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Diamond weapon?

So if you rammed the Diamond Weapon with the Highwind, you just get bounced back. How about ramming it with a Gold Chocobo? What will happen?

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intrust answered:

I have actually tried to fight him in the water by riding a gold chocobo. you just stop and sit there until u move away. It is only possible to fight D.W. on land, end of story.
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gmo7897 answered:

Though I'm not 100% positive, I'm fairly sure you'd be bounced back just like the Highwind. I'm pretty sure the mechanics of the game only allow for combat once DW has reached land.

I've never tried myself, though it might be an interesting thing to try.
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ichigo6506 answered:

ive never actually tried running in to D.W with a gold chocobo but im positive that it would bounce you back due to the fact that you can only fight D.W once in the game
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