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The old man won't wake up to give me mythril?

I want to get Aeris' level 4 limit break BEFORE I go to the Temple of the Ancients. (Yes, I am aware of the spoilers. No, I don't care.) I went to the old man in the cave and tried to wake him up.

*I know that the number of battles I've fought has to end in two equal AND odd numbers.*

I had 75 battles fought when I tried waking him the first time, and purposely went out to fight two more battles -- making my total 77 (two equal AND odd numbers, correct?). Well, he won't accept that, for some reason, and still will not wake up.

Do I have to run around fighting battles until I get to 111, or something? I've already spent hours just battling and leveling up, and it's totally boring.

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Neeeeeever mind.

I must've not been paying attention when he was talking to me. I'd *run away* ~75 times, and I'd *fought* 430 battles (as I learned when I went back to his cave today). So I fought three more and got my mythril. All is right with the world.

I *thought* 75 was insanely low number, with all of the running around, battling, and leveling up that I constantly do.

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@Buie1194: What I meant by "Yes, I know about the spoilers. No, I don't care," was that people have told me not to bother with getting Great Gospel (*because* of the events that take place at the Temple). I never said anything about what those spoilers are. So, I still don't feel as though this question requires a spoiler warning.

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rizo23 answered:

I know you already got what you wanted, but i'm going to post this anyway:
-if the last two digits of the # of battles you fought are the same and even (example: 88, 466, etc) you will get a bolt ring.
-if the last two digits are the same and odd (77, 511,etc) you'll get mythril.

-the number of battles you escape has no affect here, whether it be 0 or 100 times.. such infomation is only useful if you wanted to get a certain number of escapes, like 2222 (for example) so you can use the chocobuckle enemyskill( it does damage equal to your # of escapes on the target you choose) on a character with 9999 hp and it will bring it down to 7777, a tedious but sure way of getting lucky 7's whenever you wanted, i wouldnt bother with it though.
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Buie1194 answered:

You might not care now but you will if the staff finds out. From now on put a spoiler warning for others please.
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