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Yuffie in Wutai?

Ok so i am playing the PSN version of FFVII. I just go to the point after where you get Cid and you now have the ship in water. I went up toward Wutai and Yuffie ran off with all of my materia. When i was looking for her, I found the MP Absorb but then she ninjaed me and stole it right after and I can't seem to find her anywhere in the village. Can I even find her or do I have to go through the game more without my stuff and come back later?

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ARagingMemory answered:

When in Wutai, you go thru several places finding her. 1) TURTLE'S PARADISE(has a big pot out front): Have a confrontation with the Turks (you don't fight). 2) MATERIA SHOP: open the chest and she will steal the MP+ Materia. 3) HOUSE NEAR ENTRANCE: She is hiding behind the screen. 4) BIG POT OUTSIDE OF TP: Walk up to hit and hit OK button several times and she will pop out and "take you to the materia" Dont worry. It's a trap but It's all part of the game. BELL HOUSE: Next go towards the Pagoda. Once on the Pagoda screen, pay attention to the dog, he will draw attention to the giant bell to the right. Go to it and hit OK button. It will open a side door. The rest is explained in game.
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btaylor2010 answered:

Yuffie is in the house near the entrance to Wutai. She is hiding behind the screen to the left of the entrance to the house. Pull it back and she will run off again.
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