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Square really outdid themselves, kupo!Archmonk Iga10/10
It's like Growing up with sports cars all your life, Losing your money and having to buy a Pinto.Bigmac_what2/10
One of the best games ever made.Crocomire10/10
Most Boring RPG I've Ever PlayedJPtheGreat4/10
An amazing game which moved me deeply.Krauser8610/10
Magnum Opus of the Numbered SeriesShotgunnova9/10
One of the single most underrated and best games Squaresoft has ever producedUltimaterializerX9/10
Listen to me, this game is phenomenal in every respect...45899/10
The Start of Square's FallAlCurtis5/10
A good effort but several pegs short of a true epicAlecto7/10
An amazing fusion of storytelling and gameplayaNubOnRoids9/10
After nine tries, they finally got it just rightArkrex9/10
Pretty good, but far too flawed to be anywhere near great.Black_Seed7/10
Final Fantasy IX offers both the best and worst of Final Fantasy.Braben7/10
Flawed battle system. Underwhelming story. Still fun.Computerbug88/10
Corran450's Review Series Vol 5: Final Fantasy IXcorran4509/10
Put the Fantasy back in Final Fantasy. Pure FunCTUAgentJackBauer9/10
"Bring the series back to the roots"? Give me a break!Cyril6/10
Final Fantasy's BestDanLionheart9/10
"Back to the Roots" has never meant so much fun beforedarthjulian10/10
Let me take you back in time, rewind to ‘89Denouement10/10
Final Fantasy IX, adding to the ever growing saga.DivideofNations8/10
A Mostly Sunny LifeDraqq_Zyxorian7/10
Room for improvement (reminds you of this tagline, doesn't it?)EDDY5558/10
Simply Beautifuleolsen9/10
An outstanding closure for the Playstation series of Square's beloved franchise.Exodist9/10
Sophisticated, poetic and romantic - the roots of Final Fantasy.Fein9/10
Not a perfect 10, but the best game in my collectionFoalku9/10
Retro gaming may be Square's intention, but 'Final Fantasy IX' makes a much different impression...Garbol Shora8/10
Now, can anyone tell me what is a Qu?Halron26/10
When I bought this game, I did not expect to get a muted movie...Happy Matt7/10
The crystal really is back...and boy is it a gem!HollywoodRPG10/10
If you love the others, more than likely you will love this.Johnny Mercyside10/10
Does FFIX still hold its own? Mostly.JohnRobertLynch8/10
Nothing beats a good ol' bit of RPG goodness......Jonny Dangerous9/10
"Oooh... soft" ~ Zidane TribalLeebo9/10
Another brilliant title in the serieslighty6919/10
An Innovative and Fitting Tribute to a Great Generation of Gaming.lokey19/10
Old school Final Fantasy is Back, but is that a good thing?LordShibas7/10
Glittering prizes and endless compromises shatter the illusion of integrityMariner7/10
Old school with new school.. is that good? You're Not Alone!Master LL8/10
The unsung hero of the franchise is full of charm and life.nastynate31188/10
Charming and nearly impossible to put down, playing Final Fantasy IX is like getting to control a really good booknintendosega9/10
Fantastic FantasyOsafune210/10
I want mail kupo!PRINCESSMAGICAL10/10
I fell asleep while playing this boring gameRPG Critic6/10
An under appreciated gemrross469/10
Final Fantasy IX is truly perfectryliru10/10
*Yawn* Been there, done that...SCCAN856/10
The RPG of the Year, and beyondSDJaY10/10
A perfect mix of happy-go-lucky fantasy and serious character developmentShapeQuest10/10
Final Fantasy IX is the bastard child of the Final Fantasy series that nobody seems to care aboutShivan Reincarnated8/10
All in favor of marooning Steiner on a deserted island speak up. *Shneepshnop cautiously raises hand*shneepshnop9/10
The Best Final Fantasy. Beyond a Shadow of a Doubtsirloinestake10/10
Final Fantasy IX..Games simply just dont get better then this.TBnumber8110/10
Has it's weak points - but one hell of an amazing epic!Thlayli_rah9/10
Big heads are back, big-time!Tom Clark9/10
Back to the basics again boys. And sometimes that could be the best strategyTricky8/10
The Crystals Are Back Once Again!!! - ysf's Review Of The Millennium!!!YSF9/10
The game I got my name from...ZidaneTribal1310/10
There's a reason why this is the best rated Final Fantasy game on Gamerankings.Zylo the wolf9/10
On Cloud Nine..._Spin_Cycle_10/10

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Legendary. That's what I expected. Oh so close. That's what I got.Psycho Penguin9/10
This game successfully returns the series to its roots.6xdandangp10/10
Its strength lies in its charactersAnalyticalGamer10/10
Wow. Square's series is now better than everbx4ever10/10
A faithful review of the latest FFCamelia10/10
One memorable Piece by Squarechaosr1d3r10/10
A great Final Fantasy gameCymery10/10
I realized my mistake...Dark Templar7/10
The Best Game Ever.Demonic Rider10/10
I have nothing to say...DXie10/10
Just an above average game but DEFINITELY BETTER than FFVIII!Edwin.C7/10
Sad that It's the lasterauqSsIdlroWehT10/10
One of the best you'll playertfert9/10
The weakest Final Fantasy since part VGaran6/10
And I thought Chrono Cross was good...Haunter12O10/10
an unforgettable gaming experienceHeavenlyRikku10/10
It tries to do too much, but maybe that's a good thing.japanzaman8/10
The final good final fantasy gameKawaiiKitsu8/10
A mix of old and new equals: Final Fantasy Throw UpMCauthon3/10
The Overlooked Installment of the FranchiseMDucks8/10
A work of art.Nemesis10/10
Old school RPGers rejoice! This is probably Squaresoft's best effort on the PSXPContaminator10/10
Ladies and Gentlemen, we have a NEW number one RPG!PWolfstien10/10
*sigh* I liked the last one better...Reservoir Dog7/10
Don't take a 3-day leave off your work for this gameRuk Chan5/10
There's a good reason we skipped from 8 to 10Saneasylum893/10
A good game, but it could have been a lot better.Sardius7/10
It's good. But not the BestSLASHR48/10
Vintage Final Fantasy (some spoilers inside)slyfan9267/10
A very cute game plagued by a mature story with silly childish charactersSquallEX89/10
So what if it's not about an emo with a huge sword?SuperGamecube648/10
I just want to say I spent $60 on importing the game and it's WORTH IT trust me!Underdog10/10
Just because it is a FF game, doesn't mean it's a HIT!Valour7/10
Final Fantasy IX brings back the Fantasy since VIWind_Fiend7/10
Back to basicswolverinefan10/10

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