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Where can I find knights of the round?

Where is Knights of the round materia ?

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ROTU13 answered:
Make sure to search the questions next time before posting another one, there are also many explanations in the FAQs and Cheats sections.
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btaylor2010 answered:

You can find the "Knights of the Round" materia in the Materia Cave located directly north of the Chocobo Ranch. You will need a Gold Chocobo to reach it.

NOTE: This materia cave is not visible on the world map. You will have to find it yourself.
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xeno_fazz answered:

It can be obtained from the Round Island, which is a hidden island in the northeast corner of the map.
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_WILPETER_LAO_ answered:

You need a gold Chocobo to reach this cave. Head North across the water, with a very slight tilt to the East. The island is near the top of your map but does not appear on your map. If you have trouble finding it you should be able to locate it easily with the Highwind. It is a circular island with large mountains protecting it.On the island is a cave. Inside examine the glowing light to receive Knights of the Round.
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soulshoter123 answered:

This question has been asked umpteen times and I believe people have already gotten tired answering it... -.-lll I also believe that the answer is in the FAQs or some other sections... You really should search for answers before asking for one. Don't expect people to always spoon-feed you with answers. :(

But anyways, just get a Golden Chocobo(Black(Mountain and River)+Wonder Chocobo) and travel to the northeastern part of the map. it should be quite easy to find it... And please check else where for answers next time.
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MGSking1990 answered:

You can get knights of the round on a small island, north east of the map with a gold chocobo, or beat emerald weapon under water near junon using the submarine, he is almost impossible for the inexperienced player though.
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