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How do you get a Green Chocobo?

I read the guides on how to raise chocobos, but I'm trying to get to the materia caves so I could get KotR and Mime. But no matter what I do, the game won't let me mate two chocobos to produce a green one, and I follow all the instructions in guides, but no matter what, the game always gives me a yellow one.

How do I really get Green chocobos?

Note: This is the PSN version, so it has nothing to do with the discs.

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Then I found my problem, the Chocobos I catch aren't S-Class. But get this, no matter how many times I try, I always end up with C-Class Chocobos. Do I have to feed them to increase their rank, or do I have to catch an S-Class Chocobo?

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Okay, I have the chocobos at A-Class, but the races are almost impossible, and the game won't let me level them up with greens anymore (one's at 89 KM and the other's at 87, and both have 999 Stamina)

do the chocobos have to be yellow, or can they be blue?

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alienfetucine answered:

The previous answers are incorrect.
You do not need S-class Chocobos.
For 100% odds of getting either a blue or green Chocobo, you need a combined total of 4 wins between the parents. So, one of them could have won 4 races, both could have won 2 races each, etcetera.
So long as they have 4 races between them, are at least a "Good" or "Great" Chocobo (I believe. Don't remember exactly), the latter of which you can find near Mideel accompanied by either one or two Spirals.
If you then breed them using a Carob Nut, stolen or won from a enemy you can find easily on the islands south of Bone Village. They are large and dragon/dinosaur like, with quite a bit of HP, but I don't recall their names at the moment.
So, if you breed two Good or Great Chocobos with a combined 4 wins using a Carob Nut, you have a 50% chance of getting a Green Chocobo, 25% of getting a specific gender. The other 50% of the time, you'll get a Blue Chocobo of either gender.
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rizo23 answered:

well every time i've ever gotten a green or blue chocobo was from mating a 'good' chocobo with a 'great' chocobo,and made sure they were both s-class,and used a carob nut of course.
Good chocobos can be found on the tracks in the gold saucer area, great chocobos can be found on the tracks close to mideel.
save before trying to breed your green or blue chocobo, then keep trying untill you succeed.
If you've done all of that and still can't get a green or blue chocobo, I'm at a loss.
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cr1985 answered:

All chocobos start at c-class. You have to race them at the gold saucer to increase their rank.

Three wins increases the rank by one (the wins do not have to be consecutive), so you need nine wins for each chocobo to get to s-rank.

Feeding them greens is to increase their stats so they become better racers.
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rizo23 answered:

ya, any chocobo you catch ..or are given will always be c-class becuse it has no race experience. You raise the chocobos rank by riding it at the chocobo races at gold saucer an winning. every 3 wins you move up a you have to win 9 races to get your chocobo from c-class to s-class.
feeding them greens increases certain stats, depending on the green, until they reach their max. The best, and most expensive greens,the sylikis greens, can be bought from chocobo sage,he lives in the icycle area in the mountains, close to correl valley cave. If you have the w-item materia you can use the glitch to make more greens for free, saving you alot of gil.
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myv382 answered:

i'm having the same problem. i'm mating a great female and a great male. the male has five wins and the female only 3. I've mated them and fed them a carob nut and still get a yellow, normal chocobo. I'm told that if you restart, fight a few battles, go into some towns, and move your materia around and then try it'll work... but it hasn't worked for me yet. im also playing the PSN version.
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kdeck95 answered:

So, use the best greens possible. They're buy-able from the chocobo sage(kind of expensive though) and feed them that, all you chocobos stats will be hiked way up. While the matter of the green chocobo matter is simple. It's all a matter of chance whether you get a green or a blue chocobo upon mating. Hold down the L1 L2 R1 R2 buttons while racing to slowly increase stamina, plus after you use those greens I mentioned, the races won't be hard at all. Unless you're racing that stupid black chocobo.
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Sinalve answered:

To myv,
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