Question from salim118118

Asked: 3 years ago

W-item, W-summon?

What is the effects of these materia's and where can i find them???

Accepted Answer

From: btaylor2010 3 years ago

You can find W-item in the underground tunnels of Midgar when you return. The effect of this materia is to use 2 items at once. You can also use this materia to gain more of the same item by selecting an item, pressing the circle button 3 times then press X then O repeatedly.

You can find W-summon at the Battle Arena at Gold Saucer. You will need to fight in the arena for a total of 64,000 Battle Points so that you can purchase it, as you did with Omnislash. The effect of this materia is to use 2 summon spells at once.

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