  Things to do before the battle.

- The Characters:  One way to set up your party to smash Ozma.

- The Enemy:  Detailed information about Ozma and his spells.

- The Battle:  What to expect when you enter this fight.

- Other Helpful / Interesting Info:  Other things that could help. 

- Special Thanks / Credits:  Can't do everything alone, you know.

- Version History:  Yeah, I update this FAQ from time to time.

- Legal Junk:  Obligatory disclaimers, etc., just in case. 


The Prologue


First of all, you may have run into some weird creatures around the world 

that ask you for gems like Ore or Lapis Lazuli.  In return they usually 

say something weird and then the battle ends, giving you some relatively 

large amount of AP.  Hey, no problem there, right?

Well, there's something more to those little guys.  If you try to fight 

Ozma before finding all 9 of these spirits, as they're referred to, you'll

find that he's out of range of regular attacks.  Now, this sounds really 

crippling, but regular attacks don't do nearly as much damage as you need 

to dish out in order to win.

So why find these spirits?  Well, the AP is nice, for one thing.  You'll 

need some expensive skills in order to pull this off, as well as the 

devil's own luck.  It took me at least twenty tries to beat Ozma, and all 

the while I was praying for either a certain spell at the right time or

a miss.

If you've found Ozma, then you obviously have a gold chocobo.  Did you 

find all of the chocographs and some of the other hidden treasures as 

well?  They'll really help you out, because you can get some really 

nice equipment from them.

You'll know if you've found a spirit (or a pop quiz...damn that 

Ragtimer...) if the battle theme in a random encounter is replaced by 

a happy little merry-go-round tune. Here's where you can find those 

elusive spirits:

1.  Mu - a brown squirrel you can find on the plains near Dali.  

         It wants an Ore.

2.  Ghost - running around the dark plains of Treno, it wants Ore.  You

            might also be able to find him right outside South Gate.

3.  Ladybug - find her in the forest surrounding the Black Mage 

              Village.  She wants 2 Ore.

4.  Yeti - There's a forest right outside of Madain Sari.  When 

           you find him there, he wants 2 Ore.

5.  Nymph - there's only one forest on the landmass where the Iifa 

            tree is, and Nymph is there.  Sometimes she can also be 

            found on the little green patches of land near the Iifa 

            tree.  She wants 3 Ore.

6.  Jabberwock - travel east from Oeilvert until you find a small 

                 circular forest on the coast.  Jabberwock is there

                 and he wants an Emerald, which you get from the Nymph.

7.  Feather Circle - Run around just east of the chocobo tracks on the

                     icy continent for a while, and you'll find him.  

                     You'll eventually have to give this guy the 

                     Moonstone you got from Jabberwock.  

Note - Other Moonstone Locations:  If, however, you no longer have that 

       Moonstone because you used it to synth a Pearl Rouge, you can get 

       another by doing any of the following:

       a.  Travelling to the path near Madain Sari where you

       fight the trolls.  There, you can find a Yellow, Red, Blue, and 

       Green Stone, as well as a four-slotted statue.  Place the four 

       stones in the statue and you will receive another Moonstone.

       b.  In the ruined belltower of Alexandria, you can find 

       Stiltzkin peddling his wares, and he'll offer you a combo

       including a Moonstone for 5555 gil.

       c.  Impress 100 nobles really early in the game at the 

       swordfighting scene and the queen will reward you with one.

       Of course, this won't do you much good if you're already

       past that point, but it's nice to know it's there.

8.  Garuda - Many players have taken a wrong turn in Gizmaluke's 

             Grotto and ended up in a forest only to be slaughtered 

             by a Grand Dragon.  Well, that's where Garuda is. Climb 

             out of the Grotto using the rope near the save moogle and 

             run around that forest.  Garuda wants the Lapis Lazuli you

             get from Feather Circle.

9.  Yan - the 9th and final spirit to find, oddly enough it looks like a 

          little sheep. Make sure you've found the other 8 spirits first, 

          and then travel to Vile Island, the island in the center of the 

          map with the giant pyramid mountain on it.  There's a forest 

          there where I found him, but BEWARE THE SHEEP!  If you're not 

          prepared they're going to destroy you with Comet.  This guy 

          wants the Diamond you got from Garuda.  If you have not found

          all of the other spirits before you find Yan, he will run away.

After giving that little sheep guy the Diamond, you'll see a phrase along

the lines of "You can attack the Round Guy now!"  Wonderful.  

Unfortunately, this isn't like Xenogears where you weakened Deus by 

destroying his parts.  Nope, Ozma's still just as mean.


The Characters


It's time to prepare your characters for battle. Zidane was at level 67 for

this fight, probably the absolute minimum you'd want to consider.  Level 99

isn't necessary, but wouldn't hurt, obviously.  Just make sure that none of

your characters have levels that are a multiple of 5.  There were several

key abilities and pieces of equipment that helped me win the fight, and all

will be listed below.  Please note that this is simply the way that I chose

to set up my party, and that other methods of defeating Ozma do exist.




Level 67

HP:  5376

MP:  270

Magic Stones:  54 used out of 54


Weapon:  Ultima Weapon - Disc 4, have Choco dive into the water in the exact

                         location where the Shimmering Isle once stood.

Head:    Circlet - buyable in Daguerro in Disc 4

Arm:     Power Wrist - buyable in Disc 4

Body:    Ninja Gear - steal one from Garland, or buy them.  They absorb shadow,

                      very important.

Add-on:  Rosetta Ring - synth it in the black mage's village in disc 4 if

                        you don't have one

Skills Equipped:

Auto Haste - cut down on Ozma's speed advantage.  Learn it from Running Shoes,

             which I believe you can synth in several locations.  You can also 

             find a pair in Quan's dwelling in the clock.  In order to get 

             them, though, you have to do the little Quina / Vivi sidequest 

             there first.

Auto Life - this one time reraise can really save you

HP +20% - the extra HP is a must

Insomniac - Curse can probably put you to sleep

Antibody - Curse can also poison you

Bright Eyes - Curse also causes darkness

Auto Potion - every little bit of healing helps

Locomotion - Just in case

Clear Headed - Curse can also confuse you.  This is bad.

Pertinent Abilities:

Item - Seriously, just have Zidane keep using items unless he's tranced

Thievery - If you have an extra turn in there, and you've managed to

           get this skill to do any appreciable amount of damage, feel

           free to use it.  The more you steal from enemies, the more

           damage this will do.

Dyne - If you get him into trance, just keep casting your best ones

Use in Battle:  

Zidane, unless he's tranced or you've managed to get Thievery to do a

respectable amount of damage, even with the Ultima Weapon, just doesn't 

hit hard enough to be useful as a damager.  Instead, keep his turn 

ready to use Remedies or other needed items on party members.  If he

trances, go all out.




Level 59

HP:  3152

MP:  319

Magic Stones:  41 used out of 41


Weapon:  Tiger Racket

Head:    Circlet

Arm:     Power Wrist

Body:    Rubber Suit

Add-on:  Pumice Piece - it absorbs shadow, very important

Skills Equipped:

Auto Haste

MP +20% - part 1 of not having to worry about MP

Half MP - part 2 of not having to worry about MP


Loudmouth - Don't want her silenced, do ya?

Clear Headed

Pertinent Abilities:

White Magic:  Curaga, Full-Life, Esuna, possibly Mini

Summon:  Phoenix

The Double White trance is essential.  I kid you not.

Use in Battle:  

Have her heal as much as possible.  Don't waste MP with Holy, it's 

not going to get you anywhere.  If you're at max health, cast Curaga 

anyway.  If you've got double white activated and you're desperate,

throw in an Esuna.  Use Phoenix if you don't have the double Full-life

option, and with Phoenix, there's a chance that you can get a one time

auto-party-reraise like Phoenix did in FF8.  There's the luck factor


Special Note:  Have her trance bar within one hit of being activated.

Double White is the single most useful ability to have for this fight.




Level 53

HP:  4689

MP:  245

Magic Stones:  46 used out of 46


Weapon:  Dragon's Hair - you can find it by using a dead pepper on Choco

                         at a crack in a mountainside just went of Oeilvert.

Head:    Grand Helm

Arm:     Defense Gloves

Body:    Grand Armor

Add-on:  Pumice Piece - absorbs Shadow, very important

Skills Equipped:

Auto Haste

HP +10%

HP +20%

MP +10%

High Tide - Just in case you want to use that tranced Jump


Bright Eyes

Clear Headed

Pertinient Abilities:

Dragon's Crest


Use in Battle:  

Use Dragon Crest.  Keep using it.  If she trances, you might consider 

using Jump, but I never got the opportunity to do that.  You see, even

if Freya is Mini, Dragon Crest does the same damage.  To get Dragon's

Crest to do lots of damage, kill lots of dragons.  Grand Dragons give

great EXP and AP anyway.




Level 59

HP:  5664

MP:  219

Magic Stones:  49 used out of 49


Weapon:  Ragnarok - This sword is really important since it teaches

                    you Shock.  I'm pretty sure it's one of the 

                    chocograph treasures.

Head:    Genji Helmet - another chocograph treasure

Arm:     Venetia Shield

Body:    Demon's Mail - no, it's not the best, but it absorbs shadow,

                        so it's very useful

Add-on:  Protect Ring - you can get this in a number of places,

                        and it aids in his magic defense

Skills Equipped:

Auto Haste

Auto Life

HP +10%

HP +20%


Bright Eyes

Auto Potion

Clear Headed

Pertinent Abilities:



Use in Battle:  

Similar to Freya, Steiner should probably be doing Shock, unless he's Mini.  

In that case, his damage stinks and you should either use an item or some 

other beneficial command.  However, you want to be using Shock as much as 

possible, since it should also be doing 9999 damage.


The Enemy


Ozma has several spells that can wipe you out.  He has some other annoying

spells that can also pretty much wipe you out.  Then, to spite you, he'll

cure himself.  Oh yeah, can't forget his tendency to take two or three

turns at once, and his speed is high enough that he can go pretty much after

every single one of your party's moves.  Here's a list of what he's got:

Death - Standard Instant Death spell, works most of the time

L5 Death - same as Quina's, if you're level is a multiple of 5, you're dead.

MP Absorb - if Ozma somehow gets low on MP, he'll use this on someone and

            replenish his supply.

Star Flare - Old school (FF6, if I remember correctly) attack-all spell,

             does roughly 2500 damage to all.  Tends to miss people 

             sometimes, though.

Curaga - Oh, he'll cast this on himself plenty of times.  He heals for 

         about 7000 a shot.

Mini - This one is just plain annoying.  All your characters are, most of 

       the time, afflicted with the Mini status.  Sometimes it'll miss one


Doomsday - Remember Merton from FF6?  Well, this is similar, except sometimes

           it heals Ozma, sometimes it hurts it.  With your party's equipment 

           setup, it always heals you.  Pray for this spell a lot.

Curse - Pray that you never see this spell.  It causes every status ailment

        in the book unless you've guarded against it, and that includes 

        Blind, Mini, Confuse, Poison, all your favorites.  On top of that, 

        it can do enough damage to wipe your party out in one shot.  The 

        damage seems to be somewhat random, though.

Flare - Just like Vivi's although it hurts more.  Much more.

Holy - Just like Eiko's.  Doesn't hurt much more.  I considered it a breather

       when he cast it on me, cause he has so many better spells.

Meteor - If he casts this, you're toast.  Well, mostly.  I can't figure out

         why it'll do 9999 to a character one time, then 800 the next, and 

         then miss the next time.

Ozma's Stats:

HP: 65535

MP: 9999

Win: Pumice (and in some cases, Dark Matter)

Steal: Elixr, Dark Matter, Pumice Piece, Robe of Lords

EXP: 65535 (divided between your living characters)

AP: 100

Gil: 18312

I don't care what the BradyGames guide says. With their wonderful advice

from the past, including getting the Final Attack materia in FF7 from the

Chocobo Races, I tend to disbelieve everything I read from BradyGames guides.


The Battle


This battle is not fun.  It is also largely based on luck and what Ozma 

decides to cast, just like Chaos in FF1.  Keep Zidane ready to use Remedies 

if you can. Freya and Steiner should immediately start using their abilities 

that cause 9999 damage.  Eiko should be knocked into trance on her first 

hit, so save her turn until she does so and then use your Double White 

command to ensure that everyone stays at full health.  If party members 

fall during the battle then a double Full-life can save you.  Use Elixirs 

when needed.  Hey, this is the hardest battle in the game, so go all out.

You've basically got to do as much damage as fast as possible while staying

on your feet.  Ozma has somewhere in the neighborhood of 50,000 to 60,000 

HP, which doesn't seem like a lot compared to Emerald, Ruby, Ultima, or 

Omega WEAPON.  However, there's no Omnislash or Lionheart to save the day 

here.  Luck is the biggest factor, and I can't stress this enough.  

Imagine being down to critical with your entire party and then seeing him 

heal you back to full with Doomsday! It's that kind of luck that you need 

to win, even at ridiculously high levels.

You will win the battle eventually.  It might take a lot of tries, but 

you'll get it.  As rewards, you get 1 Pumice (teaches Dagger her last 

summon) and 1 Dark Matter, as well as over 18,000 EXP and GP and 100 AP.  

Mene is quite impressed by your feat and gives you the Ozma card, the 

Strategy Guide key item which tells you how to get an "S" class treasure

hunter rating, and finally he restores your HP/MP back to full and 

removes all stati from your characters.

There you go!  Good luck, you're REALLY going to need it!


Other Helpful / Interesting Info


- If you have any extra Dark Matter lying around, don't hesitate to use

them.  They should cause 9999 damage instantly to anything, including

Ozma, and that just might make the difference in the battle.  Then

again, you'll have to find a spare turn to use one.

- Quina, though many people dislike him/her, actually has a few useful

skills if you're set on using him/her in this fight.  Mighty Guard

can make a significant difference in the damage you take, just like

in previous FF games.  Blade proved to me that this strategy does in

fact work, so, Quina fans, don't lose heart!  Another great skill of

Quina's is Angel Snack, which uses 4 Remedies to clear your party of

harmful status effects.  Pretty handy for dealing with Curse, isn't 

it?  And if you're bored enough to get Frog Drop up to a fair amount

of damage, then I guess you could use that too.  As for Magic Hammer, 

I've seen it written that you can get rid of Ozma's MP and then be 

done with him.  Well, after 11 Magic Hammers, which ranged from 

knocking off 3 to 7000 MP a shot (and I wish I was kidding about the 

3...), Ozma proceeded to use MP Absorb on Quina, taking all of his/her

MP for himself.  Then Ozma cast Meteor and that was the end of that.

Bottom line on Magic Hammer:  If you can get rid of all Ozma's MP,

congratulations.  If you get screwed by Magic Hammer's randomize

function, well, sucks to be you.

- Don't worry, if you really like to use Garnet instead of Eiko, there's

nothing stopping you.  THe only thing that Eiko has over Garnet that I

can see is that if Eiko has learned Phoenix, there's a slight chance

that, when you're defeated, Phoenix will rezz your party.  Other than

that, there's little difference if you want to use Garnet.  Knock

yourself out!

- If you manage to beat Ozma before finding Hades in the final dungeon,

Hades will actually acknowledge this impressive feat!  In one of the

most amusing video game quotes I've seen to date, Hades says: "What?

You defeated Ozma?  ...I've come too far to retreat now!"

- Hades isn't the only one who has a significant reaction to your beating

Ozma.  If you beat him before finding all 9 spirits, then complete that 

little quest, Yan will say "Reach the round guy...Huh?!  You already BEAT



Special Thanks / Credits


GameFAQs (http://www.gamefaqs.com/)

- For actually posting this FAQ.  Hehe...

Blade (bergeb2@rpi.edu)

- For bouncing strategies back and forth.

- Finding that Mighty Guard is actually useful.

Edwin "Shinji" Chow (ikarishinji5@hotmail.com)

- FFIX Sidequests/Secrets Guide v1.6: great guide, helped me a lot!

Caric (WOOFSepho@dog.com)

- Name of the 9th spirit, Yan (curse those sheep!).

- Alternate locations of Ghost and Nymph

Seigfried (seigfried@iname.com)

- Legal Advice

Salpedro (salpedro@accesscable.net)

- Use of the "Strategy Guide" key item

Blossom Storm (fmns@yahoo.com)

- Pointing out that Zidane's "Thievery" ability can be useful.

- Reminding me about Eiko's Phoenix summon, which I forgot about

- Information on some of Quina's more useful abilities.

Oliver Surpless (osurpless@clarku.edu)

- Garnet / Eiko comparisons

Advantz (advantz2000@yahoo.com)

- More specific location of Feather Circle

Z? (ebk@sfu.ca)

- Yan's reaction to beating Ozma before finding the spirits

Samuel Lessard (nukedragon@hotmail.com)

- Information on Ozma's total HP and MP

Drew Evans (starfire@ghg.net)

- Location of the Moonstone in the Alexandria belltower

Sexy Schrock (schrock87@yahoo.com)

- Location of the Swordfighting Scene Moonstone

K (kavela@singmail.com)

- Detailed info about Ozma's stats

And all others who have sent me email about this FAQ, your input

is greatly appreciated.


Version History

vFINAL: 1/30/04
- Corrected some inconsistencies 
- There will be no further updates to this FAQ.
- Thank you for all the submissions.  You can stop now. :)

v1.41: 3/12/01

- Switched providers, got a new email address.

v1.4: 1/25/01

- Added more locations to find Moonstones.

- Updated Ozma's stats.  Now more precise!

v1.3: 1/11/01

- Added the location of another Moonstone.

- Updated the notes about Zidane's Thievery ability.

- Added how to get Dragon's Crest to do more damage.

- Added notes on Ozma's HP and MP

v1.2: 12/18/00

- Updated some information about Feather Circle and Yan.

- Added some locations to get Running Shoes.

- Added a few notes about Dagger to the Helpful Info Section.

v1.1: 12/4/00

- I've got a Table of Contents!

- Added alternate locations to find the Ghost and Nymph spirits.

- Added the name of the 9th spirit, Yan.

- Added a few abilities to Zidane and Eiko that could help

- Edited some of the formatting in the characters section.

- Added "MP Absorb" to the list of Ozma's spells.

- Added the use of the "Strategy Guide" key item.

- Added the "Other Helpful / Interesting Info" section.

- Revised the Legal Junk and Credits a little

v1.0: 11/30/00

- The beginning of the madness.  Updates to follow!


Legal Junk



Copyright 2004 by Mark Matarazzo (Heretic, Raptox)

All Rights Reserved

The Final Fantasy series is copyright by Square/EA.  It sure isn't

mine, because if it were, I wouldn't be sitting here trying to get 

an engineering degree.  This FAQ is not endorsed by Square/EA or

any other big name company, nor would they probably want to, anyway.

This FAQ may be freely distributed as long as it is distributed for 

free and its content is not altered in any way.

"Heretic Heretic, hand us the stone!"