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My Playstation 2 won't run this game?

I just got the game in today, it's used along with my playstation 2 system. When I put in Disk 1 in and the memory card I bought, and I took it to Browser and it shows the disk blue (I don't know nothing about playstation...) when I press the X enter button the screen goes black and it brings me right back to the screen that shows the memory cards and the game DISK. Now a lot of ppl has said that Playstation 1 games will work on a Playstation 2 system. Also if it helps I have the fat system. I think it's the first one that came out of the playstation 2 systems. I can play Final Fantasy VII Dirge of Cerberus with no problems. Any help will be great! =( I just want to play this and FFVIII when it comes in...

Amy122 provided additional details:

I have a PS1 memory card, and I don't know where I can find Option....and the circle button takes me back....

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EmoDoll answered:

This same thing happened with my old PS2 the only way i found round it was get a new PS2 mine started only doing this same thing with a little few games then got more and more till it could only play a couple
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mattman9929 answered:

ok i got 2 things to say about this question

1. be sure u use a PS1 memory card to play it
2. try using the circle buttion cause the X buttion is cancel u can change it in the option menu when u get the chance or u can keep it that way to get he feel for it hope this helps
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