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Where can I find 2-X Cut and 4 X-Cut?

I really don't know what it is, i'd just like to know where i can find them,im currently on disc 1 right before entering the Temple of the Ancients.

Thanks in advance

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I see ok and when i get the sub where can i find that place?

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kk Thank you for all the help.

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rizo23 answered:

It's south of gold saucer, in a small alcove or inlet. you may have noticed a dock that is next to junon- that is a submarine dock. you may not have seen the 2nd dock yet but it's close to the area where the sunken gelnika is.
sometimes a huge monster ('emerald weapon' is its name, i won't say anymore, don't want to spoil anything storywise) will be right infront of the ship. if it is- go back to the surface, then submerge again and it will have moved somewhere else most likely.
You can go anytime once you get the sub, but its best to do it anytime between when you go to find the "key of the ancients" and when you go to midgar to stop..something..from happening. this is because rude and reno of the turks will be there, and they each have a cool item to steal. but if you wait until disc3, they won't be there.
A word of warning: the monsters on the gelnika are tough and like to inflict status ailments, so use equipment and materia setups that defend against them,and hit'em hard and fast.
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rizo23 answered:

2x cut and 4x cut are both part of the "double cut" materia.At first it will only be 2x cut, but when you get another star on it,it will change to 4x cut. the "double cut" materia is on the sunken gelnika, which can't be accessed until disc2 when you have a submarine.
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