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Where can I find W-item?

Im in midgar on the third disc and i do know where to go?

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WingedMasamune answered:

End of the Tunnel during the Midgar Raid.

But since you're on the third disc already you missed it. You can dig it up at Bone Village. Which before you ask, has a nice map by Absolute Steve under the FAQ tab.
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WightZombie answered:

He is wrong. Go to Gold Saucer, get a LOT of GP from Wonder Square, maybe 100 or so? Stock up on X-potions first, then go to Battle Square. It costs 10 GP to start, you gain more GP the farther you go. Each time you do this, the battles get harder. You need a total of 64,000 GP, then go to the machine on the bottom right, and go to the second page. You can buy the W-item. Also, you can get Cloud's final Limit, Omnislash for 32,000 GP.

A few more things, if you think you are about to lose, do not continue the battles, if you lose you do not gain any GP, and make sure you equip a Ribbon so you don't have to deal with the Miny status.

Have fun!
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WightZombie answered:

OOOPS, almost forgot, Do NOT leave battle sqaure until you get the thiongs you want. Each time you leave, you also loose all the BP(sorry on calling them GP b4).
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WingedMasamune answered:

Lol, no sir you are wrong.

The Battle Square materia you are thinking of is the W-Summon Materia. W-Item is in the Tunnels of Midgar or if you miss it during the Raid you can only dig it up at Bone Village.
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WingedMasamune answered:

Just to clarify if you still think I'm wrong.
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samg1427 answered:

If you mean the W-item materia, I found it in disc 2 on the way to the Sister Ray (cannon in Midgar) After fighting the turks I went south a lot instead of North. There are lots of items and at the end is the W-Item materia.
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