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I can't put my Chocobos in the stables. Why?

I'm trying to raise Chocobos and I've rented the stables 4 times now. I have a wonderful Chocobo and try to put him in the stable but nothing happens when I select it. Can you help?

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Aruaruu answered:

If you changed the Button configuration at all, return it to it's default buttons. are you using PSP or have you got the disc? im asuming you have downloadable version (PSP) , so do what I said first and then try.
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heavens__cloud answered:

If there are other chocobos in the stalls, you have to have an empty stall before you can move any in...
Then go and talk to Choco Billy (<-- the little kid inside the stables), and ask about 'Moving Chocobos'
Navigate to your Wonderful Chocobo, and press confirm. Select yes when Billy asks you for confirmation -- You should then be prompted to give the chocobo a name, as well as being told its gender.
Once you confirm its name, it should be moved into the first empty stable. Enjoy.
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PhelixFanel answered:

You might want to go into the house next to the stables, and pay the man inside to let you rent them for chocobo storage.
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jman5397 answered:

Go into the house next to the farm and there will be a man there and buy the stables from him.
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InkSpell432 answered:

Go to the House in the Chocobo Farm and you will see a man. Talk to him and ask for some Chocobo Stables. They cost 10,000 Gil though. If you caught a Chocobo, ask Choco Billy and ask to move Chocobo. He will ask which one. Select one and Press O. Make sure the controls are on Normal, not Customize. Billy will ask for it's name and he will tell the gender.

There ya go!
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