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How Do I see the scene of Zacks Death?

I read that If i talk to Zack's parents in Gongaga that I would see a scene of Zacks death at the hands of the shinra army, im on disc 3 and have talked to his parents so I was wonderering if anyone could help me figure it out

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blitzace65 answered:

All I had to do to see the hidden scene was enter the basement in the Shinra after cloud finds himself and I got the scene
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unikat answered:

by going into Shinra mansion and opening one of tanks there (they're on right side of the room when you enter labratory. There's only 2-3 of them and they have some green liquid in them, I don't remember at which part of game tho.
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Last_Remaining answered:

If you go to the Shinra mansion basment during disk three,
look for a couple of containers in the corner of the room. Cloud should have a flashback about Zack as they return to Midgar. All you have to do is check one of the containers.
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KratosLover answered:

Yeah just enter the basement and walk towards the containers and it should show it to you.
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Omni_1337 answered:

Enter the basement of shinra mansion in Nibelheim and enter the lab there, this has do be done after you get Cloud back after he slips down into the lifestream.
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