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How may i find the Lunar Harp to awaken the Sleeping Forest?

The men in the Bone Village tell me I need the Lunar Harp in order to navigate the Sleeping Forest.

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mikejv425 answered:

Speak to the person sitting in the doorway. Tell him the Lunar Harp is what you're looking for an you'll be able to start searching. By pressing square you can order a worker for 100g and have up
to five. Following placing the workers and igniting the bomb the workers will face the direction of the Lunar Harp but they will not move from where you placed them, so you have to stand in the line of vision of each one. Basically stand in a position so that all the workers you hired are looking at you. The Lunar Harp is buried just SOUTHWEST OF THE TENT ON THE SECOND LEVEL up the ladder, so place the majority of your workers in that area, but spread them around. Once you select where to dig check the chest in the morning and it should be containing the Lunar Harp.

You might need to do this a few times so save before entering Bone Village.
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briguy14 answered:

You can find it by asking the main miner to search for the lunar harp. when you place your miners, they will look in the direction of the harp. I believe you can get it without placing any miners (like with other treasure) by skipping that step, and I it should say exactly what spot you can find it at on one of the guides here, I cant remember where, myself.
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davehodson answered:

If you cant find it your missing something i did the same thing so i went back your missing a scene of some sort i cant remember go take alook around the place. try the place where you get the submarine thats where i had to go. thats where the town with the big gun is pointing down to sea. good luck bud brillant game :)
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btaylor2010 answered:

The guide that briguy14 mentions is a Map FAQ which indicates the different items you can get, including the Lunar Harp, and exactly where they are.

The web address is:

And he's right, you can get these items without spending money on placing workers around the site.
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JDasherX answered:

They should be near the sowth west corner of the tent. For the 100% exact location place about two or three workers near the edge and set the bomb. Make sure you area where you will dig lines up with the wokers heads after the bomb is set. Hope this helpa

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